The Cuckoo lays its eggs in another bird’s nest so that its nurturance is provided for without any effort on the part of its parents (those Cuckoos may be crazy but they are not stupid).


This metaphor is useful to the understanding of reality as also the difference between quantum physics and Newtonian physics.   It concerns the difference between ratio (intellectual-reason) and balance (sense-intuition).   Intellectually, I can tell you that the avalanche crashed down the mountainside and destroyed the village.  That is a male-assertive dynamic, so far as my language-based representation has gone.  This is what I am thinking about with respect to the Cuckoos egg metaphor, something is missing, … something that is hard to put into words like a whole complex of relations between CONTENT and CONTAINER (inhabitant and habitat).   This is where we go from BINARY LOGIC to QUANTUM LOGIC as where I would share with you an account of the AVALANCHE, telling you its size in cubic metres and tons etc. and the thundering noise it makes as it crashes down the mountainside and destroys the village.   So far, I have only shared with you the MALE-ASSERTIVE, but there is also the CONJUGATE FEMALE ACCOMMODATIVE; i.e. a HOLE was opening up in the mountainside conjugate to the great pile of rocks we typically think of and ‘point to’ as “THE AVALANCHE’.  Together, the MALE ASSERTIVE PILE OF ROCKS and the unmentioned HOLE in the mountainside are CONJUGATES that point to TRANSFORMATION, which is the ACTUAL PHENOMENON.


TRANSFORMATION is too difficult to capture in language because it is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational).  It is part of the Tao, the overall world dynamic and as Lao Tzu points out, ‘The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’.   So, NOT ALL PEOPLE, but we WESTERN CULTURE PEOPLE have architected LANGUAGE that reduces REALITY to something simpler and more readily expressible like the reduction to the MALE ASSERTIVE CONJUGATE which is LOCAL and EXPLICIT and unlike the FEMALE CONJUGATE which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT i.e. the OPENING HOLE aspect of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.


So, when we speak in terms of; … ‘the AVALANCHE came crashing down the mountainside, … we are constructing a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where we have reduced the reality of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE to something LOCAL and EXPLICIT which is NOT REAL but which is CONVENIENT as far as language-based representations made for simple and efficient sharing purposes are concerned.


WELL, GUESS WHAT, … the SIMPLIFIED SUBSTITUTE REALITY that we constructed is not just being used for simplified communications purposes,… it has come to be used, in WESTERN CULTURE, as our OPERATIVE REALITY.   In other words, we could converse about the thousands of tons of rocks without mention of the conjugate hole, and if there was some valuable mineral in them, I could sell that pile of rocks to you and you could truck them away.  This transaction sounds REAL enough but the reality is that THE LANDSCAPE IS TRANSFORMING, and of course that goes on all the time and we humans are not in control of it, although WE ARE INCLUDED PARTICIPANTS.

ALL OF THAT STUFF to do with the MALE ASSERTIVE crashing of rocks of the AVALANCHE etc. which is our common way of REPRESENTING reality, … er, excuse me, not REALITY but SUBSTITUTE REALITY-SIMPLIFIED-FOR-EASY-TALKING/SHARING PURPOSE, … is useful for sharing some semblance of the ineffable-because-nonlocal-and-implicit/relational TRANSFORMATION.


NOW, THAT BELONGS to the realm of REASON and as Nietzsche and Bohm and others (e.g. Kepler) have pointed out, REASON is based on RATIO and RATIO HAS NO FEMALE CONJUGATE IN IT, so we can talk about the AVALANCHE getting larger and more dangerous as it picks up size and speed on its movement down the mountainside, but NOWHERE IS THERE MENTION OF THE OPENING HOLE THAT IS CONJUGATE TO THE GROWTH OF THE ROCK-PILE WE REFER TO AS THE AVALANCHE.


In order to UNDERSTAND TRANSFORMATION we have to go beyond the RATIONAL representations that are in MALE ASSERTIVE terms and bring into play (i.e. into our language-based representation game) the CONJUGATE FEMALE OPENING since the reality is THE TRANSFORMING and these two conjugates of the MALE ASSERTING and the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING (OPENING) are CO-CONTRIBUTORS and REALITY is NOT JUST THE MALE ASSERTIVE, although from the point of view of having to architect a means of sharing representations of reality, OUR WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE SCHEME which DROPS OUT the FEMALE is far simpler and far easier to use than alternative schemes such as the indigenous aboriginal scheme which never makes the reduction to the MALE ASSERTIVE and instead speaks of the AVALANCHING LANDSCAPING or some such terms as retain the FLUID, TRANSFORMING nature of reality


WHILE BINARY LOGIC is built into WESTERN LANGUAGE, QUANTUM LOGIC is built into indigenous aboriginal and EASTERN LANGUAGEs and QUANTUM LOGIC is ROOTED IN BALANCE, and this brings with it MORE INFORMATION about reality that helps to explain the real-world physical dynamic.  For example, when children have empty bellies and are starving, there is IMBALANCE crying out for REBALANCING, and we have the stories of ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN (Les Miserables) which speak to the REALITY of BALANCE and IMBALANCE and its impact on the social dynamic.


BALANCE brings with it a lot of NONLINEAR DYNAMICS since there is a range in which the relative fullness or emptiness of one’s belly doesn’t change the dynamics much, but if the belly goes empty for too long, then the children start crying and the adults get desperate in their REBALANCING attempts, and this is why the stories of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean are classic in our culture and have special appeal to the HAVE-NOTS.


AGAIN, BALANCE is a NONLINEAR DYNAMIC which is the basis of QUANTUM LOGIC while RATIO is a LINEAR DYNAMIC and is the basis of BINARY LOGIC so if it is our desire to capture in language a representation of reality, we are LIMITED in our ability to do so while using BINARY LOGIC (founded on RATIO which is LINEAR) and our reality representational capabilities are greatly expanded with the use of QUANTUM LOGIC (which supports BALANCE which is NONLINEAR).


The stories of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean move us emotionally because our life experience informs us of the NONLINEAR impact of BALANCE as between our body’s functioning and our food intake.  Within a certain range, everything is fairly LINEAR but when intake drops below a certain level all sorts of catastrophic developments manifest.  NONLINEAR COMPLEXITY arises in association with BALANCE; e.g. supposing there are three classes of food provisionment, EXCESSIVE, SUFFICIENT and MARGINAL.   In times of drought, everyone ‘takes a hit’ so that EXCESSIVE is reduced to SUFFICIENT, SUFFICIENT is reduced to MARGINAL and MARGINAL is reduced to INSUFFICIENT for SUSTAINING LIFE.  If everyone has a VOTE with respect to changes in the distribution of available nurturance, the majority may vote for NO CHANGE in distribution formulas reflecting that the system is BINARY LOGIC based and lacking the BALANCE-based orientation of QUANTUM LOGIC.


The stories of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean bring to the surface the alternative LOGICS of BINARY LOGIC which is EITHER/OR based and QUANTUM LOGIC which is BOTH/AND based or in other words, BALANCE based.   Balance is available to sense-experience and goes beyond (is intrinsically more complex than) BINARY LOGIC, hence the interest in the stories of Robin Hood etc. which support the natural primacy of QUANTUM LOGIC (balance based logic) over BINARY LOGIC.


In our WESTERN CULTURE, BINARY LOGIC predominates over QUANTUM LOGIC (balance-based logic) which lies behind the stories of ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN; i.e. these stories are pointers to the ELEVATING of BINARY LOGIC (YES OR NO LOGIC)  into an unnatural precedence over QUANTUM LOGIC (BALANCE-ORIENTED LOGIC).  THIS IS RELEVANT TO the VACCINE ISSUES.








In the reality of our sense-experience, the natural dynamics we participate in are definitely NONLINEAR so that BALANCE oriented approaches are in order, as in the examples of ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN where it is evident that REBALANCING is a more comprehensive approach to resolving ILLNESS, yet REBALANCERS can be misinterpreted as PATHOGENS, which is the core theme in both of those stories.


WESTERN CULTURE has the practice of employing BINARY LOGIC (as in the logic of the GENERATING the BENEFICIAL and ELIMINATING the HARMFUL) while INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL AND EASTERN CULTURE has the  practice of employing QUANTUM LOGIC as the logic of encouraging BALANCE and discouraging IMBALANCE).


As in the stories of ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN, these orientations of EAST and WEST do not see eye-to-eye.  What the EAST sees is in the QUANTUM LOGIC terms of IMBALANCE requiring REBALANCERS (e.g. ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN).  What the WEST sees is in the BINARY LOGIC terms of ATTACKING PATHOGENS requiring either PATHOGEN ELIMINATION or PERSONAL IMMUNIZATION.


The SHORTFALL in our WESTERN ANTI-PATHOGEN  response to ILLNESS is that while it succeeds in INDEMNIFYING against the assumed PATHOGENS or ROBIN HOODS, it does not address THE MORE BASIC ISSUE OF IMBALANCE, which is why VACCINES may not give ENDURING protection since they HAVE AN ANTI-PATHOGEN DESIGN and set up a WALL OF DEFENSE that the PATHOGENS are UNABLE TO PENETRATE.  NOTE HOW THIS ASSUMES THAT THE ROOT SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM LIES INSIDE THE PATHOGEN, which comes as part of the definition of PATHOGEN..


The ANTI-PATHOGEN focus of VACCINES; i.e. the focus on the PATHOGEN AS PERPETRATOR is SUPERFICIAL since the source of the proliferation of the PERPETRATORS LIES UPSTREAM FROM THE PERPETRATOR AND IS THE IMBALANCE (e.g. the RICH and POOR IMBALANCE in the case of THIEVES SUCH AS ROBIN HOOD).   ROBIN HOOD DOES NOT HAVE “THIEVERY AS AN INTERNAL ENGINE”, ROBIN HOOD’s REBALANCING actions are INDUCED by IMBALANCE in the social dynamic he is included in.  Thus, the problem of THIEVES like ROBIN HOOD is really a problem of IMBALANCE which does not originate WITHIN ROBIN HOOD or WITHIN the THIEF but is the IMBALANCE which lies UPSTREAM of the REBALANCING ACTIVITY.  In other words, the REBALANCER is not the ORIGINATOR of his REBALANCING actions, the motivating IMBALANCE arises within the social dynamic, and so long as the IMBALANCE remains, even if VACCINES are successfully employed, because of the ANTI-PATHOGEN focus of VACCINES there will be a continual proliferating of new VARIANTS of REBALANCERS (incorrectly designated PATHOGENS, the term PATHOGEN incorrectly implying its own LOCAL AUTHORING of PATHOLOGICAL ACTION).


What we can see here is a confusion that comes with our language constructions based on BINARY LOGIC.  Our language constructions in terms of ATTACKING PATHOGENS would have us thinking in terms of the ILLNESS originating in a PATHOLOGICAL INTENT residing WITH THE PATHOGEN whereas, in the QUANTUM LOGIC reality, there is only “IMBALANCE” and no such thing as a PATHOGEN. [[the ATTACKING PATHOGEN is a kind of Cuckoo’s egg SUBSTITUTE for the QUANTUM LOGIC reality of “IMBALANCE”.]] 


REBALANCING is something we can understand as the actions of a REBALANCER like ROBIN HOOD but the REBALANCING IMPETUS DOES NOT ORIGINATE within the INTERIOR of the REBALANCER; i.e. the REBALANCER is PUTTY IN THE HANDS OF THE IMBALANCE that SCREAMS OUT TO BE RESOLVED; i.e. IMBALANCE is an INDUCTIVE ANIMATING FORCE that pulls the REBALANCER into action.  In other words, this REBALANCING IS AN INDUCTIVE FORCE THAT ASSERTS THROUGH THE REBALANCER BUT DOES NOT ORIGINATE WITHIN HIM.    Thus the PATHOGEN model, which implies LOCAL SOURCING of PATHOLOGICAL action and development is INAPPROPRIATE for use in describing that which, in physical reality, is an IMBALANCE-INDUCED action and development.


ELIMINATING THE PATHOGEN (the REBALANCER) leaves the IMBALANCE in place so that it will continue to induce new REBALANCER VARIANTS, in a kind of punctuated equilibrium in response to ANTI-PATHOGEN treatments such as the administering of VACCINES.


NOTE that the VACCINE IS AN ANTI-PATHOGEN TECHNOLOGY THAT DOES NOTHING FOR THE IMBALANCE THAT IS THE DEEPER, ROOT SOURCE OF THE ILLNESS. For example, using anti-biotics against C. DIFFICILE proliferation is not going to PUT BACK IN PLACE the microbes that are MISSING in the wake of the earlier anti-biotic treatment (perhaps used as a pre-surgery precautionary) that produced the losses of important microbes making up the healthy balanced microbial assemblage. FECAL MICROBIOTA TRANSPLANTATION establishes without any doubt that COLITIS associates with a DEFICIENCY in the microbial assemblage caused by the administering of anti-biotics.


Illness in general is NOT due to the actions of a PATHOGEN as is a convenient-but-deceptive language-based SHORTHAND, but is due to imbalance in the microbial assemblage. WHERE THERE IS A CONTINUING IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage, the body will continually try to produce NEW VARIANTS OF REBALANCERS TO RESOLVE THE IMBALANCE WHILE VACCINES WILL BE DEVELOPED TO INDEMNIFY AGAINST THE REBALANCERS AND BLOCK THEIR ACTIONS, THUS THE DEEPER ROOT SOURCE OF THE ILLNESS WHICH IS THE IMBALANCE, WILL PERSIST (Again, the simple analogy is that rich and poor imbalance induces rebalancers incorrectly labelled pathogens (‘thieves’) and their elimination is pursued, which will support the continuance of the imbalance and cultivating of new rebalancer ‘variants’)


The benefits of  VACCINE are like the benefits of ANTI-PATHOGEN technologies such as POLICE, they may mitigate the secondary ramifications of IMBALANCE BUT WITHOUT ADDRESSING the ROOT ISSUE of IMBALANCE itself.   The WESTERN CULTURE MEDICAL FOCUS has shifted over time from the early HYGIEAN orientation to RESTORING BALANCE to what has been described as a SCHIZOPHRENIC fear of “ATTACKING PATHOGENS” and from there to DEFENSIVE measures to “PROTECT AGAINST PATHOGENS”.


* * *


The title of this essay; HOW VACCINES ARE THE CUCKOO’S EGG SOLUTION refers to the reality that the ROOT SOURCE of IMBALANCE lies deeper than the commotion that is induced by the IMBALANCE, as in the story of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean who are REBALANCERS who are misidentified as PATHOGENS and their elimination pursued, simply because our thinking is BINARY LOGIC based which leads to an ANTI-PATHOGEN approach to remediating ILLNESS or STRIFE. QUANTUM LOGIC is the logic wherein understanding is BALANCE and IMBALANCE based which corresponds to relational HARMONY and DISSONANCE, as the basic ‘make-up’ of our physical WAVE-FIELD world.  The Cuckoo’s Egg is dropped in and gets a ‘free ride’ within a support which it was not really supposed to be part of.  BINARY LOGIC is something we keep dropping into situations which are more demanding than can be supported by BINARY LOGIC.  I think of it in terms of putting a VW engine into a Porsche ‘because it fits’ but the capabilities of which are not on a par with the requirements of that opening.


BINARY LOGIC is TOO SIMPLISTIC for dealing with our sense-experience reality while QUANTUM LOGIC, the logic of relational BALANCE and IMBALANCE is definitely more in accord with the complexities of our sense-experience reality.


COVID 19 looks very different if we take it outside of the simplistic PATHOGEN model and examine it in the light of QUANTUM LOGIC.  We have the capability for such an approach, however, the SIMPLE BINARY LOGIC of ANTI-PATHOGEN medicine has tended to dominate and while it may be a shoot first and ask questions later expedient, it does not reach down to the root source of imbalance and if we don’t address imbalance, then we get to deal with an endless succession of VARIANTS, which like ROBIN HOOD are REBALANCER VARIANTS which we WESTERN CULTURE ALLOPATHS are in the habit of referring to as PATHOGEN VARIANTS.


There are no such things as PATHOGENS, they are BINARY LOGIC based ABSTRACTION, …  but there is IMBALANCE and the need for BALANCE based understanding aka QUANTUM LOGIC.


* * *