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Does Disease REALLY Spread by Contact?



INTRODUCTION: This note briefly explores the problematic concept of PATHOGEN, pointing to how the ‘thin skull rule’ that holds the identified PATHOGEN or CRIMINAL fully and solely responsible for destructive consequences of conflict, may be erroneously stripping the phenomena under investigation of its INEFFABLE content.  For example if a hot summer has desiccated the vegetation and TRANSFORMED it into an ‘incendiary bomb waiting to go off’, the ‘thin skull rule’ will assign causal responsibility to the logger whose chain saw sparked a forest fire.  Reflection shows that what is being obscured and replaced by LOCAL abstraction here is the REALITY of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION (i.e. the INEFFABLE).

We say that we have the power to ‘construct a house’ and/or ‘destroy a house’ (isn’t language great, it lets our imagination construct all kinds of ‘imagined realities’), but TRANSFORMATION is the REAL REALITY and WE ARE INCLUDED WITHIN IT.  So, this habit we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have, of claiming to have powers of CONSTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION is just abstraction coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.  We say that ‘we construct houses’ but if we look around, there are ‘bald patches’ in the forest where we have removed trees for lumber and there are large holes in the ground where we have taken sand and gravel for concrete foundations so “CONSTRUCTION” IS AN IMPOSSIBLE ABSTRACTION THAT IMPLIES “LOCAL” INSTANTIATION (this is easy to do with the abstracting power of language and grammar) WHERE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IS RELATIONAL “TRANSFORMATION” which is NONLOCAL and INEFFABLE and we are INCLUDED WITHIN IT.  It is called ‘the Tao’ by some and the ‘Wave-field’ by others, terms that refer to the transforming relational continuum.

So, ‘CONSTRUCTION’ AND ‘DESTRUCTION’ ARE ABSTRACTIONS PIVOTING FROM THE ABSTRACT NOTION OF LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES, language based abstractions that are part of THE INTELLECTUAL REPRESENTATIONAL TECHNIQUE OF SUBSTITUTING NAME-INSTANTIATED  LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES WITH NOTIONAL POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS (all of this being done by means of language and grammar), for the sensory experience of inclusion in NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION which is INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL.   In other words, ‘CONSTRUCTION’ and ‘DESTRUCTION’ are mutually supporting ‘PROPS’ that BACKHANDEDLY IMPLY THE “EXISTENCE” OF SOME NAMING-INSTANTIATED THING-IN-ITSELF.  In this manner, the transforming relational continuum, which has no place for ‘things-in-themselves’, is set aside (mentally) so that this NEW WORLD of LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES can take over as the OPERATIVE REALITY.  If we suspend our delivery of language-based representations with their reason-based grammatical constructions, our intuitive, sensory experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION (aka the Tao) based understanding will once again become the operative reality, and the binary concepts of CONSTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION will ‘recede into the darkness’ where ABSTRACTION lives as a kind of BRIGHTNESS of that which “IS” opposite to the DARKNESS of that which “IS NOT”.

CONSTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION are language-and-grammar born ABSTRACT BINARY REDUCTIONS OF RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION WHEREBY THE NONLOCAL (INEFFABLE) IS REDUCED TO THE LOCAL (EFFABLE).  While ‘the EAST’ and modern physics employ the abstract binary concepts of CONSTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION merely as EFFABLE INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE REALITY (the Wave-field, the Tao) that lies INNATELY BEYOND the reach of LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have fallen into the habit of regarding the lOCAL and EFFABLE as REALITY, and this is a CRAZY-MAKER!

With this ‘background’ in hand, questions associated with COVID 19 can be explored for possible answers.

* * *


The following Question is Explored.  Could our common off-the-cuff answer prove to be prejudicial to our health?


The common WESTERN CULTURE SCHOOLED answer to this is YES, it can be spread by contact.


We could follow this up with a probability-oriented question; i.e. ‘What is the probability of CONTRACTING AN ILLNESS THROUGH “CONTACT” WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE ILLNESS?


The point (my intended point) is not to do with the literal content of the question and answer, but with the underlying, unstated, implicit assumptions used in formulating the question; i.e.

-1- An ‘illness’ is something that an ‘individual’ can ‘have’.

-2- An ‘illness’ can be ‘passed’ from one person to another by ‘close contact’.

-3- an ‘illness’ can ‘spread’ though a social collective through ‘close contact’.


This concept of a ‘disease’ as a LOCAL PATHOLOGY caused by a PATHOGEN that can be passed from one person (a notional INDEPENDENTLY-EXISTING-THING-IN-ITSELF) to another person (a notional INDEPENDENTLY-EXISTING-THING-IN-ITSELF) is implicit in statements 1-3 above.

The PATHOGEN model we (WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS) commonly employ is a very idealized/abstract.  If I pop a balloon, making a loud bang, and a nearby war vet with PTSD goes ballistic creating a lot of ‘collateral damage’, including another death, who is to blame?  The war vet with PTSD is like a bomb primed for detonation that is not fussy about the ‘source’ of its detonation.

This stuff happens in real life, as we know and it ‘blurs’ what we refer to as ‘cause-and-effect’ aka the ‘producer-product’ dynamic’.

In this era of COVID 19 ‘infections’, our assumptions as to ‘causal relations’ seem in need of review.


Why Reduce Transformation to Production-and-Consumption?




Reality is “ineffable” because it is our experience of inclusion in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’.

‘WE’, in this case referring to EASTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS and WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, use language and grammar in DOUBLE ERROR reductions that REDUCE the NONLOCAL (and therefore ineffable) TRANSFORMING relational continuum to the EFFABLE CONSUMPTION-PRODUCTION DYNAMIC.   The DOUBLE ERROR works as follows;

The FIRST ERROR is NAMING to impress on the intellect the notional LOCAL existence of a THING-IN-ITSELF, and we conflate this FIRST ERROR with a SECOND ERROR of GRAMMAR whereby we impute to the NAMING-instantiated  LOCAL thing-in-itself the power of SOURCING actions and developments.

This philosophical investigation shows how EAST and WEST SPLIT into polar opposite camps of understanding REALITY and how the DOUBLE ERROR plays a key role in this; i.e.

The EAST employs the DOUBLE ERROR reduction-to-effable only as INFERENCE of a ‘reality’ that is ineffable and which lies beyond the DOUBLE ERROR reduction.  In this understanding, CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION are metaphors that support the abstract concept of a LOCAL thing-in-itself that CONSUMES energy to PRODUCE PRODUCTS.  In this EASTERN understanding, THERE IS NO ACTUAL ORGANISM that INGESTS/CONSUMES and EXCRETES/PRODUCES.  That is, ‘CONSUMPTION’ and ‘PRODUCTION’ is abstraction that effable-izes and LOCALIZES what is in reality NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION (the Wave-field dynamic aka ‘the Tao’).

The WEST employs the DOUBLE ERROR reduction-to-effable as if this were the operative reality.  In this understanding, CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION are more than just ‘metaphors’, they are held to be ‘real processes’ that support the REAL concept of a LOCAL thing-in-itself that CONSUMES energy to PRODUCE PRODUCTS.  In this WESTERN understanding, THERE IS AN ACTUAL ORGANISM that INGESTS/CONSUMES and EXCRETES/PRODUCES.  That is, ‘CONSUMPTION’ and ‘PRODUCTION’ are held to be REAL dynamics that effable-ize and LOCALIZE the dynamics of nature.  The ‘ORGANISM’ aka the ‘ORGANIZATION’ is the ABSTRACT INFERENCE of the DOUBLE ERROR REDUCTION that SUBSTITUTES and removes from play, NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION (the Wave-field dynamic aka ‘the Tao’).

IN SHORT, the concepts of ‘ORGANISMS’  and CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION are UNREAL ABSTRACTIONS that serve, within the abstract mechanics of language and grammar, as the basis of a mechanistic representation of reality that is accepted in the WEST, but not in the EAST nor in modern physics.



Our use of language and grammar to reduce TRANSFORMATION to PRODUCTION-and-CONSUMPTION is to substitute something EFFABLE-because-LOCAL for something INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.

The ‘production’ and ‘consumption’ of oil and gas associates with TRANSFORMATION of the relational space we share inclusion in.  The ground collapses where we extract oil and gas from subsurface accumulations, the atmosphere turns dark and sooty from the combustion products of the oil and gas we burn, …. so, …  are the terms PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION referring to anything REAL?


But this is abstraction as Nietzsche points out; i.e. the PRODUCER-of-PRODUCT is an intellectual conceptual impression that comes from THE DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.  The FIRST ERROR is NAMING to impress on the intellect the notional LOCAL existence of a THING-IN-ITSELF, and we conflate this FIRST ERROR with a SECOND ERROR of GRAMMAR whereby we impute to the NAMING-instantiated LOCAL thing-in-itself the power of SOURCING actions and developments.   With this DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar we have the capability of stimulating intellectual abstractions that are LOCAL in nature, such as are inferred by aphorisms such as “FIRE BURNS”.





Where do we get this abstract concept of a PATHOGEN from?

The concept of a PATHOGEN is a binary LOCALIZING-IN-SPACE-AND-TIME concept of the same ilk as the intellectual abstraction that comes with “FIRE BURNS” (or “PATHOGENS KILL”).  It is the sort of concept that is needed to ‘effable-ize’ the ineffable fluid relational reality that we and everything is included in (i.e. the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’).

This LOCALIZING IN SPACE AND TIME IS EXPERIENCED AS EGO.  EGO is the archetype for the PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS employ to articulate relational development.   Just as “FIRE BURNS” imputes LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments, so does the PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction.   This construct is a DOUBLE ERROR, as Nietzsche points out (the FIRST ERROR is NAMING (e.g. FIRE) to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING, and the SECOND ERROR, which conflates the first, is GRAMMAR (‘BURNS’) that imputes the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself, …. and it is this DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar that puts into our intellectualizing minds, the notion of jumpstart LOCAL-IN-SPACE-AND-TIME SOURCING of actions and developments.

EGO builds from this DOUBLE ERROR, as does the PATHOGEN concept and its opposite; the ‘BENOGEN’.

But this language-and-grammar injection into the intellect of notional LOCAL-in-space-and-time SOURCING of actions and developments is THE TOOL THAT CRACKS THE INEFFABILITY BARRIER that we face in trying to articulate our sensory experience of inclusion in the NONLOCAL dynamic aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.

This reduction of the ineffable to something effable by way of the DOUBLE ERROR is where Emerson’s talk of ‘the tool runs away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the Divine (NONLOCAL)” comes from; i.e. being ONE WITH EVERYTHING (included in the NONLOCAL) as in being included in the Wave-field (the indigenous aboriginal GREAT MYSTERY) is what is being referred to as ‘the Divine’.

IT IS WORTH NOTING THAT “THE PATHOGEN” AND “EGO” COME FROM THE SAME DOUBLE ERROR LOCAL-IN-SPACE-AND-TIME SOURCING.  By believing in one’s own (the NAMING-instantiated agent’s)  DOUBLE ERROR powers of sourcing CONSTRUCTIVE actions and developments, we open the door to believing in one’s own (the NAMING instantiated agent’s) DOUBLE ERROR powers of sourcing DESTRUCTIVE actions and developments.


Transformation and the Implicate and Explicate Order



I have been asked the question; Why belabor my objections to our common use of the PATHOGEN model when it comes up with the same ‘distancing’ strategy as you are getting to with your ‘modern physics’ based (relational) interpretation of what’s up with COVID 19?

My point is that ‘going along with’ the abstract concept of a PATHOGEN distorts our understanding of ‘reality’ so that it ‘departs’ from our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

There is ‘nothing new’ here; i.e. what I am talking about is that reality is better understood, as Schroedinger puts it, in terms that SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE.   I agree with that view and it is also affirmed by David Bohm in his works and in his endorsement of the indigenous aboriginal understanding of reality, which also gives understanding wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE, rather than TWO, as in our common WESTERN CULTURE belief system.

Nietzsche is of the same understanding and points out that it is the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar that puts this FIGURE-AND-GROUND-AS-TWO abstraction into our minds; the FIRST ERROR is ‘NAMING’ which imputes LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING to a relational form (all forms are relational in the FIGURE-AND-GROUND-AS-ONE understanding of reality), while the SECOND ERROR is GRAMMAR that imputes the power of SOURCING actions and development to the NAMING-instantiated LOCAL thing-in-itself.

This DOUBLE ERROR plays a foundational role in our language and grammar based representations of reality.  That is; the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’ is NONLOCAL and beyond the representational capability of language and grammar; or, in Lao Tzu’s words; ‘The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’.





This exploration of TRANSFORMATION points to our need (as identified by Bohm, Schroedinger and Nietzsche) to comprehend reality by way of ‘quantum logic’; i.e. the “BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium” wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE (i.e. for example, we can think of  HURRICANING as an APPEARANCE within FLOW and NOT as “a thing-in-itself HURRICANE” notionally with ‘its own powers of action and development, as associates with Classical “EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium” wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO.  Because our ‘normal language’ makes use of EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium, instead of our intellect ‘seeing things’ like ‘HURRICANINGS’ or ‘HUMANINGS’ as APPEARANCES (holographic) within the flow (i.e. within the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’), our intellect INSTEAD sees them in ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ language and grammar terms.  The FIRST ERROR is ‘NAMING’ to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself being while the SECOND ERROR is ‘GRAMMAR’ that conflates the first error by imputing the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself.  Instead of understanding that there is HUMANING in the Wave-field (the Tao), the DOUBLE ERROR uses NAMING to construct ‘the HUMAN’ and conflates this with GRAMMAR that imputes to the ‘HUMAN’ the (notional) powers of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.

This DOUBLE ERROR ploy is where we SIDE-STEP the inherent NONLOCALITY of our Wave-field reality and establish an artificial LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  This is a ‘useful tool’ for ‘effable-izing’ the ineffable used by both EAST and WEST but in the WEST, we have allowed this tool to ‘run away with us’; i.e. to define ourselves as LOCAL things-in-ourselves with “our own powers of sourcing actions and developments”.  In the EAST, as in modern physics, this tool (“Wittgenstein’s ladder” aka BOOTSTRAPPING is used ONLY FOR INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION that lies innately beyond reductions to EFFABLE LOCAL SOURCING.  For example, “HURRICANING” is an ‘appearance’ wherein FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE TRANSFORMING UNUM, where THERE IS NO “FIGURE AND GROUND ARE TWO” situation featuring a notional LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF (“HURRICANE”) WITH ITS OWN POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of factoring into our ‘reality constructions’.  TRANSFORMATION is the REALITY, and it is ineffable.  The DOUBLE ERROR reduction is an effable-izing tool.


EXPRESSIONS LIKE ‘FIRE BURNS’ AND ‘PATHOGENS KILL’ AND ‘HEROS ARE VICTORS’ are DOUBLE ERROR based abstractions that obscure understanding in terms of TRANSFORMATION.  COMPARE the PATHOGEN model of FIRE and DOVID 19 to TRANSFORMATION.  In a forest fire understood as TRANSFORMATION, the pine needles will TRANSFORM first and if it is a lone pine, the TRANSFORMATION may go no further, but if several pine trees flare up together, the combined intensity of the TRANSFORMATION may garner new and more powerful impetus by igniting the woody substance of the branches and not just the needles unleashing a deeper TRANSFORMATION, and exposing the innate deficiency of the (LOCAL SOURCING) PATHOGEN model of FIRE BURNS as compared with  NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION of the material substance which includes the solar irradiance based dessicating of grass, plants, forest and all, TRANSFORMING them into explosive material ready to be detonated, a TRANSFORMATION that goes without mention is the LOCAL abstraction ‘FIRE BURNS’.

COVID 19 as in the abstract concept of LOCAL PATHOGEN does not exist but relational ‘dissonance’ as develops within TRANSFORMATION exists and it can spread like ‘wildfire’ spreads, not as given with the DOUBLE ERROR “LOCAL SOURCING” basis of “FIRE BURNS” but as given by FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE “TRANSFORMATION”.



TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE (it is everywhere at the same time).  It is something we RE-PRESENT (in reduced-to-effable form) with the GEOMETRY of FIGURE-AND-GROUND-AS-TWO SEPARATE ONTOLOGIES.  However, in our intuition-accessible Wave-field understanding of reality pointed to by modern physics, and by the Tao, FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE.

Our ‘separating’ of FIGURE and GROUND, as in geometry, is a REPRESENTATION facilitating TOOL which makes use of the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar;

The FIRST ERROR is NAMING to impute to a relational form its own LOCAL thing-in-itself being, and we conflate this with the SECOND ERROR which is GRAMMAR that imputes to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself, the power of SOURCING actions and developments.

These two language-based abstractions make GEOMETRICAL REPRESENTATION possible.

As Poincaré observes, the reduction of the transforming relational continuum to geometric and their mechanics is ABSTRACTION THAT WE IMPOSE ON REALITY in order to effable-ize the ineffable Wave-field or Tao;

“Finally, our Euclidean geometry is itself only a sort of convention of language; mechanical facts might be enunciated with reference to a non-Euclidean space which would be a guide less convenient than, but just as legitimate as, our ordinary space ; the enunciation would thus become much more complicated, but it would remain possible. Thus absolute space, absolute time, geometry itself, are not conditions which impose themselves on mechanics ; all these things are no more antecedent to mechanics than the French language is logically antecedent to the verities one expresses in French.” – Henri Poincare, Science and Hypothesis


The multiple deaths from COVID 19 point to an increased severity of the illness when multiple people suffer from it in close proximity.


From ‘Epidemic’ to ‘Pandemic’ to ‘TRANSFORMATION’


FORWARD: to ‘From ‘Epidemic’ to ‘Pandemic’ to ‘TRANSFORMATION’.


In interpreting what is REALLY going on with the CORONA VIRUS, we need to remind ourselves of the SHORTFALLS  of WESTERN CULTURE REASON that can be a ‘CRAZY-MAKER”.  ‘REASON’ is a useful abstraction based tool that can generate INFERENCE of the ineffable Wave-field reality we are included in.  REASON CANNOT serve up ‘reality’ on a platter and if we start thinking it can, this is a crazy-maker.  In fact, this problem of succumbing to such crazy-making is characteristic of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS.

For example, ‘EGO’ stems from LITERAL belief in the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar where we RE-present ourselves as having the powers of sourcing actions and developments.  This is abstraction that, if we confuse it for reality, ‘swells the head’ conjures up the notional PATHOGEN, that we similarly imagine as having its  own powers of LOCALLY SOURCING (in this case, ‘destructive’ rather than constructive) actions.  PRIDE coming from ‘REASON’ is where this EGO-sourced psychological dysfunction starts and while we fool ourselves with language and grammar into believing that we have the power of LOCALLY SOURCING constructive actions and developments, this opens a ‘back door’ by way of the binary opposite coupling that simple logic is composed of, to DARK figures who we believe have the power to LOCALLY SOURCE destructive actions and developments.   These;EGO-based beliefs in LOCAL SOURCING powers that can either put, in a language inferred FIGURATIVE sense, constructive and/or destructive powers in OUR hands or in OTHERS HANDS.  These impressions are DOUBLE ERROR based ILLUSIONS; … SUCH SOURCING POWERS as we express through the logic based device of REASON DO NOT EXIST!

“In pride, in reasoning pride, our error lies;” — Alexander Pope

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  — Nietzsche

IF we start thinking of the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar as the LOCAL SOURCING POWER it imputes is REAL, this is a CRAZY-MAKER.   One example is the FLAT-SPACE abstraction of GROWTH (this is based on the DOUBLE ERROR).

Once we start throwing around this DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction of GROWTH, we can and do start talking about THE GROWTH of the “ECONOMY” which entails the PRODUCTION OF PRODUCTS aka the PRODUCER-PRODUCT DYNAMIC which is another one of these DOUBLE ERROR ‘non-sequiturs’ that we can put together like LEGO-blocks thanks to language and grammar.  We can explore the abstract underpinnings of GROWTH as follows;

On a flat plain of infinite extent (i.e in our abstracting minds) we can speak of the GROWTH of cultivated land.  However, on the spherical surface of finite extent (i.e. in the reality of our currently experienced living space) the growth of cultivated land goes together with the shrinkage of Wilderness land. If we think of this in terms of these cultivated spots being like spots of growing mold on an apple, this helps us to conceive of what is going on here as TRANSFORMATION.   Note that while the term “GROWTH “implies the GROWTH of a BOUNDED FIGURE in a separate GROUND and thus implies FIGURE and GROUND as TWO, … whereasTRANSFORMATION is just ONE.  And after all, the GROWTH of a crop of clover or wheat in a rich topsoil is only superficial and the greater reality is the co-evolving mixture of weeds and other organisms.  The question here is whether FIGURE and GROUND are TWO or whether FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.

In Zen, the understanding of TWO-as-ONE TRANSFORMATION (where the distinction between FIGURE and GROUND is ‘appearance’) can over-ride paradox (perpetrated in the psyche by language and grammar) like the paradox of wind and flag, —which one is sourcing the movement?; i.e. is the flapping flag sourcing the movement of air, or is the movement of air sourcing the flapping of the flag.  The answer is NEITHER because there is no such thing as SOURCING, there is instead relational TRANSFORMATION.  As Nietzsche points out, SOURCING is an abstraction that derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar; the FIRST ERROR is NAMING which imputes local thing-in-itself BEING to the relational form-in-the flow (aka Tao, Wave-field), and we conflate this with GRAMMAR (SECOND ERROR) which imputes the power of sourcing actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself.

This DOUBLE ERROR conjures up for us the abstraction of LOCAL jumpstart action and development.

We like this DOUBLE ERROR reduction-to-LOCAL because it makes the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL effable-because-LOCAL.   In the EAST, this reduction is used as a tool of INFERENCE.  For us in the WEST, we use the reduction-to-LOCAL as if it were the ‘real REALITY’.  This has misleading consequences generally and in the particular case of COVID 19 and PATHOGENS (abstract things-in-themselves that notionally jumpstart injurious actions and developments).  The example of ‘c. difficile’ shows that what we call PATHOGENS in the language of abstraction, are, in the relational view of reality, relational dynamics induced by relational imbalance, as in the examples of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean; i.e. PATHOGENIC BEHAVIOUR is just a means [based on the DOUBLE ERROR abstraction of local incipience] of effable-izing the NONLOCAL (ineffable) transforming relational dynamic (aka the Wave-field aka the Tao).

When the forests get dryer and browner in the heat of a long hot summer, this is TRANSFORMATION and it is ongoing and we don’t say much about it until the tinder dry powder-keg is ignited here or there, which gives us a LOCAL footing for making statements such as; FIRE BURNS.  Prior to this, the NONLOCALITY of the TRANSFORMATION has kept us silent because NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE, … it being the all-including Wave-field aka the Tao which we are included in (and that can’t point out and describe in visual terms.

As we know, TRANSFORMATION is the basic REALITY of our sensory experience regardless of the problem of its NONLOCAL ‘ineffable-nature’, … but we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have embraced AS OUR OSTENSIBLE “REALITY”, the LOCAL and thus EFFABLE, … NOT JUST, AS IN MODERN PHYSICS AND AS IN THE EAST, AS A TOOL OF INFERENCE AKA WITTGENSTEIN LADDER AKA BOOTSTRAP that lets us INFER the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION, but as a SUBSTITUTE/REPLACEMENT-REALITY.

A “COVID 19 INFECTION” is to what is really going on (TRANSFORMATION), as a LOCAL forest fire is to NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION that we sense-experience well before the LOCAL FIRE bursts into flame, but being as TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL, we could feel it and sweat it out, but we could not point to it and give it LOCAL BEING as fits our DOUBLE ERROR based language and grammar constructions.  But once we have something LOCAL to see and point to, we are able to break out our DOUBLE ERROR tool  With the help of the DOUBLE ERROR tool, the big NONLOCAL circulation in the atmosphere that is feeding on an infusion of solar energy becomes the LOCAL HURRICANE which the DOUBLE ERROR equips with NAME-instantiated LOCAL BEING and with GRAMMAR-given powers of SOURCING actions and developments.   NO MORE purely relational TRANSFORMATION with its ineffable NONLOCALITY, … the DOUBLE ERROR accomplishes the reduction of the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL to effable-because-LOCAL thing-in-itself being with GRAMMAR given local powers of sourcing actions and developments.  NOW WE ARE TALKING!

What are the DOWNSIDES of this reduction of the NONLOCAL to the abstract DOUBLE ERROR based LOCAL?  The downsides include this refocusing on defending against a notional PATHOGEN instead of throwing ourselves into the cultivating, restoring and sustaining of balance within a dissonance-tending Wave-field dynamic.  What comes to mind for me is the ‘speed wobble’ on a motorcycle where the oscillation of one’s body mass and the oscillation of the motorcycle mass ‘tune together’ and radically amplify the ‘shakin goin on’.   In the resonance/dissonance view of health and illness, one doesn’t want to be in close proximity to sympathetic resonances that can bring on the speed wobble.  In incendiary terms, small brush fires are not too bad on IF THEY ARE ‘DISTANCING”, but without DISTANCING, they can come together and build intensity EXPONENTIALLY.  This WAVE-FIELD effect is the GENERAL CASE in NATURE and it is only our DOUBLE ERROR use of language and grammar that reduces NONLOCAL resonance phenomena such as DUNING to mechanical terms of LOCAL “DUNES”, NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves notionally with their own GRAMMAR-give powers of sourcing actions and development.

Resonance forms are induced by NONLOCAL influences.  That the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar can invert this natural reality and RE-present DUNING in the REDUCTIVE terms of LOCAL DUNES that GRAMMAR endows with powers of actions and development is what enables the ‘effable-izing’ of a crude reduction of the ineffable. This crude reduction by way of the DOUBLE ERROR is useful as a ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ to INFER or BOOTSTRAP the ineffable intuitive understanding of  NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION that lies beyond reach of the effable.

Note that DISTANCING as used in the wave-dynamical resonance sense, implies much more than DISTANCING in the sense of staying apart so as to prevent fleas from jumping across the gap or other mechanical transactions; i.e it applies in the RESONANCE sense of the motorcycle speed wobble where the amplitude of the wobble can rise exponentially as it enters into a resonant connective confluence.   This is also the case where fire-based (thermal-wave based) TRANSFORMATION is involved as such waves can interfere constructively and build exponentially.

To construct mental representations in terms of a PATHOGEN attack puts one in the particle theory mode of understanding which lacks the ‘tuning’ phenomena inherent in Wave-field dynamics.  In other words, PATHOGEN theory (nasty little particles/microbes ‘on the attack’) does NOT invoke the interference based complexity of Wave-field tuning, but we know from experience that when several small fires ‘interfere’, all hell can break loose, which gives Wave-theory (interference) more power in explaining complex phenomena.

One might ask WHY resonance based TRANSFORMATION as in land areas undergoing DUNING and as in forested era undergoing CARBONIZING are NOT spoken of in terms of TRANSFORMATION but are instead spoken on in term of DUNES building and shifting and FIRES burning and spreading.   The answer is that TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE while DOUBLE ERROR based reduction of dynamics is LOCAL and EFFABLE.

TRANSFORMATION is what we are included in, and not something we can point to and describe as ‘out there’.

We may use DOUBLE ERROR ‘talk’ about being attacked by the PATHOGEN COVID 19 but what is going on is TRANSFORMATION.  FIRE implies TRANSFORMATION but in a secondary that implies primary manner. Since TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE and FIRE is EFFABLE, we must make an intuitive leap to understand the TRANSFORMATION that is unfolding when we hear talk of FIRES BURNING.  We can see FIRES BURNING and we can WATCH THEM GROW, so we say, but the still GREEN area is shrinking in reciprocal proportion to the growing BURNT area, a NONLOCAL conjugate development that we can understand as TRANSFORMATION wherein there is nothing LOCAL to refer to in terms of its GROWTH or SHRINKAGE.

No amount of studying of the development and dynamics of a DUNE is going educate us on DUNING since DUNE development and dynamics are LOCAL phenomena while DUNING is a NONLOCAL Wave-field (resonance) phenomenon.  While the LOCAL is effable, the NONLOCAL is ineffable. That is why Emerson complained about how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS were using the effable-izing DOUBLE ERROR tool to run away with the workman, the human with the Divine (ineffable).


We may continue to clear Wilderness areas and cultivate land for farming and talk about the GROWTH of our wheat-producing farm, from its 2 acre beginnings to its current 160 acre producing operations, and cite the corresponding figures for the GROWTH of our production of farm product, but is that GROWTH “REAL”?  If we think about it, the soil is a diverse mix of minerals and organisms all embroiled in a complex relational dynamic, so it is mis-representation to speak of a ‘field of wheat’.  In fact, it is exemplary of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that substitutes NAMING instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-given powers of SOURCING actions and developments.   In reality, there are many relational forms living off of one another and ZERO ‘things-in-themselves’.   As Carlo Rovelli points out in ‘Quantum Gravity’, as relational forms we do not live in space-time, we live as a mutually supportive relational ecosystem where ‘relations’ are more fundamental than ‘things’, a scenario wherein REALITY = TRANSFORMATION and there is no LOCAL (DOUBLE ERROR) jumpstarting of actions and developments from LOCAL things-in-themselves notionally with ‘their own’ powers of SOURCING actions and developments.

In Newtonian and special relativistic physics, if we take away the dynamical entities – particles and fields – what remains is space and time. In general relativistic physics, if we take away the dynamical entities, nothing remains. The space and time of Newton and Minkowski are reinterpreted as a configuration of one of the fields, the gravitational field. This implies that physical entities – particles and fields – are not all immersed in space, and moving in time. They do not live on spacetime. They live, so to say, on one another. It is as if we had observed in the ocean many animals living on an island: animals ‘on’ the island. Then we discover that the island itself is in fact a great whale. Not anymore animals on the island, just animals on animals. Similarly, the universe is not made by fields on spacetime; it is made by fields on fields.”   — Carlo Rovelli, in ‘Quantum Gravity’

A world in which everything is in relational flux (i.e. of animals on animals) is a world that is ineffable.  The use of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR is an abstraction based tool for REDUCING the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL Wave-field (fluid reality) to a surrogate effable-because-LOCAL pseudo (i.e. good for inference purposes only) reality.  This DOUBLE ERROR TOOL is a TOOL OF INFERENCE of the ineffable, that is based in REASON that has, in the case of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, been ‘running away with the workman, the human with the divine.  In the GREAT (NONLOCAL) HARMONY, there is no ‘LOCAL’, neither in language based representations that employ a NAMING based imputing of BEING nor in the conflated (second error) sense of GRAMMAR based SOURCING of actions and developments.  Our use of language re reduce the NONLOGAL-and-ineffable to he LOCAL-and-thus-effable serves us with a tool of INFERENCE (not to be used as a substitute reality as is the WESTERN (CRAZY-MAKING) HABIT.  Language is only good for constructing REPRESENTATIONS that INFER the NONLOCAL (ineffable) reality that lies intrinsically beyond the reach of the explicit and direct representations of language.  As Lao Tzu observes; ‘the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’.


* * *   * * *   * * *


From ‘Epidemic’ to ‘Pandemic’ to ‘TRANSFORMATION’

We can speak of ‘the brush fire’ and the ‘forest fire’ because these are EXPLICIT LOCAL DYNAMICS, but we don’t often draw attention to the over-arching solar energy wave dynamic that is heating and desiccating the containing space that INCLUDES THE FOREST.

What we have here is a ‘communications problem’ that gets overlooked in our language and grammar representations and ends up confusing our understanding.  It has been duly noted by philosophers such as Nietzsche and Nishitani who point out that the expressions ‘Lightning strikes’ and ‘fire burns’ are DOUBLE ERRORS.  The first error is using NAMING to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself existence, conflated with a second error of GRAMMAR that imputes the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING-instantiated (notional) thing-in-itself.

[N.B. ‘NAMING’ is the ‘stake in the ground’ that overcomes, in the reasoning intellect, the intuition of NONLOCALITY]

This DOUBLE ERROR  of language and grammar serves as a very useful tool for ‘effable-izing’ by LOCAL-izing the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’.

In the EAST, this DOUBLE ERROR tool is used as a ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ or TOOL OF INFERENCE that allows us to INFER the reality of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  In modern physics, this has been described as BOOTSTRAPPING as in ‘the surprise version of the game of Twenty Questions’ where our articulation is in terms of many relations among things so that after we build a comprehensive relational net, we can let the ‘things’ we used drop from sight/awareness and keep the thingless web of relations as the ‘operative reality’.  For example, if we talk about DUNES that grow higher and longer and shift across the desert floor, our ineffable (beyond language capture) understanding of RESONANCE (the Wave-field dynamic) that we and ‘the DUNES’ are included in is inductively invoked in our intuitive mind.  This language and grammar-based BOOTSTRAPPING of an intuitive grasp of the ineffable Tao, the all-including Wave-field, gives us the impression of the invisible Wave-field resonance that is ‘behind’ the material manifesting of what we impose EXPLICIT BEING on with language , by naming the appearances that manifest in the resonance, ‘DUNES’ and intellectually ‘working the system backwards’ by using GRAMMAR to ‘animate’ the EXPLICIT forms (DUNES) that we created with NAMING.

While modern physics and the EAST makes use of this DOUBLE ERROR tool as a ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ or INFERENCE approach, to BOOTSTRAP (to use inference) an intuitive understanding of the ineffable resonance-based TRANSFORMATION that is going on, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of accepting the reduced inference as our OPERATIVE REALITY rather than as INFERENCE of the ineffable reality that lies beyond it and can only be obliquely inferred by language and grammar.

To ‘cut to the quick’ in this report entitled From ‘Epidemic’ to ‘Pandemic’ to ‘TRANSFORMATION’, Language and grammar allows us to LOCALIZE in our intellectual representations the NONLOCAL of our sensory experience, this is where THE WEST lets the reductive tool of intellectual representation RUN AWAY WITH THE WORKMAN since we, ourselves, in the Wave-field understanding of reality are relational inclusions within the transforming relational continuum.  It is only the TOOL of language and grammar that equips us for the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that reduces (within our intellectual representation capability) the NONLOCAL dynamics of TRANSFORMATION (the transforming relational continuum) to abstract/notional DOUBLE ERROR based intellectual RE-presentation.


SOCIAL DISTANCING: and how it recalls Bumper Cars, Brownian-Motion, Nonlocality, and Relativity



If we are ‘social distancing’, our movements are relative to others, and they are no longer ‘our own movements’.  Maybe they never were?  Maybe we have always ‘been distancing’ and living in a ‘Bumper Car’ reality (imagine ‘Bumper Cars fitted with electrostatic bumpers that repulsively avoided contact in the same manner as ‘social distancing’).  We have experienced situations in which we felt that we have been ‘given a push’ to do something, and then again, felt as if we have been ‘held back’ from achieving what we are capable of achieving, so does it ‘make sense’ to speak of ourselves in the DOUBLE ERROR (Nietzsche) terms of ‘NAMING-instantiated LOCAL, independent beings’ (first error) with ‘our own GRAMMAR-given powers of sourcing actions and developments’ (second error)?  Is that so-called ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ not an ‘abstraction’ that allows us to REDUCE our ineffable-because-NONLOCAL Bumper Car reality to an effable-because-LOCAL self-start reality?

In a Bumper Car Reality, we could continue to speak of our movements in the ‘first person’ as in the DOUBLE ERROR language and grammar construction, where we claim to be the full and sole author of “our own actions and achievements”, … departing from this tack only when these actions fail to meet with approval, rewards and recognition, in which case we resort to complex explanations involving ‘extenuating circumstances’.

This is where LOCAL sourcing of actions and developments gives way to NONLOCALITY and this FLIP is a double edged sword; i.e. our EGO likes to take credit for SOURCING actions and developments generally recognized as GOOD while avoiding being seen as SOURCING actions and developments recognized as BAD.  In reality, there is no such thing as SOURCING since everything is in a relational flux.  That is, in a Bumper Car Reality, there is NO explicit AUTHORSHIP as gives rise to EGO.

My uncle may give me access to his vegetable garden and orchard and I may profit by that (my bumper car gets a push forward), and the crows may beat me to the cherries (my bumper car gets pushed backwards, AND STILL I TALK ABOUT MYSELF IN THOSE DOUBLE ERROR TERMS… I did this, and I did that, … even as I might in the ‘Brownian motion’ of participation in a bumper car session.

As Schroedinger (in the same vein as Nietzsche) points out in ‘What is Life?’, … we persist in using language and grammar to RE-PRESENT our sensory experiencing of actions in DOUBLE ERROR based terms; e.g. I accelerated, turned left, then braked a bit to pass into an opening, accelerated again, and all of this is describing a bumper car session where movements are purely relative and NOT absolute, yet the language and grammar representation I am constructing makes it sound as if I am the full and source of ‘my actions’ and my developing ‘story’ or ‘history’.

Let’s be real!  We are pushed forward and held back or knocked back and sideways, … and then we construct our representations of this using the DOUBLE ERROR, saying: “I skillfully wove my way through the crowd so as to get where I am today. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THOSE HELPFUL BUMPS FORWARD AND ALL THOSE UNHELPFUL BUMPS BACKWARDS?

How can a bumper car driver articulate what REALLY goes on?  And if we decide to just ‘tell it as if we were the authors of our own actions and developments’; i.e. as is what happens when we employ the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, … what does this do to THE EGO?  We know that in this bumper car reality, there will be those that ‘make great advances’ and those that ‘get mired down and stalled’, and that our system of language and grammar is unable to capture what is REALLY going because its SOURCING is NONLOCAL and that makes it INEFFABLE.


COVID 19: The Problem with the PATHOGEN concept




The language required to critique the concept of PATHOGEN must go beyond ‘reason’.  Reason allows us to employ the BOTH/AND LOGIC OF THE EXCLUDED MEDIUM as if it were capable of capturing the real-world of our sensory experience.  This is a CRAZY-MAKER;

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  

If we speak of “the town is growing”, we put our representation within a FLAT SPACE since in the curved space of our actual sensory experience if “the town grows”, the “Wilderness shrinks”, or in other words such change is TRANSFORMATION in the real world of our sensory experience.  ‘REASON’ is ‘flatspace’ based.  It is abstraction and it can’t handle the real world of our sensory experience. It can only handle LOCAL actions and developments, but the reality of our sensory experience is NONLOCAL.  We are included in the transforming relational continuum aka the Tao aka the Wave-field and such experience is INEFFABLE (we are like fluid forms in a fluid dynamic, as in a holographic space).

We need INTUITION to interpret our sensory experience of inclusion in the Tao and “REASON” is too limited.  As Bohm, Schroedinger and others have pointed out, we need a more comprehensive logic than the logic we use to ‘reason’; i.e. the EITHER/OR LOGIC of the EXCLUDED medium, … we need QUANTUM LOGIC which is the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDED medium.  We can think of this ‘quantum logic’ in terms of FIGURE AND GROUND AS ONE, or as Schroedinger says; ‘SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONLY ONE.

This shortfall in language and logic is involved in the  PROBLEM WITH THE PATHOGEN CONCEPT.  Since we are currently experiencing what we are calling the COVID 19 PANDEMIC, … where COVID 19 is the name given to a purported PATHOGEN that is purportedly threatening our health, … and I say ‘purported’ because in a relational representation, of reality, we have resonance and dissonance and TRANSFORMATION but “NO PATHOGENS”.   This essay explains ‘why the PATHOGEN concept is not viable”


* * * * * *


There is a problem with the concept of THE PATHOGEN that we would do well to consider, in our current acceptance of COVID 19 as a PATHOGEN, a concept that Nietzsche articulates, and modern physics reaffirms, is a DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction.  The FIRST ERROR is ‘NAMING’ that imputes local thing-in-itself existence to a relational form in the flow, and we conflate this with the SECOND ERROR of GRAMMAR which imputes to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself the LOCAL POWER of SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS. 

This DOUBLE ERROR allows us to use language and grammar to construct in our intellect, the abstract concept of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments and thus OVER-PRINTING the NONLOCAL nature of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

For example, if I am in a crowd wherein a lot of pushing and shoving is going on (i.e. where the basic dynamic is NONLOCAL), when I am impacted by the pushing, I may employ the DOUBLE ERROR to LOCALIZE this action and identify THE PERSON THAT PUSHED ME as the LOCAL SOURCE of this action.  As playful youths, we may push a friend so that he bumps into a third party and then gets accused by that person, as being the SOURCE of an aggression, while we get off scott-free. In general, as relativity physics affirms, dynamics are relational and the concept of LOCAL SOURCING (and thus local blame/attribution of good or bad developments we associate with LOCAL SOURCING) although a reductive abstraction deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, is generally employed, IN WESTERN CULTURE, as the ‘operative reality’.

In order to intuitively remind ourselves of what ‘we are dropping out of the reality of our actual sensory experience’ by the DOUBLE ERROR reduction to LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, we have to remind ourselves of ‘what we now automatically do’ in reducing our relational experience to language and grammar based terms.  This REDUCTION is ‘taken seriously’ in our WESTERN CULTURE but is employed only as a tool of INFERENCE in modern physics and EASTERN CULTURE (indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta).

First off, we need to recall that our experience is of inclusion in an innately ‘fluid’ Nature-dynamic, as in the example of DUNING, where the NONLOCAL-RELATIONAL dynamic of TRANSFORMATION is primary and the reduction to LOCAL and EXPLICIT is abstraction based reduction (i.e. ‘secondary’).

DUNING is a nonlocal relational resonance (wave-field) based dynamic; i.e. DUNING is a relational dynamic that “belongs to” TRANSFORMATION.  MEANWHILE, … “A DUNE” is the NAME we give to a visibly appearance that is FORMING and UNFORMING i.e. a LOCAL (slowly changing) FORMING (aka “FORM”) that makes a visual appearance and seems to persist in the fluid dynamical continuum so that our focus may lock on to the ‘from’ as if it were a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF that is its own SOURCE of actions and developments; an ‘illusion’ that the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar helps us to capture and carry in our intellectual representation schemata.

We can and do use our sensory experience to feed our intellectual representational capacity wherein we have the tools of NAMING and GRAMMAR to capture VISUAL forms in fixed (NAMING-instantiated) intellectual thing-in-itself terms, using GRAMMAR to impute to these NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves their own powers of SOURCING actions and development.  This is the DOUBLE ERROR treatment that equips us (intellectually) to shift reality to the new abstract conceptual framework of ‘forms’ seen as LOCAL things-in-themselves notionally with their own powers of SOURCING actions and developments..

This capture and reduction of DUNING (a resonance or Wave-field phenomenon) to terms of DUNES based on ‘visual appearance’ allows us to construct a superficial ‘reality’ in which these ‘forms’ such as ‘dunes’ are conceived of as NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves.  We can then use GRAMMAR to describe ‘the DUNE’ as a LOCAL thing-in-itself having the capabilities of  “growing and developing and moving and acting” , … mental conceptual imagery that ‘over-writes’ in our language and grammar stimulated psyche, our REAL but INEFFABLE sensual experience of inclusion in a fluid dynamic, the all-included Wave-field in which we, ourselves are relational resonance features.

While everything is in flux according to our sensory experience based REALITY of inclusion in RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION aka ‘the Tao’ aka the Wave-field, and is thus INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL, …  the reduction to fixed forms by NAMING and using GRAMMAR to impute to them “THEIR OWN” movements and development gives us an EFFABLE but abstractly reduced version of the TRANSFORMATION based ‘reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the Tao’.

This intellectual reduction rendering our ineffable experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION effable, is what modern physics and the EAST employ as a tool of INFERENCE to infer the ineffable that lies beyond it, but in the WEST, this reduction has become commonly employed as the OPERATIVE REALITY.

In the NONLOCAL dynamics of unreduced reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in relational TRANSFORMATION as in the ‘GREAT RESONANCE’ aka the Tao, there are no PATHOGENS, there is only relational resonance and dissonance (in a Wave-dynamical sense of in-phase and out-of-phase as when we as a social-relational collective do things in social relational harmony and/or in social relational dissonance).  As in the example of the relational interactions in a crowd dynamic or in a traffic dynamic, our habit is to IMPUTE LOCAL SOURCING to relational dissonance so that the person receiving a jolt tends to regard the one who jolted him as the SOURCE of his jolt, as is also the case in a collision in freeway traffic where the relational reality of a complex matrix of braking and swerving wherein a fender-bender manifests, is reduced to a “victim” identifying and blaming “a perpetrator”.   This reduction of the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL by way of the DOUBLE ERROR is the WESTERN CULTURE reality-reducing NORM.

While EAST accepts that NONLOCALITY is the reality so that the DOUBLE ERROR that LOCALIZES dynamics is just a useful TOOL OF INFERENCE, the WEST, instead, accepts LOCALITY and regards the DOUBLE ERROR based reduction to LOCALLY SOURCED actions and developments as the OPERATIVE REALITY.  Hence the concept of the PATHOGEN.


A Philosophical Investigation of the abstract concept of COMPETITION.



Introduction: Should Emergency Action Pre-empt Philosophical Inquiry?


Some would say that WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are long on ‘let’s get the job done’ capability and short on philosophical inquiry into what is actually going on.   This can boomerang since as complex problem phenomena unfold, aggressive actions based on overly simplistic models may be having effects that go far beyond the resolving of the issues identified.  In fact, the issues identified in an overly simplistic model will not be ‘real’ issues.

What comes to mind is land mines that do not explode until the detonator has been depressed a half dozen or more times, so that advancing troops will only find out they have gone into a minefield after they are well into the mine-field and unable to safely retreat.

Hopefully, our COVID 19 response will not be a severe case in this respect but it has the markings of having this type of exposure which ‘systems’ theorists refer to as ‘putting our ladder up against the wrong wall’ (so that as we climb the ladder to get to what needs repairing, it is actually taking us farther away from being able to address it.

If our understanding of the complex reality we are included in could be improved, it seems likely that our success in dealing with such unfolding complexities such as COVID 19 could be improved.

In any case, this essay explores how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have come to accept the concept of COMPETITION as a ‘real’ and ‘sensible’ social dynamic, though there is no such thing as ‘competition’ in the reality of our actual natural experience.  The basic dynamic is relational flow which is ‘gathering and scattering’ in the sense of BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium (quantum physics logic).

Nietzsche’s ‘anti-Darwin’ comments, together with his pointing out our WESTERN CULTURE chronic DOUBLE ERROR reality-reducing habit, is a critique of the suggestion that people are ‘things-in-themselves’ driven inside-outwardly by an internal ‘will’.  Meanwhile a ‘person’ understood as a LOCAL ‘thing-in-himself’ does not exist because ‘things-in-themselves’  do not exist.  However, once we use language and grammar to impose the DOUBLE ERROR, and once people start believing that we, ourselves, are NAMING-instantiated local independently-existing things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-instantiated powers of sourcing actions and developments, the abstract groundwork is laid down and the concept and practice of ‘competition’ follows. (Note that ‘competition’ IS a DOUBLE ERROR based LOCALIZING of the SOURCING of actions and developments).  In the reality of our sensory experience, there is only relational transformation and there are no LOCALLY incipient SOURCES of actions and developments, as play a foundational role in the abstract concept of ‘competition’.

So, yes, we have this TOOL of the DOUBLE ERROR that allows us to break through the barrier of INEFFABILITY, and if we employ this DOUBLE ERROR tool as in the EAST, as INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE Wave-field (the Tao) that, ITSELF, lies innately beyond the reach of capture in language and grammar, we are in good shapre, but the issue is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are treating this tool of INFERENCE of the ineffable, as if it were capable of delivering a direct and explicit understanding of REALITY.

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are so accustomed to using the DOUBLE ERROR as if it pointed to something ‘real’ that we rarely question it.  For example, we say things like; ‘The raging fire swept through the forested valley incinerating the Jones’ farm, along with farmer Jones and his cow Bessie, and went on to destroy most of Evansville’.   This is the DOUBLE ERROR construction of ‘reality’, but IN REALITY, … there is no such thing as “a fire” vested with the powers of sourcing actions and developments such as ‘sweeping through the valley and incinerating the Jones’ farm’.  What is REALLY going on here is TRANSFORMATION but we don’t put TRANSFORMATION into our language and grammar narratives because it has no beginning and no ending (it is ‘the transforming relational continuum aka the Tao aka the Wavefield) and it has no beginning and ending that we are privy to.   Since TRANSFORMATION is not LOCALIZABLE in space/time; i.e. it is the ineffable, all-including ‘Tao’ (Wave-field), we pass over it in silence and shift gears to a reduced but effable representation in DOUBLE ERROR terms.  The FIRST ERROR is to use NAMING (‘the fire’) to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING to a relational form in the (transformative) flow, and the SECOND ERROR conflates the first using GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself (‘the fire’) the power of SOURCING actions and developments; “swept through the forested valley incinerating the Jones’ farm along with framer Jones and his cow Bessie.”

What we ‘dropped out’ of our intellectual consideration here is REALITY by inserting the FIRE based DOUBLE ERROR.  That is, we chopped out the REALITY of relational TRANSFORMATION which is the real dynamic, because it is ineffable.  It is ineffable because it is THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.  ‘The fire’ is not a real thing-in-itself that can do stuff, it is HOW TRANSFORMATION MANIFESTS and TRANSFORMATION cannot be tied down to something LOCAL.

This ceaseless process of deferral is best summed up by Nishitani … For Nishitani, `fire does not burn fire’ nor does `water wash water’. The essence of fire is to burn, yet fire cannot burn itself. It cannot exist in self-enclosure or possess a simple identity. 

We have the same problem with ‘fever’ as with ‘fire’ in that it does not appear to have a LOCAL SOURCE yet we speak about it as if it did, which, of course, removes from our awareness an understanding of FIRE or FEVER as NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION.  The green grassy plains of the prairie may transform into brown tinder dry dessicant ready to be tickled into combustion and as this TRANSFORMATION continues to  unfold, we FLIP TO DOUBLE ERROR mode where we speak of “A FIRE’ that IS GROWING IN SIZE and FEROCITY as if it had ‘its own LOCAL IDENTITY’ which is abstraction since everything is included within the transformation relational continuum aka Wave-field.

WE SAY … “THE FIRE IS GROWING LARGER AND IS DESTROYING THE TOWN OF EVANSVILLE” … ALTHOUGH AS NISHITANI POINTS OUT, THERE IS NO ‘FIRE’ IN THE SENSE OF ‘A LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF’ WITH ITS OWN POWERS OF ACTION, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, and what we are experiencing is NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION in which we are included.  And as with FIRE, so also with FEVER; i.e. what is going on is TRANSFORMATION of FIGURE-AND-GROUND AS ONE.  Only in a FLATSPACE pseudo-reality can we speak of the GROWTH of the burned-out area.  In spherical space, there is a reciprocal REDUCTION of the green area or in other words, an overall TRANSFORMATION.  The DOUBLE ERROR MISREPRESENTS the REALITY.

By using the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar we focus in on the LOCAL and lay it in our minds like a Cuckoo’s egg that hatches out as an artificial effable LOCALITY that distracts us from the ineffable NONLOCAL phenomenon of TRANSFORMATION.  The TRANSFORMING of LANDSCAPE manifests through flood and fire and alluvial erosion etc. The ‘fire’ is NOT a thing-in-itself, it is one of the ways in which TRANSFORMATION manifests; i.e. TRANSFORMATION is real, not ‘the fire’.

“COMPETITION” is similarly exemplary of our confusion-infusing use of DOUBLE ERROR based pseudo-reality as our ‘operative reality’; i.e. as the pseudo-reality that shapes our relational social dynamics (a very different reality from that of those who intuit themselves to be relational forms in the transforming relational continuum aka ‘the Tao’ aka the Wavefield).

“COMPETITION” is one of these backhanded-inference terms like ‘FORGIVENESS” that implies binary abstraction; i.e. ‘FORGIVENESS’ legitimizes the binary poles of RIGHT and WRONG and ‘COMPETITION’ legitimizes the binary poles of WINNER and LOSER.   The terms WINNER and LOSER are backhanded-inference that establishes the existence of something that can be ‘won’ or ‘lost’, namely something (an ‘event’) that is LOCAL in space and time like ‘A FIRE’.  Speaking in these reduced DOUBLE ERROR based LOCALIZING terms has us LOSE SIGHT of the primary reality of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.

These language and grammar categorizations like FIRE and FEVER are what we need to EXPLICITIZE relational phenomena so that we can representationally extricate and ‘effable-ize’ relational formings in the inffable transforming relational continuum.  ‘FIRE’ does not ‘burn’; i.e. ‘FIRE’ IS THE BURNING aka ‘THE TRANSFORMING’.

If we recall that the Wave-field (the Tao) is ineffable, and that we are forced to use shortcuts, in language and grammar, in order to allude to the ineffable, so that what we speak about is only inference of what lies beyond the effable, we will not accept anything ‘explicit’ or ‘literal’ other than as a springboard to tickle an intuitive leap to the ineffable that lies beyond the language and grammar based springboard.  The ineffable relational medium is the message, not the effable explicit content.  While the EAST remembers not to forget this, the WEST forgets what we were supposed to remember, and thus ‘the tool runs away with workman, the human with the Divine.


* * * * *


A Philosophical Investigation of the abstract concept of COMPETITION.

The concept of ‘competition’ has been given, by us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, a foundational role in our intellectual construction of REALITY.  This note explores the misconception of reality that follows from our acceptance of COMPETITION as something ‘basic in Nature’.

This note discusses the problematic concept of COMPETITION, with respect to how it shapes our intellectual impression of our SENSORY EXPERIENCE REALITY (our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka the ‘Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao).

Competition is abstraction based on the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar which employs NAMING to impute the existence of LOCAL BEINGS, conflating this first error with a second error of GRAMMAR as used to impute powers of sourcing of actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself.

There is no ‘competition’ where subject and object are only one (Schroedinger) and everything included in a fluid-dynamical One-ness.  Sure, the lizards will home in on a fly when it lands, like iron filings home in on a magnet, but it does not follow that the impetus for such convergent movement derives from the interior of the individual participants.  In other words, we must question on what basis we impute the forms in nature to be ‘independent individuals’?  Reflection shows that such invention derives from our own EGO-given impression of ourselves; i.e. by way of EGO based ANTHROPOMORPHISM.

Could the lizards not be included in the Wave-field dynamic, as relational forms in the transforming relational continuum?  Modern physics says yes to this; i.e. as Schroedinger points out, when it comes to fluid dynamics as in the Wave-field, SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE (i.e. FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE).  The lizards and other forms are developments withing the all-encompassing ‘field’.


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