What I want to share is the understanding that our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMICS are falling progressively into the trap described by Systems Sciences pioneer Kenneth Boulding in the terms ‘The name of the DEVIL is SUBOPTIMIZATION.

This is dysfunction which comes from thinking what Nietzsche terms the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  Thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR, we can construct representations such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ which is NOT REALITY since such logical propositions, while TRUE in an innately incomplete way, fail to acknowledge the reciprocal SHRINKAGE of the Wilderness.

Our WESTERN CULTURE language based representations of reality are replete with DOUBLE ERROR conceptualizations.  We say that TOWNS GROW in size and population and production’ but this is a FALSEHOOD based on RATIONAL THOUGHT.  We use RATIO whenever we say that some THING like the TOWN “IS GROWING”.   The RATIO-based representation serves up a SUBSTITUTE REALITY which avoids having to deal with TRANSFORMATION of the LANDSCAPE.

TRANSFORMING is the basic reality of our sensory experience (we are included in the transforming relational continuum) but it is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT (relational).

WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS could employ the SUBSTITUTE REALITY as a tool of inference of the INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION which is ‘going on everywhere at the same time’.   The LANDSCAPE IS TRANSFORMING as the “towns grow” and the “wilderness shrinks” and while TRANSFORMATION is the REALITY, our WESTERN CULTURE habit is to stick with RATIO based terms such as GROWTH of LOCAL things-in-themselves, because RATIO-nality aka REASON is a convenient (but abstract) tool for SIDE-STEPPING the fact that TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.

THAT IS WHY THE TITLE OF THIS COMMENTARY is NONLOCALITY is REAL, to remind us that that we use the DOUBLE ERROR base concept of LOCAL things-in-themselves with their own (notional) powers of SOURCING LOCAL actions and developments to construct something that is EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT; e.g. the TOWN has DOUBLED its size over the past ten years.   This has an explicitness that is lacking in the statement of the indigenous aboriginal that ‘The Landscape is transforming’, … a statement that does imply that the creatures of forest and meadow are going missing etc., a reality that is NOT CAPTURED in ‘The TOWN is GROWING’.

Thus, “The TOWN is GROWING” is not representing the REALITY OF OUR SENSORY EXPERIENCE, it is constructing a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on RATIO.  See this ‘before’ picture of the TOWN and see this ‘later’ picture of the TOWN. Is that not PROOF of the GROWTH of the TOWN?


Nietzsche versus Socrates



Nietzsche identified the DOUBLE ERROR in language, which meanwhile plays the FOUNDATIONAL ROLE in Socratic logic.   For example, we can explore the TRUTH of the logical proposition ‘The Town is Growing’ or ‘The Boy is Growing’ and we say we can establish truth or falsehood in this case by MEASUREMENT, but in order to MEASURE the GROWTH of the TOWN or the Boy, we must know the LIMITS of WHERE THE TOWN STOPS and the COUNTRYSIDE BEGINS, or WHERE THE BOY STOPS and the ENVIRONMENT BEGINS.

Thus, to establish the GROWTH of a FIGURE, we must assume that FIGURE and GROUND are TWO.  This is an abstract LOGICAL assumption which conflicts with our INTUITION that FIGURE and GROUND are ONE (e.g. mitakuye oyasin means ‘everything is related’) and that our visual perception of the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM lets us select-and-NAME transient formings, whether hurricanings or humanings, that are continually outwelling (emerging) and inwelling (subducting), at which point we can use NAMING and GRAMMAR to RECAST these NAMING-instantiated THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES as having their own GRAMMAR-given powers of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development.

When we say ‘the Town is GROWING’ or ‘the Boy is GROWING’ we make two errors;

FIRST ERROR: Using NAMING to impute THING-IN-ITSELF BEING to a dynamic form within the transforming landscape.

SECOND ERROR: Compounding the FIRST ERROR with GRAMMAR that imputes to the NAMING-instantiated notional LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF, its own powers of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.

REASON aka RATIONALITY is based on this DOUBLE ERROR as an EXPEDIENT for reducing NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION to LOCALLY incipient actions and developments, … which is why Nietzsche asserts that our belief in REASON is a crazy-maker.

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  – Nietzsche


We ‘ARE’ Where we Were



Psychological studies reveal how ‘the places we were born into’ and the ‘times we were raised in’ are, not surprisingly, shapers of ‘who we are’, hence the title of this note, We ‘ARE’ Where we Were’.  There is more to this than ‘meets the eye’ in the sense that there is both a ‘kid in the candy shop’ aspect that brings forth and develops our masculine assertive behaviour as well as a feminine ‘choiceless awareness’ of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum (i.e. the Wave-field continuum aka the Tao).  Reflection suggests that our acculturation from infancy shapes what we take to be ‘REALITY’ and that there are very different options for perceiving REALITY that divide us into the cultures of EAST and WEST.

As is discussed in the following text, we can conceptualize ‘GROWTH’ as in ‘the GROWTH of a TOWN’ in terms of (a) a LOCAL thing-in-itself-that is RATIO-ing up in size and development as in RATIONAL or REASON based psychological conceptualizing, OR, … we can understand the very same dynamic in terms of (b) the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE within which “THERE IS TOWNING” such as the ant-like GATHERING-and-SCATTERING of social collectives.  As it turns out, because TRANSFORMATION, which is the REAL dynamic that we have sensory experience of inclusion withing, is INEFFABLE or in other words, not capturable in EXPLICIT language terms) since transformation is purely relational (implicit and nonlocal), our habit has been to employ a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that ‘is effable’.

The TOWN-that-is-GROWING is NOT REAL but is a DOUBLE ERROR (NAMING and GRAMMAR) based intellectual construction, which we psychologically SUBSTITUTE for the INEFFABLE because continually TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE in which there is TOWNING.

Psychological explorations such as “” only get to the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in regard to this question since it is an exploration WITHIN WESTERN CULTURE, however, it supports the suggestion that  ‘We ‘ARE’ Where we Were’.   This essay examines how ‘who we are’ is shaped by ‘where we were’ in our earliest and ongoing development, including how the masculine and feminine ‘shaping’ comes into play through infusion of language and culture.

* * *


When we were infants, we had no choice but to submit to the infusions of teachings of our parents and others who tended to us, who had in turn been infused with the understandings particular to the Culture they were raised in.  Early on, we were OPEN and naturally gifted with CHOICELESS AWARENESS in the sense of the feminine, the choiceless awareness of the vagina as it opens up to full-fillment with asserting content.  In the realm of language, discrimination comes after the initial loading that teaches us how to discriminate; i.e. what to accept and what to reject.

This ‘bootstrapping’ of an information filtering screen has been operative in establishing the GREAT DIVIDE between the Cultures of EAST and WEST and it is no ‘accident’ that children raised in the EAST acquire a distinctive EASTERN CULTURE understanding while children raised in the WEST acquire a distinctive, but very different WESTERN CULTURE understandings since children come into the world with the open-ness of the intellect, the open-ness of choiceless awareness, while the ability to discriminate between ‘signal’ that we accept and ‘noise’ that we reject comes through our cultural conditioning.

That this system ‘works’ manifests in the evident differences across cultures, not only in the behavioural manner and dress, but also in differing ways of understanding ‘REALITY’.

The title of this note, We ‘ARE’ Where we Were aims to draw attention to how we are infused with CULTURE-specific ‘bootstrapping’ tools that become, in the realm of language based intellection, part of a CHOICELESS AWARENESS which is like an automatic right of free passage of external offerings into the psyche without having to stop and submit to inspection that discriminates whether or not admission is justified.


“REASON” is Driving us CrAzY!



When will WESTERN CULTURE psychologists wake up to what is going on here?

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  – Nietzsche

Reason is also known as rationality because it is based on ‘RATIO’ and this supports the other bogus notion called GROWTH, a ‘reason’ based concept that does not exist in indigenous aboriginal cultures nor in modern physics

Intuition informs us that we earth-dwellers live in a curved space wherein, if the TOWN expands, the WILDERNESS contracts such that we can only legitimately speak of TRANSFORMATION of the LANDSCAPE rather than ‘GROWTH ‘ of the TOWN.

That’s what we get for living in a curved space.  If we were FLAT-LANDERS living on a notional flat plane of unlimited extent, the we could justifiably speak of the GROWTH of the TOWN and the GROWTH of its population and production etc.

But the REALITY is that we don’t live on a flat plane of unlimited extent and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GROWTH, not even if you are talking about the changes in your child as she “GROWS” to adulthood.   If the population GROWS, the unoccupied space on the sphere of the earth reciprocally “SHRINKS” in conjugate relation.  In other words, there is TRANSFORMATION (more cows, less grazing space).  Our language lets us talk about the ‘more cows’ part without mentioning the ‘less grazing space’ even though the REALITY is that we live in a finite space where the available space SHIRINKS in conjugate relation to the GROWTH of its occupants.

So, as Heraclitus observed, you can’t GROW the same TOWN twice because it is not the same TOWN and the COUNTRYSIDE it is in conjugate relation with is NOT THE SAME COUNTRYSIDE.  Thus what is going on is not GROWTH but TRANSFORMATION.

WE GET FOOLED, HOWEVER, because our language has our mind conceive of the TOWN as being situated on a flat plane of infinite extent, in which case the GROWTH of the TOWN “IS” possible, and that is where the words RATIONAL and REASON come from because our WESTERN CULTURE languages support this kind of REASON-based talk because it is EASIER to PICTURE what we are saying.





The brown spot on the apple signals that the APPLE is INCLUDED in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum which is also known as the ‘Wave-field’ and/or ‘the Tao’.

The word GROWTH is key to understanding the WESTERN CULTURE psyche in that it SUBSTITUTES the LOCAL concept of RATIO-based change for the NONLOCAL reality of TRANSFORMATION.  Just ‘watch the brown spot of ROT on the apple GROW larger as the apple GOES BAD.

This conceptualizing of GROWTH as REAL is the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT’s psychological REPRESENTATION of reality.

EASTERN CULTURE (indigenous aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta) along with modern physics would say that the apple is a relational form within the all-including Tao, or Wave-field where TRANSFORMATION is the ongoing dynamic.  In other words, the apple is NOT to be misconstrued as a “LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF” just because we can RE-PRESENT it that way using the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which permits us to say; ‘the APPLIE is GROWING’ and/or ‘the APPLE is ROTTING’.

Such phraseology is MESMERIZING and puts us into a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where the NONLOCAL dynamic of TRANSFORMATION is set aside and we construct the SUBSTITUTE reality featuring NAMING-instantiated (notional) LOCAL things-in-themselves notionally with “THEIR OWN” powers of SOURCING actions and developments; e.g. ‘SEE the ROTTEN SPOT ON THE APPLE GROW’.

“GROWTH” is an abstract concept based on RATIO aka REASON which allows us to conceive phenomena in LOCAL terms as is the inherent notion captured within GROWTH.   The inventing of GROWTH lets us dodge having to come up with a language that directly grapples with how to RE-present TRANSFORMATION which is NONLOCAL as in ‘everywhere at the same time’ (the nature of the Wave-field).

While the languages of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS construct SUBSTITUTE REALITIES based on GROWTH which has a basic dependency on RATIO (hence ‘rationality’), the languages of indigenous aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta AVOIDS the imputing of LOCAL BEING and instead preserves the natural primacy of RELATIONS as in relational transformation; hence the relations based inference as in ‘Dances with Wolves’ instead of ‘John Dunbar’.  The former suggests that the ‘manning’ is a relational participant within a larger NONLOCAL relational game while the latter NAMING (‘John Dunbar’ designation) coupled with GRAMMAR delivers the psychological impression of a LOCAL SOURCING AGENT.

This IS the DOUBLE ERROR noted by Nietzsche, and it SETS UP in the psyche, the impression that the NAMING instantiated THING-IN-ITSELF has within it the GRAMMAR-GIVEN powers of SOURCING actions and developments.   NOW WE HAVE LOCAL INCIPIENCE of actions, thanks to RATIO which lets us do an ‘end run’ around the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL dynamic of TRANSFORMATION which is ‘everywhere-at-the-same-time’ as is the nature of the Wave-field.  The DOUBLE ERROR is as follows;


FOOTNOTE TO: The Localizing of the Nonlocal: From TRANSFORMATION to GROWTH



What does COVID 19 have to do with the U.S. Presidential Election?

Question: When is a Pathogen (COVID-19) NOT a Pathogen?

Answer: When we trade out Newtonian phy sics (the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium) for Modern physics (the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium).

Here we are dealing with the difference in perception as to what is TRANFORMATION and what is GROWTH.  The concept of GROWTH is based on RATIO (‘rational thinking) where we measure the difference in the dimensions of a notional THING-IN-ITSELF at an earlier and later TIME. GROWTH is where the latter measurement is greater than the former (REDUCTION or SHRINKAGE is the simple opposite of this BINARY relation).


NOTA BENE: Because we IMPOSE this BINARY JUDGEMENT as to whether a thing is ONE or the OTHER, we EXCLUDE from consideration a natural THIRD option which is acknowledged in QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium.

This EXCLUSION is implied in Goedel’s Theorem of the INCOMPLETENESS of all finite systems of logic proposition.  In other words, there is an implied INCOMPLETENESS in all finite systems of REASON.  For example, if we observe an erupting volcano and note that the conical structure is GROWING in size, REASON aka RATIO-based thinking will support our proposition that THE CONE IS GROWING IN SIZE, but WAIT A MINUTE! … because the bigger picture is that subduction zones are taking in matter from the exterior into the interior of the sphere of the earth (SHRINKING the volume of the exterior rock) where it undergoes ‘melt-down’ and adds to the volume of the fluid interior).

Our intuition informs us that our words EXTRUSION and INTRUSION as we associate with the words GROWTH and SHRINKAGE are a clumsy way of linguistically INFERRING the REAL sensory experience-affirmed dynamic of TRANSFORMATION, which transcends the representational capability of RATIO-based language capture (i.e. transcends the representational capability of REASON).   INTUITION is called for in order to transcend the limitations of BINARY LOGIC aka RATIO based (REASON-based) THINKING stimulated by imposing EITHER/OR propositions, so as to understand the phenomenon of TRANSFORMATION, wherein we can now understand this phenomenon not in terms of TWO TIME-SEQUENTIAL LINEAR DYNAMICS of GROWTH AND SHRINKAGE, but in terms of ONE phenomenon wherein the TWO phenomena of (a) RATIO-based increase in size aka GROWTH: A SPHERE GROWING LARGER (due to extrusion based augmentation, and (b) RATIO-based decrease in size aka SHRINKAGE: A SPHERE SHIRINKING SMALLER (due to subduction based diminishment).

NO MORE RATIO-based (REASON-based) BINARY LOGICAL abstractions of “GROWTH” and “SHRINKAGE”, JUST the intuition of TRANSFORMATION.


The Localizing of the Nonlocal: From TRANSFORMATION to GROWTH.



Nonlocality is a feature of REALITY as a transforming relational continuum aka as Wave-field wherein there are many FORMS in an OVERALL FLOW..

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have developed LANGUAGE in an attempt to RE-PRESENT the REALITY of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum so as to be able to SHARE our EXPERIENCES by using the SIGNALS that make up the language, such as SIGN LANGUAGE and SPOKEN LANGUAGE.  By SENDING SIGNALS to one another, we can share RE-PRESENTATIONS of our OBSERVATIONS and EXPERIENCES.

We may experience participation in the construction of roads and bridges and houses and gardens in the manner of fleas trying to make a home on the hairy back of a living beast.  We do what we can even as the ground is always shifting underfoot from floods and quakes and the transformative influences of winter, spring, summer and fall.   This TRANSFORMATION never ceases and we and everything are in included in it.

This dynamic is NONLOCAL and we cannot wrap arounds it completely so as to ‘talk about it’ as the NONLOCAL transforming reality it actually is.  In order to represent it with language, we have to “GO LOCAL” and instead of trying to capture the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE which is IMPOSSIBLE-because-it-is-NONLOCAL, our language is designed to REDUCE the inherent NONLOCALITY of the transforming relational continuum, to LOCAL ‘excerpts’.  For example, language can’t capture the continual TRANSFORMATION of rain that falls and wears down mountains and carries them as sand and silt into the sea where they subduct and then emerge through volcanic eruptions to form new mountains and so on and so forth in a continuing NONLOCAL circulation.  But REALITY IS a NONLOCAL dynamicism that ELUDE capture in words (we would be talking forever to capture NONLOCALITY), … UNLESS, … we INVENT a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is EFFABLE-because LOCAL.

In reality, the living LANDSCAPE wherein everything is in flux included the mountains and valleys constitutes a NONLOCAL REALITY aka the Wave-field and within it we see relational dynamics such as DUNING as derive from the relational confluence of solar irradiance, atmospheric air currents and gravitational influences.  Language based articulation of all that NONLOCAL activity would keep GOING ON FOREVER beyond the duration of the life of the speaker, so there has been a practical need to SUBSTITUTE a LOCAL pseudo-reality which can be briefly articulated and shared with language.

THE REDUCTION OF NONLOCAL to LOCAL is an EXPEDIENT ABSTRACTION to make language capable of brief informative exchanges which, while they cannot capture the REAL NONLOCAL phenomena of our experience of inclusion in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao, … DELIVERS the capability for constructing a LOCAL and EXPLICIT “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” which means while forces us to SUBSTITUTE GROWTH (which is LOCAL and EXPLICIT) for TRANSFORMATION (which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT).

Language based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT has us engineering SUBSTITUTE REALITIES such as the following; We say ‘the TOWN is GROWING larger and more populous and productive’ because this is an EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY which ‘ALLUDES TO’ the NONLOCAL REALITY of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE (a visual portion of the transforming relational continuum).





§ (the term flagged, ‘Choiceless Awareness’ is intended as used by Jiddu Krishnamurti)


As in the innocence of youth, which is to some extent retained through life, we have natural capacity for CHOICELESS AWARENESS .

As in the knowing of maturity, which grows with experience, we have the socially acquired capacity for DELIBERATE ASSERTION.

There is a clear suggestion of FEMALE-MALE gender relations here that invites exploration.

For example, INSPIRATION seems to associate with CHOICELESS AWARENESS while EGO seems to associate with DELIBERATE ASSERTION.

Poetic inference such as “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” INVITES US TO OFFER OURSELVES UP TO CHOICELESS WARENESS of inclusion in a warm and comforting space.  This contrasts with DELIBERATE ASSERTION that ‘INFORMS’ us in a FORCE-FEEDING manner comparable to the force-feeding of geese used in the making of ‘Foie gras’

While CHOICELESS AWARENESS and DELIBERATE ASSERTION and aspects of life and psyche which seem to shift in emphasis from youth to maturity, they are also symbolic of sexual relations.  The CHOICELESS AWARENESS describes the sensual experience of the VAGINA as it opens up to be IN-FORMED by the ASSERTING PENIS in the process of CARNAL KNOWING.

When we take this TOPOLOGICAL ANALOGY further into our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic, we may see how it can lend understanding to the SHIFT from youth to age whereby CHOICELESS AWARENESS is progressively TRADED OUT for DELIBERATE ASSERTION and we move towards spending more time ‘expositing on how things are’ than in opening up to ‘how things could be’.

This shift in the INDIVIDUAL from CHOICELESS AWARENESS (greater in youth) to DELIBERATE ASSERTION (greater in maturity) may also distinguish cultures as it appears that our WESTERN CULTURE has made a stronger shift in this direction the EASTERN CULTURE.  It seems as if we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have shifted away from understanding reality as TRANSFORMATION which is like INSPIRATION as associates with CHOICELESS AWARENESS.  Metaphorically, the PSYCHE, like the VAGINA, opens up to be IN-FORMED as part of the process of TRANSFORMATION by way of being INSPIRED by CARNAL KNOWLEDGE.  Psychological TRANSFORMATION seems to have this same ‘topology’.

WESTERN CULTURE ‘complainants’ are arguing that the MALE aspect of DELIBERATE ASSERTION has been ‘hijacking’ the overall process, starving out CHOICELESS AWARENESS and even adopting a mocking ‘know-it-all’ attitude that demeans FEMALE CHOICELESS AWARENESS.


The WEST: The Confederacy of Localisers



The WEST: The Confederacy of Localisers

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS use our NAMING and GRAMMAR based language to cook up a ‘SUBSTITUTE REALITY’.   This SUBSTITUTE REALITY is no longer being used as a ‘mock-up’ to suggest a real-but-ineffable reality that lies beyond language-based articulation, but is being used, in WESTERN CULTURE, as our OPERATIVE REALITY.

So when we use language to put out the message that ‘THE TOWN IS GROWING’ which is in fact trying to allude to the INEFFABLE reality of the continually TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE wherein EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX (Heraclitus and Modern physics), … we, as a social collective that has gotten to the point where the tool of language has been running away with the workman, LITERALLY ACCEPT that THE TOWN IS GROWING.


Once the mind gives itself up to concepts like THE TOWN IS GROWING, it goes into a mode of understanding based on “LOCAL SOURCING” which explains reality in EXPLICIT DETAIL, always starting from SOMETHING LOCAL like ‘the TOWN’ and building the story on top of that secure and absolute LOCAL base.

Neither the indigenous aboriginal people nor modern physics have qualms about understanding NONLOCALITY as the basis of reality, as accords with ‘everything is in flux’ which has been reaffirmed by the Wave-field understanding of modern physics.

I am calling us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS: … A CONFEDERACY OF LOCALISERS… because our of language and grammar habit wherein we use NAMING and GRAMMAR to put together a DOUBLE ERROR impression of LOCAL SOURCING such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’.





We can take our pick as to whether to conceive of reality in terms of TRANSFORMATION or GROWTH…. does the LANDSCAPE TRANSFORM?  (EAST) or does the TOWN GROW?  (WEST).


These TWO WAYS of UNDERSTANDING REALITY; by TRANSFORMATION or by GROWTH, can divide the psyche and society.


If one accepts GROWTH as in ‘the GROWTH of the TOWN this comes with a SPLITTING into FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.  To speak and understand GROWTH invites the mind to think in terms of a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF that is ‘doing the GROWING’ on an independent basis where it is NO LONGER INCLUDED IN THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.  We can envisage, in our ‘mind’s eye’, a MAP wherein the grid of streets and avenues DOUBLES as “the TOWN GROWS”.


However, the REALITY is that THE LANDSCAPE IS TRANSFORMING and this is the reality of the EAST, a reality that is supported by MODERN PHYSICS which splits off from the GROWTH-based (pseudo) reality of the WEST.


If we are INVESTORS in GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT of new suburbs etc., our GROWTH-based thinking is NOT, at the same time, addressing the CONJUGATE SHRINKING OF THE WILDERNESS, or in other words, the OVERALL REALITY OF TRANSFORMATION of the LANDSCAPE.


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