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SCARP – Society of Confused Attributions, Rewards and Punishments


We ARE the SCARP that we are toppling down.


The warrior spirit in each of us that seeks to defend the vulnerable deserves respect, but I am not so certain of career militarists. Continuation of strife is continuation of their employment and status.  Churchill’s hard military mind supported the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles that ended the 1914-18 WWI; a ‘Carthaginian peace’ that would ‘bully’ and abuse a new generation of innocents, and so obviously infuse them with anger and hunger for vengeance that cartoons in the newpapers of the time were predicting another war when German newborns reached that age of majority; 1918 + 21 = 1939. (more…)

Causality, Culpability and Connectedness


causality, culpability and connectedness


Author’s Prologue: This essay speaks to general dysfunction in the world arising from the values and beliefs of a now globally dominant Western civilization.  A science-fostered aberrant belief in the ‘here and now’, aka ‘being’, as the ‘source’ of dynamical behaviour lies at the heart of this dysfunction.  But, as scientist-philosophers such as Ernst Mach and Erwin Schrödinger have shared, our Atman [here-and-now ‘self’] is our Brahman [our everywhere-and-always ‘self’]. (more…)

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