There is a kind of emergent SCHIZOPHRENIA in the WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic generally, as pointed out by David Bohm, which is now showing up in Canadian politics and in the rise of the PEOPLE’S PARTY led by Maxime Bernier.

The salient issue appears to be the GOVERNMENT IMPOSING OF VACCINATIONS for COVID 19; a GOVERNMENT EDICT which Bernier’s Peoples Party opposes as does a sizeable slice of the Canadian population who have reacted against in vitriol-filled demonstrations that are unlike most political protest in Canada in recent times.

Since it is a hot issue and since all of the other political parties in Canada have policies which are steam-rolling over the minority who are angry at being labelled ANTI-VAXXERS by Justin Trudeau and seemingly the bulk of the Canadian political establishment.  This has been opening the door to a major division within the population, not only on this single issue of removing freedoms of those who fail to comply with government vaccination directives but by effectively MARKING them as misfits by going along with the issuing of Vaccine Passports that will is discriminatory to them not by an armband that identifies them as ‘lesser beings with lesser entitlements’ but by their lack of a ‘passport” which now reclassifies natural freedoms of movement as a privilege only available to those who agree to be vaccinated.

This kind of closing down of accepted freedoms of movement, and re-opening them only to those who will agree to ‘take their medicine’, is not being taken kindly to, not only by those who are not prepared to take the vaccine, but by many of those who have or will take the vaccine but who resent the loss of personal freedom that the government led vaccination campaign imposes.

The social moral of acting in support of the good of the social collective has generally found support from the sense it gives the ‘contributor’ of having made a voluntary decision to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, which is very different from being served an ultimatum of ‘doing this for others or else have those others remove your personal freedoms’.

People are well accustomed to ‘distancing’ during time of illness or plague to prevent the spread but an immunization program is more like issuing people a radiation-proof space-suit in the wake of a radioactive material spill to keep things moving in spite of the deterioration in the environment.  Maybe we should be doing more to restore a clean pathogen-free environment.

There is always ambiguity between IMBALANCE where REBALANCING occurs naturally and POLARIZING OPPOSITION involving WINNER-LOSER CONFLICT.

In the case of RICH AND POOR (is it IMBALANCE or POLAR OPPOSITION?) as the RICH and POOR gap continues to grow in the world, there is a growth in police forces to allow that growth to continue while insuring sufficient IMMUNITY of the rich from RE-BALANCING AGENTS that are ‘coming out of the woodwork’, pulled into action by the growing HAVE — HAVE-NOT gap which has been accompanied by IMBALANCE-PROTECTING investment in increased POLICE forces rather than by MODERATING the IMBALANCE.  Bolstered police forces allow for rising RICH and POOR IMBALANCE ,,, IN SPITE OF THE TENSIONS that arise..

In one sense, VACCINATION and POLICE and similar forms of INDEMNIFICATION from rising IMBALANCE are technologies that allow internal conflict to persist and grow with relative impunity.  That is, in the case of the RICH-POOR IMBALANCE and the rise of associated TENSIONS, to address the IMBALANCE-based CONFLICT, we develop ANTI-PATHOGEN technologies such as POLICE and actually GO AFTER THE REBALANCING AGENTS like Robin Hood and Jean Valjean, identifying them as PATHOGENS that we must eliminate rather than accepting them as REBALANCERS that are ‘sending us a message’ of the need to RESTORE BALANCE.

VACCINES are a METAPHOR for this type of ANTI-PATHOGEN action which SUBSTITUTES PATHOGEN ELIMINATION for RESTORING BALANCE  and what this does as to actually PRESERVE and PERPETUATE the IMBALANCE because, as in the case of RICH and POOR, the RICH may prefer things that way and if more resources need to be deployed for dealing with REBALANCERS portrayed as PATHOGENS then so be it (as occurs in WESTERN CULTURE generally).  With appropriate investments in POLICE and surveillance systems, the IMBALANCE can be pushed to higher and higher limit  so as to be able to address ever more robust waves of REBALANCING VARIANTS

In plain terms, we call REBALANCERS PATHOGENS from the point of view that extreme IMBALANCES between HAVES and HAVE-NOTS are something that arises from the SENSE OF RIGHTFUL ENTITLEMENT of the HAVES attributed to THEIR SELF-PERCEIVED AUTHORING of productive actions and developments.  That SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT has been continually rising as sugnalled by compensation data where the ratio of compensation of top managers to average employee compensation in the U.S. has risen from about 15:1 in the 1950’s to over 1000:1 today (2021). Maintaining that level of IMBALANCE requires more robust systems for sustaining such IMBALANCE.


VACCINATION is a kind of LAZY MAN’s approach to dealing with IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage ‘that is us’ and as we know from Modern physics which is just beginning to inform PRESENT DAY ALLOPATHIC (“hunt those pathogens and eliminate ’em”) WESTERN MEDICINE.  Meanwhile, ILLNESS is IMBALANCE and NOT ‘the ATTACK OF PATHOGENS’ but as we have seen in the case of social unrest, society can substitute, in place of REBALANCING the social dynamic, MORE POLICE and MORE SURVEIILANCE SYSTEMS so as to permit higher levels of RICH and POOR IMBALANCE and PRIVILEGED and UNDER-PRIVILEGED IMBALANCE.

This lazy-man’s approach of putting IMMUNIZATION PROGRAMS in place so as to allow or even encourage the development of IMBALANCES while developing IMMUNITY against the conflict that thus arises is the approach that is used when we BOLSTER POLICE and other ANTI-PATHOGEN resources like surveillance systems (e.g. the ubiquitous CCTV systems on every street corner).  These ANTI-PATHOGEN detection and elimination systems open the way for FAR HIGHER LEVELS OF IMBALANCE IN LIVING CONDITIONS and allow the dismissing of appeals for REBALANCING from Labour Unions and other REBALANCING ACTIVISTS.  By removing from our vocabulary mention of BALANCE and REBALANCE, the REBALANCERS once given positive profiles in literature as for example Robin Hood and Jean Valjean, which can then (with the removal of the BALANCE context) be relabelled PATHOGENS and their ELIMINATION pursued; i.e. NO MORE ROBIN HOODS AND JEAN VALJEANS romantically portrayed as REBALANCERS, only UGLY PATHOGENS that it is everyone’s duty to TURN IN TO THE AUTHORITIES charged with PATHOGEN ELIMINATION.

VACCINES are controversial for the same reason that ANTI-PATHOGEN police forces are controversial because IMBALANCE RESTORERS emerge and proliferate FOR GOOD REASON and DISMISSING them can eventually lead to REVOLUTION.  But on the way, there may be many WAVES of new VARIANTS because the SOURCE is IMBALANCE and developing technology that eliminates the REBALANCERS wrongly identified as PATHOGENS as was the case with ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN, SERVES ONLY TO PERPETUATE THE IMBALANCE and thus induce NEW GENERATIONS OF REBALANCER VARIANTS.

PEOPLE are INTUITIVE and even those of us who TAKE THE VACCINE are suspicious as to why our society has become so ONE-SIDEDLY ANTI-PATHOGEN oriented and has virtually ABANDONED the REBALANCING approach.

We know that COLITIS, which was long viewed by WESTERN MEDICINE as caused by an ‘attacking pathogen’ identified as C. DIFFICILE was simply the result of IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage that develops from administering of antibiotics which DE-BALANCE the healthy balanced microbial assemblage and this SHOWS UP AS a PROLIFERATION of C. DIFFICILE which is then MISTAKEN for an ATTACKING PATHOGEN which WESTERN MEDICINE has attacked with STILL MORE antibiotics which exacerbate the IMBALANCE, a practice that continues today and results in 50,000 deaths per year currently in the U.S. alone.  The remedy is known to be REBALANCING the microbial assemblage and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation does just that, and it is gaining popularity, particularly in Europe and the U.K but it is only making very slow advances in the U.S. because in the U.S. the ANTI-PATHOGEN ORIENTATION is VERY STRONG perhaps because it is the FLIP SIDE OF the EGO based sense of PRODUCTIVE rather than DESTRUCTIVE LOCAL AUTHORING.

IN SHORT, WESTERN MEDICINE and WESTERN JUSTICE have been ANTI-PATHOGEN oriented rather than BALANCE-RESTORING ORIENTED which, if one explores it, is NEWTONIAN PHYSICS oriented rather than MODERN PHYSICS oriented (i.e. NEWTONIAN PHYSICS employs BINARY LOGIC while MODERN PHYSICS employs QUANTUM LOGIC), the difference here explaining the ANTI-PATHOGEN versus the BALANCE-RESTORING interpretations of HEALTH and ILLNESS.

MAXIME BERNIER and the followers of the PEOPLE’S PARTY may not ‘be into’ QUANTUM PHYSICS but we could say that they really are, in a way, because the caution regarding VACCINES and ANTI-PATHOGEN technologies in general can come from an intuition that ILLNESS comes from IMBALANCE rather than from the ATTACK OF PATHOGENS, therefore, the preference would be for a rebalancing medical approach as is always found eventually, as with Vitamin C rebalancing and Fecal Microbiota Transplantion rebalancing, … so the PEOPLE’S PARTY of MAXIME BERNIER, by supporting ‘ANTI-VAXXERS’ (or REBALANCING instead of ANTI-PATHOGEN health approaches) is the only party offering  a home for the REBALANCERS who dislike the PURIFICATIONISM in the ANTI-PATHOGEN mentality.

It seems a remote possibility but perhaps there is a FRENCH CONNECTION here since it was Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur who finally agreed that ‘le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’  (the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything’.  In other words it is not the actions of PATHOGENS but IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage that manifests as ILLNESS.

That understanding may just have filtered through to Beauce


* * *