Peaks from 'positive' or 'negative causality'?


(Can be read in conjunction with ‘How Science is Displacing Spirituality’)

RST = Relational-Spatial Transformation

MCD= Material-Causal-Dynamics


Mach, Nietzsche, Bohm, Schroedinger contended that the world is a continually transforming relational spatial Plenum, … ‘the All’, and that material bodies are ‘schaumkommen’ (‘appearances’).   Berkeley had argued the same, and had pointed out errors in the foundations of Newton’s ‘Principles of Natural Philosophy’, which have become part of our everyday scientific viewing of ‘how the world works’.


This is a brief summary of the ‘errors’ in the foundations of Newtonian scientific constructions of understanding, … ‘errors’ which force the abandonment of the RST view and the single-minded opting for the MCD view. (more…)