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Mathematical Learning: A Journey into the Deep Subconscious?


the human body (hourglass form) as toroidal energy flow

the human body (hourglass form) as toroidal energy flow

I am not a mathematician, which is not to say that mathematics does not intrigue me, because it does.  Women may intrigue a man without there having to be any correlation between deepening intrigue and ‘deepening understanding’.  The deeper one goes in, the more confounded one can become.  What you thought you already knew slips away from you in your attempt to grasp it more firmly (isn’t this what has happened in particle physics?)..  The explicit being and interactions of numerical arithmetic dissolves into a phantom-filled fog of tacit relationship in algebra, and sharply-etched delineations of geometric form melt like Salvadore Dali clocks as one lets go of the rigidity ‘of being’ and moves to the relational invariants of ‘becoming’ in topology (how would you create a representation of what was invariant in your own human body going from infancy through to old age?  The orifices are distinctive invariants, and the animated graphic above is the way that some ancient thinkers pictured the ‘continuous becoming’ of a human.  The flesh is secondary, like a ‘biofilm’ that gather in the energy flow, as with the tubular shells of tubeworms that form in the flow of clouds of bacteria precipitating in the hydro-thermal ambiance of volcanic vents deep in the ocean.

Before getting lost in the maze, the point of this post is to open up a place for discussion on ‘symmetry’ and how it relates to ‘understanding’. (more…)

Authoritarianism: A Globally Rampant Learning Disorder


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Within communities, there have always been individuals who suffer from the learning disorder where they believe they ‘know it all’ and try to impose their ideas on others. They come to you with ‘their cup full and overflowing’ and your attempts to influence the discussion and/or the collective enterprise that they are advocating are met with , at best, a polite pause that allows them to catch their breath to continue on, without the slightest revision, other than as is necessary to keep you captive.

And amongst the diverse multiplicity of secular groups and religious communities, there have always been those communities that are collectively infected with this learning disorder where their behaviour is directed exclusively by internal knowledge/beliefs, their own private mission, vision, goals and objectives, who are not open to being shaped by the dynamics of the habitat in which they are situationally included, except insofar as such revision provides a means of furthering their own private agendas.

In the annals of history yet to be writ, who will later believe that there was once an entire global population that would embrace this learning disorder and weave it into the fabric of their daily lives? (more…)

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