AUTHOR’S PROLOGUE; Crazy for You – An Inquiry into the Enigma of Bipolar Disorder/Schizophrenia and More


The “Double Error of language and grammar” (Nietzsche) provides an understanding of ‘Bipolar Disorder’/Schizophrenia and how this develops through loving relations.   The Double Error is an exposé of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT understanding-gone-wrong, in that the reality of relational TRANSFORMATION is being unnaturally superseded, in our language stimulated intellection, by SORCERY (i.e. by the double error based notion of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments).


When ‘the concept of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments’ (aka ‘SORCERY’) is ‘taken literally’ (rather than as a simplistically reduced means of inferring transformation that has been termed a ‘Wittgenstein ladder’), this literal conceptualizing is a CRAZY-MAKER.  IT IS A CRAZINESS THAT PERVADES WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE and  it comes from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.

As Nietzsche has pointed out, the ‘double error’ of language and grammar is an abstract reduction of reality that can give us a false sense of reality IF and WHEN, instead of using the double error as ‘inference’ of an ineffable reality that lies innately beyond the reach of language and grammar, we use the ‘double error’ reduction of reality as our ‘operative reality’.  The use of language in ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ mode (i.e. language used to obliquely INFER the ineffable (-because-continually-in-flux) reality that lies beyond explicit capture in language) can induce intuitive understanding of the ineffable flow-based reality.

In Nietzsche’s example, lightning can be thought of as purely relational resonance like the ‘DUNING’ of sand, a purely relational phenomenon belonging to an overall transformation rather than ‘a DUNE thing-in-itself’ with its own power of sourcing actions and developments. By using ‘subjectizing’ formulations such as ‘lightning flashes’ and ‘dunes shift across the desert floor’, we make a ‘double error’ (the first error is to use ‘naming’ to impute thing-in-itself being, and the second error, ‘grammar’, conflates the first by imputing the power of sourcing actions and developments (“sorcery”) to the name-instantiated thing-in-itself.




We make this DOUBLE ERROR because ‘transformation’, the reality we really want to articulate, is NONLOCAL in spacetime and while it is the real Wavefield reality, it is ineffable-because-NONLOCAL.  The NONLOCALITY of TRANSFORMATION manifests like the ‘catspaw’ pattern where wind roughens the surface of the ocean but there is no LOCAL SOURCE of such manifestation.  Resonance features in fluid-flow are also an example of NONLOCAL phenomena.  Transformation is something we can’t break into effable LOCAL parts as is the case with the transforming relational continuum aka the ineffable Tao.

In other words, WE USE THE DOUBLE ERROR TO REDUCE THE INEFFABLE WAVE-FIELD (TAO) TO EFFABLE, LOCAL TERMS. For example, the inherently NONLOCAL (and thus ineffable) resonance phenomenon of DUNING requires a reduction to effable if we are going to share our experiences/observations in regard to ‘duning’.  The DOUBLE ERROR is the means of reducing the ineffable DUNING to effable expression (e.g. ‘the dune is growing larger and shifting across the ‘desert floor’).  This injection of a SUBJECT as the notional source of action and development in language and grammar construction delivers an intellectual impression of LOCAL instantiation of actions and development, overcoming (in the intellect, at least) the barrier of ineffability of NONLOCAL phenomena.


The CRAZY-MAKER is that WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE involves treating the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION NOT JUST AS A USEFUL-BUT-NOT-REAL  INFERENCE OF NONLOCAL REALITY, BUT TREATING IT AS THE “LOCAL OPERATIVE REALITY”.  That is, there is ‘duning’ but there is no DUNE and no REALITY in imputing ‘thing-in-itself being’ to the notional ‘DUNE’ by ‘naming it’ DUNE (‘naming’ imputes persisting being as if there is a ‘spirit’, the same ‘spirit’ within the form we observe within the transforming relational continuum).  If the form is the hurricane, naming the hurricane ‘Katrina’ will impute persisting thing-in-itself being to the LOCAL FORM, even though the form is NONLOCAL and there is nothing LOCAL about the form other than how it APPEARS to the observing intellect, an appearance that we intellectually CONCRETIZE with NAMING).

‘Crazy-for-you’ is the title coined by Jill Astbury in her research into ‘psychological disorders’ such as ‘bipolar disorder’, which has a far higher rate of incidence in women than in men, suggesting that male-dominated patterns of social behaviour that are imposed on everyone in the social collective could associate with maladies that show up in the more sensitive members of the social collective.  In this case, it would not make sense to study the individual manifesting the problem on her own, since it would be influence of the relational social matrix she resides in that is responsible.  In other words, the origin of the manifest symptoms would be NONLOCAL rather than LOCAL.  Therefore, like the drunk who searches under the streetlight for the watch he lost on a dark section of the street “because the search conditions are better there”, research into the maladies of sensitive ‘miner’s canaries’ that drills down looking for an internal source is never going to discover that the something that’s amiss is immanent in the ambient conditions in the mine.


The research stemming from this viewpoint had a systemic blindness. It could literally not see what it was doing, as the normative quality of its own presuppositions had made them invisible.” – Jill Astbury


This systemic blindness associates with DOUBLE ERROR thinking (thinking in terms of LOCAL SOURCING) rather than in terms of NONLOCALITY.  The same ‘systemic blindness’ has been encountered by psychiatric studies of schizophrenia as presented in ‘Mental Health and Ethnic Minorities’.  The researchers show that the incidence of schizophrenia in non-native born blacks in the U.K. is 3-5 times higher than native born blacks. As the researchers point out, the implication is that we are not going to discover the source of the illness within the individual, no matter how deeply and intensively we investigate the individual’s ill health as if it were the property of the individual.  While “mental ill health” implies something wrong with the individual, mental well-being points to relational/environmental influences.


“From the outset it will be clear that most of the research in this field has followed the conventional epidemiological or medical paradigm by focusing on mental ill health as the dependent variable. It is, therefore, not surprising that there is a lack of empirically grounded research on mental well-being or the psychological resilience and survival of minority groups in this country” — R. Cochrane (University of Birmingham) and S. P. Sashidharan (North Birmingham Mental Health Trust) in ‘Mental Health and Ethnic Minorities’




THE DOUBLE ERROR OF LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR =  THE IMPUTING OF LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, APPLIES not only in medical affairs but in the psychological assessment of reality in general.


The insight in CRAZY FOR YOU points to something going on that goes much farther than the topics of gender-based or race-based investigations of psychological health.  It opens the door to understanding phenomena in terms of NONLOCALITY that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS reduce to LOCAL so as to render the ineffable effable.  What is CRAZY is to let the LANGUAGE  AND GRAMMAR BASED DOUBLE ERROR reduction tool ‘run away with the workman’, … the human (effable) with the divine (ineffable).  While DUNING implies ‘resonance’ as in an ineffable NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION, the intellectual-linguistic reduction to DUNES that grow  larger and shift across the ‘desert floor’ enables expression in the effable DOUBLE ERROR based terms of LOCAL SORCERY of actions and developments.


NONLOCALITY clashes with the DOUBLE ERROR SORCERY based view of reality of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS where LOCAL incipient SOURCING is used in constructing an intellectual representation of dynamics.


To believe, literally, in SORCERY is where the EGO comes from (as well as belief in the abstractions of sorcery of GOOD and EVIL actions and developments).  This is where CRAZY FOR YOU originates as a kind of ‘humoring’ of a loved one who is possessed by the delusional belief in his own powers of SORCERY.


This is where the reality of NONLOCALITY gets superseded, in the psyches of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS by the abstract concept of LOCAL incipience of name-instantiated things-in-themselves, notionally with their own (grammar-given) powers of SOURCING actions and developments; — in short, the DOUBLE ERROR).  DUNING as transformation thus gives way to DUNES with powers of SOURCING actions and developments (e.g. shifting and growing).




Such DOUBLE ERROR based delusion has become the NORM of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE.


What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience.”  — R.D. Laing


CRAZY FOR YOU, is where we feign belief in SORCERY (the DOUBLE ERROR) in order to join together with loved others in accepting and supporting the DOUBLE ERROR illusion as the basis of our ‘OPERATIVE REALITY’.


The Enigma of Bipolar Disorder/Schizophrenia is explainable in terms of the CRAZY—MAKING DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar. The DOUBLE ERROR of SORCERY is not ‘reality’, it is CRAZINESS, but EGO feeds on it and it has become the NORM of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE.


They are playing a game.  They are playing at not playing a game.  If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me.  I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”  R. D. Laing – ‘Knots’


CRAZY FOR YOU involves joining in an aberrant WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT game that is sustained by love.


“It is Henry’s contention that in practice education has never been an instrument to free the mind and the spirit of man, but to bind them. … Children do not give up their innate imagination, curiousity, dreaminess easily. You have to love them to get them to do that. Love is the path through permissiveness to discipline; and through discipline, only too often, to betrayal of self.”  R. D. Laing





“The majority has no monopoly on the Truth” 

– Giordano Bruno (burned at the stake in 1600 for his prescient modern physics beliefs and other heresies).


BOTH WESTERN and EASTERN cultures substitute SORCERY for TRANSFORMATION as an expedient for REDUCING the ineffable-because-nonlocal to the local-and-thus-effable.  For example, the resonance phenomenon of DUNING born of NONLOCAL influence can be reduced (as Nietzsche points out) by the DOUBLE ERROR

The DOUBLE ERROR is comprised of (A) NAMING (reducing the resonance phenomenon to a notional LOCAL name-instantiated thing-in-itself) it ‘a DUNE’, and (B) GRAMMAR (conflating the first error of NAMING by imputing to the LOCAL NAME-instantiated thing-in-itself the POWER of SOURCING action and development.

THUS, the NONLOCAL resonance phenomenon of DUNING, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR, is reduced to ‘the DUNE’ which is given (with GRAMMAR) its own notional powers of SORCERY (e.g. ‘the DUNE is growing longer and higher and is shifting across the desert floor’).



The DOUBLE ERROR is an expedient for ‘effable-izing’ the ‘ineffable’.  Instead of the unbounded NONLOCAL resonance phenomenon of ‘DUNING’, the DOUBLE ERROR reduction gives us the LOCAL mechanical phenomenon of ‘the DUNE with its own (GRAMMAR-given) powers of SOURCING action and development.

The archetype for this DOUBLE ERROR reduction is ‘the SELF’ made into the grammatical SUBJECT, the ‘I’.

As Nietzsche points out, this invention of the SUBJECT as a purported LOCAL SORCERER of actions and developments is TRICKERY (Unart).


“Unsre Unart, ein Erinnerungszeichen, eine abkürzende Formel als Wesen zu nehmen, schließlich als Ursache, zum Beispiel vom Blitz zu sagen: „er leuchtet“. Oder gar das Wörtchen „ich“. Eine Art von Perspektive im Sehen wieder als Ursache des Sehens selbst zu setzen: das war das Kunststück in der Erfindung des „Subjekts“, des „Ichs“!”

–Nietzsche, Der Wille zur Macht

(Note: Ursache – sourcing agency, cause).


“Our absurd habit of regarding a mere mnemonic sign or abbreviated formula as an independent being, and ultimately as a cause; as, for instance, when we say of lightning that ” it flashes.” Or even the little word ” I.” A sort of double-sight in seeing which makes sight a cause of seeing in itself: this was the feat in the invention of the ” subject ” of the ” ego.” – Nietzsche, The Will to Power


The reason for this trickery is to surmount the INEFFABLE nature of NONLOCAL relational transformation (the Tao), or perhaps more accurately than ‘surmount’, — ‘do an end-run around’ — the problem of the ineffable nature of the Tao so as to be able to speak about and share … allusion to a necessarily REDUCED conceptualizing of it.

OPERATION SUCCESSFUL BUT PATIENT DIES!  (‘systems sciences’ mocking of this attempt to effable-ize the ineffable)

In other words, there is no way that we can ‘effable-ize’ the Tao without letting go of its NONLOCAL essence; i.e. when we open our fist the Leprechaun we thought we grasped in our fist will not be there, … or, … when we pull in our net, the sought-after FISH will not be in the net.   NONLOCAL RESONANCE may manifest as a hurricane or whorl that APPEARS LOCAL but the REALITY is that it is NONLOCAL, and that which is NONLOCAL is, in the transforming relational continuum of modern physics, beyond resolving in either SPACE or TIME.

NONLOCALITY as in the Wave-field dynamic may have local manifestation as with a volcanic cone spouting magma, the visible aspect of NONLOCAL phenomena that involves solar and planetary dynamics and beyond.

Nietzsche used the example of lightning to show how we use language and grammar to reduce the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL by way of the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.  The example of duning also makes the point, which is fully general, and if we have more difficulty with understanding ‘humaning’ in NONLOCAL resonance (wave-field) terms, as it is evident that we do, …  it is only because of our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT INTELLECTUAL CONDITIONING, that assures us over and over again, of our own notional (name-instantiated) LOCAL BEING with our own notional LOCALLY INCIPIENT (grammar-given) POWERS OF SORCERY of actions and developments.

‘Baptism’, ‘Christening’ and related WESTERN CULTURE religious NAMING ceremonies are used to invoke the notion that NAMING a relational flow form establishes its INDEPENDENT THING-IN-ITSELFNESS.  This is a radical departure from indigenous aboriginal naming (e.g. ‘Dances-with-Wolves‘), which aims at capturing how a relational form is included within the unfolding relational continuum, rather than imputing name-instantiated thing-in-itself being-with-its-own-powers-of-sourcing-actions-and-developments to it as in the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT BELIEF tradition.

When we observe a LOCAL whorl in the flow; e.g. a ‘twister’ that is about to engulf us and lift us into the air, its LOCAL appearance belies its NONLOCAL essence, but the visual image lends itself to our DOUBLE ERROR treatment, and why shouldn’t we be ‘mesmerized’ by LOCAL VISIBLE APPEARANCE even if the true nature of the beast is NONLOCAL?  The formidable picture of an ‘approaching’ ‘twister’ thing-in-itself induces pointing and speaking of ‘that thing over there’ even if part of what constitutes it is whistling through our legs, inducing flapping in our clothing as we point ‘over there’ to ‘ITS CURRENT LOCATION’.

A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably. –-Wittgenstein

When someone shouts; ‘Look out! The twister is headed straight towards us!’, … who is going to bother with a philosophical correction and point out; “What you are observing is the NONLOCAL phenomenon of transformation.  The ‘twister’ is not something LOCAL we can trap inside a large plastic dome dropped from a helicopter, and once trapped inside, held captive so we can use it run a turbine and generate electricity.  In other words, the twister is a NONLOCAL phenomenon that has a LOCAL APPEARANCE that we impute LOCALITY to with the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.

*** PITFALL TO BE WARY OF ***:  Since NONLOCALITY is the sensory-experience-grounded reality WHICH IS INEFFABLE while LOCALITY is language and grammar based DOUBLE ERROR abstraction WHICH IS EFFABLE, the exposure is present, as Emerson warns, of “letting the TOOL of DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION TO LOCAL-AND-EFFABLE run away with the workman, the human with the divine” , … in a radical reducing  of the INEFFABLE-NONLOCAL Tao that comes to our awareness and understanding through our sensory experience of inclusion within it).

OK, talking about the twister as if it were a LOCAL thing-in-itself OVER THERE that we can point at and SHARE spoken references in regard to, can be very useful, and useful, as well, is our construction of a pseudo-reality based on such DOUBLE ERROR reductions to LOCAL.  HOWEVER, NOT SO USEFUL (and in fact a veritable CRAZY-MAKER) is when we employ the reductions-from-NONLOCAL-to-LOCAL … NOT MERELY for use AS INFERENCE that assists an intuitive leap to the INEFFABLE (which, where it is the case, is not a problem, but as a SUBSTITUTE REALITY-IN-ITS-OWN-RIGHT which is the common WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT CASE, WHICH IS A PROBLEM (it is a CRAZY-MAKER).

How we use language and grammar to reduce the NONLOCAL to notional LOCAL (whether as a tool of inference or as the surrogate operative reality) is where WEST SPLITS FROM EAST (the WEST using DOUBLE ERROR reductions as a surrogate operative reality while the EAST is using DOUBLE ERROR reductions merely as a tool of inference) of the ineffable reality of the Tao) and it is also why modern physics (wave-field reality) agrees with EASTERN CULTURE belief tradition and disagrees with WESTERN CULTURE belief tradition since the wave-field dynamic is NONLOCAL as is the indigenous ‘GREAT HARMONY’ and ‘the Tao’.

The reality of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum is INEFFABLE, however, the language and grammar based DOUBLE ERROR treatment delivers a REDUCTION TO EFFABLE that serves as INFERENCE but is a CRAZY-MAKER when employed verbatim as THE OPERATIVE REALITY.


548. Our absurd habit of regarding a mere mnemonic sign or abbreviated formula as an independent being, and ultimately as a cause; as, for instance, when we say of lightning that ” it flashes.” Or even the little word ” I.” A sort of double-sight in seeing which makes sight a cause of seeing in itself: this was the feat in the invention of the ” subject ” of the ” ego.” — Nietzsche, Will to Power

This belief in the ‘subject’ as the ‘source’ (Sorcerer) of actions and developments, NOT JUST as a tool of inference as in EASTERN cultures, but as the OPERATIVE REALITY as in WESTERN CULTURE usage, is a CRAZY-MAKER. Where we use it to intellectually capture WHO WE ARE; i.e. OUR LOCAL SELF’, … it is ‘EGO”.

EXAMPLE: Jean Valjean and Robin Hood are relational inclusions in the Tao, the NONLOCAL DYNAMIC of the transforming relational continuum, so that when there is a ‘falling out of relational balance’ (e.g. in the flow of food supplies) so that many little ones are threatened with death by starvation, the intuitive pull of re-cultivating relational resonance inductively actualizes and shapes the behaviours of Jean Valjean and Robin Hood, which ‘makes natural sense’ in an indigenous aboriginal or EASTERN relational understanding of reality, but which conflicts with the DOUBLE ERROR based interpretation of humans and their actions, wherein we see ourselves as LOCAL (name-designated) things-in-ourselves with our own powers of sourcing actions and developments.  From the WESTERN ‘literal’ interpretation of the DOUBLE ERROR based view of self comes the ‘survival of the fittest’ (mis-)understanding mocked by Nietzsche, but still popular in WESTERN CULTURE 2020.

” Every species of animals naturally multiplies in proportion to the means of their subsistence, and no species can ever multiply beyond it. But in civilized society it is only among the inferior ranks of people that the scantiness of subsistence can set limits to the further multiplication of the human species; and it can do so in no other way than by destroying a great part of the children which their fruitful marriages produce.” —Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776

If there has been a shift in this aspect of WESTERN CULTURE BELIEF TRADITION, it is perhaps coming more from something like Christian ‘charity’ rather than from an indigenous aboriginal or modern physics understanding that we are all included in the transforming relational UNUM aka ‘the Tao’ aka ‘the GREAT HARMONY’ as captured by ‘mitakuye oyasin’.  Instead, there is a WESTERN CULTURE inclination to ‘Charity’ and ‘Compassion’ for ‘less fortunate others’.

WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have been raised to believe in the REALITY of the DOUBLE ERROR which would have us believe that WE ARE THE SOURCE OF “OUR OWN” ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS which is a CRAZY MAKER.  While “BENEVOLENCE” may soften the extremes of the EGO based belief in one’s personal or one’s nation’s or one’s company’s powers of sorcery, it does nothing for WESTERN CULTURE system of rewards and recognition and governmental actions that are sorcery-oriented.

ON THE OTHER HAND, IF WE CONSIDER OURSELVES TO BE INCLUDED IN THE WEB-OF-LIFE as implied by ‘mitakuye oyasin’ (everything is related) then our “BEHAVIORAL” orientation is to the sustaining of balance and harmony within the web of relations which defines us all (i.e. the Wave-field aka the Tao aka the transforming relational continuum).


In this WESTERN CULTURE case, we see ourselves as the SUBJECT SORCERER of our own actions where our challenge is to SOURCE THE MOST SELF-FULFILLING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.

In the EASTERN CULTURE case, we see ourselves in the manner of participants in a relational flow as in the metaphor of freeway traffic, where the transforming relational dynamics we share inclusion in are being influenced by our relative movements, where there is no such thing as ‘our own individual movements’ (that being the DOUBLE ERROR based illusion of the ‘POWER OF SORCERY’ equipped ‘subject’ arising from the grammatical ‘subject-object’ split).  Because we are included in the relational flow, we have, IN REALITY, no ‘actions of our own’; i.e. our language and grammar constructs that speak of ‘our own actions’ are DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction.

In terms of physical reality, whatever we (or forms in general) do, we do within the fluid context of our inclusion in the Tao.  The use of ‘we’ is important here sense we never get to the ‘subject’, ‘I’, as pointed out by Nietzsche in his earlier cited comments.

In terms of language-and-grammar stimulated intellectual reality, we can, for example, give the purely relational resonance feature we call DUNE, it’s own subjecthood with powers of action and development.  This is general as in Nietzsche’s example of lightning which we make the subject sorcerer of its own flashing (i.e. the DOUBLE ERROR)..


The DOUBLE ERROR based pseudo-reality of language and grammar serves the valuable purpose of rendering the ineffable, effable, albeit as a very much reduced inference; e.g. as in referring to the NONLOCAL resonance of duning in the LOCAL terms of ‘the dune’, … making ‘dune’ into a subject and giving it grammar based power of sourcing actions and developments (growing and shifting).  Such language and grammar stimulated intellection serves as a ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ that INFERS a reality that lies innately beyond the logical aspect of the stimulation (the leap of inference of the ineffable must come from intuition; i.e. from relational connections).

AS WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, we have adopted the CRAZY-MAKING habit of employing ‘the DOUBLE ERROR tool of inference which is only good for inference’ as if it were the ‘operative reality’.  In reality, there are no DUNES that ‘grow larger and shift across the desert floor, and likewise, there are no HUMANS that grow larger and shift across the valley floor.  How could there be in a transforming relational continuum, aka ‘the Tao’ aka ‘the Wave-field’?

As humans, we are ‘in the picture we are looking at’; i.e. there is no split between the subjective and objective worlds. Perhaps if our two eyes were on either side of our head, our sense of inclusion rather than isolation would come more readily.

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist.” – Erwin Schroedinger

 * * *


A long list could be compiled that would be better done by personally reflecting on the implications of NONLOCAL REALITY (the Tao).  However, a few salient examples may serve to prime the pump, as follows;

-1- Conservative and Liberal politics derive from the DOUBLE ERROR based belief in SORCERY.  In the transforming relational continuum of our natural sensory experience, there is no such thing as the ‘sourcing’ of actions and developments (that comes from language-based abstraction as in subject-object splitting).  ‘Lock-in-by high switching costs’ holds this in place.

-2- Guilt and Innocence are abstractions that are supported only by the abstract double error-based concept of SORCERY.  In modern physics as in indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, sorcery fades back into the vast network of relational influences and becomes inherently blurry.  The alternative to judgement of, and elimination of, the purported ‘sorcerer’, is to understand violent acts in terms of a buildup of relational dissonance that is inherently NONLOCAL but which may have “locally” manifesting APPEARANCE as in Nietzsche’s example of lightning.  NONLOCALITY applies generally, as the basic ‘reality’ while LOCAL is an intellectual impression fabricated by the DOUBLE ERROR.

-3- With above points 1&2 in hand, it is possible to understand, roughly, much of the difference between EASTERN reality and WESTERN reality and why it is that ‘never the twain shall meet’ (or at least what such reconciliation is hung up on.  In terms of formal logic, the understanding of the EAST which agrees with indigenous aboriginal cultures PUTS IN PRECEDENCE the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED MEDIUM (also known as ‘quantum’ logic), … while the understanding of the WEST PUTS IN PRECEDENCE the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED MEDIUM.

In terms of GEOMETRY (favoured by the WEST) FIGURE AND GROUND ARE TWO while in TOPOLOGY (favoured by the EAST), FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE.  In terms of ‘humaning’ in the Tao, inhabitant and habitat ARE ONE (as in the Wave-field aka the transforming relational continuum).  Thus ‘humaning’, like ‘duning’, is resonance (relational Wave-field dynamic) belonging to the NONLOCAL and without any dependence on the abstract quote/unquote “LOCAL”.



We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS seem slow in coming to the point of abandoning our CRAZY MAKING beliefs in the DOUBLE ERROR based reality, as would open the way for more harmony in our relational dynamic.  We are not abandoning our CRAZY-MAKING beliefs because we are ‘locked in by high switching costs’ (belief-in-sorcery-based EGO).  This is where ‘CRAZY FOR YOU’ comes in, in the title since we are behaving crazy because that is how we must behave in order to support NORMALITY within the CRAZY-MAKING CULTURE, and this ABERRANT NORMALITY has established a whole set of moral and social values (which meanwhile, differ radically from those of indigenous aboriginal, Taoist/Buddhist cultures etc.).

We have clearly built the aberrant DOUBLE ERROR belief concepts into our operative reality; that is where Nationalism, ‘conservative’ – ‘liberal’ polarized politics as well as ‘GOOD and EVIL’ poles of SORCERY of actions and developments come from.  At the ineffable level of reality, we are all natural inclusions in the transforming relational continuum wherein relational resonance/dissonance is our experience rather than DOUBLE ERROR based SORCERY of good/bad actions and developments.

* * *

Crazy For You: Western Culture’s Majority Vote Based ‘Reality’