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Update on my Philosophical Investigations



SUMMARY: All my investigations continue to confirm the findings of Nietzsche in the following respect; Western civilization has put ‘reason’ (science) into an unnatural primacy over ‘intuition’, sourcing chronic dysfunction and incoherence in the Western social dynamic.  ‘Science’, and by this I mean popular, mainstream science that is based on a belief in ‘objective truths’ APPEARS to work well on simple problems but only because ‘science’ is ‘marking its own exam papers’ within its own synthetic dualist, being-base paradigm.  Because we are using scientific thinking on complex relational problems that are far beyond the competency of science, where the ‘error’ due to the inadequacy of science is much larger than on simple mechanical problems, we are engendering unanticipated, unmanaged (unmanageable) ‘externalities’ that are continuing to accumulate and infuse dissonance into the ongoing evolution of the transforming relational continuum we are all included in.  The ‘transvaluation of values’ that Nietzsche has claimed is needed to get us out of this predicament, and which my own inquiry affirms, involves a culture shift that would move us much closer to the indigenous aboriginal culture and to Buddhist, Taoist. and Vedic (Advaita Vedanta) cultures. That is, we would shift from a split-apart dualist understanding of inhabitant and habitat [e.g. man and nature] to an inhabitant-habitat nondualist understanding, affirmed by modern physics.


How can I say this in a simple way?  How about; -science and reason, which are dualist and being-based, are always wrong because they simplify the reality of our experience in order to get concise answers.  Yet we make ‘scientific reality’ (SCSR) our ‘operative reality’ that guides our actions and plans.  Our scientifically conceived actions and plans, while successful ‘by their own measure’, engender unanticipated and unmanaged ‘externalities’ that continue to mount.  (more…)

A Nietzschean View on Climate Change



             the thing at the centre is its relations


Nietzsche’s view is that there is no objective truth or objective reality ‘out there’.  The physical reality of our actual experience is the sole source of truth, and that is why we need to share our experiences with one another, as is the indigenous aboriginal tradition of the ‘learning circle’, in order to holistically ‘image’ the world dynamic [in which everything is in flux (panta rhei) as in a transforming relational continuum] that we all share inclusion in.


In general, field and matter are a nonduality wherein epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression.  This is our ‘physically experienced intuitive reality’ (PEIR).


In order to get some talking traction, we use noun-and-verb language to synthetically break this relational continuum down into pieces based on observed relational forms.  This gives us a ‘semantically constructed scientific reality’ (SCSR).


Because it was a ‘being’-based (noun-and-verb) language that was popularized in Western culture, this put the Apollonian cart before the Dionysian horse and made us a scientific, reasoning culture that put emotions and intuition second. (more…)

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