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Sensations Before Intellect


Ernst Mach in ‘Analysis of Sensations’ puts forth the understanding that ‘sensations’ are primary and thought is secondary.  If sensory experience is primary in the world, as even in a gyroscope or ‘atom’ as in the sensation of the gravity field, there is no need to impute a primary role for ‘LOCAL BEING’ as with ‘matter’ since understanding the world as ‘flow’ is fully tenable, as in Heraclitus’ worldview.

With ‘THOUGHT’ comes the concept of NAMING and with NAMING comes the concept of LOCAL BEING, providing a notional LOCAL material basis for actions and developments, that may then be employed to overcome the INEFFABLE reality of NONLOCALITY wherein the world dynamic is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT as in an energy FLOW-FIELD.

THOUGHT thus abstracted from NAMING and GRAMMAR, the ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ as Nietzsche terms it, serves up an ABSTRACT AND ARTIFICIAL but EFFABLE basis for CONSTRUCTING REALITY in such a fashion that this pseudo-reality STAYS FIXED and UNCHANGING while we use language to ‘play around with it’ and adapt it, with NAMING and GRAMMAR.

For example, in our sensual experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, ‘we’ as an awareness within the flowing Wave-field, which could be understood as purely relative as with a vortex or hurricane, are in a world that does not depend on our  having to use the abstractions of LOCAL EXISTENCE as propped up by NAMING and GRAMMAR (the DOUBLE ERROR), but being a fluid world with us as fluid formings within it, would be INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.

But it may be that even ephemeral flow-forms in the flow are imbued with, as are all flow-forms that are ‘of the flow’, with a consciousness that is innate within the flow-field (the Wave-field aka the Tao). Many philosophers and modern physics investigators have come to the conclusion that reality is a ONE-ness or Unum firstly, that the abstracting tools of NAMING and GRAMMAR can break down into abstract LOCAL ENTITIES notionally with their own GRAMMAR-given powers of SOURCING actions and developments (that ‘is’ the DOUBLE ERROR pointed out by Nietzsche).

The INEFFABLE is thus reduced to something EFFABLE thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  For example, Wave-field resonance such as DUNING that is inextricably included in the transforming relational continuum, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR, can be LOCALIZED by imposing the name DUNE on a visualizable portion of the continuum (we are in this case crossing the threshold from sensory experience into the realm of intellection aka THOUGHT).  Once we CREATE a LOCAL BEING with the intellectual device of NAMING, we can compound this first error with the second error of GRAMMAR so as to impute the power of LOCAL SOURCING OF actions and development to the NAMING-instantiated (abstract) LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF.

This DOUBLE ERROR equips us for overcoming the INEFFABLE nature of inclusion in a fluid reality, but as the Presocratic philosophers observed, it comes at a price; i.e. the ‘burden of concreteness’ since we now take it upon ourselves to manage the articulation of motions and development of the pieces that NAMING has broken out of the Wave-field aka the Tao.

At this point, our new intellectual reconstruction of (a reduced) reality that is now in pieces, a necessary reduction of the relational continuum which is INEFFABLE to a piece-based reduction which IS EFFABLE.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, the EFFABLE REDUCTION is NOT the equivalent of the UNREDUCED INEFFABLE, but this mistake of SUBSTITUTING the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT reduction for the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT Wave-field aka ‘Tao’ is the core characteristic of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE.  This is where Emerson’s ‘tool running away with the workman’ observation is pointing to; i.e. we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are letting …  “the (effable-izing) tool run away with the workman, the human with the divine so that we let go of the INEFFABLE and we give to the EFFABLE the foundational role in our WESTERN CULTURE construction of an ‘operative reality’.

This substituting of the EFFABLE for the INEFFABLE is like the planting of a cuckoo’s egg in the nest of a very different bird, so that it gets to draw nourishment from the nourishment-providing aspect of a system that is very different in an overall sense, kind of like putting a Volkswagen engine in a Porsche because ‘it is easy to make the substitution’.





We Western Culture Adherents like to simplify reality so as to facilitate verbal sharing of at least some reduced facsimile of the reality of sensory experience which is, itself, INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT, as is the basic nature of the Wave-field in which we are included.

Reduction of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT is the job of language and grammar.

The great division between the cultures of the EAST and WEST lies in the fact that while the EAST “remembers” that the reduced-to-language REPRESENTATION of reality is NOT the reality, the WEST “forgets” and thus behaves  as if the intellectual-conceptual representation of reality made possible by the reduction techniques built into language and grammar (the ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ as Nietzsche terms it)    was the ‘operative reality’.   Once we reduce the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT Wave-field reality of our actual sensory experience, to EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT materialist reality of our intellectual discourse, our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT habit is to treat this reduction as if it were the ‘operative reality’.   Once we have this surrogate intellectual pseudo-reality in hand, our habit is to simply DISCARD the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT sensory-experience reality.

“As regards the academies, they are established in order to regulate the studies of the pupils and are concerned not to have the program of teaching change very often: in such places, because it is a question of the progress of the students, it frequently happens that the things which have to be chosen are not those which are most true but those which are most easy. And by that division in things which makes different people form different judgements, it so happens that certain people are in error contrary to their own opinion.” – Johannes Kepler, ‘Harmonies of the World’

In what manner, then, does the ‘new-and-reduced-to-effable pseudo-reality’ of the WEST impact our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic from the EASTERN social dynamic where THE ACTUAL INEFFABLE reality of our sensory experience as accepted?





How we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS confuse ourselves with our language and grammar.

There is a tide in the affairs of men / Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” – Brutus, in ‘Julius Caesar’.

If I ‘go with the flow’ in pulling the boat up onto the beach, I nevertheless say; ‘I pulled the boat up on the beach’.

Life is like that, your working associates may ‘make you look good’, particularly if you are ‘their boss’.

Can we ever ‘really claim’ that ‘I did such and such’, like ‘mow the lawn’, … or should I be giving credit to the invention of the gasoline engine?

How ‘casual’ we are with our use of language and grammar.  Nietzsche speaks of ‘the DOUBLE ERROR’ of NAMING and GRAMMAR which equips us to make simple statements that imply LOCAL actions and developments.  This GRAMMAR based abstract conception of LOCALLY SOURCED action and development is what Nietzsche calls ‘the DOUBLE ERROR’.

WHY DO WE MAKE THIS DOUBLE ERROR? — because we live within a transforming relational continuum which is INEFFABLE because it and us are in continual flux.  This all-including reality is also known as the Wave-field and ‘the Tao’.  We can’t point to something which is everywhere at the same time such as the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao that we and everything are included in.   In order to ‘get around’ this ineffable-ness of the reality of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum; i.e. our inclusion in a NONLOCAL dynamic that is greater than the forms that are included in it (since everything is in flux), we employ the DOUBLE ERROR.  The first error is NAMING a flowing form to impute to it LOCAL thing-in-itself existence, and we conflate this with a second error of GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself the notional powers of LOCALLY SOURCING actions and developments.  Now we’re talking!  Of course this is not without a few snags that are going to ‘catch us up’ in our tricky attempt to sidestep the ineffability of our fluid reality.

SNAG NUMBER ONE:   If a gathering is forming in the flow such as a crowd of human forms, we run into the ‘there is a tide in the affairs of man’ type of complication wherein, we may find ourselves in a situation akin to someone selling iced cokes on a blazing hot day.  The DOUBLE ERROR constructions of language let us simply say that ‘we sold a lot of cokes’ which is a story about us and ‘our achievement’ as we are the SOURCE of that achievement.  This sort of reality construction is the most common and it defines the ‘conservative’ view of reality which is the simple and straight forward (no complications) view of reality.  “I sold a lot of cokes”.   Is this TRUE?


A Review of my Philosphical Musings


Dear all,

This is just a note with philosophical musings in it and I know I tend to spend a lot of time on such things, more than most has been my impression, at least in my post age 55 living time.

It seems evident that we live in an operative reality that has taken shape from the many different thoughts and activities of many different people along with a diversity of environmental influences that are different in that they don’t change across the intellectual artifice of national boundaries.

So, there are lots of things to explain ‘our differences’ between one and other whether on an individual basis or on a group basis.  As individuals, we are each unique but as social animals, we do tend to have that put us in various ‘birds of a feather’ behavioural groupings.

In this matter, I empathize with T.S Eliot and Erwin Schroedinger who call themselves Mahavits as in the Hindu Advaita Vedanta terminology referring to individuals who believe in the connectedness of all things but who behave in such a manner to be consistent with the culture they live in, … in our case the WESTERN CULTURE, where the common belief is that we are all independent beings with our own powers of sourcing actions and developments, … a belief that Nietzsche refers to as the DOUBLE ERROR since it comes from NAMING that imputes local independent being (first error) and GRAMMAR that imputes to the ‘local independent being’ its own powers of LOCALLY SOURCING actions and developments (second error).

I call this a CRAZY-MAKING belief and in my way of understanding the world, I can see how that WESTERN CULTURE popularly supported CRAZY-MAKING belief is ‘continuing to play out’.  Since I have spent the 20-plus years exploring this, I could write a book on it, or perhaps have written the equivalent of several books on it, on my www.goodshare.org/wp website.  Periodically, I get in philosophical discussions with other on the differences between my philosophy (which is essentially congruent with modern physics in those aspects of modern physics which match up with amazing consistency with indigenous aboriginal understanding of reality, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

Recent exchanges have helped me to think of more concise ways of sharing the basic differences in my philosophy and the ‘standard WESTERN CULTURE mainstream’ which seems mostly a mix of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and WESTERN-atheist views of reality, which together, cook up the WESTERN CULTURE worldview which I refer to as a CRAZY-MAKER.  I call it a CRAZY-MAKER because it splits FIGURE and GROUND into TWO which is a BIPOLAR DISORDER from those who see reality as I do which is more or less as according to modern physics, indigenous aboriginal, Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta cultures.   There understandings of reality are very UNLIKE the WESTERN CULTURE understanding of reality in that all of the former understand the world as ONE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, aka the Wave-field aka the Tao which is, of course, INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and IMPLICIT as Wave-field continuum must necessarily be.


Recovering from Western Culture Visualizing Madness


Western languages are strongly VISUAL image dependent.  Our rhetoric constructs cartoon-like depictions explaining, praising or mocking VISUALLY familiar figures and forms.  A person is something relationally complex, a ‘flow-feature’ that is continually transforming that is far too complex to be summoned to mind by a fixed symbol such as a NAME or a VISUAL ICON aka PICTURE.  In fact, how could we explain a humaning in this world without acknowledging innumerable webs of relational influence that end up ‘making the individual’ ‘one with everything’?

 A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably. –-Wittgenstein – Philosophical Investigations.

That’s right, draw a picture or take a photograph and then we can trap that individual inside his own picture.  Language is what we use to make ‘word pictures’ which LOCALIZE and humaning in the manner that the word ‘hurricane’ localizes an inherently NONLOCAL relational fluidity.  Our actual experiencing of the world is sensory-relations based but our intellectual understanding of the world is highly picture-based since language presents us with word-pictures, whether of the fairy princess or the big bad wolf, and the complexities of real people, as in Bob Dylan’s lyrics, … ‘ain’t never been photographed’.

This essay explores the role of VISUALIZATION in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collective and points out how VISUALIZATION such as reduces TRANSFORMATION to GROWTH is a WESTERN CULTURE CRAZY-MAKER.

* * *


This note is a brief assessment of why WESTERN CULTURE is a CRAZY-MAKER and how one may extract oneself from the grips of WESTERN CULTURE CRAZY-MAKING even while one is immersed within it.

The single point that one may remember NOT to forget that encapsulates the essence of WESTERN CULTURE CRAZY-MAKING is the LUNACY of belief in GROWTH.  This LUNACY derives from our given a foundational role to VISION which isolates instead of FEELING which includes.  Innate in our sensing experience is our ‘inertial guidance’ where we don’t need VISION to inform us of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  Blindfold us and give us a ride on the back of a motorcycle, up town and down town and all around the town and the likelihood is that, blind-folded or not, our sensory experience will  be informing us in terms of our relative spatial relational sense.  Is this an embellishment that ‘adds to’ our visual sensing?  NO!  Our visual sensing is an embellishment that adds to our gravity-informed sense of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

Gravity gives rise to ‘inertial guidance’, a kind of ‘gut feeling’ or ‘intuition’ that is implicit and less deceptive than visual sensing.  It would be more ‘telling’ to weigh visitors to the gold mine before and after their visit then doing a visual body search.

VISUAL observation of the GROWTH of a volcano is something we will talk about as if it is a ‘reality in itself’ but extrusion over here is implies ‘intrusion’ elsewhere and thus the reality of TRANSFORMATION and illusion (delusion) of VISUALLY perceived GROWTH.

There is no such thing as GROWTH, not of children, not of towns, not of corporations, not of populations, not of the incidence of COVID 19, because GROWTH, as Nietzsche has quite rightly pointed out, is a DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.

The first thing we need to support the abstraction of GROWTH is a notional LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF which we can say is ‘undergoing GROWTH’.  THis ‘thing’ could be a person (a notional LOCAL thing-in-itself), a town (a notional LOCAL thing-in-itself), or a business (a notional LOCAL thing-in-itself).  These notional (NAMING-instantiated) things-in-themselves are said to GROW, but this is only a WESTERN CULTURE abstraction based on the notion that FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO which means, for example, that the TOWN can grow larger and take up more space in the countryside; i.e. we say that THE TOWN ACTIVELY GROWS while the countryside plays the role of a PASSIVE-SUBMISSIVE ‘holding tank’.  In modern physics as in the indigenous aboriginal culture, we would instead speak of TRANSFORMATION wherein the Wilderness SHRINKS in reciprocal relation to the GROWTH of the TOWN (cultivated area).

This choice of how we interpret APPEARANCE, in the very different terms of GROWTH or TRANSFORMATION pivots the cultures of EAST (belief in TRANSFORMATION which is purely RELATIONAL) and WEST (BELIEF IN GROWTH as in CREATION of ‘something not previously existing’ and DESTRUCTION of something ‘previsously EXISTING’: e.g. the GROWTH of a FOREST or the GROWTH of area burned by a forest fire).

While the EAST opts for TRANSFORMATION as ‘the dynamic of reality’, the WEST opts for CREATION and DESTRUCTION as ‘the dynamics of reality’.

For a brief discussion on the difference between GROWTH and TRANSFORMATION see the following;


The simple TWO PART THESIS being advanced here is that;

-A- There is no such thing as GROWTH since there FIGURE and GROUND are ONE and the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR does not liberate the FIGURE from the GROUND, allowing the FIGURE to GROW in its own right.  When the town is said to GROW, the Wilderness reciprocally shrinks and what we have instead of GROWTH is TRANSFORMATION.

-B- THERE IS ONLY TRANSFORMATION (that is the nature of the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.


Understanding Bipolar Disorder via Nietzsche


My sense of why many of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ‘don’t understand Nietzsche’ (my assumption is that most people do not understand what Nietzsche is saying because if they did, they would see our WESTERN CULTURE ‘normal’ as CRAZY and ‘know why’ it is CRAZY).

Here is my view on what Nietzsche is saying.

-1- We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS use the ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ of NAMING and GRAMMAR ubiquitously in our normal language exchanges.  The DOUBLE ERROR is the combining of NAMING and GRAMMAR to construct representations that are LOCAL and EXPLICIT like Lightning Flashes (Nietzsche’s example). Who would disagree with this?

-2- HERE’S THE PROBLEM.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS accept the DOUBLE ERROR as a REAL ACTION although it is pure abstraction that imputes LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development.  BUT there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING and Lightning is NOT a LOCAL THING that SOURCES STUFF like ‘FLASHES’.   What is going on is TRANSFORMATION and it is continual and it is relational and thus there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development regardless of what our EGO claims.

-3- Another example of the DOUBLE ERROR of LOCAL SOURCING is … “ROBIN HOOD’ stole grain from the King’s Granary”.   This is just an abstractly CHOPPED OUT LOCAL REPRESENTION from the transforming relational continuum.  That is, you can see, perhaps more obviously, in the example ‘LIGHTNING FLASHES’, that we are chopping out a small ‘LOCAL’ picture-piece of a much larger dynamic, … a dynamic SO LARGE and SO NONLOCAL, that we are not sure where it starts and ends but it would seem to involve the movement of sun and earth and the flow of atmosphere.  So which dynamic is MORE REAL?  I would say ‘the ‘larger dynamic’ or in other words, the NONLOCAL dynamic (how about you?).  BUT which dynamic is easier to capture and represent in language?  It is the LOCAL ‘LIGHTNING FLASHES’ dynamic.





Bipolar Disorder manifests as the conservative – liberal split.

The conservatives emphasize Law and Order while the liberals emphasize social justice. This spells BIPOLAR DISORDER.

As Nietzsche pointed out, our WESTERN CULTURE falls into the psychological aberrance hole of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  This reduces the natural dynamics of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE (where the hurricane and the atmospheric flow are ONE) by NAMING the hurricane and imputing to it LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF BEING, …then conflating this FIRST ERROR which GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING-imputed THING-in-ITSELF, it’s own notional powers of SOURCING actions and developments.   This DOUBLE ERROR lets us say things like ‘the hurricane is growing larger and stronger and is devastating New Orleans’.

The physical reality is that the world is a transforming relation continuum in which there is no such thing as LOCAL dynamics.  Reality is inherently NONLOCAL and implicit because ‘everything is relative to everything’ as is the nature of  relational forms in the Wave-field.  The Earth is included in the transforming relational continuum so that relational TRANSFORMATION is the ‘FIRST ORDER REALITY’.

The trouble with reality being the transforming relational continuum (the Wave-field) is that it is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT (because everything is in flux).  That’s not really “TROUBLE” as far as our sensory experience goes, it is just ‘trouble’ insofar as capturing reality in language and grammar so as to share some kind of representation of ‘reality’.  This EFFABLE-izing, even if it only the EFFABLE-izing of a crude reduction of our INEFFABLE experience of inclusion in the Wave-field is immensely useful since it allows us to share (crude) language based simulations of our sensory experience.

So we did engineer language and grammar that gives us a crude simulation of our sensory, and while modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta are all using language and grammar as a means of building representations that facilitate an INTUITIVE LEAP to the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT relational Wavefield reality aka ‘the Tao’.

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, meanwhile, are in the habit of using language LITERALLY, so that when we say; ‘hurricane Katrina is growing larger and stronger and is devastating New Orleans’, WE REALLY MEAN IT, … whereas what is really going on is relational TRANSFORMATION that we and everyone, including the people of New Orleans, are included in.   Katrina, the FIGURE and the atmosphere and landscape aka ‘the GROUND’ are ONE.




This is a note to speak to the CRAZINESS or BIPOLAR DISORDER in WESTERN CULTURE that manifests, for example, in the ‘conservative’ – ‘liberal’ political polarization.


Bipolar-disorder permeates WESTERN CULTURE and derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, as expounded on by Nietzsche.  It manifests in the abstract belief in ‘good’ and ‘evil’, LOCALLY SOURCED opposites.  In EASTERN CULTURE as in modern physics, the basic dynamics are relational as in HARMONY and DISSONANCE which is NONLOCAL in nature; e.g. as Bohm explains this in his example of the death of Lincoln, events that we reduce to LOCAL are in reality arising NONLOCALLY from many influences that intersect and dissipate or build in a relational ‘WAVE-FIELD dynamic.   The starving of many children from relative shortage of food, may induce the actions of a Jean Valjean who ‘steals’ a loaf of bread to feed starving children.  Modern WESTERN CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION is a SHALLOW exploration based on the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  The FIRST ERROR of NAMING establishes a notional LOCAL THING-in-ITSELF (Jean Valjean) while the SECOND ERRROR of GRAMMAR conflates the first by imputing the power of SOURCING actions and development to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself (Jean Valjean).


NOTA BENE!:   What was inherently a NONLOCAL dynamic involving relational flow and distribution, is reduced to a notional LOCALLY SOURCED dynamic by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


In modern physics Wave-field understanding, and in the relational languages of indigenous aboriginals and in relational understandings in general, there is no assumption of LOCAL SOURCING.  REFLECTION shows that the psychological impression of LOCAL SOURCING derives from the abstractions of NAMING and GRAMMAR which Nietzsche refers to as the DOUBLE ERROR.


The U.S. Election and the Twilight of the Idols




I find myself living in a society I am estranged from.  Why was I not born and raised in an indigenous aboriginal or Taoist/Buddhist or Advaita Vedanta society where “reason” is not the dominant reality constructing tool?  Like Nietzsche and his ‘philosophizing with a hammer’ approach, I see no other way for myself, for my own sanity, to break with the CRAZY-MAKING understanding of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCY and its mesmerization by ‘reason’.  So many WESTERN CULTURE thinking/understanding structures are built on the back of ‘reason’; e.g. the concept of GROWTH; …. there is no such thing in Nature as GROWTH.  It implies LOCAL SOURCING.  There is only TRANSFORMATION which is NONLOCAL and RELATIONAL.  If you tell me that your community or your lands under cultivation have been GROWING, I will tell you about the SHRINKING of the Wilderness that is part of the real package of TRANSFORMATION.  If you tell me about the GROWTH of a child, I will tell you about the TRANSFORMING make-up of family, community and the transforming relational continuum and how the ‘error of grammar’ can blind us to TRANSFORMATION.  If you tell me about the competing values of conservative and liberal politics and their different approaches to sourcing productive actions and developments, I will tell about the hollowness of this concept of local SOURCING of actions and development and the need to take the hammer of intuition and smash such reason-based CRAZY-MAKERS.  While conservatism would have us believe that the fundamental source of production of the goods and services that keep us going is the individual, liberalism would have us believe that the fundamental source of production of goods and services is the social collective.  STOP RIGHT THERE!

As modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta are telling us, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE ‘SOURCING’ OR ‘PRODUCTION’ OF ANYTHING, …there is only TRANSFORMATION.  LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments as in ‘PRODUCTION’ and ‘CONSUMPTION’ is abstraction coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that obscures the ‘real reality’ of TRANSFORMATION.  We can’t have the GROWTH of cultivated lands without, at the same time, the corresponding reciprocal shrinkage of Wilderness.   Our WESTERN CULTURE that has us believing that understanding can find a solid grounding in ‘reason’ and liberate us from dependency on ‘intuition’ is a CRAZY-MAKER.  The psychological BIPOLAR DISORDER that divides WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS into ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ factions is rooted in belief in LOCAL SOURCING and is the product of ‘reason’.

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar. 

How do we break down the transforming relational continuum into LOCAL PARTS that we can discuss separately?  We apply the DOUBLE ERROR treatment of NAMING and GRAMMAR so that the circulation in the flow wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE becomes, magically, FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO as ‘hurricane Katrina is born’ and takes on a power of sourcing “her own actions and development”, thanks to language and grammar-based ‘reason’.  Thank you very much, you DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, for helping us overcome our tongue-tied situation of inclusion in a transforming relational continuum, by splitting FIGURE-and-GROUND into TWO so that WE, as now-INDEPENDENT FIGURES, can move about according to ‘our own (notional) “WILL”‘ in a GROUND that is purportedly INDEPENDENT of FIGURES such as ourselves that are continually ‘popping in’, acting and interacting, and ‘popping out’ of the GROUND.  OK, OK, I hear you.  How else are we going to ARTICULATE and share our stories of INCLUSION in a TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM wherein everything is in continual flux, WITHOUT doing “the DOUBLE ERROR thing”?

The problem is NOT in doing “the DOUBLE ERROR thing” which LINGUISTICALLY recasts reality in abstract FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO terms thus REDUCING Wave-field reality which is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT, as accords with FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE reality, … to terms of the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.  NO!  THE PROBLEM IS NOT HERE in engineering this reduction that enables an EFFABLE inference of the INEFFABLE, … the PROBLEM is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are using this reduced-to-EFFABLE pseudo-reality, as the OPERATIVE REALITY, rather than, as in the EAST, using it merely for INFERENCE of an INEFFABLE reality that lies beyond reach of the EFFABLE.  As Nietsche points out, individual perspectives of reality ARE NOT REALITY, and we need many different perspectives brought into connective confluence whereby the coherencies therein serve us up an intuitive sense of the transforming relational continuum we and all share inclusion in.  To understand the impressive FIGURE of the HURRICANE, we must first understand the impressive GROUND of the transforming relational continuum the FIGURE is inherently INCLUDED in.  NAMING the FIGURE may LOGICALLY (here comes ‘reason’ in to foul us up, liberate the FIGURE from the GROUND so that we can EFFABLE-ize the LOCAL which is, in reality, the NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE.

As for my WESTERN CULTURE family members and my friends (and that same aspect of ‘my self’) who are ‘practical’ and prefer to live lives in harmony with the operative WESTERN CULTURE pseudo-reality, … I have been there done that and understand the pleasures  of being in in harmony with the social collective, and even if we are on a trip to hell, if the road is sufficiently long, we can enjoy ourselves along the way.  Unfortunately, we can’t promise the same to our grandchildren ten generations out.  Already we have COVID 19, which, if one has read David Bohm’s modern physics based interpretations (e.g. Blackfoot Physics), illustrates how things can go awry (dissonant) in a relational system wherein FIGURE (e.g. human) and GROUND (environment) ARE ONE.

The ‘heretical’ (to WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS) understandings of modern physics, indigenous aboriginal, Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta, are understandings wherein ‘everything is related’ (mitakuy oyasin) or in other words, FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE, and I would like to share this understanding, that many others have shared, that the belief in FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO is a BIPOLAR DISORDER on the scale of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCY, that is putting our onward travelling social collective on a bus trip to hell.

COVID 19 follows our usual WESTERN CULTURE’s mythological invention of the PATHOGEN that removes OURSELVES AND the PATHOGEN from the relational matrix wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE and ‘sets us up’ PSYCHOLOGICALLY as FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO, and this abstraction, at the same time, forces us to invent an absolute empty containing space, an abstraction that doesn’t arise in the natural world wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.) WESTERN CULTURE MEDICINE, … but not EASTERN CULTURE MEDICINE, .. being based on Aesculapian medical grounding in GOOD and EVIL has had understanding ILLNESS in terms of our basic GOODNESS under attack by EVIL PATHOGENS.  Whatever happened to RELATIONAL IMBALANCE?  The embrace of BINARY (EITHER ‘right’ OR ‘wrong’) REASON has, in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collectives, SUBSTITUTED for the Wave-field phenomena of purely relational HARMONY and DISSONANCE.   If a rabbit darts across the busy freeway and relational dissonance ensues in the flow of traffic with braking and swerving that puts a persisting disturbance into the flow, when a collision finally occurs, after the rabbit has long since departed from the scene, … WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, because of our DOUBLE ERROR OF LANGUAGE based on NAMING and GRAMMAR, is going to apply its familiar tool of ‘causal analysis’ and identify a PERPETRATOR and VICTIM.  Here we see ‘modern physics’ with its transforming relational continuum being pushed out and replaced by Newtonian physics (which as Benjamin Whorf has shown, derives from binary language structure).   David Bohm tells us that the root source of the killing of Abe Lincoln is ineffable, because it is a development within the continuum which includes contributions from the invention of gunpowder and guns and so much more that we cannot reduce it to words.  REALITY is thus NOT the DOUBLE ERROR constructions of LANGUAGE which reduce this INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT reality to terms that are EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT; e.g. James Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln.

How NEAT AND TIDY is such REDUCTION of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and EXPLICIT.  In the fender-bender example, we invoke the standard WESTERN BIPOLAR DISORDER based thinking by REDUCING the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR; i.e. the driver of the car with license plate ‘PATHOGEN’ is the perpetrator of injury to the driver of the car with the license plate ‘VICTIM’.   No long-winded stories of rabbits on the loose needed.

This is just one exemplar on top of a long list of similar examples of what is holding us back from regaining our sanity, which includes what we call ‘WESTERN POLITICS which is based on BELIEF IN LOCAL SOURCING (formerly known as ‘sorcery’).  LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments is THE DOUBLE ERROR NAMING-and-GRAMMAR SPEAK, which, in its separating FIGURE-and-GROUND-into-TWO (i.e. INHABITANT and HABITAT), implants EGO into the INHABITANT in a…. “TRANSFORMATION-REPLACING”  DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION that conjures up belief in ONE’S OWN (the NAMING-instantiated entity’s) POWERS of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  This is how the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL Wave-field flow is synthetically (with the DOUBLE ERROR) reduced to EFFABLE-because LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT mechanics (the PERPETRATOR sourced the injury to the VICTIM).  This is ‘reason’ in (its DOUBLE ERROR based reductive action’.

In using ‘reason’ that allows us to speak in the one-sided terms of how many acres of land we have cultivated, how our children and community have grown, and many many more inferences of one-sided GROWTH as a reductive substitute for TRANSFORMATION (wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE), this abstract grammatical LIBERATION OF FIGURE FROM GROUND re-rendering FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO which are deemed INDEPENDENT of one another, set the stage for the WESTERN CULTURE CRAZY-MAKING BRAIN-DRAW aka BIPOLAR DISORDER, that gives rise to unresolvable ambiguity.

AMBIGUITY STARTS HERE!   Since, in using the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, the understanding of change is NO LONGER understood in terms of relational TRANSFORMATION, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, in accepting that change is LOCALLY SOURCED, and because we have chosen to conceive of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO, are obliged to make a decision as to whether the SOURCING of the dynamics of reality derives from the FIGURE or from the GROUND, or if from BOTH.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, having stepped over the threshold into the BINARY LALA LAND, and that we then are challenged to do our best to MAKE SENSE OF, … find that half of us opt for the ‘conservative’ branch of the EITHER FIGURE OR GROUND binary, wherein the INDIVIDUAL is conceived of as the most basic SOURCING agency (“one bad apple sources rotting of the whole barrel”) while the other half of us (who come to be termed ‘liberals’) conceive of the SOCIAL COLLECTIVE as the most basic SOURCING agency (“it takes a whole community to raise a child”).

DON’T FORGET, … by accepting the DOUBLE ERROR that sets up LOCAL SOURCING, we have already stepped over the threshold in BIPOLAR DISORDER based LALA LAND, which is where this question of ‘the true nature of SOURCING’ comes from; i.e. whether SOURCING is ONE-to-MANY based (Conservative), or whether SOURCING is MANY-to-ONE based (Liberal).  The conservative – liberal split IS a BIPOLAR DISORDER that derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which establishes the PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPORESSION of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.

This POLARIZING of the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT SOCIAL COLLECTIVE into CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL factions on the basis of whether the SOURCING of the social dynamic derives from the individual of from the social collective, is the same sort of artificial polarizing as in the Zen koan of wind-and-flag (e.g. “does the movement of the flag source the movement of the air, or does the movement of the air source the movement of the flag”).  Such puzzles that divide people into polarized camps such as conservative and liberal have no solution BECAUSE they are based on the mistaken belief there LOCAL SOURCING is something ‘real’ when in fact, it is, as Nietzsche has pointed out, abstraction deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.

Sure, there is nothing stopping us from using NAMING and GRAMMAR to say (a) the continents are drifting, and/or (b) the seafloor is spreading, but both of these statements (which are implicitly ‘flat-space abstractions’) lack the dimensionalty to capture the fluidity of relational TRANSFORMATION as in the earth understood in the fluid sense of a Wave-field feature wherein ‘the continents’ become instead, the ‘continenting’ in the overall Wave-field, thus giving an understanding of continents and oceans in a FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE (Wave-field based) sense rather than the FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO (mechanistic) sense that comes from NAMING the continent ‘the continent’ and using grammar to impute to ‘the continent’ its own (notional) power of sourcing actions and development as in ‘the continents are drifting and colliding and merging and breaking up’.

Such DOUBLE ERROR CONSTRUCTIONS (as Nietzsche calls them), while they are the enablers of reducing the INEFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT are an amazing tool that lets us use the EFFABLE wherein the FIGURE is notionally liberated from the GROUND so as to INFER the INEFFABLE wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE.  The hurricane is not really separate from the atmosphere (which is not really separate from the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field), but the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR lets us deliver a WORD-PICITURE wherein KATRINA, the HURRICANE is ‘growing larger and stronger and is devastating the city of New Orleans’.  That puts a picture in the foreground in our psyche; i.e. in our logical reasoning function.  Meanwhile, our intuition is sitting in the background contemplating the greater reality that the hurricane and New Orleans along all other NAMING-instantiated relational forms, are included in the transforming relational continuum and our DOUBLE ERROR based representations, which are very handy in that they allow us to share reduced portrayals, which are innately incomplete personal perspectives, but which fall innately short of capturing the flull-blown relational transformation.  The DOUBLE ERROR lets us describe Katrina, the hurricane, and our selves and our nations and corporations as well, in this same DOUBLE ERROR manner (all it takes is NAMING and GRAMMAR), as if we were LOCAL things-in-ourselves with our own powers of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  This is the FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO abstraction that comes to us thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.

THE TROUBLE IS, the burden of re-animating what we have broken down into FIGURES separate from GROUND, is on on our backs, and right away, because we have invented LOCAL SOURCING to portray relational TRANSFORMATION wherein there is NO LOCAL SOURCING, and having split FIGURE-and-GROUND into TWO (e.g. inhabitant and habitat), we find ourselves obliged to follow one lie with another so that in using GRAMMAR to re-animate by way of LOCAL SOURCING, and having CREATED TWO PARTS (the INDEPENDENCE of FIGURE and GROUND) where TRANSFORMATION only involved ONE, we are now smitten with a BIPOLAR DISORDER that obliges us to apportion SOURCING POWER between the FIGURE-and-GROUND that are now TWO.  This splits us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS into two polar opposite mindset groupings we have called ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’

The CONSERVATIVE option for a solution to ambiguity that arises in abandoning TRANSFORMATION and having to impute in its place, LOCAL SOURCING is to endow the LOCAL FIGURE with the power of sourcing actions and developments (i.e. the local individual person, individual nation, individual corporation etc.).  Meanwhile the LIBERAL option of a solution to the ambiguity that arises in abandoning TRANSFORMATION and having to impute in its place LOCAL SOURCING  is to endow the LOCAL GROUND with the power of sourcing actions and developments (i.e. the local social collective, the local national collective, the local corporate collective.)  The CONSERVATIVE – LIBERAL social polarizing, being based on the belief in LOCAL SOURCING, is abstraction that brings with it an innate ambiguity that is UNRESOLVED because UNRESOLVABLE even though both factions may believe that the opposite faction will ‘one day come to their senses’ and see the correctness of their choice in this bipolar ambiguity.  There can be no resolution of this BIPOLAR ambiguity because it is based on the abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING and this LOCAL SOURCING DOES NOT EXIST, but is an abstract artifact of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  THERE IS NO LOCAL SOURCING since FIGURE-and-GROUND-are only ONE (Schroedinger, modern physics).  Since there is NO LOCAL SOURCING, the argument over whether it is EITHER the individual that sources the dynamics of the collective, OR, whether it is the collective that sources the dynamics of the individual, is a nonsense question.  In short, this WESTERN CULTURE phenomenon of the CONSERVATIVE – LIBERAL BIPOLAR SPLIT is a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER that pervades WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCY.  It is EGO based since it is EGO that brings forth the impression of LOCAL SOURCING POWER that underpins, in WESTERN CULTURE, REWARD for the SOURCING of constructive/beneficial works, and PUNISHMENT for the SOURCING of destructive/harmful works. Of course, in EASTERN culture as in modern physics, TRANSFORMATION is Nature’s dynamic and there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING, so there is no exposure to the conservative-liberal BIPOLAR DISORDER.

The conservative-liberal battle to determine once and for all, which of the two binary opposite understandings of the ROOT SOURCE of the community’s SOURCING of actions and developments (i.e. the conservative choice of the individual or the liberal choice of the social collective) is NOT going to happen because there is NO CORRECT CHOICE as to whether it is the case that the continents are drifting or the seafloor is spreading, or whether it is the case that the hurricane is sourcing the stirring up of the atmosphere or the atmosphere is sourcing the stirring up of the hurricane.  There is NO CORRECT CHOICE because those choices are synthetic artifacts of our manner of formulating questions (see Poincare re the error in logic termed petitio principii).  By our use of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR; abstractions we invent to give a reduced but EFFABLE account of the INEFFABLE, we invent the abstract concept of LOCAL SOURCING.  AGAIN, the answer is NEITHER!.  This is because there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING, there is only the TRANSFORMING relational continuum and the abstract concept of LOCAL SOURCING arises from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  The conservatives and liberals are, thanks to EGO, which is where the notion of LOCAL SOURCING comes into play, in polarized conflict over the issue of the authorship of SOURCING of actions and development (is it the individual as the conservative maintains or is it the social collective as the liberal maintains? ANSWER: there is no such thing as SOURCING.  We share inclusion in a transforming relational continuum, and it is only the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that manufactures the abstraction of local SOURCING.

In sum, .. our DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR is to render FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO as in mechanistic depictions and thus deliver an EFFABLE reduction of the FIGURE-and-GROUND_as-ONE (Wave-field phenomena), the latter being INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT, for which the price we have to pay is the infusing of AMBIGUITY since it becomes unclear, once we have split FIGURE and GROUND notionally (psychologically) into TWO, whether the purported SOURCING AGENCY is deriving from the FIGURE, from the GROUND, or from BOTH.  While LOCAL SOURCING doesn’t really exist, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have built it into our language based constructions of reality and it is held in place by EGO which lays claim to LOCAL PERSONAL POWERS OF SOURCING actions and developments.  Only after we make the mistake of believing in LOCAL SOURCING do we fall into the second trap of arguing over whether the FIGURE (individual) or GROUND (social collective) is the primary SOURCING AGENCY.

‘REASON’ is a binary logic based method for constructing realities that open the door to ambiguity.  We may use reason to infer that the devastation of New Orleans was caused by hurricane Katrina, and that is good to know, and we may use reason a la Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) to ascertain that Jean Valjean stole the loaf of bread, … but the REAL WORLD is the pre-lingually-reified ‘substrate of TRANSFORMATION (yes, the ineffable stuff) wherein there is only RELATIONS (this is before we impose NAMES and apply GRAMMAR to reduce the fluid transformation to the abstract but effable terms based on reified flow-forms like Katrina, such NAMING replacing the inherent NONLOCALITY of the flow-form with an abstract LOCALITY to serve as a notional PLATFORM that can be seen (imagined) as the launching pad for LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  If you look closely at Katrina, you will see an atmospheric swirling which is a NONLOCAL phenomenon and with the sun beating down on your back, you know that the energy dynamics of the overall transforming relational continuum must be involved, but LIKE MAGIC, once we come up with the magic wand of NAMING and the GENIE of GRAMMAR, what was moments earlier the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT unbounded dynamic of the universe, is replaced by the LOCAL and EXPLICI, this DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR reducing the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.

After we populate ‘reality’ with a large number of these LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT forms, we run into issue captured by Heraclitus; wherein “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Since the ‘real reality’ is the Wave-field; i.e. the transforming relational continuum wherein everything is in flux, we’ve got ourselves a problem with our practice of reducing relational forms that are INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to DOUBLE ERROR abstractions that are EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.  Once we NAME it, we FREEZE IT within that NAME whereas it could be swimming free in the ineffable currents of continuing TRANSFORMATION of the Wave-field.

Who believes that the UNITED STATES of today, is simply an ‘aged’ version of the UNITED STATES of 1776?  Shall we then IGNORE the relational understanding of relational forms in the transforming relational continuum?  Are ‘nations’ local things-in-themselves subject to an aging process, or is there really no such thing as a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF with its own LOCAL powers of actions and development, that being the deception coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR?  If the UNITED STATES was and remains a relational form in the flow, it makes no sense to talk of ITS former or current GREATNESS since ‘whatever it is’ is relative to the relational dynamic it is included in.  It could NOT be otherwise.   The proud Lion-hearted icon of ‘GREAT BRITAIN’ has ‘taken a few hits’ like other ‘former great’ icons, underscoring the natural prevalence of the all-including relational transformation.  There is a hollowness to this icon-promoting ‘reality game’ that screams out for an iconoclastic re-awakening.

How many reason-based hollow icons purporting to represent ‘reality’ have we planted in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT minds, that Nietzsche is suggesting that we test out with the hammer?   Two of the classics, for sure, are the conservative and liberal versions of the abstract notion of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  The DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING which portrays FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO comes with this basic ambiguity as to whether the dynamics of the FIGURE (e.g. hurricane) are sourcing the dynamics of the GROUND (e.g. atmosphere) or whether the dynamics of the GROUND (e.g. atmosphere) are sourcing the dynamics of the FIGURE (the hurricane),  Such ambiguity is the price we pay for splitting the ONE-NESS of relational TRANSFORMATION wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE into the mechanistic abstraction wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.  Yes, we did an ‘end-run’ around the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT with this DOUBLE ERROR device which delivers a reduction to EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT, but it comes with the price of AMBIGUITY in that this LOCAL SOURCING could be coming from EITHER FIGURE OR GROUND or some combination thereof; take your pick.  If you choose ‘from FIGURE’ you get to wear the conservative label and if you choose ‘from GROUND’ you get to wear the ‘liberal’ label’.

There is a HOLLOWNESS in this LOCAL SOURCING based psychological splitting aka BIPOLAR DISORDER, that is begging for an administering of the Nietzschean ‘philosophizing with a hammer’.  However, in WESTERN CULTURE, there are many whose personal identities have become so bound up in (and sporting Emperor’s new clothes) dependencies on belief in LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments (the DOUBLE ERROR replacement for relational TRANSFORMATION) so that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are currently LOCKED IN BY HIGH SWITCHING COSTS, in the same sense as being locked in to the Windows operating systems on the PC, as captured in the adage of being unable to perform a needed change of tires on the vehicle while driving in it, or being unable to bite our own nose.   We can’t switch our applications over to a new system after we have built into them a deep dependency of the current system.   First, we need to do some philosophizing with a hammer to liberate our psyches from such BIPOLAR DISORDERED understanding as we have ourselves embodied, such as the SORCERY-based conservative – liberal dichotomy.



In the title Twilight of the Idols, or, How to Philosophize with a Hammer (Götzen-Dämmerung, oder, Wie man mit dem Hammer philosophiert), Nietzsche is, among other things, mocking the rising political put down of Jewish people.  The Götzen-Dämmerung title was a pun on Wagner’s ‘Götterdämmerung’ (the Twilight of the Gods).  That is, Götze is a German word for “idol” or “false god”.

What was the ‘false God’ for Nietzsche?   The false God was REASON!

It is ‘reason’ that supports the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that allows us to (in our intellectual abstracting) to impute by NAMING, the notional LOCAL existence of a ‘thing-in-itself’ (that is the FIRST ERROR), and GRAMMAR conflates NAMING by imputing to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself, the notional POWER OF SOURCING actions and developments.  This ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ allows us to ‘break into’ the transforming relational continuum aka ‘the Wavefield’ aka ‘the Tao’ which is the basic reality of our actual sensory experience (of inclusion within it), … and to reduce this flow-continuum to the BINARY ABSTRACTION of ‘CREATION and DESTRUCTION’ or more commonly in our WESTERN CULTURE common thinking, as ‘PRODUCTION’ and ‘CONSUMPTION’.

Can you imagine yourself as one who has grown up understanding modern physics and/or understanding indigenous aboriginal or Taoist/Buddhist or Advaita Vedanta worldviews wherein ‘everything is in flux’, being brainwashed into re-engineering such fluid reality (as is affirmed by our sensory experience of inclusion within it) to chopped up pseudo-reality based on BINARY LOGIC REASONING wherein CREATION and DESTRUCTION (and PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION) become seen as having a REALITY greater than the reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka ‘the Tao’?

If you are like myself and have grown up in a WESTERN CULTURE adherent society, you may have difficulty (as I have had) in getting a grasp on the reality that ‘reality’ is fluid and I am a fluid inclusion in that reality.


Bipartisan Politics or Bipolar Disorder?



ABSTRACT: … WESTERN CULTURE ‘conservative-liberal’ bipolarizing politics is a psychological disorder stemming from confusing the DOUBLE ERROR based notion of LOCAL SOURCING for ‘reality’.

In WESTERN CULTURE conceptualizing of reality, the concept of EITHER ‘good’ OR ‘bad’ is understood using the abstract logic EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium, wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.  In modern physics as in the EASTERN Buddhist/Taoist, Advaita Vedanta and indigenous aboriginal cultures, the logic of reality is the ‘quantum’ BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE as symbolized, for example, by the Tai-Chi (yin-yang) symbol.

This NON-BINARY understanding is CONSISTENT with our natural experience wherein the hurricane and the atmospheric flow one dynamic that the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR split into TWO.  This is problematic for us WESTERN CULTURE adherents in that it introduces an ambiguity as to whether the FIGURE (hurricane) is stirring up the GROUND (atmospheric flow) or the GROUND (atmospheric flow) is stirring up the FIGURE (figure).  In physical reality, the hurricane and the flow are relational manifestations of the one dynamic of relational TRANSFORMATION and while there are relations that may be harmonious or dissonant, there are no ontological binaries that support EITHER/OR logic.  That is, IN THE PHYSICAL REALITY OF OUR SENSUAL EXPERIENCE, there can be relational harmony and relational dissonance in the yin/yang sense, but there is not such thing, IN THE PHYSICAL REALITY OF OUR SENSUAL EXPERIENCE, as the ontological dichotomy of ‘IS’ or ‘IS NOT’ as in ‘GOOD’ or EVIL’ and ‘GUILTY’ or ‘INNOCENT’ and other such binary abstractions that are the basis, in WESTERN CULTURE, but not EASTERN CULTURE, for ‘CREDIT’ or ‘BLAME’, ‘REWARD’ or ‘PUNISHMENT’, ‘ACCLAIM’ or ‘DERISION’.

In modern physics as in the EASTERN and indigenous aboriginal cultures, as Schroedinger puts it, ‘SUBJECT and OBJECT are only ONE’.  This is the meaning of ‘mitakuye oyasin’ (we and everything are related) in the indigenous aboriginal culture.

The above introduction suggests why this note is entitled Bipartisan Politics or Bipolar Disorder, since there is no support in the relational dynamics of NATURE for the TWO OPPOSING VIEWS OF REALITY that manifest in the WESTERN CULTURE social-political divisions into ‘CONSERVATIVE (Republican) and LIBERAL (Democrat).  This dividing into polar opposing political factions which permeates WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collectives is a BIPOLAR DISORDER deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR (Nietzsche), as described in this note.  THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION IN REALITY FOR THE CONSERVATIVE – LIBERAL BIPOLAR SPLITTING since such splitting is based on disagreement over whether the root sourcing of societal production and advancement  is the individual (conservative) or the social collective (liberal).  THIS POLARIZING DIVISION into ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ based on conflicting views as to the root source of production and advancement (i.e. is the deeper source the individual or is it the social collective) is innately unresolvable since there is, in reality, no such thing as the local SOURCING of actions and developments, there is only relational transformation (‘sourcing’ is abstraction coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR).

What our WESTERN CULTURE has been constructing with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR are story-book nations and corporations that become bloated idols from political praise, hollow idols that will not stand up to the test of the hammer.

There are more idols than realities in the world: that is my “evil eye” upon this world; that is also my “evil ear.” Finally to pose questions with a hammer, and sometimes to hear as a reply that famous hollow sound that can only come from bloated entrails — what a delight for one who has ears even behind his ears, for me, an old psychologist and pied piper before whom just that which would remain silent must finally speak out. … This little essay is a great declaration of war; and regarding the sounding out of idols, this time they are not just idols of the age, but eternal idols, which are here touched with a hammer as with a tuning fork: there are no idols that are older, more assured, more puffed-up — and none more hollow. That does not prevent them from being those in which people have the most faith; nor does one ever say “idol,” especially not in the most distinguished instance. … Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

There are many who proudly present untenable constructions as ‘reality’, falsehoods that come to serve society as ‘idols’, and we are drowning is such hollownesses while thirsting for something of substance. rising to the challenge of taking a hammer to the hollow idols may open the way for a more authentic shared reality..


* * *  end of abstract * * *


You may not agree with this view that the split into conservative and liberal politics is a psychological BIPOLAR DISORDER, but I can assure you that it is the view of systems thinkers like Erich Jantsch, philosophers like Nietzsche, Bohm and Schroedinger,and is fully supported by modern physics.  That is; the split between republicans and democrats; i.e. the conservative – liberal split, comes from the EGO, and it was operative among WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS long before Donald Trump became president.  The Republicans and Democrats have been deeply divided because of their ‘thinking differently’ and their different thinking comes from the EGO which gives us the sense that we have the powers of SOURCING actions and developments. But is this ‘we’ based SOURCING power rooted in the individual (conservative) or in the social collective (liberal)?


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