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The case of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd resurrects the WEST and EAST Psycho-Schism wherein ‘Never the Twain Shall Meet’


While the WEST is PURIFICATIONIST with a JUSTICE system that orients to the identification and ELIMINATION of EVIL-DOERS, the EAST is RESTORATIVE with a Justice system that orients to RESTORING social-relational resonance as the antidote to emergent social-relational dissonance.  While WESTERN JUSTICE has the Newtonian Binary Logic outlook wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO, EASTERN JUSTICE has the Quantum Logic outlook wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE.


Thus, in the JUSTICE of the WEST, the individual is the AUTHOR of OFFENDING ACTION and the solution is to remove the OFFENDER from the social collective , while, in the JUSTICE OF THE EAST, dissonance in the social relational dynamic is the offender and the solution is to restore resonance in the relational dynamic of the social collective.   While the EAST’s understanding of strife in terms of relational dissonance is supported by Modern physics, the WEST’s understanding of strife as being AUTHORED by a PATHOGEN is supported by Newtonian physics, which itself derived from the DOUBLE ERROR based structure of WESTERN language and grammar (NAMING and GRAMMAR that implies LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development).  The abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING and hence the PURIFICATIONIST approach of identifying and removing/eliminating the LOCAL SOURCES of PATHOLOGY remains the CORNERSTONE premise of WESTERN JUSTICE, due to the associated belief in LOCAL SOURCING of BENEFICIAL actions and developments which plays a major role in WESTERN VALUES and REWARDS systems.


Because the WEST continues to support belief in SORCERY; i.e. belief in the abstract concept of the LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and development (termed the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR by Nietzsche) WESTERN JUSTICE continues to REACT in a PURIFICATIONIST fashion, to seek removal of a perceived OFFENDING SOURCE rather than, as in the EAST, to RESTORE social-relational resonance where relational dissonance has emerged.


Thus, the WEST and the EAST have developed different ways of CONCEIVING OF REALITY and while the EAST has stayed with a relational reality that is affirmed by Modern physics, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have ‘stuck ourselves into’ a SUBSTITUTE REALITY’ based on the BINARY LOGIC of Newtonian MATTER and SPACE where the action of a FIGURE (a notional NAMING-instantiated ‘THING-IN-ITSELF’) with its own GRAMMAR-given powers of AUTHORING action and development, EITHER “is” OR ‘is not’, the AUTHOR of a CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE action and development.  This WESTERN ‘SUBSTITUTE REALITY’ with its ‘IDOLS’ gifted by GRAMMAR with powers of AUTHORING actions and developments, is nothing like the EASTERN sense-experience-informed REALITY wherein ‘everything is in flux’ so that ‘relations’ are in an innate primacy over ‘material forms’ (material forms are, as Einstein and Modern physics points out, are ‘condensations of the electromagnetic field’).


WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, with our BELIEF in LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES WITH OUR OWN (notional) POWERS OF AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT, FIGURES that purportedly live in a GROUND that is separate and independent of the FIGURES (in a BINARY LOGIC sense) are continuing to employ this SUBSTITUTE REALITY as our OPERATIVE REALITY.  NOTA BENE:This IS ‘NOT’ REALITY, it is a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the abstraction of BINARY LOGIC, and it is the basis of our WESTERN PURIFICATIONISM wherein we reject the sense experience affirmation of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.


All of this is relevant to what is happening in the trial of Derek Chauvin, but since WESTERN JUSTICE remains as it has long been, a PURIFICATIONIST process for the ELIMINATION of EVIL DOERS, … the general WESTERN CULTURE public as well as the WESTERN CULTURE AUTHORITIES are naturally proceeding according to the established PURIFICATIONIST principles of WESTERN JUSTICE.  This comes with the prices of CONFUSION and DYSFUNCTION since WESTERN JUSTICE is not dealing with sense-experience reality but is instead dealing with an intellectually constructed SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO which in turn opens the way for the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that implies LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, CONTRARY TO MODERN PHYSICS and CONTRARY TO OUR OWN SENSE-EXPERIENCE as affirm FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE reality where relations are in a natural primacy over ‘things’.


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Why the Dionysian and Apollonian?



When we explore our use of language in representing our sense experience PERCEPTIONS, we notice a basic difference between representing the furnishings and social goings on in our cabin in the bowels of he Titanic and continually TRANSFORMING dynamics of the world we are included in.


Inside our cabin, we see LOCAL things that are EXPLICIT that can GROW larger such as the construction of a temporary stage for an orchestra for a dance party while outside in the ‘open’, the reality is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT where everything is in flux and continually undergoing TRANSFORMATION.    Even this mighty ship, the Titanic that we are inside of, is not SEPARATRE from the all-including NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.


IF WE PONDER what is going on, we can see where the notion of the all-including WAVE-FIELD comes from, with which the relational forms and their seeming ‘interactions’ must be the creations of our own inventive minds, since our sense is that the world is ONE THING which is undergoing TRANSFORMATION whereby relational forms are continually gathering and scattering and where absolutely everything is in flux.


We know, intuitively, that this understanding of inclusion in a fluid reality of TRANSFORMING that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT is what our our SENSE EXPERIENCE is affirming.  We also know, intuitively, that our language-based capture of this fluid sense-experience reality makes use of a REDUCED, SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein we impute LOCAL and EXPLICIT form to what are intrinsically dynamic shapes in the all-including fluid sense-experience reality.  Language can’t possible capture this all-including fluid dynamic of the TRANSFORMING relational continuum because TRANSFORMATION is ephemeral and non-persisting while the words of language have meaning that is persisting.






It is very difficult to ‘make a point’ in discussing highly emotion packed issues which is philosophical and which changes the way we are looking at, and understanding the issue.


For example, if we are black and another black person is killed in an interaction with white police the chance that suspicion of anti-black bias on the part of the white police officer is likely to arise.


This situation would be understood differently in different cultures.  for example, in indigenous aboriginal culture, there is no assumption of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions as there is in our WESTERN CULTURE.  In indigenous aboriginal culture the understanding of dynamics are relational as in relational harmony and relational dissonance.  Emergent developments are not understood on the basis of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions, such as killing, as in our WESTERN CULTURE understanding of dynamics.  In a social collective, interactions can be like a BUMPER CAR game such that while CAR 17 smashes into CAR 51 whose operator is killed, CAR 17, while included in the dissonance, IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE death and damage.


The WESTERN CULTURE notion of LOCAL AUTHORING as in ‘Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd’ does not make sense in either Modern physics or in the EASTERN CULTURE  Instead, one would say that relational dissonance developed  which involved a collision in which George Floyd died.   David Bohm explains this in his example of the death of Abraham Lincoln and how the physics of the dynamics in question do not support the DOUBLE ERROR based proposition that John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln.


As Bohm points out, there were many things leading up the event including he invention of gunpowder and the invention of the gun.


While we are so accustomed to it we no longer question it, our habit is to employ a DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR to SIMPLIFY our representing of reality.  This is NOT Modern physics reality and it is NOT indigenous aboriginal reality, it is WESTERN CULTURE REALITY that comes from long time usage of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that SIMPLIFIES the representation of reality thus formed.


Reflection will affirm that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have a habit of constructing simplified SUBSTITUTE REALITIES based on the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.   An example that Nietzsche gives is “lightning flashes” … and Nishitani gives the example that ‘FIRE BURNS” but in both cases this is a DOUBLE ERROR since the lightning is the flashing and the FIRE is the BURNING’.   But what this DOUBLE ERROR achieves, is to INTERJECT the impression of LOCAL AUTHORING of action and development.






As David Bohm observed in “Wholeness and the Implicate Order’;




“… society as a whole has developed in such a way that it is broken up into separate nations and different religious, political, economic, racial groups, etc. Man’s natural environment has correspondingly been seen as an aggregate of separately existent parts, to be exploited by different groups of people. Similarly, each individual human being has been fragmented into a large number of separate and conflicting compartments, according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological characteristics, etc., to such an extent that it is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc


This can be seen as a FRAMING PROBLEM wherein the architecture of language is such as to require us to FRAGMENT the all-including transforming relational continuum aka the WAVE-FIELD aka the Tao in order to build finite, shareable messages.  Our physical reality as understood in the WAVE terms of WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY as NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT wherein “the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao” and where we must open up to what Krishnamurti refers to as CHOICELESS AWARENESS (while ‘letting go’ of our EGO so that we are NOT voyeurizing but are included in our awareness.).


One might say that, in this sense-experience of choiceless awareness, we are opening up to the WAVEFIELD mode of sense experience which is TIMELESS and RELATIONAL, perhaps comparable to a NEAR-DEATH experience where our awareness becomes NONLOCAL, releasing us from the LOCAL EGO-based VOYEUR JUDGEMENTS of WHAT’S OUT THERE as in the SELF-OTHER SPLIT which characterizes the PARTICCLE side of WAVE-PARTICLE duality.


The FRAMING problem comes when we leave the WAVE domain and use our PARTICLE DOMAIN comprehension.  We must choose ‘how big a BITE of the material reality we want to take.  Should we choose a FRAME that shows Robin Hood doing his rebalancing by taking from the rich and giving to the poor?   Or should we choose a FRAME that excludes one ‘giving to the starving child’ and keep within the FRAME only the act of stealing from the King’s granary?


The Holy Trinity vis a vis The George Floyd-Derek Chauvin Affair



Easter Sunday: April 4th, 2021


Modern physics is to Newtonian physics like the Holy Trinity is to the BINARY LOGIC of GOOD and EVIL.  Throughout history, people have been divided on this issue of ‘The TWO and the ONE’ as discussed in Mircea Eliade’s anthropological book dedicated to this topic, ‘Mephistopheles et l’Androgyne’ ‘(the Engish title is ‘the Two and the One’).


The story is this; we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS adopted BINARY LOGIC as the basis for our REASONING (aka ‘ratio-nal language-based thinking) because IT SIMPLIFIES REALITY, making it possible to formulate language based representations in relatively few words, whereas, the reality of our sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum cannot be captured in a finite number of words because ‘everything is in continuing flux’.


We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, …. BUT NOT INDIGENOUS ABORIGINALS, TAOISTS/BUDDHISTS and ADVAITA VEDANTA ADHERENTS, … adopted BINARY LOGIC (EITHER ‘IS’ OR ‘IS NOT’) as the basis for formulating linguistic representations of reality, … BECAUSE IT SIMPLIFIES THE TASK OF FORMULATING REPRESENTATIONS of “REALITY”.  This “SIMPLIFIED REALITY” is thus a “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” which is no longer “REALITY” but something that we can put into language-based expression and thus exploit the ‘understanding-sharing’ capabilities of language.


The story of WESTERN CULTURE includes the story of SCREW-UPS resulting from the SIMPLIFICATIONS OF REALITY introduced by REASONING aka RATIO-NALITY made possible by our employing of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  This brings us to the issue of THE HOLY TRINITY because in SIMPLIFYING our language by the use of BINARY LOGIC (figure-and-ground as TWO) REASON, we lose our psychological grasp of the QUANTUM LOGIC (figure-and-ground-as-ONE) of SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY.   We SELL OUT in a kind of Mephistophelian deal where we get the SIMPLIFICATION delivered by BINARY LOGIC based REASON and PAY THE PRICE by sacrificing our grip on REAL SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY.


For example, it is SIMPLER to split relational TRANSFORMATION (which eludes capture in language by its being NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT) into MALE and FEMALE parts as, for example, in ‘The HURRICANE is sourcing the assertive stirring up of the ATMOSPHERE’ and/or ‘The ATMOSPHERE is sourcing the inductive stirring up of the HURRICANE’.  This is, in essence, the split that separates CONSERVATIVES and LIBERALS into two POLAR opposing camps.


This only happens in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE because there is no such splitting going on in flow-based language using societies since in a fluid dynamic, FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE (as ‘boil’ and ‘flow’ in river current are ‘one’) and we say instead, ‘there is HURRICANING in the ATMOSPHERE’.  In this case, the HURRICANE and the ATMOSPHERE are NOT TWO SEPARATE AND INDEPENDENT THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES, the TWO are only ONE as is the understanding embraced by the ‘EAST’; i.e. the indigenous aboriginal culture, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta and the AMBIGUITY DOES NOT ARISE AS IT DOES IN THE WEST because the HURRICANING is a property of the ATMOSPHERING wherein the whole lot is part of the continuing fluid reality (the transforming relational continuum).


NOTA BENE:  Kipling’s  “EAST IS EAST AND WEST IS WEST AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET” stems from this CULTURE-DEFINING-CHOICE wherein the EAST opts for FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE where the FIGURE is assumed to be a development WITHIN THE GROUND while the WEST opts for FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO such that the FIGURE is viewed as being INDEPENDENT of the GROUND.  Modern physics reaffirms THE EAST’s understanding of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE where there is HURRICANING in the ATMOSPHERE and NOT “A HURRICANE THING-IN-ITSELF’ that is GROWING-on-its-OWN and ‘MOVING THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE’ as if the ATMOSPHERE were as passive containing space that the MALE HURRICANE was ‘steamrolling its way through’.  BUT WAIT A MINUTE, the splitting into TWO also liberates, in the psyche, the conjugate option of the ATMOSPHERE as authoring the inductive stirring up of the HURRICANE, so that once we opt for the BINARY LOGIC SPLIT of FIGURE-and-GROUND-into TWO, we serve ourselves up TWO AMBIGUOUS REALITY OPTIONS; the MALE option where the HURRICANE assertively stirs up the ATMOSPHERE and the FEMALE option where the ATMOSPHERE inductively stirs up the HURRICANE.


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