What I am trying to share is something I normally try to back up with analysis and this increases the number of words I use.


Here’s the basic problem that make my messages lengthy.   The problem that is screwing up our social dynamic is coming from our Common Average European language architecture so in order to share this, I have to (a) invent a more competent language, and (b) bring the people I am trying to share ideas with up to speed in the new, LESS SIMPLE language.


That is what my posts are all about, which makes them long and perhaps appearing as NOT TO THE POINT, and that is relevant because the needed shift for communications that attempt the bridge between the popular BINARY LOGIC based language constructions which we commonly use and the QUANTUM LOGIC based language constructions which the indigenous aboriginals commonly use and which are needed for Modern physics competent exchanges, is a shift out of any/all dependency on BEING-based or BINARY LOGIC based concepts, to communications that are purely relationally based.  This can be illustrated with examples which compare the BINARY LOGIC representation the Town is growing’… with the QUANTUM LOGIC representation ‘There is Towning in the transforming landscape’.


We can see that in the expression ‘there is Towning in the transforming landscape’, everything is relational (nonlocal and implicit) and there is nothing in the statement that is LOCAL and EXPLICIT because the TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE, is like the WHORLING in the FLOWING wherein FIGURE and GROUND are one.  That is the very definition of QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING MEDIUM; i.e. the MEDIUM AS A FLUID CONTAINER in which the CONTENTS are made of the CONTAINER as with whorling in the flowing.   That is what QUANTUM LOGIC is all about and QUANTUM LOGIC comes from Modern physics’ capture of the structure of the world; i.e. we live in a world where we can distinguish between MATERIAL forms (which are CONDENSATIONS of the ALL-INCLUDING WAVE-FIELD) and the ALL-INCLUDING WAVE-FIELD (the PLENUM); i.e. the WAVE-FIELD with its locally pinched up CONDENSATIONS aka MATERIAL FORMS and these CONDENSATIONS are like WHORLINGS IN THE FLOWING; i.e. the WHORLING FIGURE and FLOWING GROUND are ONE.

* * *


PROBLEM:  This language I am using, English, which has a structure that is common to other European languages, gives a foundational role to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT which doesn’t even exist in the world view of some people including INDIGENOUS ABORIGINALS, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents here the understanding is that ‘everything is in flux’ (mitakuye oyasin).


A language structure that supports ‘everything is in flux’ is the “Rheomode” language structure that Bohm needed to use because it is capable of conveying QUANTUM LOGIC concepts whereas ENGLISH and similar languages offer a BINARY LOGIC based REPRESENTATIONAL SCHEME THAT IS SIMPLE and falls short of being able to express things in QUANTUM LOGIC terms.  An example of quantum logic manifests in SONAR viewing the ‘patches’ of warm water within cold as at a beach where the tide has gone out exposing the sand to the hot sun and as the cold water flows back in, some of it gets warmed by the hot sand and so there are ‘patches’ of warm water within the cold which we CAN’T SEE WITH THE NAKED EYE but which, if we had a sonar scanning headgear, we could see as sausage shaped blobs within the mainly colder water body.

The physical relation between the warm water ‘blobs’ and the overall cool containing water is an example of the QUANTUM LOGIC RELATION; i.e. this is an example of the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING MEDIUM as a physical reality that WE CAN’T SEE WITH THE NAKED EYE.  And if we ‘up the ante’ from the example of low density warm water patches within a cold body of water, to what we have been thinking of as MATTER and EMPTY SPACE, we can see that, in reality, the EMPTY SPACE is the all-including electromagnetic WAVE-FIELD where MATTER is a CONDENSATION of the WAVE-FIELD.  Now we have the same BOTH/AND relation; i.e. the QUANTUM LOGIC relation wherein FIGURE and GROUND are only ONE, which is the general case in the real world of our sense-experience, which is the everyday reality as understood by Indigenous Aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists, Advaita Vedanta adherents and by Modern physics.  The MESSAGE IS, that the BINARY LOGIC based concept of ABSOLUTE BEING based MATTER in ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE SPACE is SIMPLIFYING ABSTRACTION that exists ONLY in the LANGUAGE-AND GRAMMAR STIMULATED PSYCHE.  I.e. BINARY LOGIC is SIMPLIFYING ABSTRACTION.


If we are to avoid psycho-logical confusion, I can give you an example of what our language based representing SHOULD NEVER DO, and that is to convey understandings of reality in BINARY LOGIC terms. If the scenarios are in BINARY LOGIC TERMS, the representations are serving up a view of a simplified SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is not the REALITY of our SENSE-EXPERIENCE, so such talk based on this BINARY LOGIC abstraction will confuse those of us participating in such conversation.


NOTE THAT THE WESTERN CULTURE IS CONSTANTLY USING BINARY LOGIC BASED TALK so what we have going on is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are constructing BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITIES which we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS (billions of us) are using as our OPERATIVE REALITY and “IT WORKS” as a communications tool because anyone can become a user of such language and subscribe to the SHARABLE language based SUBSTITUTE REALITY REPRESENTATIONS.    These LANGUAGE BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITIES DON’T HAVE BE GROUNDED IN SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY, they only have to have a ‘subscriber community’ that plays by its rules.

As I have mentioned, for the ENGLISH and European language speaking users, there is a DROP OUT of the FEMALE WAVE-FIELD conjugate so the language will use representations in such terms as the PUNCH that smashed the SKULL.  We can see that this is a ONE-SIDED MALE ASSERTING ACTION that DROPS OUT THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE, which is NOT something an indigenous aboriginal language would do and which is NOT something that Modern physics would do.  That is, there is also the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE to consider (as in our sense-experience reality of inclusion in the WAVE-FIELD dynamic).

Since MATTER is a CONDENSATION of the WAVE-FIELD, there is only TRANSFORMATION (as in QUANTUM LOGIC) and no DESTRUCTION or CREATION (as in BINARY LOGIC).   Although we use NAMING to impute BEING as we do with GEOMETRY to create “NOTIONAL” LOCAL EXPLICIT MATERIAL OBJECTS, we can’t get over-ride our sense-experience affirmed reality that everything is in flux as in the transforming relational continuum aka the WAVE-FIELD.  So, when we use NAMING to CREATE SOMETHING LOCAL AND EXPLICIT and, so as to preserve its LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF BEING, … imagine that it is an ITEM OF CONTENT within a notional ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE CONTAINING SPACE, we are constructing an abstract SUBSTITUTE REALITY for LANGUAGE-BASED REPRESENTATION SHOW-AND-TELLS.

The SAND-CASTLE on the beach is a RE-ARRANGING of the continually transforming LANDSCAPE and it will be transformed by the next high tide.  The SANDSTONE CASTLE on the HILL is likewise a RE-ARRANGING of the continually transforming LANDSCAPE and it will likewise be transformed, NOT BY THE NEXT HIGH TIDE, but in the same basic manner; i.e. by way of its inclusion within the all-including WAVE-FIELD wherein EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX and the RELATIVE PERSISTENCE of FAMILIAR FORMS varies according to whether the forms are constituted by sand or straw or wood or granite blocks, but IN ALL CASES, TRANSFORMATION PREVAILS no matter how ‘PERMANENCY’ appears to be ‘built into’ what we capture in language as LOCAL and EXPLICIT forms.  And of course LANGUAGE based NAMING gives us the psychological sense of PERMANENCY because no matter the severity of change experienced by whatever we have hung the NAME TAG on, the person, place or thing, … we are likely to continue to keep using the NAME and pretending there that it refers to a PERSISTING BEING THING to the point that our WESTERN CULTURE use of language grounds our sense of REALITY more in terms of LOCAL AND EXPLICIT THINGS than in terms of NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT transforming landscapes.


So, in the case of the example of what we see and speak of as the PUNCH that SHATTERS THE SKULL where the notion of persisting BEING comes into question, there is both the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING of the collapsing skull to consider along with the MALE ASSERTING pressure on the skull so that it would be a MISTAKE to ATTRUBUTE THE OUTCOME OF THE COMING TOGETHER OF THE PUNCH AND THE SKULL FULLY AND SOLELY TO THE MALE ASSERTING OF THE PUNCH as in the linguistic representation; ‘the PUNCH SHATTERED THE MAN’S SKULL’ (which assigns ‘full and sole AUTHORSHIP responsibility to the MALE ASSERTING PUNCH).


Maybe the SKULL was ready to cave in and a fly landing on it could have done the trick.  The POINT IS that when we assume that the PUNCH CAUSED THE SKULL TO SHATTER, we are using BINARY LOGIC, the EITHER/OR LOGIC of the EXCLUDED medium where the PUNCHER and the RECIPIENT whose skull cratered are both seen as INDEPENDENT BEINGS situated in an ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE SPACE.


But if we let the boundaries blur a bit (in keeping with everything being ‘in flux’) so that instead of empty space enclosing the puncher and that same empty space enclosing the recipient of the punch such that the emptiness, as we blur it, is now a transparent substance (i.e. an energy-field) within which the puncher and the recipient are also substance-based but of a different NON-BINARY LOGIC (QUANTUM LOGIC) type, then we have substances moving within substances as in the example of warm water lenses in a cold body of water, and binary logic which uses the absolute EITHER is OR is not distinction is too simple to handle that.  In fact what we need is QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM where we understand the reality of the objects being included in the medium because now the medium is the ALL-INCLUDING WAVE-FIELD within which the material forms are CONDENSATIONS.


Here we are no longer in a BINARY LOGIC based reality consisting of material forms in empty space, we are now in a QUANTUM LOGIC based reality consisting of material forms that are CONDENSATIONS of the containing space, which is not an empty space but which is the all-including WAVE-FIELD and this understanding is described by QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM (the WAVE-FIELD is the INCLUDING MEDIUM and the material forms are CONDENSATIONS of the INCLUDING MEDIUM).


* * *


OK, so that is the REALITY and GUESS WHAT!  ENGLISH AS WE COMMONLY USE IT (i.e. in BINARY LOGIC MATTER AND VOID MODE) IS “NOT” UP TO THE JOB of forming REPRESENTATIONS that are QUANTUM LOGIC based rather than BINARY LOGIC based.   For example, ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ is BINARY LOGIC based and in the Modern physics reality as in indigenous aboriginal reality we want to instead capture the QUANTUM LOGIC relation where the material form is a CONDENSATION of the all-including WAVE-FIELD, in which case we need to say; ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE” which “IS” QUANTUM LOGIC based in that the linguistic representation is in the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING medium where the material form is BOTH ITSELF and the WAVE-FIELD IT IS INCLUDED IN.


Basically, all I did was to do what ZEN guru Alan Watts advocates doing as a general practice to get English to upgrade from binary logic to quantum logic by changing NOUNS into VERBS so that EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX as in the WAVE-FIELD REALITY.


Well, that’s what I did in this example, but the point is that our usual usage of ENGLISH is DUMBING THINGS DOWN TO BINARY LOGIC which means there is a DROP OUT OF MEANING and I have described that dropout early on as the dropout of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE so that we speak in the one-sided terms of MALE ASSERTING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE and make no mention of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE.


EXAMPLE OF THE IMPACT of the DROPOUT:  ONCE we reduce our language to ONE-SIDED MALE ASSERTING, we DROP OUT THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING conjugate (implying passive EMPTY SPACE instead).  So, when we use the MALE ASSERTING TO SAY “WE HAVE GROWN OUR FARMING OPERATION FROM 640 acres to over a million acres, WE GET THE PICTURE of this huge growing expanse of crop lands and that is all that is involved in the LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATION of MALE ASSERTING ACTION AND DEVELOPMENT.  But that is a FLAT EARTH perspective and what is missing is the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE wherein the WILDERNESS IS OPENING UP (which in the space on the surface of a sphere means SHRINKING) to ACCOMMODATE the GROWTH OF THE CULTIVATED LAND and overall, what is going on is TRANSFORMATION OF THE OVERALL LANDSCAPE.


So, there is a radical INCOMPLETENESS to our commonly used ENGLISH LANGUAGE REPRESENTATIONS  and this happens in all of the Common Average European languages because they all use the NAMING and GRAMMAR STRUCTURE which Nietzsche calls THE DOUBLE ERROR OF NAMING AND GRAMMAR because it imputes LOCAL AUTHORING that is NOT REAL, and it would be oxymoronic to say that IT IS REAL IN AN ABSOLUTE FLAT SPACE OF INFINITE EXTENT, since such a space is NOT REAL.


SO, THAT IS THE STORY.   WE, and I mean hundreds of millions of us users of BINARY LOGIC based language, are constructing SUBSTITUTE REALITIES wherein GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION (all of these are BINARY LOGIC BASED) are treated in linguistic representations as if they are REAL which makes for easy talking and sharing because we have developed a whole vocabulary and library of common phrases and expressions that ‘work’ for SUBSTITUTE REALITY sharing purposes, even though the SUBSTITUTE REALITY is a radical departure from our sense-experience reality.”

As Dorothy says to her little dog in the Wizard of Oz, .. ‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!’


As in the example just given (we have GROWN our FARMING OPERATION from 640 acres to over a million acres), this was a radically INCOMPLETE assertion because it said nothing about the conjugate SHRINKING OF WILDERNESS LANDS).   So, we nevertheless SPOKE THE TRUTH and here we get to the often overlooked principle of Goedel’s Theorem which says that “all finite logical propositions are INCOMPLETE”.   Our logic proposition re increasing the size of the farming operation was TRUE but INCOMPLETE because it made no mention of the conjugate shrinkage of WILDERNESS lands, as happens in the spherical space on the surface of the earth.  One might therefore conclude that the INCOMPLETENESS relates to the absence of specifying the kind of space our simple logical development is alleged to be transpiring within (e.g. rectangular or spherical).


By the time one is able to complete an explanation like this, the reader/listener may be so tired or bored that he or she just wants to get out of range of the speaker.


But if we study this stuff enough, one really does get to the point where one can see that our use of our dumbed down to BINARY LOGIC language IS PUTTING US ON A BUSTRIP TO HELL and while I know that I won’t be still on the bus as the hellishness gets more and more intense (it is already very bad in many places and getting worse), my children and grandchildren and those of friends, family and fellows will be on the BUSTRIP TO HELL as the bus penetrates deeper and deeper into the HELL.


The HELL is coming from FRAGMENTATION and Bohm has written about this and so has Nietzsche and Nietzsche actually had a slightly more optimistic outlook than Bohm since Nietzsche wrote about the Twilight of the IDOLS meaning that all this FRAGMENTATION we were doing by inventing INDEPENDENT NATIONS and INDEPENDENT CORPORATIONS and INDEPENDENT LGBTQ genders (the latter fragmentation arriving mostly after Nietzsche had passed) and this fragmentation into whites and blacks and Asians and indigenous aboriginals etc. etc. and whatever else we want to hang together in a  double error of NAMING and GRAMMAR combination that creates another LOCAL AUTHOR of whatever.

NOTA BENE: FRAGMENTATION is coming from LANGUAGE that employs the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which sets up the notion of the LOCAL AUTHOR and this LOCAL AUTHOR ABSTRACTION does not ‘occur’ in the INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL, Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta cultures where language employs a fluid foundation as in Zen as advocated by Alan Watts who suggests that we substitute VERBS for all NOUNS, since NOUNS are the STAKE-IN-THE-GROUND that provides the foundation for LOCAL AUTHORING and it is the ABSTRACT, DOUBLE ERROR OF NAMING AND GRAMMAR BASED LINGUICISM of LOCAL AUTHORING, HELD IN PLACE BY ‘EGO’, that is the source of FRAGMENTATION.


* * *


OK, by the time I get to this point, it is probably too much to absorb for those who are not, like myself, accustomed to spending most hours of the day, day after day, pondering this stuff.


I entitled this note;  A BRIEF PERSONAL COMMENT on … THE FALL FROM GRACE: in the light of QUANTUM LOGIC versus BINARY LOGIC.   

My view is that there is a case for postulating a WESTERN CULTURE WIDE ‘FALL FROM GRACE’ as described in “On the Marionette Theatre” by Heinrich von Kleist.  This story speaks to the familiar exposure, in our WESTERN CULTURE society, to sustain our natural QUANTUM LOGIC sense of INCLUSION in the transforming relational continuum, and to become mesmerized by the incessant WESTERN CULTURE BINARY LOGIC language constructions harping on the INDEPENDENCE of this that and everything, from NATIONS and CORPORATIONS to HUMAN BEINGS and LGBTQ INDEPENDENT STRAINS and of course simple MALES and FEMALES, and what we are seeing is that this LINGUISTIC FRAGMENTATION is being used as grounds for SUBSOPTIMIZATION as if the INDEPENDENCE OF these notional CATEGORIES was REAL rather than the language-based abstraction that it actually is.

The result is the current FRAGMENTATIVE trend in support of SUBOBTIMIZATION on the basis of the assumed REALITY of the language-invented FRAGMENTS.

SUBOPTIMIZATION has become a WESTERN CULTURE PYSCHOLOGICAL DELUSION which is infecting the social dynamic.

“The above aphorism (The Name of the Devil is Suboptimization’), attributed to Kenneth Boulding, points to the inherent weakness characterizing the mindset and socio‐economic, political, educational and managerial practices of Western Industrial society as it developed over the past 300 years. It has its basis in the analytic‐reductionist scientific paradigm, which, despite the remarkable technological applications it spawned, is inappropriate, conflict‐generating and dysfunctional in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence …” — György Jaros and Martine Dodds-Taljaard  (International Society of Systems Sciences)


For the sake of brevity, I did NOT, herein, go into all of these related issues in as great a depth as usual, but I think I have put enough in this relatively sort note to suggest that BINARY LOGIC IS SCREWING UP OUR UNDERSTANDING.  IT IS TOO SIMPLE and it has us speaking of the TOWN IS GROWING instead of in the QUANTUM LOGIC terms of … THERE IS TOWNING IN THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.


* * *


If you have read some of my notes, you may be thinking, ..”what he says is so contrary to mainstream thinking” and that is true, but what I am saying IS NOT CONTRARY AT ALL TO WHAT DAVID BOHM IS SAYING AND Bohm teamed up with Krishnamurti to try and get the message out but what we read in today’s news and what we hear on CNN and FOX NEWS etc. is radically OUT OF TOUCH with what we were hearing from Bohm and lets face it, MOST OF WHAT WE HEAR IN OUR WESTERN CULTURE INTERPRESONAL CONVERSATIONS IS OF THE SAME ILK AS WHAT WE ARE HEARING ON FOX NEWS AND CNN AND CBC etc. which is definitely NOT in the SAME REALITY CAMP that BOHM and NIETZSCHE are GROUNDED IN.


We could say that until we BREAK OUT of the SUBSTITUTE REALITY we have locked ourselves into, this is how its going to be; i.e. the BINARY LOGIC BASES SUBSTITUTE REALITY persists as the POPULAR OPERATIVE REALITY and it seems as if it ‘sorta works’ but IT IS NOT WORKING but we are NOT LOOKING AT WHAT IT IS ACTUALLY INFLUENCING which is our ongoing TRANSFORMATION which is NOT about our progress in agricultural and industrial production because THOSE THINGS ARE ABSTRACTION and what our sense-experience is attuning to is the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM that we share inclusion in, and we don’t read about that in the newspapers or see it covered in the eventing TV new because it is not OUT THERE and so it is not CATCHABLE IN THE VOYEUR VIEWING OF THE NEWS CAMERA LENSES.    WE ARE INSIDE THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM AND WE ARE EXPERIENCING OUR INCLUSION IN TRANSFORMATION  and perhaps if we gathering together in ‘sharing circles’ like the indigenous aboriginals we could co-cultivate the synoptic view of what we are included in, but we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS don’t have that ‘learning circle’ tradition and we continue to put ourselves at the mercy of the information reporting systems that do not ‘speak from the heart’ like the participants in the learning circle, but deliver CROWS-EYE-VIEW VOYEUR REPORTS.  VOYEUR REPORTING is a far cry from the learning circle method of upgrading our understanding, and like Ivan Illich says in ‘the SILENCE IS A COMMONS, the commons has now been hijacked by loudspeakers and global networks that amplify whatever is coming from those who have the best access to the microphone.  I guarantee you that if we gather in a ‘sharing circle’ we are going to hear heartfelt honest and real stuff that will inform us in a radically different way than our current informing that is coming from information networks whose material is dominated by those who have best access to the microphone.


[reviewed up to here]

* * *




It is my view that ‘the fall from grace’ is the arrival of the BINARY LOGIC concept of ‘GOOD and EVIL’ which, once it had attained the generic form of binary logic, led to the cultivating of the western culture language group.  Of course, there are others in the world, like the indigenous aboriginals with their quantum logic understanding, and some are still here, but as we can see, we WESTERN CULTURE BINARY LOGIC FOLLOWERS are dominant and we are dominant because BINARY LOGIC has us remove ourselves from the QUANTUM LOGIC harmonies of the world and has us constructing a BINARY LOGIC based intellectual substitute reality which we are using as our operative reality.


It is crazy!  Who really believes in ‘independent nations’ when our sense-experience is telling us that “we live in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence.”


These views of independence and interdependence can’t both be right!


Modern physics and indigenous aboriginals go with this one; “we live in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence.”


And so do I!


Does that mean we have to ‘throw Canada under the bus’?


No, but it means that we have to throw BINARY LOGIC under the bus, and that means no more polar opposites where purification demands that we must get rid of the bad pole (RUSSIA) and support the good pole (the UKRAINE).  No, that’s BINARY.  There is no BINARY  “we live in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence.”


The way out of conflict is as in nature, to re-cultivate relational resonance where there is relational dissonance and lets not fool ourselves to believe that the dissonance in the world arises in BINARY POLAR conflicts as in Russia and the Ukraine, …. Dissonance in a relational complex is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT as in a tensional build up in a social collective and simply manifests through individuals as conduits.  That is the reason for ‘healing circles’ in indigenous aboriginal communities.  It is not to find a notional ‘LOCAL AUTHOR’ when that person is the ‘LIGHTNING ROD’ for relational tensions building up in the social collective that find release through the LIGHTNING ROD (as with LIGHTNING, TENSIONS CREATING A CONDUIT FOR THEIR OWN RELEASE).  We are relational people and we have all experienced being situationally included within the relational social matrix whereupon we find ourselves being the arbiter or lightning rod for releasing tensions in the relation matrix we are included in, and if the social collective is NOT AS HONEST as in the indigenous aboriginal community where the social collective acknowledges ‘ownership’ of the buildup of tensions, the lightning rod is MIS-identified as the LOCAL AUTHOR of the ZAPPING that is NOT LOCALLY AUTHORED but is the manifesting of NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) dynamics.


Those are the interpretations coming from QUANTUM LOGIC understanding.  We know where the BINARY LOGIC leads.  It leads to the BINARY LOGIC based misidentifying of the ‘LIGHTNING ROD’ as the LOCAL AUTHOR.  Did she do the dastardly deed or did she not?  An answer to that BINARY LOGIC EITHER/OR question is all that we, as BINARY LOGIC THINKERS, need to know.  Did Harvey Weinstein do it or not?  Even the women who worked with him for years said that they knew what was going on and felt partly to blame for not warning innocents, which says what?   It is saying that the world works in the manner the indigenous aboriginals are saying it works, where we are included in a relational matrix where we all have to take care of one another because “we live in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence.”


The notion of the independent being that roams around in absolute empty and infinite space is BINARY LOGIC BULLSHIT, but what it does is protect the majority within a WESTERN JUSTICE SYSTEM that says “innocent until proven guilty” and that is why WESTERN CULTURE sees Justice as an act of PURIFICATION which orients to eliminating the BAD ONES and celebrating the GOOD ONES, or rather, those not PROVEN guilty, which is the vast majority in Western Culture while in the Eastern Culture the social collective assumes that everyone is guilty and the LIGHTNING ROD is not the LOCAL AUTHOR.


Of course if we say that ‘everyone is guilty’ that means that the notion of LOCAL AUTHORING disappears and the ‘authoring’ is now understood, instead, as NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) which is an expression of TRANSFORMATION.


* * *




In the condition of GRACE, we are understanding ourselves in NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT terms; i.e. we are in touch with the innate relational all-including WAVE-FIELD nature of reality and as in the Marionette Theatre” by Heinrich von Kleist, we have an exposure to losing touch with the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT relational self and becoming IMPRISONED in our LOCAL and EXPLICIT “material” self as our EGO rises up in its TAKE OVER bid, supported by WESTERN CULTURE BINARY LOGIC LANGUAGE.

* * *