The slow times of the Dalit drivers

Yes,  I AM asserting that ‘it makes sense’ to describe Western civilization as a CULT whose social behaviours are distinguished by its members having a ‘core belief’ that ‘time’ is something ‘real’.


No, this is not an esoteric argument and if you bear with me for just a moment, you can see clearly how it relates to that ‘something different’ about the now-globally-dominant Western civilization as compared with, for example, aboriginal cultures.


And yes, I do believe that this ‘issue’ is relevant to almost everything we see happening on daily news broadcasts and in our everyday lives and thus that we should be bringing it into our discussions on ‘the issues of our times’, and if we do not, we will be unable to understand these issues ‘in depth’.


How does this ‘belief in time’ reduce to some common terms that can give anyone of us ‘traction’ to talk about it?


An ‘easy entrée’ is to compare Western justice with aboriginal justice [restorative justice], as follows;  [see also this critique of the physics community as sampled in Morgan Freeman’s narrated Through the Wormhole production: Is Time Real?’] (more…)