epigenetic possibility inductively actualizes genetic expression

the key to knowing what a thing is, is to enter into a relationship with it, so that it can become what it is

Western science promotes ‘belief’ in the ‘existence’ of material objects and material organisms as ‘things-in-themselves’ that reside, operate and interact in a notional absolute space and absolute time ‘container’ which serves as a  measuring/reference frame or ‘coordinate system’.


Western scientists (some of them, like Mach, Poincaré, Bohm, Schroedinger) claim that the notional existence of material objects and material organisms [local, independently-existing material systems] is just ‘pragmatic idealization’ [Poincaré] that we tend to ‘confuse’ for ‘reality’.   Material objects have no place in the physical reality of our actual experience.   This is also the view of linguists such as Whorf and Sapir and philosophers such as Nietzsche. (more…)