As a person raised in WESTERN CULTURE, I am NOW only too aware of having been taught to regard the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar as having the capability of capturing REALITY.

I now see that this as DELUSIONAL even if such BELIEF in the REALITY of notional NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-instantiated powers of SOURCING actions and developments IS WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY”.

Personally, I BELIEVE that the DOUBLE ERROR based pseudo-REALITY is MISLEADING ABSTRACTION when confused for REALITY that we then use to shape our behavioral actions and developments.   For example, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, commonly believe that the felling of trees and milling them into lumber and using them to construct homes, IS SOMETHING REAL and we even refer to such actions as IMPROVEMENTS to the land, and assign value to such ‘improvements’ as becomes part of our social ‘economy’.

We are in fact PROUD of such ‘constructive achievements’ and encourage our children to ‘TAKE PRIDE’ in similar ‘improvements “that we make to the land’, … ‘improvements’ ‘authored’ by WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS such as ourselves that have been described as ‘suboptimization’ by systems theorists, since our ‘constructive achievements’ do not improve things from for the animals and other members of our interedependent ecosystems with whom we share inclusion in the all-including TRANSFORMING relational continuum.

We humans have language and grammar which we use to capture and share REPRESENTATIONS of our sensory experiencing of reality.  There is a problem in that world of our fullblown sensory experience is NONLOCAL i.e. it is the transforming relational continuum we share inclusion in.  This has been been termed ‘the Wave-field’ and/or ‘the Tao’ and because it is ‘continually in flux’, it is ineffable (beyond capture is words that convey fixed meaning).

Nevertheless, the value of being able to use language to share at least crudely, accounts of our unique and personal experiencing of reality is so great, that we can, in first order approximate representations at least, overlook the shortfalls that come with REDUCING our INEFFABLE experiencing of inclusion in the Wave-field  (e.g. our inclusion in the resonance phenomenon of DUNING) to a reduced-but-EFFABLE account in terms of DUNES, that ‘grow higher and longer’ and that ‘shift’ towards the sea.  ‘DUNING’ is a word that doesn’t get nearly so explicit and LOCALLY informative because it refers to TRANSFORMATION of the all-including transforming relational continuum.

While it is true that the NONLOCAL RESONANCE basis of DUNING has gone missing in this language-given reduction to LOCAL thing-in-themselves DUNES with GRAMMAR-given notional powers of SOURCING actions and developments, this DOUBLE ERROR reduction has succeeded in re-rendering the NONLOCAL-AND-THUS-INEFFABLE, in LOCAL-AND-THUS-EFFABLE terms.

For EASTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, as also for modern physics, the DOUBLE ERROR reduction IS ONLY A TOOL OF INFERENCE, and what I mean by that is that when we speak of ‘the DUNE growing taller and longer and moving to the south’, this is a kind of ‘reductive shorthand’ for effable-izing the ineffable, because language lacks the representational capacity needed the capture of TRANSFORMATION (the fullblown Wave-field dynamic featuring resonance-based TRANSFORMATION which is ‘everywhere-at-the-same-time and includes everything, including ourselves).  Since we are included in it, it is not something we can ‘get outside of’ to give access to our visualization based intellection’ to grasp what it’s all about.  As a transforming flow-field that includes us as a flow-feature, we can only intuit what this thing (‘the Wave-field, ‘the Tao’) is that we are included in on the basis of what it feels like to be included in it.

The impossibility of ‘getting our visualizing senses OUTSIDE’ of what we are included in’ is why language is a tool of inference which ‘does not (and cannot) go the distance’ and we are making a mistake when we interpret language based constructions as ‘capturing a reality that is LOCAL and EXPLICIT.  That which is given language and grammar based representation as LOCAL and EXPLICIT CANNOT BE REALITY when one is an inclusion within a transforming relational continuum. When we are in the NONLOCL DESERTING and DUNING (i.e. in the Wave-field resonance based transformation) there is nothing ‘out there in front of us’ that is LOCAL and EXPLICIT.

TRANSFORMATION IS REALITY AND IT IS IN CONTINUAL FLUX.  The DUNING and the HUMANING etc. within the TRANSFORMATION aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’ manifest as relational forms in the flow-continuum which are innately NONLOCAL flow-features that are outwelling and inwelling on a continuing basis in a kind of holodynamical fashion.  As with the example of a hurricane in the atmospheric flow, FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE, and NOT TWO.  That is, what is going on is TRANSFORMATION but because TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL, and because language and grammar cannot deal with NONLOCAL, language and grammar make use of the DOUBLE ERROR to synthetically LOCALIZE the NONLOCAL hurricane imposing ‘LOCAL ‘NAMING’ to impute LOCAL THINGNESS’ on it and using GRAMMAR to notionally equip it with its own powers of SOURCING actions and developments.  This is the DOUBLE ERROR reduction that renders the INEFFABLE EFFABLE.

As a useful tool that allows us to linguistically articulate and share this REDUCTION of the INEFFABLE to EFFABLE, it works great, …. but as it has turned out, this tool splits us into the two cultures of WEST and EAST and ‘modern physics’ is in the same camp with ‘the EAST’, … and this splitting is because this DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION to EFFABLE is ONLY GOOD FOR INFERRING AN INEFFABLE that lies innately beyond the reach of language and grammar based EFFABLE constructions.  The fact that language and grammar are only capable of INFERRING the ineffable reality of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION imposes on us, insofar as our language based articulating our experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION goes, the need for a ‘bootstrapping tool’ which Wittgenstein has expressed as follows;

 6.54 My propositions are elucidatory in this way: he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he has climbed up on it.)

He must surmount these propositions; then he sees the world rightly.

7.0 Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

–Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus

The point is that language and grammar cannot directly and explicitly capture REALITY since we experience REAITY as INCLUSION IN TRANSFORMATION wherein EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX, wherein DUNING is NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.  The DOUBLE ERROR is a reductive language-based intellectual ploy to re-render the INEFFABLE (TRANSFORMATION) as EFFABLE by way of the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar; i.e. by NAMING to impute local thing-in-itself existence to a DUNING  (hence the notional LOCAL “DUNE”) and conflating this with GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself the notional powers of SOURCING actions and developments; e.g. ‘the DUNE is growing longer and higher and is shifting towards the coast.


*** THE WEST:    The WEST accepts LITERALLY the DOUBLE ERROR reductions wherein ‘duning’ and ‘humaning’ are reduced to ‘humans’ and ‘dunes’; i.e. from NONLOCAL Wave-field forms within the TRANSFORMATION, to LOCAL things-in-themselves, notionally with their own powers of SOURCING actions and developments.  This is where the quantum BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium (where FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE) is traded out for the Aristotelian EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium (where FIGURE and GROUND ARE TWO).

*** * ***

*** THE EAST:  The EAST accepts that reality is ineffable and that reductions must be made in order to come up with an effable (language-shareable) articulation of the ineffable.  The EAST as also modern physics, sticks with the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED MEDIUM.  So In the EAST as in modern physics, it is understood that the reduced-in-order-to-make-shareable linguistic representation of reality based on the DOUBLE ERROR (EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium) IS NOT REALITY but an abstract INFERENCE of a reality that lies innately beyond EFFABLE capture; i.e. the ‘eineffable reality being TRANSFORMATION that requires the modern physics BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE.

Thus ‘the DUNE’, in the EAST, is understood as a local ABSTRACTION that infers NONLOCAL DUNING which is the innately INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL reality of TRANSFORMATION.  Likewise, ‘the HUMAN’ is a local ABSTRACTION that infers HUMANING which is the innately INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL reality of TRANSFORMATION.

*** * ***

My ‘bottom line’ is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are ‘conning’ ourselves into accepting the DOUBLE ERROR reduction of reality as our ‘operative reality’ which is a real CRAZY-MAKER.

In my view, the EAST and modern physics are on the NATURAL EXPERIENCE-supported tack of employing DOUBLE ERROR based language REPRESENTATIONS merely as INFERENCE of the beyond-language-representable (infeffable) transforming relational continuum aka ‘Wave-field’ aka ‘Tao’.

The WEST and Newtonian physics are on the CRAZY-MAKING tack of employing DOUBLE ERROR based language REPRESENTATIONS as the REAL, OPERATIVE REALITY.



The Headline Editorial in ‘The Epoch Times’ which displays the Banner Line leader of —TRUTH-AND-TRADITION, …  for April, 2020

” How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World” .   The Editorial Board of the EPOCH TIMES features a leadoff Editorial entitled “Why the Coronavirus Should be Called the CCP Virus”.

This sort of thing is characteristic of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS because our taking the DOUBLE ERROR reduction literally (this is the source of EGO).   While inclusion in the relational TRANSFORMATION is the reality of our sensory experience, it is NONLOCAL and ineffable, so for the convenience of sharing a poor copy of our experience with language, we use DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION to do so.  Instead of understanding ourselves as ‘humanings’ in the transforming relational continuum, we use the DOUBLE ERROR to recast ourselves as NAME-instantiated things-in-ourselves with our own GRAMMAR-instantiated powers of sourcing actions and developments.  This is the abstract language and grammar sourcing of EGO.

Our EGO insists that we are the LOCAL jumpstart authors (sources, sorcerers) of actions and developments.  This local sorcery is imputed by a DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, as pointed out by Nietzsche; i.e. (repeated here for emphasis) the FIRST ERROR is NAMING that imputes local thing-in-itself BEING to a relational form in the flow, and the second error of GRAMMAR conflates the first by imputing the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the naming-instantiated thing-in-itself; … examples; FIRE BURNS, LIGHTNING FLASHES, … examples cited by Nishtani and Nietzsche in this same DOUBLE ERROR regard.

The DOUBLE ERROR is useful for ‘effable-izing’ the ineffable reality of Wave-field TRANSFORMATION.   Instead of speaking of ‘DUNING’ as points to NONLOCAL resonance-based TRANSFORMATION (which is ineffable because TRANSFORMATION is Wave-field phenomenon that is everywhere are the same time, which is how Wave-field dynamics ‘work’), … we reduce things by way of the DOUBLE ERROR to ‘the DUNE is growing higher and longer and is shifting towards the coast.

So, with this exposée in hand, we can revisit the Newspaper headline;

” How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World” .   The Editorial Board of the EPOCH TIMES features a leadoff Editorial entitled “Why the Coronavirus Should be Called the CCP Virus”.

We can see the “FIRE BURNS” jumpstart (LOCAL INCIPIENCE) assumption in this statement, which takes our mind away from ‘relational transformation’, the stuff of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  That is, this language shifts us from understanding reality in a NONLOCAL context (TRANSFORMATION) to understanding reality in a LOCAL context (CREATION AND DESTRUCTION or PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION).

Understanding reality in terms of TRANSFORMATION is supported by modern physics.  The concept of a LOCAL PATHOGEN is DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction that suggests the powers of LOCAL DESTRUCTION.  SUCH LOCAL POWERS DO NOT EXIST.  The DOUBLE ERROR is a crude REDUCING TOOL for effably INFERRING the beyond effable dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.  In other words ‘DUNES DO NO GROW HIGHER AND LONGER AND THEY DO NOT SHIFT ACROSS THE “DESERT FLOOR”.  IN OTHER WORDS, FIGURE AND GROUND ARE NOT “TWO”, FIGURE AND GROUND ARE “ONE”.  As Schroedinger puts it;

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist.” – Erwin Schroedinger

In the relational-transformation understanding of reality, emergent events don’t have a LOCAL origin.  The abstract concept of a LOCALLY ORIGINATING EVENT comes from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar where we say things like FIRE BURNS and LIGHTNING FLASHES, … a reduction that can eclipse and obscure the ‘real reality’ of relational TRANSFORMATION

In understanding our experiencing of reality in terms of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, the DOUBLE ERROR based representation of locally incipient thing-in-itself sourced actions and developments is abstract inference that can help to INFER the ineffable dynamic of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

For example, we can say that Robin Hood and Jean Valjean are PATHOGENS (CRIMINALS) because they ‘stole’ from others, but notice how the words ‘THEY STOLE’ are like ‘FIRE BURNS’, implying LOCAL INCIPIENCE.  This is abstraction and not reality as in our experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  But it is EFFABLE abstraction while inclusion in the transforming relational continuum (aka the Wave-field aka the Tao) is INEFFABLE.

What is going on here is relational imbalance wherein there are regions of excess in contact with regions of deficiency and that is the fuel of TRANSFORMATION in a gravitational field and in an electromagnetic Wavefield and while these potentials exist NONLOCALLY and are thus INEFFABLE, when ‘lightning flashes’ we can say to one another; ‘did you see that’?  “Lightning flashed’. and this phenomenon is now LOCAL, or at least it has an emergent LOCAL aspect even if the TRANSFORMING electromagnetic wave-field is the primary dynamic which is ineffable because it is ‘everywhere-at-the-same-time’ and intrinsically NONLOCAL.

Evidently, “LOCALITY” is something abstract and SECONDARY and we give it explicit representation because we can all see and point to it (FIRE BURNS) which is something that the deeper dynamic of TRANSFORMATION, being innately NONLOCAL, doesn’t facilitate.  TRANSFORMATION is where there is the development of regions of excess and regions of deficiency which induce rebalancing actions from Robin Hood and Jean Valjean, but if we constrain our language-based focus to DOUBLE ERROR reductions to LOCAL as with FIRE BURNS, we get ROBIN HOOD STEALS and JEAN VALJEAN STEALS because that is what the DOUBLE ERROR is designed to do, to REDUCE the INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM to EFFABLE representation.

While EASTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS (indigenous aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta) accept that the DOUBLE ERROR reductions of the INEFFABLE to EFFABLE are for use for INFERENCE only, of an INEFFABLE reality that lies innately beyond language and grammar capture, WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of, as Emerson puts it; ‘letting the tool (our double error reducing of the ineffable to the effable) run away with the workman, the human with the Divine (ineffable).

The concept of a PATHOGEN is one of these reductive tools that reduces the NONLOCAL to the abstract LOCAL in the same DOUBLE ERROR fashion as FIRE BURNS (i.e. PATHOGENS KILL, COVID 19 KILLS).

All of these reductions derive from the greater reality of TRANSFORMATION as in the Wave-field or ‘Transforming relational continuum’ aka ‘the Tao’.

THERE ARE NO “PATHOGENS” IN THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.  The reduction of the NONLOCAL as characterizes TRANSFORMATION, for the purposes of reducing the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL to the effable-because-LOCAL via language and grammar, … is an expedient for sharing our experience (in a crudely reduced but effable form).  These effable reductions, while constrained to effably inferring the ineffable, are highly valuable for sharing purposes but are not ‘fit’ for use as direct representations of ‘reality’.  That is, effable reductions only qualify for use as tools of INFERENCE.  To reduce TRANSFORMATION as in the NONLOCAL resonance based dynamic of DUNING to notional LOCAL things-in-themselves-we-NAME DUNES-with-their-own-GRAMMAR-given-powers-of-SOURCING-actions-and-developments (aka the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION) serves to overcome (even though by means of crudely reducing the content) the “INEFFABILITY BARRIER” AND opens the door to sharing of a crude reductive allusion to our INEFFABLE experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION. In place of ‘duning’ as INEFFABLE-BECAUSE NONLOCAL RESONANCE PHENOMENA, the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION gives us ‘the DUNE’ which is EFFABLE-BECAUSE-LOCAL AND GEOMETRIC CLOSED FORM ENTITY based.


It is insightful to delve into the implications of statements such as;

  ” How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World” .   The Editorial Board of the EPOCH TIMES features a leadoff Editorial entitled “Why the Coronavirus Should be Called the CCP Virus”.

 Statements such as this contain the same DOUBLE ERROR inference of LOCAL INCIPIENCE as in FIRE BURNS.   There is no LOCAL INCIPIENCE in the world understood as a transforming relational continuum aka a Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’.

The concept of LOCAL incipient action and development is ABSTRACTION that derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar as illustrated by Nietzsche with the DOUBLE ERROR “Lightning flashes’ and by Nishitani with the DOUBLE ERROR ‘Fire Burns’.  These DOUBLE ERROR constructs are crude approaches to effable-izing TRANSFORMATION which is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.

These DOUBLE ERROR constructions ARE GOOD FOR INFERENCE OF THE INEFFABLE ONLY.  They are the ‘Wittgenstein ladders’;

My propositions are elucidatory in this way: he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he has climbed up on it.)

Consider, for example, the purported PATHOGEN COVID 19.  Where do we ‘find it’?  Where do we find the PATHOGEN/CRIMINAL?

We found the PATHOGEN ‘C. DIFFICILE’ in a microbial assemblages that had fallen out of dynamical balance (in the relational actions of the participants in the microbial assemblage) in the wake of the administering of an antibiotic.  The primary problem associated with symptoms of interminable colonitis was not the proliferation of c. difficile, the primary problem was relational imbalance in the microbial assemblage.

RELATIONAL IMBALANCE (as in growth to extremes of rich and poor) also gave rise to ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN.  Their behaviours were relationally induced but were popularly cast by the ‘authorities’ in the LOCAL context of FIRE BURNS or PATHOGENS INJURE which is DOUBLE ERROR abstraction based.  Nevertheless, their behaviours were the manifesting of the transforming relational continuum wherein regions of relative surplus and regions of relative deficiency are, as with FIGURE and GROUND, NOT TWO, but ONE (as in a Wave dynamic).


The PATHOGEN, the CORONA VIRUS, the CRIMINAL, the FIRE are all DOUBLE ERROR CONTRIVANCES that are needed to render the NONLOCAL LOCAL and thus the INEFFABLE EFFABLE, and in the EAST as in modern physics, the INEFFABLE (the all-including Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’) REMAINS INEFFABLE while the EFFABLE serves, IN THE EAST, as INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE that lies innately beyond EFFABLE representation.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, on the other hand, regard the DOUBLE ERROR reduction to the EFFABLE as the OPERATIVE REALITY, and this is a CRAZY-MAKER.

* * *

TRANSFORMATION versus THE DOUBLE ERROR tries to make the point that TRANSFORMATION is the REALITY but it is INEFFABLE and while the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCES TRANSFORMATION to something cruder and simpler, like PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION, this reduction is only meant to be used as a tool of INFERENCE or ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ to INFER the INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL reality that lies beyond reach of the EFFABLE.  While the EAST uses the DOUBLE ERROR tool in this manner, the WEST employs the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION as if it were ‘the real reality’.  In this WESTERN CULTURE mode of understanding, the LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments IS (MIS)TAKEN TO BE REAL, leading to the defining of HEROS and VILLAINS or BENOGENS and PATHOGENS.  COVID 19 is one such DOUBLE ERROR abstraction which sets up a surrogate peudo-reality that is cast as a Pandemic rather than acknowledging what is actually going is as relational TRANSFORMATION.

* * *