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The World as ‘all context, no content’


The hurricane as a figure-and-ground non-duality

My feeling is that the popular habit in Western society, the society I grew up in, is to confuse ‘appearances’ for reality and in using this ‘pseudo-reality’ to guide our individual and collective actions, to make a real mess of things.  David Bohm calls this ‘incoherence’. (more…)

Solstice: to celebrate as an ‘experience’ or as a calendar ‘event-in-itself’?








Interrogating the phenomenon of ‘Solstice’ is a means of sharing a personal understanding of how Western society has become ‘disconnected’ from the natural harmonies of the world and how this is sourcing ‘incoherence’ [Bohm] and dysfunction  in the global social dynamic. (more…)

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