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Rehabilitating Our ‘/’ Chameleon


Theuth, the chameleon-God, is the ‘/’ between death/life, light/dark, logos/mythos

Theuth, the chameleon-God, is the ‘/’ between death/life, light/dark, logos/mythos

[N.B.  For reading either before or after reading this essay, see the broader context-giving introduction. ]

The source of global social dysfunction, that is pointed to by all of my investigations, lies in our interpretation of this ‘/’, this ‘back-stretched connexion’ wherein we give meaning to conjugate relations such as habitat/inhabitant.   That is, we can understand the ‘/’ in two different ways (a) simple something/nothing binary opposites, and/or, (b) spatially nested inclusion. (more…)

Cosmology for Kids. Volume I, No. 1


Cosmology for Kids  Volume I, No. 1

natural curiousity suppressed by cultural imprinting?

natural curiousity suppressed by cultural imprinting?


I would be happy if my grandchildren and all of the children of the rising generations, would have good access to hearing about ‘another worldview’, ‘another way of understanding’ and ‘another way of carrying oneself in the world dynamic’.   The crowd that inhabits the surface of the earth has more staying power than people it is composed of, who rise up into it, stay for a while, then decline and are regathered within nature.  This ‘crowd dynamic’ is not something each new generation is the causal producer of.  We come in as innocents in the manner that one enters into a skipping rope, if you don’t get your behaviour attuned to what is already going on, you will be ‘run over’ by a truck, not just a rope. (more…)

Nietzsche vs. Darwin: Becoming vs. Being


Friedrich Nietzsche . . . . . . . . Charles Darwin

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)

Since the era of Heraclitus and Parmenides (ca. 500 BCE) there has been contention over whether to seek to understand the world starting from the ‘One’ of ‘flow’ or from the ‘many’ of ‘material forms’ and ‘their’ behaviours, visualizing ‘them’ as ‘local entities in themselves’ that move, interact and change ‘their’ form in an absolute fixed and empty operating theatre (Euclidian space).

In the case of ‘flow’ where the universe is seen as a dynamic One-ness that is continually unfolding and infolding from and into itself, ‘local entities’ are inevitably ‘conjugate extrinsic-intrinsic dynamic relations undergoing a continual ‘becoming’ as in the relation between a whorl or convection cell in the flow (e.g. the hurricane in the flow of the atmosphere).  The notion of ‘local being’ in this case is what Nietzsche would call a ‘useful fiction’, but the natural ‘physics’ of the situation is that these visible ‘flow-features’ are taking on form from their simultaneous mutual influence.  This situation, which arises in celestial dynamics (gravitation), is mathematically insoluble in such a manner as would resolve the overall observed behaviour into individual local behaviours belonging to each of the participants. (more…)

We, Collectively, Are Propagating Insanity


belousov-zhabotinski reaction (simulated) where chaos and order meet

belousov-zhabotinski reaction (simulated) where chaos and order meet

Our society, in answering the question ‘What is Life?’ has chosen to see ‘human being’ as a biological machine; a ‘local system with its own locally-originating, internal-process-driven behaviour’ that interacts with other such biological machines.   We have been steadily building this bogus view of ‘What Life is’ into our systems of governance, justice, education and very man other things.

This is crazy.  But, as my fellow inquirers who have come to the same or very similar conclusions note, the problem is not in defining ‘what is wrong’ with how we, as a social collective, have been answering the question ‘What is Life?’, but in getting others to consider it, since the path back to sanity (to a sane brotherhood) is through everyone coming to a common understanding on this.  And here we have the problem that is often compared to the need to change the tires on a car while your driving it at 80 mph in the flow of the freeway. (more…)

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