The Mythical Concept of “Reproduction”


“REPRODUCTION” is pure abstraction that has no place in the reality of our actual experience

There is no such thing as ‘reproduction’, it is language and grammar invoked intellectual abstraction.  Experientially, there is only relational transformation. ‘Production’ refers to ‘products’ understood as ‘structures’.  There are no ‘structures’ in ‘process’ where ‘process’ is a transforming relational continuum.  ‘Structures’ are the intellectual abstractions; artifacts of language and grammar.

The following DISCUSSION develops the conceptual background needed to explore this mistaken belief in ‘reproduction’.  The distinction between ‘structure’ and ‘process’ plays a key role.  ‘Reproduction’ refers to the ‘replicating of a particular structure’ but ‘structures’ are intellectual abstractions that do not ‘really exist’ in a fluid, process based world.  The world as understood in modern physics is a transforming relational continuum; i.e. a world without ‘structures’ since it is a world where everything is in continuing relational flux wherein ‘structures’ are NOT REAL but are abstractions based on ‘snapshot visual appearance’ of relational forms-in-flow.  Visual ‘snapshotting’ ‘freezes’ the flow-forms and plays the same role as  ‘naming’; i.e. the name persists in the psyche and keeps repeating the same definition over and over again to us, just as a visual ‘snapshot’ keeps repeating to us the same ‘thing-in-itself’ image to us over and over again.

Once we name the continuously transforming flow form (hurricane) ‘Katrina’, the persistence of the name ERRONEOUSLY implies the persistent ‘being’ of a structure where, in fact, there is only ‘process’.  We conflate this first error of name-instantiating the abstraction of a local thing-in-itselfness by a second error of grammar that erroneously imputes to the first error (the name-instantiating ‘existence’ of a thing-in-itself structure ), its own powers of sourcing actions and development.

This ‘double error’ is embedded in Western culture language usage so it it difficult to escape from it within Western culture language using social collectives since we keep repeating this ‘double error’ to ourselves over and over again.


REMEMBRANCE: War, Inspiration and Ego



The remembrance of war, … the tragedy, the suffering and sacrifice, the joy and celebration of re-establishing peace and harmony is, like all things, open to understanding in terms of either substance or process*, the material facts or the relational unfolding, … where ego swells the head over our victory as the good defeating evil, or where inspiration fills the heart as dissonance transforms into harmony. [*]

Remembrance of war brings out Culture-based differences in psychological interpretation that divide West and East — Christianity/Judaism/Islam and Western secular belief,  …. from indigenous aboriginal, Taoist-Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta Eastern belief.  The nature and ramifications of this difference between understanding reality by way of process versus substance in the case of ‘Remembrance’ is the topic of this note.


The Double Error and the Worm Hole



— A Language and Grammar induced “psychological wormhole” between TWO REALITIES (East & West), (Nietzsche & Newton), (Sanity & Sorcery)

Are you ready to travel through the wormhole?  It is a safe ‘return trip’ that can be repeated so that you can use it any time.

Be advised that “I can take you there but I cannot show you the way.”  That is; “The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao” – Lao Tzu



Introduction to ‘Western Culture is a Crazy-Maker … Here’s How (in a nutshell)


It may seem incongruous to write an introduction to an article that has been worked on to be made as condensed and complete in itself as one can make it, but perhaps there is merit in using two views, one speaking as a voyeur of some complex phenomenon, and a second where the voyeur re-situates so as to add dimensionality to the first view by adding a view from within it.  As a tour-guide, one spends most of the time pointing and talking about ‘what is out there’ in front of us, but what we are sensing/experiencing as we participate in the guided tour is being involuntarily captured and could also be shared in a memoir. The tour guide needs to be objective and focused mainly on ‘what is out there’ but all the while he is included in a relational experience which he might recount later in stories of ‘my life as a tour guide’.  Such double entry book-keeping has been suggested as a general approach to group discussions wherein, in the left hand column one records one’s actual comments, and in the right-hand column, one records ones inner thoughts arising as one is speaking, something that we normally do not share as our private thoughts can be X-rated or critical of sacred/revered works or of others in the group.

In any case, we do have these two sources of expression, our deliberate, openly shared intellectual expression as in knowledge-sharing,…  and our situational experience induced private thoughts that we ‘edit out’.  The evident need for integration of the objective fact and the associated subjective emotions is suggested in Ernst Mach’s ‘Analysis of Sensations’ and it is a constantly ‘felt need’ in my sharing of ‘psychological investigations’.  As Mach observes;

“The science of psychology is auxiliary to physics.  The two mutually support one another, and it is only when they are united that a complete science is formed.  From our standpoint, the antithesis of subject and object in the ordinary sense, does not exist.” — Ernst Mach – The Analysis of Sensations, and the Relation of the Physical to the Psychical.

My thought is that bringing into connective confluence what we are feeling as we are using language in rational communications mode could help to overcome the incompleteness of language-based communications relative to relational experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.


Western Culture is a Crazy-Maker… Here’s How (in a nutshell)



-1- Western culture promotes a mode of understanding that puts language/intellect before experience. This gives rise to an intellectually INVENTED REALTY based on ‘sorcery’

example: DNA tests confirm that individual X is guilty of (is the source of) a rape and murder.

Such scalpel sharp logical determinations come from language and grammar.

-1a- DNA gathered in the King’s granary proves without a shadow of a doubt that Robin Hood is the source of the depletion of the King’s granary.

Observation: The concept of ‘sorcery’ of an action or development is language and grammar based intellectual abstraction that plays a foundational role in the psychological understandings we derive as in the above examples.  While the logic is razor sharp, there is also a ‘thinness’ to it, and the smell of an innate ‘incompleteness’ (as Goedel’s theorem affirms, all finite systems of logic are innately incomplete).


The Double Error and the Divided Self



R.D. (Ronnie) Laing’s classic on psychiatry ‘The Divided Self’ remains an enigmatic attractor to those searching for answers to ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘bipolar disorder’, which Laing implies is a problem deriving from Western culture social dynamics rather than the symptoms-manifesting individual.  Laing states in a loud and clear voice that (Western culture) ‘normality’ is mental aberration.

Nietzsche makes the same point in his elucidation of the ‘double error’ hiding in Western culture language and grammar usage.

They are saying the same thing in different ways.  That is, the Western culture belief in name-instantiated psychical creation of ‘things-in-themselves’ (first error) grammatically conflated so as to impute to them powers of sourcing actions and developments (second error), is a crazy-making ‘double error’.


Western Culture Madness: Elevating the Head over the Heart



“The tool runs away with the workman, the human with the divine” Emerson

The reality of our actual experience is of inclusion in a transforming relational continuum.  This has been called ‘the Tao’, and since it is innately in flux, ‘the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’.

Where language presents an explicit picture of reality, it is not the reality of our actual experience, it is an intellectual INVENTED REALITY.


Two Realities in Contention


There are two realities available to literate humans by contrast to the one reality available to sentient-non-literate relational forms;

-I- SENSUAL NON-PICTURABLE REALITY OF INCLUDED RELATIONAL EXPERIENCE: the reality of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum that is beyond the capability of linguistic expression (the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao).

-II- INTELLECTUAL-PICTURABLE REALITY OF LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR: the reality of voyeur contemplation in the ‘double error’ terms of things-in-themselves that source actions and developments.

Intellectual-picturable reality is prone to an ambiguous splitting into two ‘sub-realities’; i.e. ‘nature’ (II-a) and ‘nurture’ (II-b), both of which make use of name-instantiated ‘things-in-themselves’ (e.g. ‘beings’) with notional powers of sourcing actions and developments.  The ambiguous split arises on the basis of whether one assumes that the individual is the root creative source of the collective dynamic (conservative reality) as in ‘One bad apple spoils the lot’, …  or whether the collective dynamic sources the individual dynamic (liberal reality) as in ‘It takes a whole community to raise a [good/bad] child’.

Western culture employs a type II INTELLECTUAL-PICTURABLE REALITY based on language and grammar while modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta employ a TYPE I SENSUAL NON-PICTURABLE REALITY as associates with RELATIONAL EXPERIENCE.


The aberrant language-and-grammar based ‘producer-product’ model of reality



Modern physics would have us understand nature in terms of a transforming relational continuum.  Newtonian physics, as Benjamin Whorf has pointed out, derives from Western culture language and grammar.  Western culture Language and grammar reduces the relational reality of our experience with the ‘double error’ (Nietzsche) SUBSTITUTING, …. BY WAY OF THE ABSTRACT CONSTRUCTIONS OF THE INTELLECT, ‘PRODUCER-PRODUCT’ “REALITY”, …. AN ‘INVENTED REALITY FEATURING THE LOCAL ‘SOURCING’ OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, …  IN PLACE OF RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION.


Connect the dots: Western Culture is a Crazy-Maker



-1- As Nietzsche points out, the concept of things-in-themselves with the power of sourcing actions and developments is A DOUBLE ERROR OF LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR.

-2- Belief in the ‘double error’ gives rise to belief in ‘sorcery’ which is the source of ‘ego’. [“sorcery” is the belief in a name-instantiated thing-in-itself having the power of sourcing actions and developments]

-3- The reality of our experience of inclusion in a transforming relational continuum is OCCLUDED, thanks to the ‘double error’, whereby we INVENT REALITY in terms of name-instantiated “things-in-themselves” with notional powers of “SOURCING” actions and developments.

-4- Early Western Culture linguistic expressing of reality was POETIC, as it has to be to capture an impression of the reality of our inclusion as relational forms in a transforming relational continuum, as affirmed in modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta


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