'community' = relational resonance where 'supply' is conjugate with 'demand'

Part I: The flip from ‘man belongs to the land’ to ‘the land belongs to man’


Introductory Poem:  The White Man’s Re-awakening


The globally dominating ‘way of doing things’, the self-imposing of land-ownership-based sovereigntism on the entire living space of the earth, the self-imposed primacy of a money-based, profit-oriented ‘economy’ evidently derives from a ‘twisted way’ of understanding the world dynamic, which seems to have gotten a foothold first in Europe and proceeded from there to ‘infect’ the world, largely by force, followed by acquiescence and co-optation, as in the forced conversion of aboriginal ‘man belongs to earth’ to the ‘machine world view’ of western civilization where ‘the most powerful machinery ‘owns the earth’.


For many people living within this globally dominating belief system [aka ‘Western civilization’], the name of the ‘most powerful machine’ is God.  For others [worshippers of science], it is ‘the machine that goes by the name ‘organism’’, and more particularly, the one we call ‘man’. (more…)