Ok, now I’m a pamphleteer, … or at least by tomorrow night I will be.

I prepared my ‘pamphlet’ this evening, … only got about five copies done before my printer ran out of ink, but i might be able to make some more copies up at the driftwood centre tomorrow morning.

I am going to try to rig up a little sandwich board and stand beside it and see if I can get in some conversations.  there’s no point in distributing the pamphlet to folks who would never have an intention to read it.

I just can’t sit around and watch bots nibbling on the corners of my newsletters.

I will report on what happens later

A copy of the pamphlet ‘Finding a Silver Lining in the Global Warming Debate’ is now up on this website at http://goodshare.org/wp/finding-the-silver-lining-in-the-global-warming-debate/