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BOHM:  President Biden, I am concerned about the failure of GLOBAL POLITICAL LEADERS to address the problem of FRAGMENTATION which continues to breed due, in part, to the promoting of NATIONS as INDEPENDENT when the findings of Modern physics and the systems sciences point clearly to the INTERDEPENDENCE of all things.  As systems scientist Martine Dodds Taljaard explains, the false impression of INDEPENDENCE least to ill-founded attempts to SUBOPTIMIZE, to try to improve one thing on its own based on the assumption that it is, as DECLARED, “INDEPENDENT” of its neighbours;

 “The above aphorism (The Name of the Devil is Suboptimization’), attributed to Kenneth Boulding, points to the inherent weakness characterizing the mindset and socio‐economic, political, educational and managerial practices of Western Industrial society as it developed over the past 300 years. It has its basis in the analytic‐reductionistic scientific paradigm, which, despite the remarkable technological applications it spawned, is inappropriate, conflict‐generating and dysfunctional in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence …” — György Jaros and Martine Dodds-Taljaard  (International Society of Systems Sciences)

(Bohm continues… ) I am concerned that this SUBOPTIMIZATION, another word for which is FRAGMENTATION, in that it is leading us down a path of intensifying dysfunction. I understand that much emotion and effort has been invested, historically, in promoting the concept of INDEPENDENCE, however, it is clear that the concept of INDEPENDENCE is ABSTRACTION and this is perhaps influenced by the Christian religious belief that people are INDEPENDENT inhabitants of a world in which material entities and space are mutually exclusive.  The Christian view has been cited as follows;

Man is rational and therefore like God; he is created with free will and is master over his acts….  Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility

On the other hand, Modern physics findings support the indigenous aboriginal understanding as in this aphorism from Chief Seattle suggesting the relations among all things;;

This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”

Chief seattle’s view of INTERDEPENDENCE is consistent with the Modern physics understanding wherein material forms are condensations of the all-encompassing electromagnetic field.

Joe, as a global leader, I am here to ask you if you could not find a way to lead the global public towards the needed acceptance of the INTERDEPENDENCE of all nations and peoples, as in the above statement by Martine.  Modern physics, as well as the Systems Sciences and the indigenous aboriginal peoples are affirming our global INTER-dependence which means that our current intellectual abstraction shaped path of FRAGMENTATION and COMPETITION-INSTEAD-OF-COOPERATION, based on the mistaken belief in SUBOPTIMIZATION, is putting us on what some refer to as a BUSTRIP TO HELL.  That is, we are promoting FRAGMENTATION since it is the net effect of our program to PERFECTING what we are assuming to be INDEPENDENT systems in the wake of our DECLARING their INDEPENDENCE, although they remain innately INTERDEPENDENT due to their inclusion in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence




PREFACE:  While our language has a long history of development, some of its features that have been built in to effect simplification or convenience, even though they may ‘drop out information’, are taken for granted.  In the case in question, the abstract BINARY LOGIC concept of REASON has been SUBSTITUTED fro the sense-experience concept of BALANCE.  This is the equivalent of SUBSTITUTING SPACE THAT IS FLAT (Euclidean) for the SPACE OF OUR SENSE-EXPERIENCE which is SPHERICAL.   This SUBSTITUTION has us THINKING in terms of GROWTH instead of in terms of TRANSFORMATION or in other words REASON instead of BALANCE.  SO, we may REASON that we can DOUBLE or TREBLE the acreage we have under cultivation, as if that “MAKES SENSE” while the indigenous aboriginal may interject,

‘NO, THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE because the reality is that every increase in your cultivated land is, at the same time, a conjugate reduction of WILDERNESS DIVERSITY, so that what you are about to do constitutes TRANSFORMATION and not GROWTH.  GROWTH is an ABSTRACTION that only happens in the WHITE MAN’S MATHEMATICAL SPACE which is empty and infinite, unlike the space of our natural SENSE-EXPERIENCE wherein our FEELING of BALANCE gives us GUIDANCE.  Your reliance on the intellectual abstractions of REASON based on RATIO, in place of our sense-experience of BALANCE, is encouraging the FOLLY of SUBSTITUTING the MALE concept of GROWTH for the CONJUGATE MALE-FEMALE understanding of TRANSFORMATION.

The above pseudo dialogue between an indigenous aboriginal and a WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT points to the habitual language based REDUCTION of SPHERICAL SPACE understanding to FLAT (Euclidean) SPACE understanding wherein sense-experience BALANCE is being traded out for the intellectual abstraction of REASON aka RATIO.   This LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE FACILITATED TRADE-OUT SUBSTITUTES the MALE concept of GROWTH for the FEMALE-MALE conjugate of TRANSFORMATION.  This gives us a language architecture that allows us to model reality in the abstract BINARY LOGIC terms of GROWTH (the ‘thing-that-grows does so in a notional abstract empty space) in place of our sense-experience understanding in QUANTUM LOGIC terms of BALANCE where the “GROWING TOWN” and the conjugate “SHRINKING WILDERNESS” are acknowledged as ONE TRANSFORMING UNITY.

The WESTERN CULTURE language architecture achieves SIMPLIFICATION by way of a REDUCTION that removes the FEMALE aspect (BALANCE is thus reduced to RATIO), leaving us with a MALE-only SUBSTITUTE REALITY, wherein we have simply DROPPED OUT the FEMALE conjugate thus REDUCING TRANSFORMATION TO GROWTH.  With this SIMPLIFICATION achieved by the DROPPING OUT of the FEMALE conjugate (henceforth the unmentioned DEA ABSCONDITA) the groundwork is laid down for SUBSTITUTE REALITY constructions in one-sided MALE-ONE terms of RATIO based GROWTH.  While our sense experience reality REMAINS CONSCIOUS of inclusion in the full FEMALE-MALE conjugate dynamic of TRANSFORMATION, our intellectual language-based constructions of reality, we SWITCH OVER to the MALE ONLY “FLAT-SPACE” SUBSTITUTE REALITY where we can fashion representations that capture the imputed “GROWTH” of cultivated lands WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING the FEMALE conjugate SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS.

What we “SEE” in our “MIND’S EYE” are language-induced IMPRESSIONS such as the notional “GROWTH OF THE TOWN” like pancake batter poured onto and spreading out on the flat griddle, ‘washing out’ in our mind the thoughts of Lao Tzu (“know the male but keep the role of the female”) where the FEMALE is that WHOLENESS that is accommodating the MALE intrusion, this FEMALE-MALE conjugate dynamic being the sense-experience affirmed reality where the FEMALE WILDERNESS opens up to accommodate “MALE GROWTH” of the “CULTIVATED”.  As parents, we naturally cultivate and open up an interesting space for our child’s development and while language permits us to represent the child’s development in a one-sided SUBSTITUTE REALITY framing that DROPS OUT the FEMALE inductive shaping influence of a development-inspiring space, presenting only a one-sided MALE-ASSERTIVE representation in the DOUBLE ERROR (NAMING and GRAMMAR) terms of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT, the unmentioned FEMALE conjugate is the predominating inductive developing agency.  The including, accommodating WILDERNESS is the FEMALE conjugate that makes possible the talk in terms of the MALE conjugate of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT, underscoring how INCOMPLETE the imagery is, of GROWTH of the TOWN in terms of pancake batter spreading out on the flat surface of the griddle.  When the WILDERNESS is acknowledged, we may envisage it as the FEMALE that is opening herself up to not simply ACCOMMODATE the MALE ‘GROWTH” but to NURTURE such development, all within the natural QUANTUM LOGIC of relational BALANCE. It is BINARY LOGIC that we use to engineer the REDUCTION of BALANCE to REASON with its one-sided MALE-ONLY propositions which are innately INCOMPLETE as Goedel’s Theorem reminds us.


* * *






Indigenous aboriginal children BUT NOT OUR WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS’ CHILDREN, are taught the importance of BALANCE while we teach our children the importance of REASON.


BALANCE is a SPHERICAL SPACE concept and if we were painting a sphere with TWO colours (e.g. RED and GREEN), regardless of the shapes of the splotches, we would have a sense of BALANCE as to how much of the one relative to the other we were putting on.


RATIO , otherwise known as REASON or RATIONALITY is a FLAT SPACE concept that is BASIC to WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE based REPRESENTATION.   If we wanted to paint a flat space with TWO COLOURS (e.g. RED and GREEN we could measure the AREA of RED and put on an EQUAL AREA of GREEN.


Notice that our MEASURING Of the respective areas of RED and GREEN in the FLAT SPACE would give us RATIO but NOT the sense of BALANCE.


For example, if we were painting a RED AREA and GREEN area on a FLAT SPACE, we would have an INFINITY of ways to paint equal amounts of RED and GREEN.  For example, we could just continue increasing the area of RED and matching it by increasing the area of GREEN so that they were always EQUAL.


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