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An open letter to members of ISIS, Al Qaida, the Taliban, and those wanting to join or to become local cells of violent action against the dominant world order.



It seems evident that the circumstances of one’s life, the web of relations one is born into or falls into, shapes one’s behaviour so that there can be no understanding of violent conflict by confining one’s analysis to ‘acts’ as if they derived fully and solely from those through whom relational social tensions channel and manifest. It also seems evident that if one is brought up with a strong belief in morally judging behaviours as ‘good’ and ‘evil’, that this will shape one’s responses to perceived abusive treatment by those ‘in power’. (more…)

In the Gap Between Winter Solstice and Christmas: The Judas Kiss



Western society is a scape-goating societyΨ. Using the ‘bewitchment of language’, binary logic and intellectually idealized ‘absolute space and time reference frames’, it persuades the interdependent human forms of their absolute ‘independent being’ and self-authorship of development and behaviour, so that the ‘individual’ that makes a disturbance, is held fully and solely responsible for such disturbance. One person is held to be ‘guilty’ and all others ‘innocent’.

Instead of community balance and harmony being understood in terms of equilibrium in an interdependent relational matrix as is found in nature;

“[In nature]… “the individual parts reciprocally determine one another.” — Ernst Mach

… Western civilization has seen community harmony in the light of an absence of disturbance-makers. The ‘disturbance-maker’ concept is based on the assumption that humans are ‘independent beings’ with free will who are masters of their own acts, so that actions that clash with and disturb the dominant social dynamic, however dysfunctional that may be, are considered fully and solely responsible for the disruption. (more…)

Sharp Impressions Resolving in the Relational Mist




I feel inclined to summarize what is precipitating out of the mist, … for my own philosophical inquiry ‘notebook’.  The sharply resolved impressions that are arising from exchanges with another, … which is bringing into coherent confluence his many exchanges with others with my own many exchanges with others, not to mention their many exchanges with others and those others many exchanges with others.

* * * START OF SUMMARY * * *

I see two options for the makeup of the world; (more…)

The Decline/Transformation of Western Civilization



Author’s Preface:

To write on the topic ‘The Decline/Transformation of Western Civilization’ gets difficult quickly, when the point is brought up that our ‘operative reality’ derives from the architecture of our language, and that our noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language, like the language I am writing this essay in, falls radically short in its ability to capture the physical reality of our natural experience. (more…)

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