Preface: In a world that is fluid where ‘relations are all there is’ (a unum wherein plurality, as in a plurality of whorls-in-the-flow or ‘relational forms’ is only a plurality by ‘appearances’), “life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans”. The fluid world of our natural experience is a world where there are no things with fixed ‘identities’ that we can anchor the authorship of cause-and-effect actions to. In nature, the individual forms reciprocally determine one another; i.e. an ecosystem is where relations determine forms rather than vice versa. Developing an understanding of the world/self by way of intellectual RE-PRESENTATION of noun-and-verb language-and-grammar anchored to forms that such language imputes fixed identity (subjecthood) to, puts us at odds with the fluid physical reality of our natural experience. Poetic use of language (e.g. intentional ambiguity combined with linguistic resonance) melts the fixing of identities of the forms and, in allowing them to ‘float’ and take on meaning as relational nexa, affirms that ‘relations are all there is’ in the world of our natural experience. Poetic representation avoids the conflict that arises between the physical reality of our actual relational experience and an intellectually idealized ‘operative reality’ constructed from a linguistic plurality of ‘existing things’ depicted as local jumpstart ‘authors’ of actions and results.