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What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience.”  — R.D. Laing



I am using the English language as the vehicle for sharing conceptual understanding that lies beyond the direct and explicit representational capabilities of this type of language.  The limited concept conveying capabilities of this European NAMING and GAMMAR based language is a problem that has been identified by David Bohm and others in that because it employs an EXPLICIT form of representation, it cannot represent the fluid, flowing reality of the Wave-field; i.e. reality as understood in modern physics.  This fluid reality requires a more comprehensive (higher dimensional) representational capability.  That is, the reality of TRANSFORMATION wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE cannot be captured in a language whose basic conveyancing architecture is in terms of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO representations.

For example, “DUNING” and “DESERTING” are NONLOCAL resonance-based phenomena that are INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL (included within the transforming relational continuum so that we would have describe the entire NONLOCAL continuum in order to give meaning to anything “LOCAL”).

So, in order to ‘EFFABLE-ize’ the ‘INEFFABLE’, the trick is to employ the DOUBLE ERROR (Nietzsche) of language and grammar to ‘chop out’ a LOCAL piece of the transforming relational continuum for descriptive purposes.   For example we figuratively CHOP OUT a LOCAL ‘DUNE’ from the NONLOCAL resonance phenomenon of DUNING in order to render EFFABLE-because-LOCAL, the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL “DUNING”.  In this DOUBLE ERROR ‘chop-out’ reduction, the FIRST ERROR is NAMING which imputes LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING, and we conflate this with the SECOND ERROR of GRAMMAR which imputes the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the notional NAMING instantiated LOCAL thing-in-itself.  Make no mistake about it, … the natural phenomenon is NONLOCAL RESONANCE which is unbounded in SPACETIME, while our chopped out “DUNE” that we LOCAL-ize with “NAMING” and animate with “GRAMMAR” is abstracted into a notionally SEPARATE ‘absolute SPACE’ and absolute ‘TIME’ ‘operating ground’.  Instead of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as ONE, … such abstraction gives us FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO.





This comment elaborates on how “REALITY” can be constructed differently depending on our intellectual habits.  I have referred to the major split as EAST versus WEST in this regard and would include in ‘EAST’, modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.  Included in ‘WEST’ are Newtonian physics and the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERING belief system.  These are general ‘groupings’ that can be more definitively described in terms of the relative priority (in ‘reality constructing’) given to TRANSFORMATION versus ‘PRODUCTION-and-CONSUMPTION’.  TRANSFORMATION is a NONLOCAL dynamic (i.e. it is a WAVE-FIELD dynamic) and since it is going on everywhere-at-the same time’, it is INEFFABLE.

Language and grammar equip us for intellectually splitting TRANSFORMATION (wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE which is why TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE) into TWO SEPARATE components; PRODUCING (creating/extruding) and CONSUMING (annihilating/subducting) wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO (i.e. where we imagine that there are TWO separate ontological entities).   The splitting of TRANSFORMATION into two separate parts succeeds in re-rendering (reducing) the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL, to effable-because-LOCAL   That is, we can ‘talk about’ FIGURE AND GROUND when we conceive of these as TWO as if, for example, the INHABITANT were INDEPENDENT of the HABITAT and was able to roam around on its own accord exploring and exploiting the PERCEIVED AS SEPARATE AND INDEPENDENT “HABITAT”.  This is part of the WESTERN CULTURE belief system that distinguishes the WEST from the EAST, since the EASTERN belief, which accords with modern physics, is that INHABITANT and HABITAT are ONE, … or in geometric terms, FIGURE and GROUND are ONE, this latter understanding is supported by the Wave-field conceptualizing of reality.

The point being made by Nietzsche and Nishitani is that the DOUBLE ERROR of “LIGHTNING FLASHES” (Nietzsche) and “FIRE BURNS” (Nishitani) is an expedient for reducing TRANSFORMATION which is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL (something we must remain silent about, as Wittgenstein puts it) to something EFFABLE-because-LOCAL such as CREATION and EXTINCTION as with FIRE BURNS and FIRE is EXTINGUISHED.  The reality of our sensory experience, meanwhile, is that we share inclusion in a seasonal world wherein what we are included in cycles through hot periods where everything gets dried out and becomes like gunpowder ready to burst into flames.  This is TRANSFORMATION but because TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL we can’t do our usual trick with language and grammar to render it in LOCAL terms until the opportunity for a LOCAL approach to reality capture opens up for us, as where we can say FIRE BURNS.   Likewise, when relations are such as to grow the relative difference between regions of surplus and regions of deficiency (rich and poor), we are still in the realm of relational TRANSFORMATION.

TRANSFORMATION continues as the operational dynamic even while, at some point, the ‘rebalancers’ like Robin Hood and Jean Valjean ‘come out of the woodwork’, a development which is met IN OUR WESTERN CULTURE by labelling the emergent agents of rebalancing PATHOGENS aka CRIMINALS aka THIEVES.  We do this LABELING by way of DOUBLE ERROR constructions akin to FIRE BURNS, such as THIEVES STEAL which ignores the RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION that is steadily developing (which is INEFFABLE but just because we can’t ‘lingualize’ and articulate it doesn’t mean we don’t experience it; i.e. WE DO EXPERIENCE the INEFFABLE relational TRANSFORMATION that we are all included in, and it is this experiencing of being included in rising relational imbalance that induces Robin Hood and Jean Valjean’s rebalancing actions).

The point is that our being included in TRANSFORMATION is an INEFFABLE EXPERIENCE and we sweat our way through the long hot summer as we walk through forests that are becoming more and more desiccated and turning into fire-bombs-in-waiting, and all through this we say nothing until, … LOOK!, THERE’S A FIRE BURNING OVER THERE!.

That’s how PATHOGENS like COVID 19 get INVENTED, as an EFFABLE COVER for INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION.  Such DOUBLE ERROR EFFABLE-IZING TOOL can be highly useful since it allows us to share our experiences and observations and coordinate our actions, but it can be a CRAZY-MAKER when we, as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are prone to doing, ‘let the tool run away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the divine (NONLOCAL).

The LOCALIZING abstractions of ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘PATHOGENS ATTACK and KILL’ (e.g. COVID 19, clostridium difficile etc.) are great communication aids but, like FIRE BURNS, they are only up to the job of INFERENCE of something innately more profound that is going on, which is TRANSFORMATION, … something that is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.  So, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, we are able to reduce the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL as we are doing when we speak in terms of “FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS”, as if the relational world of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION of our sensory experience could be reduced by our language based intellectual constructions, to a world of LOCALLY SOURCED ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS, which is what the DOUBLE ERROR does; …. thank you very much ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’, because you (the reductive DOUBLE ERROR) are a VALUABLE TOOL for enabling at least a REDUCED version of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL “TRANSFORMATION” to be put in a form that is EFFABLE-BECAUSE-LOCAL [*The ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ identified by Nietzsche is (first error) ‘NAMING’ to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself being, conflated with (second error) GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself the power of SOURCING actions and developments)*].

IF ONLY WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS DIDN’T let the tool run away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the divine (NONLOCAL) , and instead, like our EASTERN CULTURE and MODERN PHYSICS cultures, hold in perspective, the reality that such reductions to the LOCAL are only good for INFERENCE of the ineffable and are not good for direct employment as a notional EXPLICIT (pseudo-) REALITY feature.  For example “FIRE BURNS” cannot be construed as a REAL LOCAL phenomenon because the real phenomenon is NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION that, because it is INEFFABLE, we do not talk about.  Though we can’t break TRANSFORMATION down into LOCAL agency, we know that we are included in some overall process that is sucking the moisture out of the once-green moist grass and shrubbery and transforming this vegetation into an easily triggered explosive while we ourselves are funnels for water coming in and evaporating out of our pores even as we turn brown and sunburned, much like the grass without the extreme desiccating that can convert shrubbery into easily detonated explosives.  WE ARE FIGURES INCLUDED IN A GROUND that is NOT INDEPENDENT OF OURSELVES, and we can’t escape from the TRANSFORMATION that characterizes the transforming relational continuum aka the ‘Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’ that is all inclusive and that includes us (i.e. FIGURE and GROUND are ONE).

So, the expressions ‘FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS” are convenient DOUBLE ERROR abstractions that we can use for purposes of reductive EFFABLE INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION that we share inclusion in.  Such REDUCTIONS are good only for INFERENCE and not competent for use as EXPLICIT REPRESENTATIONS of REALITY, however, that is what is currently going on in our popular WESTERN CULTURE psychological reality constructing practice.   ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’ come with the archetypal sense of LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS that, in the psyche of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, USURPS the reality-furnishing role of our INTUITION of NONLOCALITY that is innate in TRANSFORMATION.

Where this gets confusing is that we don’t know from a person’s language, if they are ‘coming from the EASTERN understanding or ‘coming from the WESTERN understanding’ because WESTERN language and grammar is ambiguous in this respect. If a person uses the DOUBLE ERROR and says ‘my farm is growing larger and increasing its production’, such language usage does not mention that ‘the Wilderness lands’ are growing reciprocally smaller.  This ‘incompleteness’ is the same incompleteness of all finite logical constructs as pointed out by Goedel’s theorem.  In other words, our normal WESTERN logic is the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED MEDIUM wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO (note that the medium is excluded when we talk in terms of the GROWTH of a LOCAL ‘NAMING-instantiated-thing-in-itself such as ‘a farm’).

What we need, as Bohm and Nietzsche and others have pointed out, is a more comprehensive language which employs what has been called ‘quantum logic’; i.e. the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium where FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.  In this case, there is no such thing as the GROWTH of ‘the FARM’, there is only relational TRANSFORMATION which comprehends as ONE, BOTH the “GROWTH” of the farm AND the SHRINKAGE of ‘the Wilderness’.  Not only does TRANSFORMATION do away with the abstract concept of GROWTH (which comes from the DOUBLE ERROR), it does away with the abstract concept of ‘LOCAL’ which, together with the abstract concept of ‘GROWTH’, usurps understanding in terms of TRANSFORMATION.  The only place that the GROWTH of things (such as FIRES that BURN) could be possible ‘on its own’ is within an absolute space of infinite extent, something that is not available to our real-life sensual experience.

Just because TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE doesn’t mean that it is NOT REAL.  It is the DOUBLE ERROR constructions such as “FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS” that are NOT REAL, and take us inside an abstract absolute space based pseudo-reality notionally populated with NAMING instantiated LOCAL things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-given (notional) powers of SOURCING actions and developments.  This DOUBLE ERROR bullshit is fine as a tool of INFERENCE of an ineffable reality but used as an EXPLICIT reality-substitute rather than IMPLICITLY, it is a CRAZY-MAKER and that is the current plight of those of us who are WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS or ‘WESTERN CULTURE FELLOW TRAVELLERS’.


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What we have in the world today are TWO different strains of language architecture.  As David Bohm pointed out, modern physics needed a new and more comprehensive language to capture ‘reality’ that would overcome the limitations of our European languages.  The needed language architecture was one wherein there was no hard dependency on the abstract concept of LOCAL things-in-themselves, as in the European languages which are based on the NAMING and GRAMMAR which creates LOCAL things-in-themselves that facilitate a LOCAL, bottom-up construction of representations of reality.

Isaac Newton (somewhat cautiously) affirmed the correctness of this approach to linguistic-conceptual representations of the reality of our experience (as separate things-in-ourselves) in Nature, justifying it on the basis that it fit the way God would have done it in the CREATION;

The fertile mind of Isaac Newton turned to this concept, in his 31st Query, one of a number appended to his work on Optics. Newton published certain of his thoughts, each in the form of a Question, “because I am not yet satisfied about it for want of Experiments.” He launched into considering this Query by writing:

Qu. 31. Have not the small Particles of Bodies certain Powers, Virtues or Forces, by which they act at a distance, not only upon the Rays of Light for reflecting, refracting and inflecting them, but also upon one another producing a great part of the Phænomena of Nature?”

After speaking of chemical reactions, and various musings on attraction in different circumstances, several pages later he proceeds as follows:

“All these things being considered, it seems probable to me, that God in the Beginning form’d matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable, moveable Particles, of such Sizes and Figures, and with such other Properties, and in such Proportion to Space, as most conduced to the end for which he form’d them; and these primitive Particles being Solids, are incomparably harder than any porous Bodies compounded of them; even so very hard as never to wear or break in pieces: no ordinary Power being able to divide what God himself made one in the first Creation.”

Newton quotes from Opticks (1704, 2nd ed., 1718), 350 & 375-376


For a very different perspective on where Newton got the foundataional basics for his Natural Philosophy, see Benjamin Whorf’s investigations that show that Newton’s extracted his laws of physics from the already existing European language and grammar, the basic building block in which is the DOUBLE ERROR (Nietzsche) of NAMING (to conceptually establish in the intellect a LOCAL thing-in-itself), conflating this with GRAMMAR ( to impute the power of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself.   

By contrast, indigenous aboriginal cultures along with Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta grounded their language in the understanding that ‘everything is in flux’ (Heraclitus) wherein reality is inherently NONLOCAL in the manner of a fluid flow or Wave-field dynamic and THAT WHICH APPEARS TO BE A LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF is instead a persisting RELATIONAL GATHERING AND SCATTERING like the ‘BOIL’ in the river FLOW and the DUNING in the DESERTING.


A Nonlinear-Dynamical Representation of COVID 19


The following explores a peculiar feature of our our COVID 19 experience which urges us to desert our loved ones in their time of greatest emotional-experiential need in order to avoid some analytically calculated probability of putting ourselves and others through a risky experience (‘through ‘community spread’ of ‘what we may have’ ‘if we happen to have it’).

We could never train natural-born-and-raised animals to do this since it entails putting ‘analytical reason’ into an unnatural precedence over natural emotions arising from our relational sensory-experience grounded intuition.

The COVID 19 dilemma with its promoting of LOGIC over sensory experience-based INTUITIVE (spontaneous) emotions is truly a landmark development for homo sapiens, at least for those homo sapiens of the WESTERN CULTURE.  The tendency to invert our natural precedence of intuitive intellection over rational intellection (as Kepler put it in ‘Harmonies of the World’) is stronger for adults than for children (i.e. the child’s logic-driven behavioural drive has not yet matured to the point of clearly overpowering their natural intuition induced emotional behavioural responses).  But for those WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT youths who are entering into adulthood who have, a decade or two of cultural conditioning behind them, that gives them the self-discipline to self-distance from and/or kill those that the CULTURE defines as PATHOGENS by intellectual reasoning and NAME labelling, intuition is demoted and falls into the darkness beneath the rational (logical) thinking plane, so that rational (logical) thinking is given first dibs in the designing and executing of behavioural dynamics.

For the proponents of developing a culture wherein language and grammar supported LOGICAL REASONING based societal behaviour prevails over relational-intuitive SENSORY-EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, the social dynamic associated with the COVID 19 Pandemic ‘makes sense’; i.e. it signals the establishing of primacy of intellectual calculation over sensory-experience grounded intuitive insight (e.g. “let’s let granny and/or gramps die alone in the lockup to be ‘on the safe side'”).


Philosophical Investigation of the influential concept of THE PATHOGEN


The following is a review of what is screwed up in this popular narrative of the PATHOGEN named COVID 19, which includes the point that the concept of a PATHOGEN  is a DOUBLE ERROR based abstraction, meaning that “PATHOGENS” do not exist in reality, but are intellectual concepts based on two mutually compounding errors of grammar, the first error being NAMING that implies the LOCAL existence of a thing-in-itself, and the second, conflating error being GRAMMAR that notionally equips the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself with the notional power of SOURCING actions and developments.

Once can see what this DOUBLE ERROR in the examples given by Nietzsche (LIGHTNING FLASHES) and Nishitani (FIRE BURNS), the DEVICE of using language to impute LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.

This DEVICE is what is needed to EFFABLE-IZE the INEFFABLE dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.  TRANSORMATION associates with a fluid environment as when a mountain of mud SLUMPS and raises the valley floor, blurring the BINARY distinction between ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ in the sense that FIGURE (mountain) and GROUND (valley) are not understood as TWO but are understood as ONE.  If one understands this in 3 or 4 dimensional terms, one can intuit the FIGURE and GROUND relation of a hologram or holodynamic wherein FIGURE and GROUND truly ARE ONE.  Modern physics supports this concept of the holographic universe wherein the visible forms are condensations of wave-field energy so that there is only the Wave-field, the local concentrations of energy within it being what we call ‘material’ entities.  In other words, ‘material entities are ‘made of field’ (concentrations within the field) so that the Wave-field IS the ‘whole ball of wax’ which means that FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.

Wave-field resonances can explain material structures without resorting to the assumptions of anything LOCAL such as Newton’s ‘corpuscles’ or Democritus’ ‘atoms’ (Greek for atomos of ‘indivisible’).

The thing to remember in here is that the Wave-field understanding of reality implies NONLOCALITY while the Newtonian physics understanding of reality implies LOCAL thing-in-itself existence.


Understanding “THE DOUBLE ERROR” of Naming and Grammar


Author’s Preface:

My view is that in order to understand how CRAZY-MAKING cognitive assumptions are screwing up our WESTERN CULTURE psyche’s, we need to address UPFRONT, Nietzsche’s  (and other’s) critique of ‘reason’; i.e.

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  — Nietzsche

What is going on here is that we are falling into a trap described by Goedel’s Theorem of the incompleteness of all finite systems of logic.

If we reflect on this, we find that this is very relevant to the FIRE BURNS conundrum wherein we use such simple DOUBLE ERROR language and grammar constructions to reduce the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL understanding of reality to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL understanding.

In other words, we understand from our sensory experiencing of the seasons and multi-year cycles (warm years and cool years) that we are included in something bigger than we can get outside of and look down and in on, an experience of inclusion that is impossible to describe in VOYEUR visualizing terms (i.e. DOUBLE ERROR terms) of NAMING instantiated local things-in-themselves (FIRST ERROR) with their own GRAMMAR given actions and developments [SECOND ERROR].

The Goedel’s theorem problem of incompleteness shows up right there in ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘LIGHTNING FLASHES’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’.  These are all one-sided (incomplete) positive propositions that lack the complexity needed to capture TRANSFORMATION.  TRANSFORMATION cannot be captured in terms of LOCAL SOURCING as is the make-up of the logical propositions ‘FIRE BURNS’, ‘LIGHTNING FLASHES’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’.

We could therefore say that simple logic, the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium (where FIGURE and GROUND are TWO) is the type of logic that is exposed in the Goedel’s theorem sense is where the ‘incompleteness’ comes in. For example, we can use this logic to say that we are GROWING the farm land we have under cultivation, but this says nothing about the SHRINKAGE of the Wilderness lands that is reciprocal to the GROWTH of the cultivated lands.

What’s going on here?  Evidently language and grammar don’t care about whether we are living on a flat plane of infinite extent, in which case there would be no SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS lands in reciprocal proportion to the GROWTH of CULTIVATED LAND, such reciprocal interdependence being characteristic of spherical space but not FLAT-SPACE.  In other words, there is no such thing as GROWTH without assuming an absolute containing space to house that GROWTH and since there is no such thing as an absolute containing space, there is no such thing as GROWTH.  There is only TRANSFORMATION.

But we are not dependent on simple EITHER/OR binary logic of the EXCLUDED medium where FIGURE and GROUND are TWO…  for figuring out how ‘reality’ works, we also have ‘quantum logic’ aka ‘the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium(where FIGURE and GROUND are ONE, as in the boil in the flow).  The FIGURE and GROUND as ONE reality is otherwise known as NONLOCALITY and what is NONLOCAL is INEFFABLE as in the overall environmental desiccating in the persisting summer cycle of thermal field intensification.  Where is the warming coming from? Answer: — from a gathering and scattering that is aptly described as NONLOCAL as is the basic nature of the Wave-field.

The LOCAL outbreaks of FIRE are secondary symptoms of ongoing NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION which, because it is NONLOCAL, is INEFFABLE.  Here we come to the ‘logical error’ of the man who searches under the streetlight for the watch he has lost on a dark section of the street because ‘the search conditions are better there’.  That is, we can be EXPLICIT in expressing our finding from inquiry into LOCAL phenomena such as FIRE BURNS while TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL (implicit) and resists capture in LOCAL (explicit) terms.  That’s too bad because TRANSFORMATION is the fundamental dynamic and it is NONLOCAL while LOCAL dynamics are secondary IMPRESSIONS (e.g. ‘DUNING’ is a NONLOCAL resonance [Wave-field] phenomenon while the LOCAL DUNE’s movement and development is a secondary IMPRESSION that is given persisting thing-in-itself status in our intellectual-linguistic REPRESENTATIONS by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR).

Our WESTERN CULTURE constraining of our REPRESENTATIONS of reality to terms of LOCAL things-in-themselves with notional powers of SOURCING actions and developments complements the Goedel’s Theorem INCOMPLETENESS associated with EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium.  That is, the INCOMPLETENESS of simple logic allows us to say FIRE BURNS without mention of the reciprocal loss of NON-BURNED Wilderness which is the conjugate aspect of the one dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.   The topological relations associated with spherical surfaces do not reduce to one-sided positive logic as implied by FIRE BURNS, or by the GROWTH of the BURNED AREA.  In spherical space, there is always the conjugate UNBURNED area that is SHRINKING as the burned area is GROWING, the overall effect being TRANSFORMATION of the overall spherical space.  Sure, it is LOGICALLY true that the BURNED AREA GROWS in size but to capture REALITY, we must admit that this logic is INCOMPLETE without acknowledging at the same time, the SHRINKAGE of UNBURNED AREA.  This requires the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.   More BURNED FIGURE means reciprocally Less UNBURNED GROUND.

We may describe in great detail our cultivating of land and what means for us; i.e. it provides food and sustenance and employment etc.  … but what meaning, as far as ‘reality’ is concerned, can that have without addressing the reciprocal loss of Wilderness lands and the impact on the overall TRANSFORMATION?  Evidently, our talk of GROWTH as if it were a LOCAL phenomenon is unreal abstraction that confuses our understanding of reality.

The real world dynamic of our sensory experience is NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE while the expedient (DOUBLE ERROR based) reduction to EFFABLE is LOCAL.   The WESTERN CULTURE issue is that this reductive tool is running away with the workman, the human (effable) with the divine (ineffable).  Among EASTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, the reduction remains a ‘tool of inference’ of the ineffable reality that lies beyond the effable so that such reductions are not taken literally, while we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are accepting DOUBLE ERROR reductions, LITERALLY, as our operative REPRESENTATION of reality.  This is a CRAZY-MAKER!


* * * * * * * * *


The DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR gives rise to the concept of a LOCAL SOURCING AGENCY in REALITY REPRESENTATION.  While valid only as a tool of INFERENCE (as used in the EAST), the DOUBLE ERROR is misused in the WEST in being employed as a DIRECT REALITY SURROGATE.

‘NAMING’ (the first part of the TWO-PART DOUBLE ERROR) allows us, together with GRAMMAR (the second part of the TWO-PART DOUBLE ERROR), to drive an abstract fixed/local stake-in-the-ground-of the transforming relational continuum (the Wave-field aka the Tao) which is the reality of our sensory experience prior to ‘opening our mouths.  Without ‘NAMING’ to establish a local jumping off point, everything is in flux.  That is the reality of our actual sensory experience and because we are included in this flux, reality is NOT OUT THERE in front of us, as would be capturable in terms of visual REPRESENTATION.  For example, ‘DUNING’ is a Wave-field resonance phenomenon that can include us so that we could be incorporated (and fossilized) within, so no amount of detail in the description of ‘a dune’ is going to capture BEING INDUNED.

NAMING and GRAMMAR, the DOUBLE ERROR combo, … allows us to construct REPRESENTATIONS that feature notional THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES, notionally with powers of SOURCING actions and developments.


A NOTE on The Incompleteness of all Finite Systems of Logical Propositions



Understanding (the essence of Goedel’s Theorem) is not, in my view, some esoteric philosophical undertaking since it speaks to why WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE is a CRAZY-MAKER.  Goedel’s theorem implications crop up in Nietzsche’s philosophical explorations as ’the DOUBLE ERROR’ where we say things like ‘FIRE BURNS’ to construct the concept of LOCAL, an abstraction that we then allow to ‘over-ride’ in our language and grammar constructions of reality, the sensory-experience reality of NONLOCALITY; i.e. the sensory experience of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

While the DOUBLE ERROR reduction of the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL is a useful tool that ‘effable-izes’ the ‘ineffable’ (the all-including Wave-field aka the Tao), it cannot be overlooked that such effeble-izing comes at the expense of a a BASIC REDUCTION IN ESSENTIAL MEANING.  Instead of reality being the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL flow we share inclusion in, … effable-izing reduction delivers representations in terms of LOCAL NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves, with GRAMMAR-given notional powers of sourcing actions and developments.   That is, instead of the NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION of our sensory experience, the DOUBLE ERROR language and grammar reduction delivers abstract REPRESENTATION in terms of NAMING instantiated ‘things-in-themselves’ with GRAMAMR instantiated powers of SOURCING actions and developments.

This DOUBLE ERROR reduction is a useful TOOL that, as Emerson point out, has ‘run away with the workman’ (the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT ‘workman’).  This is where EGO comes in, in the sense that the DOUBLE ERROR imputes to NAMING-instantiated ‘(notional) things-in-themselves’, powers of sourcing actions and LOCALLY SOUCING actions and developments.





Are you one of the 2-4% of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS who falls into the category termed ‘Bipolar Disorder’ or ‘Schizophrenic’?

This note explains how this 2-4% are just those who are unable to give themselves up to EITHER the conservative mindset OR the liberal mindset, such splitting into polarized factions being considered NORMAL among WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, and thus defining ABNORMALITY in terms of being unable throw oneself body and soul into EITHER of those two BINARY OPPOSITE POLAR DIVISIONS, and in effect, EMBODYING THE SPLIT rather than opting for one or the other.  This is kind of like building one’s home over top of the San Andreas fault, rather than, like the majority, opting for one side or the other.

THE POINT HERE IS THAT ALL THREE CATEGOREIS ARE FORMS OF CRAZINESS which split WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS into the three camps of CONSERVATIVE, LIBERAL (who live on either side of the ‘fault’ respectively, and BIPOLAR/SCHIZOPHRENIC who effectively EMBODY the split.  Note that the CONSERVATIVE – LIBERAL split is JUST AS CRAZY as the embodied split within the individual ‘with SCHIZOPHRENIA or BIPOLAR DISORDER’, it’s just that GROUPS OF CRAZIES NORMALIZE THEIR ABNORMALITY by conforming to a common ABNORMALITY.  In fact, we would do better to GROUND the term NORMAL with respect to NATURE and speak of NATURALITY and ABNATURALITY in which case WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS who are “NORMAL” are predominantly ABNATURAL.

SO, … WHAT IS THE NATURE OF the SPLIT within the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collective and why does it manifest in the ‘CONSERVATIVE-LIBERAL POLAR DIVISION’ but not in the EAST?  (The EAST is a term that is often associated with indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, which do no not split off into CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL polar opposite camps.





Goedel’s Theorem speaks of the ‘incompleteness of all finite systems of (binary) logic”.  A prime example is where we speak of GROWTH in terms of AGE.

This kind of talk, as when we ‘celebrate our birthday’, has us conceiving of ourselves as ‘another year older’, … is CRAZY-MAKING talk.  If I am 30 and my children are 1, 3, and 5 years old respectively, if we measure ourselves as ‘things-in-themselves’ and I celebrate OUR BIRTHDAYS, then the next year I will be 31 years old and the following year I will be 32 years old etc. etc.   But THIS IS NOT THE PRIMARY REALITY, because the change that is REALLY going on is RELATIONAL as in ‘mitakuye oyasin — ‘we are all related’.   Who “I AM’ incorporates ‘all my relations’ and ‘all my relations’ are continually changing since my relations with my 1, 3 and 5 year old are very different from my relations with my 11, 13 and 15 year olds, so why focus on the ABSTRACTION called ‘my age’ and the annual celebration of MY BIRTHDAY, as if we could give meaning to me as a THING-IN-ITSELF undergoing ITS OWN GROWTH?

In the reality of our actual sensory experience, there is no such thing as GROWTH of some LOCAL thing-in-itself, there is only TRANSFORMATION and TRANSFORMATION is inherently RELATIONAL and NONLOCAL

Why say; ‘this tree is shedding its leaves’ when we are surrounded in a zillion manifestations of SEASONAL TRANSFORMATION.  Talk about Goedel’s Theorem of the incompleteness of all finite systems of logical propositions, … such observations as this, and/or ‘my child is growing up’, are gross distortions of what is actually, “in treality” unfolding, which is relational TRANSFORMATION that is NONLOCAL and ALL-INCLUSIVE and we are included in it and we’d better take note of how we use the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar to REDUCE the NONLOCAL dynamics of our relational experience, to ABSTRACT LOCAL DYNAMICS SUCH AS THE “GROWTH” OF SOME “THING-IN-ITSELF”.

There are no THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES, … they are just abstract concepts we create with the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar where we use NAMING  (of some relational forming in the relational flowing) to impute its notional LOCAL thing-in-itself existence [FIRST ERROR] and conflate this with GRAMMAR [SECOND ERROR] whereby we impute the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING-instantiated notional ‘thing-in-itself’.

So, we had better ‘take stock’ of what we are doing here as there is a lot of language and grammar based SELF-DECEPTION going on, which has been termed ‘the DOUBLE ERROR’ of NAMING and GRAMMAR by Nietzsche.  Ok, the reason WHY we reduce our fluid, relational reality with the DOUBLE ERROR is because it is a NONLOCAL reality (everything depends on its relations with everything which is how Wave-fields ‘work’).  In order to reduce the INFINITE-because-NONLOCAL to the FINITE-because-LOCAL, we construct a DOUBLE ERROR based REPRESENTION.  For example, DUNING is a NONLOCAL resonance based phenomenon, which is too diffuse to ‘point out’ but, if we point to one of those graceful aesthetic wave-like accumulations of sand and twigs and dust, and NAME it ‘A DUNE’, we succeed in giving BIRTH to a LOCAL entity within the ACTUAL NONLOCAL reality.

While the REAL (sensory experience affirmed) dynamic is NONLOCAL (relational), it is INEFFABLE so, we MUST PASS OVER IT IN SILENCE, as Wittgenstein, Nietzsche et al have pointed out, meaning that we can’t nail it down EXPLICITLY because language and grammar lack the capability of capturing NONLOCAL dynamics.   Thus LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR lack the representational horsepower to capture the NONLOCAL because it is only IMPLICIT and not EXPLICIT, … so poetry is useful and so is ‘the surprise version of the game of Twenty Questions’ (suggested by modern physics philosophers Geoffrey Chew and John Wheeler) both of which ‘sneak up on’ (infer) relational flow forms by employing a web of inference that suggests (implies) the fluid form without EXPLICITIZING it.

So, if we want to understand WHO WE ARE, … rather than breaking ourselves down into LOCAL material components, which from the get-go implies the REALITY of a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF which is bullshit because there are no LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES in the transforming relational continuum that is the world of our actual sensory experience.

WHO ARE WE, THEN?  The experience-grounded answer is ‘mitakuye oyasin’, we are our relations with all manner of things (relational forms) in the transforming relational continuum.

To try to understanding ourselves as a LOCAL BEING is a CRAZY-MAKER and that CRAZINESS is what WESTERN CULTURE is currently cultivating in us.  Consider EGO for starters, the DOUBLE ERROR based conceptualizing of our ‘self’ as a LOCAL NAMING-instantiated thing-in-ourself with GRAMMAR-given powers of sourcing actions and developments.  This is where EGO comes from and it is a CRAZY-MAKER.

Ok, the reduction of our NONLOCAL self to a notional LOCAL thing-in-itself sense via the DOUBLE ERROR allows us to reduce the ineffable to the effable, but that effable is just a tool of inference of the ineffable, and that is how it is used in modern physics as also in the EAST (indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta).

If we ‘pull back’ from thinking in DOUBLE ERROR terms, which deliver up an abstract LOCALLY instantiated pseudo-reality for us to use as an EFFABLE SUBSTITUTE REALITY for the INEFFABLE NONLOCAL RELATIONAL REALITY of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, we can get back in touch with the purely relational reality of our sensory experience.  So what does REALITY ‘look like’ when it is purely relational?

For example, what does ‘reality look like’ when we stop our intellectual constructing of it in terms of LOCAL things-in-themselves that we impute GROWTH to, as when we celebrate BIRTHDAYS as if they mark another year of GROWTH of a LOCAL thing-in-itself given by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.

The ‘real reality’ of our sensory experience IS NOT BASED ON GROWTH because the concept of GROWTH is ABSTRACTION that builds from the concept of a LOCAL MATERIAL THING-IN-ITSELF that CHANGES over TIME and this is ABSTRACTION based on the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.  For example, a ‘hurricaning’ and/or a ‘duning’ is a resonance feature within the transforming relational continuum where FIGURE and GROUND are ONE, … and NOT TWO and this we experience as relational TRANSFORMATION. that we are included in; i.e. this it the REALITY and it is not as if we are a FIGURE split off from the GROUND and being separate from it, are able to visually observe it AS IF IT WERE ‘out there’ in front of us and SEPARATE FROM US.  We are IN IT, SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE.

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist.” – Erwin Schroedinger

The REAL world of our sensory experience of inclusion within the transforming relational continuum wherein FIGURE and GROUND (SUBJECT AND OBJECT) are ONE, is a HOLOGRAPHIC WORLD.     It is the transforming relational continuum we and everything are included in as pointed to by ‘mitakuye oyasin’.  It is NOT the world of our voyeur visual observations where we say things ‘the tree is losing its leaves’ or ‘the tree is having another birthday, … happy birthday tree’, … because there is no such thing as ‘an individual thing-in-itself’ that GROWS OLDER in TIME (such is the DOUBLE ERROR abstraction of language and grammar) wherein we SNAPSHOT forms that we NAME-LABEL and TIME-TAG; e.g. here is Emily on her 1’st Birthday, then on her 2nd Birthday, then on her 3rd Birthday etc. etc.  This fails to mention how the web of relations she is in is transforming; i.e. how her brothers were 7 and 10 on her first birthday and 8 and 11 on her second birthday and 9 and 12 on her 3rd birthday, …. so that what is REALLY going on is RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION of the relational matrix she is included in, rather than ‘HER GROWTH’ as if in absolute space and absolute time (these are abstractions concocted with the DOUBLE ERROR or language and grammar).

WE ARE OUR RELATIONS, … ‘mitakuye oyasin’, … or, in other words, we  live within a holographic world that can’t be captured by a time-sequence of visual pictures as are used to imply GROWTH of a ‘thing-in-itself’. If we look at the pictures of a single person on their successive birthdays, we will get the impression of GROWTH of that person but what they are actually experiencing is inclusion in a TRANSFORMING web of relations.  Our experience is thus of inclusion in a holographic reality that lies beyond visual SNAPSHOTS of the NOMINALLY “same thing” over successive intervals of time where we say we are capturing the GROWTH or CHANGE of the visual SUBJECT

But what about the subject’s relations with other things that are also undergoing GROWTH or CHANGE?  This is a GREATER REALITY because it is the reality of one’s SENSORY EXPERIENCE of GROWTH or CHANGE within a relational matrix together with other things which are also EXPERIENCING GROWTH or CHANGE, so that what we actually EXPERIENCE is the confluence of all of these CHANGING RELATIONS which, taken together, constitutes our inclusion in relational TRANSFORMATION.  This is the reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, that is not captured in a series of SNAPSHOTS of the same subject undergoing GROWTH over TIME.  In other words GROWTH is NOT REAL, it is ABSTRACTION.  TRANSFORMATION IS REAL, NOT GROWTH.  When we and the plants and animals etc. experience the Wave of the SEASONS in which we are included, the phases being called Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, … this web of relations, including our relations with brothers and sisters, parents and friends, … is an EXPERIENTIAL REALITY.  So, if it is ‘reality’, what, then, can we say about the ‘reality’ of INDIVIDUAL GROWTH?

ANSWER: There is no such thing as GROWTH.  It  is a DOUBLE ERROR that associates with intellectual abstraction triggered by NAMING and GRAMMAR as applied to notional LOCAL VISIBLE forms.  There is only relational TRANSFORMATION which is inherently NONLOCAL and thus NON-VISIBLE.  Our sensory experience informs us of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao, but it is INEFFABLE and we can only INFER its reality through our sensory experience of inclusion within it.

The matrix of relations of our sensory experience of inclusion within them is not VISIBLE ‘out there in front of us’ but instead comes to us through a hololodynamical sense of inclusion within the dynamic.  Our awareness of this holodynamical inclusion comes from bringing an abundance of visual perspectives into connective confluence and extracting the relational coherencies therein.  This holodynamical experience gives us a sense of inclusion that is BEYOND THE VISUAL, as in holography.  This difference between visual images and holography that comes from bring a multitude of sensory experiences into connective confluence and extracting the ‘phase relation’ coherencies is captured in the Nobel prize award presentation to Denis Gabor for his showing how the holodynamic could represented optically.

“ The photographic plate preserves for us a picture of a fleeting moment, which perhaps we may make use of over a long time period for measurements, or it transforms a wave-field of heat rays, X rays, or electron rays to a visible image. And yet, important information about the object is missing in a photographic image. This is a problem which has been a key one for Dennis Gabor during his work on information theory. Because the image reproduces only the effect of the intensity of the incident wave-field, not its nature. The other characteristic quantity of the waves, phase, is lost and thereby the three dimensional geometry. The phase depends upon from which direction the wave is coming and how far it has travelled from the object to be imaged. Gabor found the solution to the problem of how one can retain a wave-field with its phase on a photographic plate.” – Erik Ingelstam, in presenting Gabor with his Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971

The ’take-away’ from this philosophical introspection is that (a) there is no such thing as GROWTH and what we CALL GROWTH is the product of the DOUBLE ERROR or language and grammar wherein we use NAMING to impute local thing-in-itself being to a relational flow-form, and conflate this with the second error of GRAMMAR that imputes to the NAMING instantiated (notional) thing-in-itself its own powers of SOURCING actions and developments, and (b) our sensory experience is of inclusion in relational TRANSFORMATION which is a holodynamical experience, which, being NONLOCAL is INEFFABLE.

* * *

CRAZY MAKERS associated with NOT ACKNOWLEDGING the holodynamical nature of our sensory experiencing of reality comes from our CONSTRUCTING ABSTRACT DOUBLE ERROR BASED PSEUDO-REALITIES featuring the PRODUCER-PRODUCT concept which imputes LOCALLY INCIPIENT ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT.  Once we install this DOUBLE ERROR based reality (which is effable thanks to its reducing of NONLOCAL to LOCAL)  IN PLACE OF our sensory experience of inclusion in NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION, we are in CRAZY-SPACE

In modern physics as in the EAST (indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta), this CRAZY-SPACE is used ONLY AS INFERENCE of the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL (holodynamic) of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum (aka the Wave-field aka the Tao).  In Newtonian physics as in the cognitive habit of the WEST generally, this tool of DOUBLE ERROR CRAZY-SPACE is employed as our OPERATIVE REALITY rather than merely as A TOOL OF INFERENCE of the ineffable reality that we can only intuitively access since it is NONLOCAL and thus inherently IMPLICIT.  For example, RESONANCE that MANIFESTS as DUNING of sand or dust, being NONLOCAL, does not lend itself to capture in LOCAL, EXPLICIT terms, yet our standard WESTERN CULTURE language and grammar REPRESENTATIONS do speak in LOCAL, EXPLICIT terms of DUNES, describing them as animate forms that are “… growing higher and longer and shifting across the ‘desert floor”.   This is an example of a DOUBLE ERROR based CRAZY-SPACE pseudo-dynamic that is, meanwhile, useful as INFERENCE of the NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE  Wave-field (resonance) phenomenon that is the basic ‘reality’.   Our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT error is, and this is where we part ways with modern physics and the EAST, in our using this DOUBLE ERROR based CRAZY-SPACE as our OPERATIVE REALITY.


To get a sense of this WEST/EAST difference, try writing your biography in terms of your personal growth over the years, … noting your personal achievements from birth to age 1 and from age 1 to 2 yrs old and from 2 to 3 years old etc.

Now try writing about the growth of your family  and friend based web of relations in which you are experiencing inclusion (which is influencing and shaping your development).

One might well ask oneself whether it is even possible for a local thing-in-itself to have its own growth and development?  The same seed planted on the crest of a windswept hill without shelter from the elements will grow into a gnarly and twisted ‘lone pine’ although when planted/situated within a grove on the plain where it is well sheltered within a multiplicity of neighbourns, growth will be tall and straight as an arrow.  What, then, does it mean when we speak of the development of an individual?

It is popular, in our WESTERN CULTURE to split the answer into two parts; ‘Nature’ and ‘Nurture’, implying that our ‘seedstock’ sources our inside-outward asserting ‘genetic development’ while our ‘environmental conditioning’ INDUCTIVELY solicits and selectively calls forth the growth of particular potentials within us that shape our development relative to our environment-specific situational circumstances.

But this mental model depends on FIRSTLY ASSUMING FIGURE AND GROUND as TWO SEPARATE THINGS.  This is the DOUBLE ERROR abstraction of language and grammar wherein we see FIGURE and GROUND as TWO.

This is already a CRAZY-MAKER (bipolar disorder and schizophrenia inducer) because we can see ourselves EITHER as a FIGURE which is influencing the development of the GROUND (the social collective) which leads to the CONSERVATIVE type-casting, OR, as a member of the GROUND which is influencing the development of the FIGURES that are being raised within the GROUND which leads to the LIBERAL type-casting.

In the REALITY of our actual sensory experience, FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE as with DUNING and DESERTING as manifests in the transforming relational continuum.  What is going on here is, in reality, purely relational TRANSFORMATION wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.

BUT FIGURE AND GROUND AS ONE implies relational TRANSFORMATION where interdependence is most basic and thus ‘relations’ are in an innate primacy over the forms involved in the relations; i.e. where the forms ARE relations as in the Wave-field.  As with the hexagonal cells of honey bees and/or soap bubbles, the individuals (bubbles in this case) are the product of relational interdependencies.  This primacy of relations over things is also the situation with DUNING, HURRICANING, and HUMANING.

The phenomenon where relations are more basic than  …. THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES-notionally with their own powers of SOURCING GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT (aka ‘the ‘double error’) …. is….  HOLODYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION.  In the case of HOLODYNAMIC TRANSFORMATION, the parts are subordinate to the whole or, in other words, the LOCAL is subordinate to the NONLOCAL and the EXPLICIT is subordinate to the IMPLICIT (e.g. as in the case of the honey-bee ‘celling’ and sand ‘duning’ 

Such understanding leads us out of the quagmire of WESTERN CULTURE DOUBLE ERROR DELUSION.

* * *






Why do we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS speak of ‘reality’ in the abstract terms of GROWTH instead of in terms of relational TRANSFORMATION?

In the indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, REALITY, the WORLD OF OUR SENSORY EXPERIENCE, IS … THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka “TRANSFORMATION” aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’.

This TRANSFORMATION includes everything, hence ‘mitakuye oyasin’ (we are all related).

There is a sensible answer to this question; i.e. TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE, so in order to speak about it and share our experiences (or some reduced semblances thereof) through language and grammar, language and grammar must come up with EFFABLE REDUCTIONS of the INEFFABLE transforming relational continuum.

The DOUBLE ERROR lies at the heart of this reducing of the INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION and its fluid forms via EFFABLE REDUCTION that is in terms of NAMING-instantiated LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES, notionally with THEIR own powers of SOURCING actions and developments.





As a person raised in WESTERN CULTURE, I am NOW only too aware of having been taught to regard the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar as having the capability of capturing REALITY.

I now see that this as DELUSIONAL even if such BELIEF in the REALITY of notional NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-instantiated powers of SOURCING actions and developments IS WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY”.

Personally, I BELIEVE that the DOUBLE ERROR based pseudo-REALITY is MISLEADING ABSTRACTION when confused for REALITY that we then use to shape our behavioral actions and developments.   For example, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, commonly believe that the felling of trees and milling them into lumber and using them to construct homes, IS SOMETHING REAL and we even refer to such actions as IMPROVEMENTS to the land, and assign value to such ‘improvements’ as becomes part of our social ‘economy’.

We are in fact PROUD of such ‘constructive achievements’ and encourage our children to ‘TAKE PRIDE’ in similar ‘improvements “that we make to the land’, … ‘improvements’ ‘authored’ by WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS such as ourselves that have been described as ‘suboptimization’ by systems theorists, since our ‘constructive achievements’ do not improve things from for the animals and other members of our interedependent ecosystems with whom we share inclusion in the all-including TRANSFORMING relational continuum.


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