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My Crossed-paradigm Communications Experience


[This note is adjunct to ‘The Role of Media/Newspapers in Community Dynamics’]


There is a problem in trying to communicate with others when one’s understanding is in a different ‘paradigm.’

The different paradigms can be described with the help of the following picture of the earth’s biosphere and comparing it with the skin of an apple;

the health of the biosphere is the health of one thing, as with the health of the apple-skin

The health of the biosphere is like the health of the skin of the apple.  In mathematical terms, the space on the surface of a sphere is a non-Euclidian space wherein everything is relative to everything else.  There are no absolute locations in this space, so that if anything moves, it can only move relative everything else in that space and since there is motion, it is continuous motion involving everything; i.e. the biosphere is continually transforming in a spatial-relational sense. (more…)

San Francisco: Can it be Simulated?


An exciting point through which the world is expressing itself

San Francisco is the name of a place that has a lot of ‘romance’ to it.   The historical narrative of its genesis is at the same time, a historical narrative of change going on around the world, the unravelling of the old ways of the old world, the threads of which were being spun into the surprising and exciting artefacts of the new world including this gem of a city on the west coast of North America.  The richness and diversity of the entire world and its deep-rooted cultural traditions is the weave that San Francisco is made of, and those ‘threads’ continue to serve as an electrical connective webbing that makes ‘San Francisco’ a bright point through which the global plenum expresses itself. (more…)

Open Letter of Tribute to Brigette DePape … with video


Brigette DePape 'sends a message' during Throne Speech

Dear Brigette,

There is something I can feel that is going on in this picture of you holding the ‘Stop Harper’ sign that is not showing up in the picture.

It is ‘tension’. (more…)

On ‘disliking’ the cultural CUSTOM of celebrating birthdays


On my ‘dislike’ of our cultural CUSTOM of celebrating birthdays

(parties/celebrations and exchange of best wishes are great, but can’t we trigger them differently?  [and avoid cyclic repetition])

just in case anyone is interested, my dislike of our custom of celebrating birthdays is explained as follows. (more…)

Cosmology for Kids. Volume I, No. 1


Cosmology for Kids  Volume I, No. 1

natural curiousity suppressed by cultural imprinting?

natural curiousity suppressed by cultural imprinting?


I would be happy if my grandchildren and all of the children of the rising generations, would have good access to hearing about ‘another worldview’, ‘another way of understanding’ and ‘another way of carrying oneself in the world dynamic’.   The crowd that inhabits the surface of the earth has more staying power than people it is composed of, who rise up into it, stay for a while, then decline and are regathered within nature.  This ‘crowd dynamic’ is not something each new generation is the causal producer of.  We come in as innocents in the manner that one enters into a skipping rope, if you don’t get your behaviour attuned to what is already going on, you will be ‘run over’ by a truck, not just a rope. (more…)

Discussions on ‘The Economy of Thought’ (Continued from distribution list)


Hi Lere,

My suggestion is, that if you have time and energy to continue this discussion (i hope you do), we should take it offline as we may be going places that others on the list, besides Yvonne, are not interested in going, or do not currently have time for.  Thus I have posted this same reply to you at the URL just below, and if you reply to me there, anyone on this list who is interested can participate in the continuing discussion via the forum software there.


You miss my intended meaning of ‘field’, as in your statement;

“In your ‘field’ approach which is Heideggerian, all swim in the same pool and so individual take on things dont matter. What matters is the Nation which translates to nationalism as a ‘field’.” (more…)

Checking Oneself on One’s Understanding of ‘Organization’


Is life really as Shakespeare’s Hamlet describes it?

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Are we really living our lives by playing ‘roles’ that we develop by intellectual mastery?

[[As you consider this question and try it on for size re your own life situation, there is something important that you may miss taking into account in this process.   You can ‘check yourself out’ for whether you missed it or not at the bottom of this essay.]]

Surely, animals don’t acquire their ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘protector’, ‘lover’ roles by intellectual mastery, so why should we think that we do? (more…)

What Went Wrong with the film ‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’


The film ‘Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed’ written by Kevin Miller, Ben Stein and Walt Rulof drew a lot of flack and this post explains why. (listen up now, Kevin, Ben, Walt  {;-} )

It mostly goes back to a disagreement between Plato and Aristotle.  Plato believed that nature’s dynamics are characterized by ‘extrinsic final cause’ while Aristotle believed that nature’s dynamics are characterized by ‘intrinsic final cause’. (more…)

‘field’ reduces nature-vs-nurture to one dynamic


pressure field conditions cells at same time as cells condition pressure field

outside-in influence is conjugate with inside-out influence; bee cells, bubbles, convection cells (i.e. pressure field dynamic conditions cell-dynamics at same time as cell-dynamics condition pressure field)

This blog was composed as a comment to a discussion ‘More on thinking backwards’ at http://healthvsmedicine.blogspot.com/2006/06/more-on-thinking-backwards.html  but the comment exceeds the limit of 4096 characters, so I am posting the comment here and will put in a short comment with a link back to this post at the above URL. (more…)

Impatience with ‘Our’ Western Society


Assertive action is always conjugate to spatial accommodation

Assertive action is conjugate to spatial accommodation

I suspect that there are many others like myself, that ‘get tired’ with living in a society or ‘culture’ that seems so dysfunctional yet so unable to get off the rails it is riding on.

It is clear to me that some of those others can vent by pointing their fingers at those who they judge to be ‘principally responsible’ for the dysfunction, but I don’t even have that for a ‘release’ since ‘finger-pointing’ or ‘attributing causal agency’ seems to me to go with the dysfunctional culture.

What is the matter with our ‘Western Culture’ that makes ‘WC’ a fitting abbreviation? It seems simple to me.  You don’t have to write volumes to describe what’s going on.

Ok, I wrote a book to describe it, ‘A Fluid-Dynamical World View’ – www.goodshare.org/fluiddynamicview.pdf

But the basics are as follows;

  1. For every assertive action, there is a conjugate spatial-relational accommodating.

If the world is flow or field based, this must be so.  Mach’s principle of relativity claims that it must be so.

Howard Zinn, in ‘A People’s History of the United States’ at http://www.historyisaweapon/zinnapeopleshistory.html notes that ‘history’ as we Westerners write it, is equivalent to the memory of the sovereign state (or ‘sovereign being’), … a memory which discards the spatial-relational accommodating aspect (more…)

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