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‘field’ reduces nature-vs-nurture to one dynamic


pressure field conditions cells at same time as cells condition pressure field

outside-in influence is conjugate with inside-out influence; bee cells, bubbles, convection cells (i.e. pressure field dynamic conditions cell-dynamics at same time as cell-dynamics condition pressure field)

This blog was composed as a comment to a discussion ‘More on thinking backwards’ at  but the comment exceeds the limit of 4096 characters, so I am posting the comment here and will put in a short comment with a link back to this post at the above URL. (more…)

Impatience with ‘Our’ Western Society


Assertive action is always conjugate to spatial accommodation

Assertive action is conjugate to spatial accommodation

I suspect that there are many others like myself, that ‘get tired’ with living in a society or ‘culture’ that seems so dysfunctional yet so unable to get off the rails it is riding on.

It is clear to me that some of those others can vent by pointing their fingers at those who they judge to be ‘principally responsible’ for the dysfunction, but I don’t even have that for a ‘release’ since ‘finger-pointing’ or ‘attributing causal agency’ seems to me to go with the dysfunctional culture.

What is the matter with our ‘Western Culture’ that makes ‘WC’ a fitting abbreviation? It seems simple to me.  You don’t have to write volumes to describe what’s going on.

Ok, I wrote a book to describe it, ‘A Fluid-Dynamical World View’ –

But the basics are as follows;

  1. For every assertive action, there is a conjugate spatial-relational accommodating.

If the world is flow or field based, this must be so.  Mach’s principle of relativity claims that it must be so.

Howard Zinn, in ‘A People’s History of the United States’ at http://www.historyisaweapon/zinnapeopleshistory.html notes that ‘history’ as we Westerners write it, is equivalent to the memory of the sovereign state (or ‘sovereign being’), … a memory which discards the spatial-relational accommodating aspect (more…)

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