The following explores a peculiar feature of our our COVID 19 experience which urges us to desert our loved ones in their time of greatest emotional-experiential need in order to avoid some analytically calculated probability of putting ourselves and others through a risky experience (‘through ‘community spread’ of ‘what we may have’ ‘if we happen to have it’).

We could never train natural-born-and-raised animals to do this since it entails putting ‘analytical reason’ into an unnatural precedence over natural emotions arising from our relational sensory-experience grounded intuition.

The COVID 19 dilemma with its promoting of LOGIC over sensory experience-based INTUITIVE (spontaneous) emotions is truly a landmark development for homo sapiens, at least for those homo sapiens of the WESTERN CULTURE.  The tendency to invert our natural precedence of intuitive intellection over rational intellection (as Kepler put it in ‘Harmonies of the World’) is stronger for adults than for children (i.e. the child’s logic-driven behavioural drive has not yet matured to the point of clearly overpowering their natural intuition induced emotional behavioural responses).  But for those WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT youths who are entering into adulthood who have, a decade or two of cultural conditioning behind them, that gives them the self-discipline to self-distance from and/or kill those that the CULTURE defines as PATHOGENS by intellectual reasoning and NAME labelling, intuition is demoted and falls into the darkness beneath the rational (logical) thinking plane, so that rational (logical) thinking is given first dibs in the designing and executing of behavioural dynamics.

For the proponents of developing a culture wherein language and grammar supported LOGICAL REASONING based societal behaviour prevails over relational-intuitive SENSORY-EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, the social dynamic associated with the COVID 19 Pandemic ‘makes sense’; i.e. it signals the establishing of primacy of intellectual calculation over sensory-experience grounded intuitive insight (e.g. “let’s let granny and/or gramps die alone in the lockup to be ‘on the safe side'”).

One might say that the COVID 19 Pandemic is inducing TRANSFORMATION in homo sapiens, at least in the WESTERN CULTURE branch of homo sapiens, in the respect that binary logic based understanding is rising into primacy over our more basic harmony-sensing instinct featuring such influences as letting the soft animal of our body love what it wants to love.

The ROOTS of this inversion from the natural condition where intuitive intellection is in primacy over rational intellection, … to putting rational intellection in primacy over intuitive intellection (the terms used by Johannes Kepler in ‘Harmonies of the World’) seems to have been associated with our mechanistic reduction of the harmonic relational resonances of astronomy to a ‘geometry’ based explicitness.

Emerson also spoke to this reduction of the ineffable/divine (resonance basis of the world) to the effable/rational with respect to how, after we (WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS) reduce the ineffable/divine/intuitive to effable/rational/logical and then, having developed a tool (the DOUBLE ERROR tool of language and grammar), reduce the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAl to EFFABLE-because-LOCAL, applying this to ourselves to reduce our NONLOCAL selves to LOCAL selves whereupon; ‘the tool runs away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the Divine (NONLOCAL).

What goes on NONLOCALLY is TRANSFORMATION and that is where REALITY lives.  Meanwhile, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue to work ‘reality’ issues with DOUBLE ERROR reduction based concepts like ‘the PATHOGEN (COVID 19) KILLS’.

In our WESTERN CULTURE which is now globally dominant in electronic media communications, there is not much mention of indigenous aboriginal worldview, or Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta worldview, … the worldviews of cultures which never had the tradition of Aesculapian/Allopathic medicine with its inbuilt concept of fighting off attacking PATHOGENS.  That is, the EASTERN traditional understanding of ‘health’ and ‘illness’ is in terms of relational resonance and dissonance.  When ‘dis-ease’ emerged, it was understood to arise NONLOCALLY from relational dissonance and to manifest locally, as where heat flows through a collection of popping corns and the fever-imbued corn that locally ‘pops’ is an outlet for expressing NONLOCAL relational sourcing.  NONLOCALITY is ever present although our visual sensing distracts us, as does the simplistic language picture of DOUBLE ERRORS such as FIRE BURNS.   A volcanic extrusive eruption is not INdependent of subducting intrusive activity ongoing elsewhere in the transforming relational continuum in the spherical space of our natural living experience.  Our intuition informs us that extrusive eruption and intrusive subduction ARE NOT TWO BUT ONE (the phenomena of TRANSFORMATION is where FIGURE and GROUND are ONE rather than TWO).

Our experience is of inclusion in a NONLOCAL dynamic (i.e. TRANSFORMATION) although the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar readily reduces the purely relational and NONLOCAL to the LOCAL by the combination of NAMING and GRAMMAR; e.g. FIRE BURNS, giving us the sense of something transpiring LOCALLY (thanks to our sense of voyeur vision that delivers impressions of stand-along OBJECTS seemingly independent of any SUBJECT [vision doesn’t let us include ourselves as our sensing of inclusion in resonance (Wave-field) does where SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE]).

So what gets lost in the COVID 19 shuffle is our overlooking of the NON-legitimacy of concepts such as ‘the existence of PATHOGENS’ of which COVID 19 is assumed to be (e.g. rather than relational imbalance as is the EASTERN view instead of ‘criminal pathogens’ so that Robin Hoods and Jean Valjean’s are NOT labelled ‘PATHOGENS’ even if CSI investigators gather fingerprints, DNA and abundant eye-witness reports that confirms that Robin Hood and Jean Valjean are GUILTY OF THEFT and therefore classifiable as PATHOGENS aka CRIMINALS who are LOCAL AUTHORS of INJURIOUS ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS. That is, the same DOUBLE ERROR of FIRE BURNS is found in the DOUBLE ERROR; “CRIMINALS STEAL”.

Where the PATHOGEN concept; i.e. the DOUBLE ERROR concept of LOCAL sourcing of destructive actions and developments is most popular, so, also, is the corresponding DOUBLE ERROR concept of the LOCAL sourcing of productive actions and developments.  While the understanding of reality in terms of relational TRANSFORMATION is in this case, the least popular.  These DOUBLE ERROR concepts are most firmly held in the U.S. culture; i.e. it is the consequence of EGO based belief in LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments, whether ‘productive’ or ‘destructive’.  Belief in ‘LOCAL SOURCING’ that is either PRODUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE eclipses belief in TRANSFORMATION which is NONLOCAL in origin.   Those who believe most strongly in their own ‘sorcery’ of productive actions and developments will be strong believers in the ‘sorcery of destructive actions and developments.

“The U.S. penal population of 2.2 million adults is by far the largest in the world.”Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons. The U.S. rate of incarceration, with nearly 1 out of every 100 adults in prison or jail, is 5 to 10 times higher than the rates in Western Europe and other democracies.  — The Growth of Incarceration in the United States Exploring Causes and Consequences (2014) Consensus Study Repor

In the EAST, where everything is understood to be in relational interdependence (mitakuye oyasin), it is impossible to isolate LOCAL SOURCING of an action or development, as the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar so ably does. In this case, NONLOCALITY is understood as the REAL REALITY which is meanwhile INEFFABLE, … and that is the reason why WESTERN CULTURE has gone with the language-and-grammar DOUBLE ERROR of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments, because IT IS EFFABLE.

Just as we can say that “FIRE BURNS” to give us a LOCAL focus, we can say that ROBIN HOOD STEALS, eclipsing from the binary logic reasoning mind, the understanding of the transforming landscape wherein, as relational tensions build, outbursts of imbalance can manifest as part of the NONLOCAL process of TRANSFORMATION.  That is, relational imbalance as associates with TRANSFORMATION is the DEEPER IMPLICIT SOURCE of LOCAL EXPLICIT outbursts such as FIRE BURNS.

The persisting high intensity solar irradiance that desiccates vegetation over the long, hot summer is NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION but we can’t ‘point to it’ and say ‘there it is’ like we can when combustion erupts LOCALLY and we then CAN point to it and say FIRE BURNS which is LOGICALLY true but as Goedel’s theorem shows, there is this one-sided logical incompleteness to all finite systems of logical propositions.  Yes, of course the statement FIRE BURNS is incomplete (within a spherical space) since it only speaks to the GROWTH of the BURN and the rest of the reality is that the UNBURNT area is reciprocally SHRINKING.

In other words, there is no such thing as GROWTH without reciprocal SHRINKAGE in the spherical space reality of our actual sensory experience.  The GROWTH of cultivated lands IS, AT THE SAME TIME, the reciprocal SHRINKAGE of Wilderness lands.  What is actually happening is NEITHER GROWTH NOR SHRINKAGE but TRANSFORMATION.  Do oceans shrink when continents grow, or do continents shrink when oceans grow?   Or should our understanding be exceeding the superficial limitations of our vision so that we understand what is going on in terms of spatial-relational TRANSFORMATION?   ‘A man’s reach can exceed his grasp or what’s a meta-phor?’ -McLuhan et al.

We can imagine that just because the APPEARANCE of a relational form such as a boil in flow or a duning in a deserting invokes in our intellect the notion of SEPARATE FIGURE AND GROUND so that we make them out to be TWO whereas the case where FIGURE and GROUND ARE ONE would be like the HOLOGRAM, which is the modern physics Wave-field understanding of reality.

Our sensory experience is not limited to the limitations of our visual sensing; i.e. our bodies can resonate in the reverberatory acoustic wave-field involved in DRUMMING.  Thus we have at our disposal the Wave-field sensations associated with a holographic reality aka a resonance-based reality.

Back to COVID 19, the purported ‘pathogen’; … could it be that what we are experiencing is inclusion in TRANSFORMATION and that our habit of language and grammar based DOUBLE ERROR reduction is obscuring what is ‘really’ going on’?

What difference would it make if we accepted that TRANSFORMATION was the primary reality, as is supported by modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta?


-1- Binary logic (the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium where FIGURE and GROUND are TWO) would be superseded by ‘quantum logic’ (the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium where FIGURE AND GROUND are ONE).

-2- Pathogens/Villains would no longer be a viable concept and would be superseded by relational dissonance channeled through relational forms.  Benogens/Heroes would no longer be a viable concept and would be superseded by relational harmony channeled through relational forms.

In this TRANSFORMATION based view, COVID 19 would be understood as a relational dissonance within the overall TRANSFORMATION.

In Wave-field phenomena there are ‘tuning’ (‘resonance’) effects as where something that experiences an exposure to an influence can become more sensitive to that influence as a result (a nonlinear dynamic).  For example, wet wood exposed to flames may be somewhat ready for transformation (by fire) but by partial burning it increases dryness and inflammability (preparedness for transformation) opening the way to an exponential incendiary development.  This is where we see the burning ‘really flare up’ as the initial burning drives out the dampness that has been a fire-retardant.

This ‘nonlinear dynamic’ is showing up in ‘COVID 19’ transformation where there is no ‘distancing’ so that each of the multiple exposures consumes some ‘damping resource’, conditioning the individual in the same sort of manner of taking the ‘damping agent’ out of wood so that the individual’s condition becomes increasingly responsive to the transformational influence.

In this case, ‘distancing’ relates to the NONLINEAR phenomenon as in the fire example, where initial encounters can condition the individual (akin to removing fire retarding moisture from wood) so that the individual’s susceptibility to transformation may increase exponentially.

It is well established that LINEAR models are over-simplification that is built into language and grammar; e.g. ‘FIRE BURNS’ seems to attribute what goes on to an assertive agent, as in an ‘all-male’, ‘no-female’ dynamic.   But in nature, things are not so simple.  As Mark Antony said of Cleopatra; ‘She makes hungry where most she satisfies’.  She first has to get him ‘warmed up’ so as to remove all the fire retardant after which he is no longer held up from exploding into a fiery passion.


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