nietzsche (ca. 1875)

friedrich wilhelm nietzsche (ca. 1875)


Many people are discontented with modern society and some are very angry.   The discontent and anger seeks to point the finger somewhere, … at ‘big oil’, at capitalism, at the corporation, at the state, and at ‘authority’ in general.   

It is not going to go away without being dealt with.  The discontent and anger is going to continue to deepen until some sort of resolving insight is forthcoming.   

The discontent is in me and I often speak the language of anti-authoritarianism or anarchism in trying to address it.    

My views are better-described, though,  in terms of ‘decolonizing’ as in Amerindian ‘decolonizing’ initiatives.  They are about restoring more natural relations with one another and our living space.  This, I do not see simply as a ‘good thing to do’.  I see it as an imperative in the sense that we are suffering from a malady that is only going to get worse, if it is not attended to.   The result will be deepening tensions and conflict between those who are the supporters and defenders of our ‘current way of life’ and the growing number of people who emotionally and intellectually reject it and who try to actively, physically reject it, a task that is extremely frustrating since one is included in it like a fish in water.   

My intention is not to ‘change the world’ so as to bring about some Utopian society.  It is to cultivate collective inquiry into the psycho-social foundations of our society so that we can all see through to the bottom of this; so that we can expose, for ourselves, the malady that is not going to go away unless we acknowledge that it is there, and which is going to get a lot worse if left unattended.  (more…)