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LET’S “NOT” be REASONABLE; because it’s the source of RISING FRAGMENTATION



 In pride, in reas’ning pride, our error lies;

  — Alexander Pope, ‘An Essay on Man: Epistle I’


REASON is driving us NUTS!   It is just too simplistic for the real-world of our sense-experience.  If we want to understand mass killings, we need to understand how REASON SCREWS US UP, as Alexander Pope pointed out, but who was listening in our WESTERN CULTURE since we are taught from birth to be proud of our reasoning capability.  If we have a “high IQ”, we ‘have it made’ in WESTERN CULTURE.

PROBLEM!  “REASON”, as Goedel’s Theorem tells us, is ALWAYS INCOMPLETE.

Reason derives from RATIO as where we say; ‘if we double our wheat growing acreage, we will double our production and earnings’.  This is how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ‘reason’, but there is no mention here about the fact that as the CULTIVATED area ‘grows’, there is a conjugate ‘shrinking’ of WILDERNESS so that the “REAL” as in ‘actual sense-experience reality’ is that the space we are living in is TRANSFORMING.

What about the GROWTH of the area of the land we are cultivating; that is REAL is it NOT?

Reflection informs us that “it is LOGICAL to think in terms of GROWTH but LOGICAL is NOT REAL”.  When we use the word LOGICAL, we habitually assume ARISTOTELIAN LOGIC which is NOT THE SAME AS QUANTUM LOGIC.

If we are talking about GROWTH, we could be THINKING of GROWTH in terms such as the GROWTH of cultivated acreage as if on a flat plane that is so vast that all we need to consider in measuring GROWTH is the RATIO of acres before and acres after our cultivating efforts, as constituting GROWTH of the cultivated land.

HOWEVER, if we are in the space on the spherical surface of the earth, as the area of cultivated land GROWS, so also, in reciprocal relation, the WILDERNESS acreage is SHRINKING.  And we know that the WILDERNESS is which most preserves the DIVERSITY that has been evolving since TIME IMMEMORIAL in which we HUMANS, or better, HUMANINGS since we are still included in the overall TRANSFORMING, participate. (i.e. The term HUMANING acknowledges that we are included in the ongoing, transforming relational continuum).

So the point is that together with the GROWTH of CULTIVATED LAND, there is the CONJUGATE SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS LAND.





What is considered NORMAL in WESTERN CULTURE is innately FRAGMENTING, as finds expression in R. D. Laing’s assertion;

What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience.”

  — R.D. Laing

The Wave-field reality of our sense experience has a conjugate ‘wave-based’ structure which, in mathematical terms is composed of both REAL and IMAGINARY components, which can be imagined in terms of the MALE-ASSERTING and FEMALE-ACCOMMODING relation where the former is locally asserting and the latter is locally accommodating.  The problem with WESTERN CULTURE NORMAL is that while we live in a WAVE-FIELD REALITY, we have designed our language for representations which are ONE-SIDEDLY MALE-ASSERTING.   For example, we say ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ rather than, as indigenous aboriginal languages, ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.

This DROP OUT of the IMAGINARY COMPONENT (FEMALE COMPONENT), the case of the ‘DEA INCOGNITA’, in our WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE COMMUNICATIONS is serving up FRAGMENTATION which manifests in our social relational dynamics.  This has been showing up as psychological dysfunction as psychiatrist Ronald Laing is pointing out in the above quote.  It is also showing up in the large and growing ANTI-PSYCHIATRY movement and in the systems sciences attack on the dysfunctional employment of SUBOPTIMIZATION as reviewed in the essay ‘the Name of the Devil is Suboptimization’ by Martine Dodds Taljaard and György Jaros.


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