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In the WEST, but NOT in the EAST, the language and grammar-based REPRESENTATION of REALITY employs the abstract reductive concept of GROWTH.  ‘GROWTH’ is planted in WESTERN MINDS like a cuckoo’s egg or ‘Trojan Horse’, that makes a clandestine entry into the natural family of things, hatching out and ejecting the natural inhabitants of the nest.

The concept of ‘growth’, as in the ‘growth’ of a ‘town’, as people stream into ‘it’ from all points of the compass is ONE-SIDED ABSTRACTION since there is no mention of the relational transformation this involves.  If the sons and daughters of many families withdraw from their long-time family and friend relations and pack up and move to join in the growth of a new town, the ‘change-reality’ includes BOTH the LOSS of their relational participation where they were AND their contribution to the ‘GROWTH’ of the ‘new town’.  The REALITY here is thus TRANSFORMATION of relational space rather than the GROWTH of a ‘new thing-in-itself’ (town).

“G R O W T H’ is the abstract INTRUDER that triggers in the WESTERN INTELLECT a reduction of the RELATIONAL understanding of REALITY in the double error based terms of name-instantiated things-in-themselves with grammar instantiated powers of SOURCING actions and developments.

THERE GOES REALITY UNDERSTOOD AS ‘RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION’ AND HERE COMES REALITY UNDERSTOOD IN TERMS OF ‘GROWTH’.  As relational forms gather and scatter in a Heraclitean evolutionary dynamic, WESTERN CULTURE reductionism RECASTS this relational transformation in the REDUCED terms of GROWTH of notional name-instantiated LOCAL things-in-themselves, notionally with their own powers of SOURCING actions and developments.




EAST is EAST and WEST is WEST and never the twain shall meet:




Should we understand reality as a world constituted by name-instantiated things-in-themselves with their own powers of sourcing actions and developments as in the WEST?  Or, should we understand reality as inclusion within a transforming relational continuum as in the EAST and as in modern physics?  In spite of the arrival of modern physics which supports the reality of the EAST, MODERN WESTERN CULTURE REALITY remains hung up on what Nietzsche terms as ‘the double error’ of language and grammar: … the first error being the use of language for ‘naming’ that imputes persisting thing-in-itself existence to visual flow-forms in the Tao including ‘humanings’ and the second (compounding) error being GRAMMAR that allows us to impute the powers of sourcing actions and development to the naming-instantiated thing-in-itself.  Thanks to this language and grammar based ‘double error’, we are able to CONSTRUCT our WESTERN CULTURE abstraction-based ARTICULATE pseudo-reality.

As Bohm and Schroedinger point out, modern physics supports ‘reality’ as understood by indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taosim/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta; the NONLOCAL terms of the transforming relational continuum.   By contrast, the WESTERN CULTURE UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY continues to be in terms of LOCAL things-in-themselves-with-notional powers of sourcing actions and developments (the double error).  The double error based concepts of; …  the PRODUCER-PRODUCT dynamic, GROWTH, and EVOLUTION, all support a ‘double error’ conceptualizing of reality in terms of SORCERY (local sourcing of actions and developments).

While WEST associates reality with LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, EAST associates reality with NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.  Modern physics reaffirms the reality of the EAST and rejects the assumed LOCAL SOURCING reality of the WEST, however, the WESTERN CULTURE belief in LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS is ‘LOCKED IN BY HIGH SWITCHING COSTS’.  This ‘lock-in’ has been established through many centuries of the WESTERN CULTURE practice of rewards and punishments associated with belief that ‘forms-in-the-Tao are LOCAL things-in-themselves-with-their-own-powers of sourcing actions and developments (the ‘double error’).  How this ego-based delusional practice is a CRAZY-MAKER that permeates the WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic, is explored herein;




Something big  is stirring in the WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL COLLECTIVE.  It manifests in the Republican-Democratic polarization in the United States (and in the general WESTERN CULTURE conservative-liberal polar antagonism).  It manifests in the Indigenous Aboriginal actions in Canada that are interrupting  transnational rail traffic.


This ‘stirring’ associates with our different ways of understanding of ‘reality’ as with duality and non-duality; the self-other split, the inhabitant-habitat split, the figure-and-ground split which divides EASTERN and WESTERN understandings of ‘reality’,  We may be divided within ourselves or among ourselves by dual options of understanding ‘the Two and the One’ (as explored in Eliade’s Mephistopheles et l’Androgyne’).  Are self-and-other as with boil-and-flow ONE THING with a dual appearance, or ‘two things’ as language and grammar make them out to be?   How we understand this splits EAST and WEST.


The EASTERN understanding of ‘reality’ (figure and ground as ONE) is consistent with modern physics, indigenous aboriginal reality, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.


The WESTERN understanding of ‘reality’ (figure and ground as TWO) is what Newton used to precipitate Newtonian physics (see Benjamin Whorf’ review of this).


What is tricky for WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS to ‘remember’, but which is the pivot between understanding of reality in the NONLOCAL-FLUID terms of the EAST or the LOCAL-EXPLICIT-BEING based terms of the WEST, is that language and grammar REDUCE reality that is innately INEFFABLE in order to contrive an EFFABLE and thus shareable (albeit by way of an approximating reduction) allusion to’ the INEFFABLE reality of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.


In the current WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social dynamic that predominates in the global social dynamic, there is widespread belief in the ‘reality’ of double error language and grammar constructs, as pointed out by Nietzsche.


The first error is where we use the language based ploy of NAMING to infer LOCAL independent existence to a relational form (all there is in the transforming relational continuum aka Tao, is relational ‘formings’).  The second error (GRAMMAR) conflates the first by imputing the power of sourcing actions and developments to the NAMING-INSTANTIATED THING-IN-ITSELF.  Thus, the purely relational resonance phenomenon of desert sand DUNING is REDUCED by way of the ‘double error’ to an abstract LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF terms a “DUNE” that GRAMMAR ‘animates’ so as to impute to it, ‘its own powers of sourcing actions and developments.  Thus we use language end grammar to build an ANIMATION wherein the DUNE becomes something we see (in our intellectual linguistic pseudo-reality constructions) as having its own powers of sourcing actions and developments.


HOORAY!   LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR give our intellects the capability of REDUCING the ineffable-because-IMPLICIT, NONLOCAL-RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION, … to something (artificial yet articulable) LOCAL AND EXPLICIT.  The HOORAY is because this ‘double error’ reduction allows us reduce the inarticulable to the articulable and thus to share (albeit in reduced rom) our ineffable experience of inclusion in the Tao.





Our sensory (‘feeling’) experience is of inclusion within a transforming relational continuum; i.e. inclusion in the Tao/Wave-field.


Because we are included in a continual flux (aka transformation),  our reality is ineffable, and because we want to discuss and share our experience, we develop language and grammar which must necessarily be based on a reduction of our experience of inclusion in transformation in order to share ‘something’ in effable terms.


This means that what we are able to talk about is not the ‘reality’ of our actual experience of inclusion in the Tao or Wave-field (this is ineffable) but what we able to talk about is an ‘intellectual reduction’ of the ineffable.  The implication is that the reality of our FEELINGS is reality, … a reality that is beyond reach of language and grammar based intellection.


This intellectual reduction is a reduction from our intuitive feeling based inclusion in the all including ‘transformation’ of the ‘wave-field’ (the Tao) to an abstract intellectual language and grammar based construction of a pseudo-reality wherein NONLOCAL transformation gives way to LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES notionally WITH POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS (i.e. the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar pointed out by Niezsche).


The first error is NAMING (to reduce a flow-form to a notional LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF and the second error is GRAMMAR, words that we put together that gives us the intellectual impression that the naming-instantiated THING-IN-ITSELF has the POWER OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT.


This ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ ‘sidesteps’ the INEFFABLE fluid ONE-NESS of the Tao (Wave-field) by RECASTING flow-forms as LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES with their own POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, … in language and grammar based intellectual representations.   This language based intellectual MOCK-UP is a TOOL for enabling a half-assed effable representation of the innately ineffable Tao, … a TOOL WHICH WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS EMPLOY AS OUR OPERATIVE REALITY, … WHILE it is used merely as a throw-away tool of INFERENCE in modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.


As Emerson points out, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS let the TOOL run away with the WORKMAN; i.e. we redefine WHO WE ARE with the DOUBLE ERROR tool of language and grammar and this is where we make ourselves, in our psyche, into SORCERERS of actions and developments, per the DOUBLE ERRROR, and no longer understand ourselves as being included in the Tao and ONE WITH EVERYTHING.   We lose the EASTERN power of ‘one with everything’ and gain the WESTERN power of ‘independent being based ‘sorcery’.  Thus we trade out “Inspiration that fills the heart” for ‘Ego that swells the head”.

Language and grammar based intellectual stimulation lets us do this ‘make-believe’ recasting of who we are, and while the EAST understands that this is just a tool of inference or ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ to facilitate sharing a reduction-based allusion to the ineffable Tao, … the WEST accepts and employs this reduction as the ‘operative reality’.    This is a CRAZY-MAKER for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS.  The intellectual ‘doer-deed’ or ‘producer-product’ pseudo-concept is just a cheap way of conjuring up the psychological notion of SORCERY along with some artificial ego-inflation.


Trump’s Contribution to Exposing the Fallacy of Truth and Reason





It could just be that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are FINALLY coming to grips with the reality that TRUTH and REASON are both SCAMS.


TRUTH and REASON, as pointed out by Nietzsche, are absolutist concepts that we invent in order to REDUCE the Tao aka the Wave-field aka the transforming relational continuum so as to effable-ize it; i.e. so that we can use language to TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT INFERS THE TAO even though we can’t directly capture the Tao in language since it is a fluid continuum (wave-field).


As Nietzsche shows, in order to reduce the ineffable flow to something effable, we use a ‘double error’ approach.  The first error is NAMING to freeze a flow-form in the flow (e.g. a boil in flowing water) to psychologically impart THING-IN-ITSELF-BEING to the flow-form while the second error of GRAMMAR conflates the first by imputing the power of sourcing actions and development to the NAMING -instantiated thing-in-itself.


Ok, so while we cannot talk directly about the Tao since it is a transforming relational continuum, a flow-continuum, there are boils and swirls and hurricanes and vortices that, while such forms-in-flow are APPEARANCES in the flow aka Tao aka Wavefield, they do give us an ‘entrée’ for language based discussion of the Tao.


Of course, the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao since we are using APPEARANCES as the basis of making all these double errors to extract something effable from the ineffable..  E.g. the whorl that we call ‘hurricane Katrina’ is an appearance in the flow that we use NAMING and GRAMMAR to impute thing-in-itselfness and powers of sourcing its own actions and developments to.  The nonlocal dynamic of the flow-continuum is thus reduced, in our language-stimulated intellect, to a LOCALLY SOURCED  dynamic, thanks to the double error of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


As useful as this reduction to effable from ineffable is, we have to be alert to the following problem; when we use language and grammar to SPLIT APART BOIL AND FLOW, and to IMPUTE THE POWER OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself; i.e. to the BOIL, … we see from the symmetry that, having SPLIT APART the BOIL from the FLOW, we would just as well impute the powers of sourcing actions and developments to the now separate FLOW, so that our understanding would be that the FLOW is sourcing the BOIL.




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