The needed opening of landing space orchestrates drivers moves 


A small plane runs out of fuel and attempts a landing on a busy freeway, the drivers in the freeway flow see the plane descending and open up a space for it to land.  As the wind shifts, shifting the plane’s imminent point of ground contact, the organizing of the opening in the vehicle collective shifts, leaving an impression akin to that of an eagle herding cats, a phenomenon ‘half seen’ and ‘half felt’ as the ‘cat’s paw’ is to the sailor, an approaching ‘dark patch’ on the water that warns of imminent engaging with an invisible gyre of air turbulence.

We live in a dynamic space and our actions/behaviours in the unfolding present are naturally orchestrated by the continually transforming spatial relations we are uniquely, situationally included in.  We experience the world as a ceaselessly, innovatively unfolding spatial-relational dynamic.  Everything is in flux, and within the evolving flux, certain forms gather, persist for some time (we call this a ‘life-cycle’) and are re-gathered into the flux.

An observer who sees the plane land safely will report that; …  “the drivers on the freeway moved aside so as to ‘clear a path’ for the plane to land”, … making the driver’s action sound very ‘rational’ and ‘deliberate’ as if the organization immanent in their collective behaviour had been calculated and executed by them, rather than being a manifestation of their; … “putting their behaviour in the service of sustaining spatial-relational harmony in the continually unfolding now”.    

If one wishes to understand ‘organization’ in the social dynamic and/or in nature in general, one must acknowledge two different interpretations of the ‘source of organization’ in this unfolding where the freeway drivers opened up a clear space for the plane to land; (more…)