The DUMBING DOWN from linguistic understanding based on BALANCE to linguistic understanding based on DIFFERENTATION is what occurs in the passage from INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL and MODERN PHYSICS linguistic understanding to to WESTERN CULTURE COMMON AVERATE EUROPEAN linguistic understanding.

The inserting of the adjective ‘linguistic’ is to distinguish the very different (reduced) type of understanding that comes from intellectual contemplation of ‘words and grammar’ in a language stream, from our sense-experience grounded way of knowing and understanding from physical involvement.  That we all understand this difference manifests in the fact that we distinguish between giving our female children ‘sex education’ rather than ‘sex experience’.

While THOUGHT and LANGUAGE are understood in our WESTERN CULTURE educated social collective (as comes from the influence of Piaget) is that they are two separate schemes, however, consistent with QUANTUM LOGIC, the relationship between Thought and Language deriving from the psychological investigations of Lev Vygotsky as captured in ‘Thought and Language’ is as follows;

In ‘Thought and Language’, Lev Vygotsky points out that ‘spontaneous concept formation’ induced by the situation we find ourselves in, and ‘scientific concept formation’ which we can think of as our corresponding intention driven response that is inductively actualized by the unfolding situation, are a single system; i.e. a situational-intentional nonduality.   

This is, in fact, an expression of QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM which manifests in our WAVE-FIELD world wherein MATERIAL FORMS are CONDENSATIONS of the all-including WAVE-FIELD.

In other words, Vygotsky has established that LANGUAGE precipitates from the FIELD of THOUGHT in the manner that MATTER precipitates from the WAVE-FIELD, this QUANTUM LOGIC relationship having been DUMBED DOWN in our WESTERN CULTURE so that our understanding is that THOUGHT and LANGUAGE are TWO SEPARATE THINGS in a BINARY LOGIC SENSE, rather than having the CONJUGATE IMAGINARY plus MATERIAL relation of WAVE-FIELD STRUCTURE.

The aim of this essay is to CLARIFY how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are USING LANGUAGE to DUMB DOWN (SIMPLIFY) our REPRESENTATIONS of REALITY from the QUANTUM LOGIC sense-experience grounded understanding of the all-including WAVE-FIELD in which material forms are CONDENSATIONS to the BINARY LOGIC to the intellectual abstraction based SPLITTING apart of MATERIAL FORMS and EMPTY SPACE.

What is being suggested in this note is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, thanks to our DUMBING DOWN of reality in our LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE based REPRESENTATIONS, have developed the SIMPLISTIC way of PSYCHOLOGICALLY MODELING our sense-experience reality which is based on DIFFERENTIATION, … rather than INTEGRATION and I say ‘rather than’ because Modern physics and Indigenous aboriginal cultures have determined that the INTEGRATION approach to architecting language is needed to avoid DROPOUT as we translate our sense experiences into language based intellectual constructions.   For example, while our sense-experience is informing us that ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ wherein EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX (as Heraclitus reminds us), our intellectual constructions, which in WESTERN CULTURE employ the abstraction of LOCAL, EXPLICIT MATERIAL BEING, to “SIMPLIFY” this fluid (WAVE-FIELD) dynamic by REDUCING the CONDENSATION to an ABSTRACT BEING BASED MATERIAL OBJECT, which involves the related REDUCTION of the WAVE-FIELD to a notional ABSOLUTE EMPTY SPACE OF INFINITE EXTENT.

This REDUCTION of the QUANTUM LOGIC relation to the BINARY LOGIC relation makes an ORPHAN out of the CONDENSATION putting it in an EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES situation where the CONDENSATION which is purely APPEARANCE (Schaumkommen in Schroedinger’s language) becomes a POSEUR that pretends to be the AUTHOR of its own actions and developments, IN BASIC DISAGREEMENT with the physical reality of its being an APPEARANCE rather than a MATERIAL BEING based OBJECT.

CONDENSATIONS of the WAVE-FIELD remain in the realm of the FLUID and never ‘graduate’ to MATERIAL BEING based status.


The INTELLECTUAL- LINGUISTIC CONSTRUCTION of this BINARY LOGIC based ABSTRACT SUBSTITUTE REALITY is what we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are employing as our OPERATIVE REALITY, which is the source of FRAGMENTATION that as Bohm points out, is a FRAGMENTATION of our WESTERN CULTURE PYSCHES, which brings with it FRAGMENTATION in our actions and developments.

But are we speaking of something REAL (sense-experience affirmable) when we say ‘the TOWN is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCTING products’? 

NO!  It only SEEMS REAL because we are using language to construct a HOUSE-of-CARDS SUBSTITUTE REALITY  based on the ABSTRACTION  of NAMING-instantiated notional MATERIAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES with GRAMMAR-given notional POWERS OF LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments.


This BINARY LOGIC ABSTRACT based SUBSTITUTE REALITY is a LANGUAGE based DEVICE for informing our INTELLECT on a basis that BYPASSES our sense-experience input.  So, for example, in spite of our sense-experience informing us that the SO-CALLED GROWTH OF THE TOWN, which on its own is BINARY LOGIC based ABSTRACTION, cannot be separated from the conjugate SHRINKING OF WILDERNESS.  ‘PROBLEM! Our INTELLECT is “NOT BEHOLDEN TO PLAY SECOND FIDDLE TO OUR SENSE-EXPERIENCE” even though such a SUPPORT ROLE for INTELLECT makes sense and is the option employed in Modern physics and in Indigenous aboriginal language-based systems of understanding.  So, our WESTERN CULTURE CONDITIONED INTELLECT can take us to this place where we employ LINGUISTIC CONSTRUCTIONS which are BINARY LOGIC BASED; e.g. where we say ‘the TOWN is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING products’ instead of employing SENSE-EXPERIENCE supported linguistic reality constructions which are QUANTUM LOGIC based where we INSTEAD say; ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’.

 * * *

This essay, as headlined above, is about the PSYCHO-LINGUISTIC DUMBING DOWN, in WESTERN CULTURE UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY, from QUANTUM LOGIC “BOTH/AND” (BALANCE-based) REPRESENTATION OF REALITY TO BINARY LOGIC “EITHER/OR” (DIFFERENTIATION based) (DIFFERENTIATION-based) REPRESENTATION of REALITY as in the example just given where we employ BINARY LOGIC to say ‘the TOWN is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING products’  (implying an ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINIT SPACE as a containing frame) instead of employing SENSE-EXPERIENCE supported linguistic reality constructions which are QUANTUM LOGIC based (INTEGRATION-based) where we INSTEAD say; ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’.

THE KEY POINT TO REMEMBER HERE IS THAT WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ARE ‘DUMBING DOWN’ our language based representations by REDUCING QUANTUM LOGIC REALITIES to BINARY LOGIC SUBSTITUTE REALITIES; for example, reducing BALANCE based representations to DIFFERENTIATION based representations, as is the case when we change the LINGUISTIC REPRESENTATION from ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’  (quantum logic) to ‘the TOWN is GROWING’. (binary logic).




The following indigenous aboriginal ‘parable’ demonstrates how our CHOICE of PRIORITY of DIFFERENTIATION and INTEGRATION impacts our sense-experience lives.



My Father and the Lima Beans

by Paula Underwood

[Paula Underwood is an oral historian with lifelong training in this ancient Native American methodology.  She is a descendant of the chief Shenandoah, known and respected by Benjamin Franklin,  and also a descendent of Benjamin Franklin.]

There was something going on in the kitchen. I could hear my mother’s voice and the soft query of my father. The tone in his voice caught my ear. There was more to be understood.

I heard my mother’s laugh and the rattling of a paper bag, … something hard going inside, many small things tumbling in. And finally, I heard my father’s whistle as he went out the screen door, . . . rattling whatever he had in that paper bag. His way of catching my attention.

‘He wants me to come,’ I thought. And, even as those words skimmed over the surface of my mind, my feet already carried me through that same screen door, following the music of my father’s whistle, the syncopation of the rattle which was a paper bag.

He was already seated on the beaten earth floor of our garage. . . our special place for learning. On the floor in front of him he had begun to set out a circle of lima beans. Lima beans! So that’s what h e sought form my mother. Permission for some of our dinner to become one more lesson for an inquiring child.

‘What are you doing, Daddy?” I asked, seeing no explanation i could devise.

‘Why, I’m building my community, Honeygirl!’ And one by one he laid out a circle of lima beans, one of our Three Sacred Sisters, members of his new community.

‘This one is a woman who’s about 45 years old. She’s a real hard worker, but she sure is a nag!’ Holding up one bean for me to see, to understand as part of his community, he placed it carefully on the floor.

‘And this is a boy of about 12. He can be a real hard worker, too, but he’s into mischeif most of the time!’

And one by one, my father described his community to me. A hunter who understood deer better than corn, an elderly woman who still knew how to bend to any task, two young men just learning how to hunt, a kind young woman who was soon to be married, a young woman who was very beautiful … and who knew this to be true …. fonder of sitting and letting others admire her than of bending to any task. One by one the complexities of any community, of the community my father gathered, were laid out before me for consideration.

‘Now,’ my father said when he was done, ‘that’s my community! Where’s yours?’

‘Mine? What do you mean mine?’ I asked, wondering if I should ask more lima beans of my mother, even less for dinner.

‘Well, you can have any of mine. Any you might like. You can take any member of my community you want for your own . . . and build your own community.’

What a thought! Any one I liked . . . build my own community …

‘Well, I don’t want the 45 year old woman who nags! There’s enough of that in this life. But I’ll take the 12 year old boy who gets into mischief. Guess if I can handle my brother I can handle him!’

And one by one I chose, … or did not choose, … members of my father’s community for my own. I chose every one I thought would get along well, the ones I thought would be nice to live with and left the others behind for my father to deal with. After all, he was older than me, wiser than me as well.

‘That it, Honeygirl?’ my Father asked?

‘Yeah, I think that’s all’.

‘Looks like a pretty nice group o’ folks!’ he went on.

‘I thought so!’ Just think how well we will all get on together.

‘Now,’ my Father added, ‘It’s harvest time and there’s a lot o’ things that need doin’. So let’s see how this is going to work. You need two people to walk down the rows o’ corn and twist off the heads. Then you need two people behind them to chop down the corn stalks. Over here you need four people ready to start processing the corn.’

One by one my father laid out the tasks that needed doing . . all at the same time.

And I very soon ran out of people!

‘Well,’ I suggested as the work yet undone stretched out in front of me. ‘Maybe I could add that 45 year old woman who’s a hard worker, even if she does nag! Maybe I could put her and that 12 year old that gets into mischief together. That way they’d keep each other busy and get a lot of work done!

‘And maybe I could add .. ‘

One by one the members of my father’s community found their way into my own, each chosen for some skill lacking in the others, all needed for the vital task of seeing our community through one more long, cold winter!

Still, the woman who knew she was beautiful had not been included. After all, what could someone like that add to a day filled with work?

‘Hoo-ee, Honeygirl, looks like your folks is really working hard. Looks like things are gettin done. But you know, they look tired to me. Looks to me like they need something to cheer them up. What could that be?

And then I remembered. The young woman who knew she was beautiful . . . also loved to sing. And it seemed to me maybe not so bad . . . if she sat on a rock . . . near the People . . . sat and sang to them of celebrations and full stomachs and a new Spring greeted by a happy People. If she sat and sang, she could ease their day, help their work, brighten their world.

Perhaps her self-awareness of beauty was not so bad after all!

And so you see how it was? How one by one each and every member of my father’s community found their way into mine .. . for this or that reason, this or that skill, this or that need as yet unmet.

And you see how it is, … from that day to this . . . I have never had any trouble at all including in my community people I might have found inconvenient, . . once upon a time . . . but saw now as offering any community . . . my community, . . the diversity we may yet need.

* * *


SIMPLE DIFFERENTIATION based on the BINARY LOGIC of EITHER/OR in the first part of the My Father and the Lima Beans story gives way to LESS SIMPLE INTEGRATION based on the QUANTUM LOGIC of BOTH/AND where the ‘individuals’ instead of being scrutinized and put under the microscope as local things-in-themselves, are seen in the larger context of a WEB of RELATIONS (as in the indigenous aboriginal aphorism MITAKUYE OYASIN or ‘all my relations’.  In this LESS SIMPLE alternative understanding, where we understand the relational form as a CONDENSATION of the diverse relational dynamics in which the form is included and which give meaning to the form that differs radically from the DIFFERENTIATION based assessment.

That is, the understanding of a relational form (a CONDENSATION of the WAVE-FIELD) in terms of its WEB-of-RELATIONS nature, is what this indigenous aboriginal short story My Father and the Lima beans is bringing out.  No amount of DIFFERENTIATION based scrutiny of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT aspects of the MATERIAL FORM as if it were a THING-IN-ITSELF will give the sort of understanding that comes from its web of relations nature, raising the general question as to LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE and whether language that is seeking to capture a REPRESENTATION of relational forms should be based on the LOCAL AND EXPLICIT or the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT.

The alternative answers to this question is the major distinguishing feature between the INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL cultures (as well as Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta) versus the mainstream WESTERN CULTURE.  That is, the INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL CULTURES have chosen a language architecture based on the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT ‘QUANTUM LOGIC’, the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM which is a relationship akin to WHORLING in the FLOWING wherein everything is in flux yet we get to DISTINGUISH THINGS by way of the QUANTUM LOGIC relation wherein the ENERGY -CHARGED PLENUM aka the WAVE-FIELD is the ALL-INCLUDING REALITY within which we can distinguish the MATERIAL FORMS which are CONDENSATIONS of the WAVE-FIELD.   This understanding leads to QUANTUM LOGIC as the basic logic of linguistic representation.

WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, on the other had, have chosen a language architecture based on LOCAL and EXPLICIT BINARY LOGIC, the EITHER/OR LOGIC OF THE EXCLUDED MEDIUM, where instead of an all-including energy-charged WAVE-FIELD, the foundational role of the CONTAINER is defined to be an ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE SPACE, which substitutes for the FEMALE WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE of the energy-filled PLENUM.  The choice of EMPTY SPACE SIMPLIFIES the language based representations of this SUBSTITUTE REALITY (wherein the FEMALE PLENUM is DROPPED OUT) by requiring ONLY the ONE-SIDED MALE ASSERTING ACTION AND DEVELOPMENT conjugate, as if this is transpiring in EMPTY SPACE.

This WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE; i.e. this ONE-SIDED MALE ASSERTING ONLY LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE does indeed SIMPLIFY the linguistic articulation of “REALITY” by way of SUBSTITUTING A SIMPLIFIED SUBSTITURE REALITY that DROPS OUT THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE (the ENERGY-CHARGED CONTAINING PLENUM).  That which is SUBSTITUTED FOR THE FEMALE WAVE-FIELD PLENUM is ABSOLUTE EMPTY SPACE OF INFINITE EXTENT, simplifying the task of language based constructions of REALITY this new simplified SUBSTITUTE REALITY by DROPPING OUT the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE.   Instead of a less simple QUANTUM LOGIC based reality representation as agrees with our sense-experience, we substitute a more simple BINARY LOGIC based reality representation that is facilitated by our PSYCHOLOGICAL-INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION based CONSTRUCTING capability.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, by using the SIMPLIFIED REPRESENTATIONS of this BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY as our OPERATIVE REALITY for directing (and thus ‘over-riding’) what would naturally have been our sense-experience directed actions and developments.

In other words, our reality-simplifying (binary logic) language tool is not up to the task of SUBSTITUTING for our less simple (quantum logic) SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY however, that is the trap we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have fallen prey to, thus as Emerson has pointed out, “the tool runs away with the workman, the human with the divine”.

Nietzsche makes the same point; i.e. that language, by dropping out the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE shifts the credit for EVERYTHING to DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING AND GRAMMAR based LOCAL AUTHORING in terms of MALE ASSERTING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT;

“Nothing indeed has exercised a more simple power of persuasion hitherto than the error of Being, as it was formulated by the Eleatics for instance: in its favour are every word and every sentence that we utter!—Even the opponents of the Eleatics succumbed to the seductive powers of their concept of Being. Among others there was Democritus in his discovery of the atom. “Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.” 

What is being said here is that the abstraction of BEING is something we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are using to SIMPLIFY our language based representations so as to avoid the LESS SIMPLE WAVE-FIELD understanding wherein EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX (mitakuye oyasin).  Our inventing of BEING as a LOCAL EXPLICIT STAKE-IN-THE-GROUND from which to launch LOCAL AUTHORING of ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS, spares us from having to deal with the LESS SIMPLE ‘everything is in flux’ reality of the all-including WAVE-FIELD DYNAMIC.

But getting rid of BINARY LOGIC requires still more work on our LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE design due to our need to AVOID DIFFERENTIATION and instead embrace INTEGRATION as is the MESSAGE in ‘My Father and the Lima Beans’


My Father and the Lima Beans is a story which brings forth the value of the shift from DIFFERENTIATION to INTEGRATION.

When we compare “ONE THING WITH ANOTHER” we imply their innate INDEPENDENCE, but such INDEPENDENCE does not exist within a QUANTUM LOGIC world of the WAVE-FIELD in which material forms are CONDENSATIONS, meaning that EVERYTHING IS RELATED.  Thus the importance of, as in Indigenous aboriginal culture, RESISTANCE to the popular WESTERN CULTURE trend of using DIFFERENTIATION as a precursor to assessment of VALUE of the DIFFERENTIATED ‘BEING’, since the INTEGRATION based value may EXCEED the DIFFERENTIATION based VALUE.


As T.S. Eliot, an early student of the Vedic QUANTUM LOGIC MINDSET implies in his poetic writing, the richness of INTEGRATION is in no way limited to ‘the sum of the parts’ as DIFFERENTIATION would suggests.  T. S. Eliot writes in Little Gidding, for example; “Not known, because not looked for, But heard, half-heard , in the stillness Between two waves of the sea.”


In the WAVE-FIELD WORLD, the local and explicit material forms are CONDENSATIONS of the WAVE-FIELD, ‘who or what they are’ is not limited to the limits of their local material forms since their visible and tangible forms are LIMITATIONS DERVING FROM OUR SENSES OF VISION AND TOUCH whereas CONDENSATIONS of the WAVER-FIELD are expressions of the All-INCLUDING  WAVE-FIELD which is a reality far greater than the reach of our two senses of vision and touch.

Such an understanding supports the development of language architecture such as the indigenous aboriginal language architecture grounded in the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (the relational) as is the nature of the all-including WAVE-FIELD.

When we speak in terms of “the TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE”, everything is in flux within an UNBOUNDED FLUID REALM, wherein EVERYTHING IS RELATED (mitakuye oyasin) as in QUANTUM LOGIC the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM which is ANDROGYNOUS and consisting of both FEMALE ACCOMMODATING and MALE ASSERTING CONJUGATES which are knowable by way of INTEGRATION.

But when we speak in terms “the TOWN that is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING products” we drop into BINARY LOGIC, the EITHER/OR LOGIC of the EXCLUDED MEDIUM (the medium is now empty infinite space) where only the MALE ASSERTING AGENCY presides is FRAGMENTATIVE where the FRAGMENTS are knowable by way of DIFFERENTIATION.

 * * *

The overall ‘message’ of this essay and of My Father and the Lima Beans is that language based FRAGMENTATION is OBSCURING the SIMULTANEOUS UNITY and PLURALITY of the COSMOS.

“Plato clearly distinguished between Heraclitus’ SIMULTANEOUS unity and plurality of the cosmos and Empedocles’ SEPARATE PERIODS of Love and Strife. At the same time, they are mentioned together as both alike in believing in the unity and plurality of the cosmos; and Aristotle’s coupling of the two might conceivably have been motivated by the Platonic comparison, the important distinction between them being overlooked.” – Kirk, Raven et al, The Presocratic Philosophers

DIFFERENTIATION and INTEGRATION are choices we have in our CONTEMPLATING of the ‘reality’ we understand ourselves to be included in.  When we consider things by way of DIFFERENTIATION, we are missing important information which comes with INTEGRATION, as is noted in mathematics where it is impossible to put HUMPTY DUMPTY back together again in the wake of DIFFERENTIATION.  I would explain this in terms of there being something unique and different about “INTEGRATION” that we can’t get to with “DIFFERENTIATION”.  That is, there is a GESTALT property to the WAVE-FIELD that cannot be comprehended by studying the CONDENSATIONS.  If we were FARMERS, our understanding of the land on the basis of the CULTIVATED LANDS would not inform us on the land overall, because of our lack of knowledge of the CONJUGATE WILDERNESS LANDS.  The amount of detailed LOCAL and EXPLICIT knowledge we may have by way of DIFFERENTIATION does not equip us for understanding INTEGRATION, so we should not be TOO INSISTENT ON CLAIMING WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, on the basis of DIFFERENTIATION based understanding.

It would be wise, as in ‘My Father and Lima Beans’ to accept that the COCKTAILS OF INTEGRATION are beyond the KNOWING REACH of the DISSECTIONS of DIFFERENTIATION, (HOLISM is beyond the reach of REDUCTIONISM) but in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collectives, DIFFERENTIATION based linguistic constructions of SUBSTITUTE REALITIES which fall innately short of being capable of capturing the INTEGRATED UNUM are regularly employed.  Insofar as we may excel in addressing the issues and needs of reality, it is NOT THE REALITY OF OUR SENSE-EXPERIENCE we are addressing but a DUMBED DOWN BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY which we prefer because it is SIMPLER than our less simple SENSE-EXPERIENCE reality.   In this simpler SUBSTITUTE REALIY we have the pseudo-reality of the GROWTH of cultivated lands without having to mention the CONJUGATE SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS LANDS.  This is an OSTRICH like OBFUSCATION that succeeds in terms of INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION where we employ a FLAT SPACE of INFINITE EXTENT in place of the SPHERICAL SPACE of FINITE EXTENT that matches the space of our sense-experience of inclusion therein.

The perhaps disconcerting message in this essay is that the LOCAL and EXPLICIT DIFFERENTIATION that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have been employing as our OPERATIVE REALITY, is an UNREAL SUBSTITUTE REALITY built on the back of BINARY LOGIC ABSTRACTION.

The discovery of what is really going on, starting from a language stream that has reduced everything to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT, is by a process akin to Michelangelo’s chipping off fragments of limestone so that the form could ESCAPE from its confinement.  In the story of My Father and the Lima Beans, it is clear that DIFFERENTIATION will never achieve the result in TEAM selection that is possible with INTEGRATION; i.e. by the process of differentiation, we select on the basis of the LOCAL, EXPLICIT thing-in-itself whereas in the process of INTEGRATION we select on the basis of the NICHE OPENINGS that emerge from a network of relations, as coherencies in connective confluence.   These are not the ‘DIFFERENTIATING’ ‘qualities of individuals’ seen as separate things-in-themselves, but emergent qualities originating in the female accommodating sockets that open up in the relational confluence or INTEGRATION, a niche opening that is less simple than male asserting contributions in the manner that the hexagonal cells of bees are NOT the simple male asserting local and explicit intended product of the bees deliberate intention, but arise from the less simple outside-inward needs-induced resonance structure, as might be a fitting description, as well, for the community assembled in My Father and the Lima Beans’.

* * * 


The reader may have FELT the language-engineered switching of the reader’s psyche from BINARY LOGIC mode to QUANTUM LOGIC mode.  Whether or not this occurred depends on the PSYCHE of the reader, but it was the intention of this article since it is necessary to convey in full depth, the shift from BINARY LOGIC to QUANTUM LOGIC as occurred in the indigenous aboriginal story My Father and the Lima Beans.  In a BINARY LOGIC based understanding, the language-based construction is in the DIFFERENTIATION based terms of the PARTS and their MALE-ASSERTING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS..  But the story’s mode of NARRATION flips from MALE-ASSERTING DIFFERENTIATION to FEMALE ACCOMMODATING INTEGRATION.   This happens by way of the SHIFT in speaking in terms of the CAPABILITIES of the PARTICIPANTS to terms of the NEEDS of the social collective which gives NEW VALUE to individual participants beyond what can be seen when starting from the capabilities of the individual.  While the CAPABILITIES of the team members are in terms of inside-outward MALE ASSERTING ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS, there is also a FEMALE ACCOMMODATING DESIRE that craves fulfilment which cannot be assessed by assessing the MALE ASSERTING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT of a LOCAL AUTHOR, but which must be understood in term of the CRAVING of the GROUP such as the spiritual uplift coming from a beautiful voice.

The point here is that the MEANING or VALUE of the capabilities and actions of the individual are a function of the NEEDS of the group participants in which case, it is not possible to assess the value of the individual on the basis of the attributes of the individual as in the example of lazy girl who makes little contribution to the physical chores that must be attended to, but who gift of song is such as to fill a need in the hearts of the other members of her group.

This real value that cannot be measured in terms of explicit physical/material accomplishments of the individual may nevertheless make a notable contribution to FILLING an emotional/spiritual need in others which it would make no sense to simply FORGET ABOUT because we are unable to measure it AS A NORMAL OUTPUT such as the MALE-ASSERTING LOCALLY AUTHORED ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS of the individual.

WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS do not normally, in our language based representations, acknowledge NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT INFLUENCES such as the boost in spirits and emotions deriving from the lazy girl’s singing so that in a community that measures only the LOCAL and EXPLICIT, such a community may not attribute value to such influences.

“Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir!”

‘Bitzer,’ said Thomas Gradgrind. ‘Your definition of a horse.’

‘Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in the spring; in marshy countries, sheds hoofs, too. Hoofs hard, but requiring to be shod with iron. Age known by marks in mouth.’ Thus (and much more) Bitzer.

— Charles Dickens, ‘Hard Times’

The spiritual uplift of a beautiful voice is not measurable by ‘wiring up’ the LOCAL AUTHOR so as to capture all of the individual’s MALE ASSERTING ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENT as in a construction project.

WESTERN CULTURE has sought to ARCHITECT a language which captures action and developing as if it were deriving from one-sidedly MALE ASSERTING ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS, … DROPPING OUT the FEMALE-ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE. This same DROPPING OUT of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING has been earlier mentioned in regard to the THIN SKULL RULE which in WESTERN CULTURE JUSTICE forbids acknowledging the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE of natural dynamics.

WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH HERE is that the ARCHITECTURE of WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGES constrains logic to BINARY LOGIC rather than the less simple (but more real) QUANTUM LOGIC and what this does is to constrain CHANGE to DIFFERENTIATION rather than the less simple (but more real) INTEGRATION.  For example, DIFFERENTIATION involves the BINARY LOGIC splitting apart of ‘the LOCAL TOWN’ and the REGIONAL LANDSCAPE while INTEGRATION involves the QUANTUM LOGIC union of the TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.

 * * * 

This essay has included many side-by-side examples of the WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE practice of giving simple BINARY LOGIC the foundation role in LANGUISTIC REPRESENTATION which serves to BLOCK and SHUT OUT the less simple QUANTUM LOGIC.  As a consequence, simple DIFFERENTIATION is enabled while less simple INTEGRATION is shut out, constraining the expressive capability of English and the CAE languages;

  “English compared to Hopi is like a bludgeon compared to a rapier.” — Benjamin Whorf 

What is MISSING in ENGLISH is the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE which conveys inductive agency, the pull of accommodating opening or need for fulfillment that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT that resides in the shared space that is conditioned by the dynamics of a social collective but which is not ‘contained’ in the individual who ‘feels’ it but develops in the WAVE-FIELD they share inclusion in.   If such a proposition makes ‘one’s hair stand up on end’, this will be a reminder that WAVE-FIELD INFLUENCES are influences that we are included in which cannot be tied down to local explicit sourcing agents.

As Mach’s principle contends, our inclusion in the WAVE-FIELD means that; “The dynamics of the inhabitant are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitant”

In this case, we are NOT the full and sole authors of our own behaviours as is also the case for CONDENSATIONS in the all-including WAVE-FIELD.

* * *

All of the above points to the QUANTUM LOGIC based understanding of Modern physics and Indigenous Aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta that ‘we’ and all material forms are CONDENSATIONS of the all-including WAVE-FIELD.

That THERE ARE NO PATHOGENS; i.e. COVID 19 proliferation is IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage that has been resolved with Fecal Microbiota Transplantation.  FMT is a microbial assemblage REBALANCING approach which has not been approved for full scale use because it does not fit the anti-pathogen remedy mold of WESTERN MEDICINE.  FMT ‘works’ by rebalancing the microbial assemblage rather than by the popularly supported (in WESTERN MEDICINE) anti-pathogen approach.  The anti-pathogen approach ‘appears to work’ just as more police appears to work to resolve the proliferating of thieves in relation to rising rich and poor imbalance (note: rebalancers are the quantum logic term for ‘thieves’ which are the binary logic term).  Vaccines are anti-pathogen remedies such as ‘more police’ are remedies in response to the proliferation of ‘rebalancers’ induced by rising rich and poor imbalance.

More police and More vaccines will SUBDUE the proliferating ‘rebalancing agents’ without resolving the imbalance.  Western medicine’s approach is to continue to invest in the anti-pathogen ‘remedies’ which may succeed in ‘fending off’ the rebalancing agents BUT WITHOUT ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE OF IMBALANCE.  In the case of rich and poor imbalance the the proliferating of ‘rebalancing agents seen as pathogens leads to a WESTERN MEDICINE anti-pathogen response rather than to a rich and poor imbalance resolving action.  The political will to preserving the rising rich and poor imbalance is being achieved by increasing investments in police enforcement rather than addressing the IMBALANCE associated issues.

This police remedy which derives from the political goal of living with IMBALANCE while developing anti-pathogen technologies to suppress the natural response of REBALANCING applies also in the realm of Medicine where an imbalance-induced  proliferation of microbial rebalancers mislabeled ‘pathogens’ (there is no such thing as a ‘pathogen’) is being met with an increasing investment in anti-pathogen technology while IGNORING the root cause of IMBALANCE.

* * *