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Defining ‘Maya’: Realism or Pragmatic Idealism?


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Atlantic Hurricanes: 2008 Season

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Hurricanes are emergent forms in a continually transforming ‘relational space’.  They are like ‘sailboaters’ that derive their form, power and steerage from the dynamic habitat they are situationally included in.  At the same time, they seem also like ‘powerboaters’ whose animative sourcing seems to originate locally, from out of their internal processes.

Ernst Mach, Friedrich Nietzsche, Henri Poincaré and others [the ‘relational theorists’] contend that this ambiguous non-duality [aka the relativity of habitat and inhabitant] pervades nature, that it applies to man just as it applies to hurricanes.  We can ‘feel’ some truth in this.  From our own experience, we seem to be born into a relational space, a web of relations that is always calling to us to ‘rise to the occasion’ [e.g. as our parents age and/or pass on] and to let our development and behaviour be orchestrated by the ‘opening’ that presents to us in the dynamic habitat that we are each uniquely situationally included in. 

 Yes, its also true that we can think of ourselves as rational-purpose-driven powerboaters that start planning, in their own right, ‘who they are going to be when they grow up’.  But, unless we are robots programmed with the celebrity profiles of media personalities, our assertive actions take on ‘real meaning’, like the hurricanes, from the unfolding situational [spatial-relational] dynamics we find ourselves included in [the hurricane emerges, develops and acts in the service of restoring balance in the ‘dynamics of the habitat’ (thermal energy flow-field) it is situationally included in].

In this case, our animative sourcing does NOT simply come from our interior, from our craving for ‘power’ to make things happen according to our individual preference, but, as Nietzsche suggests, the animative sourcing of our development and behaviour comes from our ‘Will to Power’, from our sailboater’s innate need to ‘rise to the occasion’ of the dynamic situations we find ourselves in.  To be coming purely from our notionally ‘internal’ powerboater ‘make-things-happen-the-way-we-want’ power would blind us to, and deny us our natural opportunity to answer, nature’s call to us; ‘to take our place in the natural scheme of things’.

Is the ‘powerboater’ view of ourselves, then, nothing other than … ‘Maya’, … ‘Fiktion’, … ‘schaumkommen’, …. mere ‘appearances’? (more…)

AWAKE! The End is Nigh; – The End of History



Awakening into reality


This is the end of human history, the end of the growth of humanity.

These words sound ‘kind of like’ Biblical prophecy, why is that?  It is presumably because they seem to speak to the absolutes of ‘existence’.

There IS something BIG going on that the above words literally address, if we examine them carefully. (more…)

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