In nature, transforming space trumps time-based cause-effect constructivism

We are a culture [we of the globally dominating Western culture] that believes in ‘guilt’ and ‘innocence’ and ‘blame’ and ‘forgiveness’.  That is, we are a culture that assumes that human development and behaviour derives fully and solely from the interior of each human understood as a ‘thing-in-itself’, an ‘absurdity’ yet the cornerstone of our cultural belief system.

We believe that science and rationality, rather than being tools of convenience, are addressing ‘reality’, the real world of our experience, which is a major error, as philosophers such as Mach, Nietzsche and Poincaré have elaborated on, not that they have ever had the attention of the ‘social mainstream’.   We are stuck in a mental box that we seem unable to escape from, and Mach has put a name to it; it is called ‘three dimensional space’. (more…)