The case of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd resurrects the WEST and EAST Psycho-Schism wherein ‘Never the Twain Shall Meet’


While the WEST is PURIFICATIONIST with a JUSTICE system that orients to the identification and ELIMINATION of EVIL-DOERS, the EAST is RESTORATIVE with a Justice system that orients to RESTORING social-relational resonance as the antidote to emergent social-relational dissonance.  While WESTERN JUSTICE has the Newtonian Binary Logic outlook wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO, EASTERN JUSTICE has the Quantum Logic outlook wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE.


Thus, in the JUSTICE of the WEST, the individual is the AUTHOR of OFFENDING ACTION and the solution is to remove the OFFENDER from the social collective , while, in the JUSTICE OF THE EAST, dissonance in the social relational dynamic is the offender and the solution is to restore resonance in the relational dynamic of the social collective.   While the EAST’s understanding of strife in terms of relational dissonance is supported by Modern physics, the WEST’s understanding of strife as being AUTHORED by a PATHOGEN is supported by Newtonian physics, which itself derived from the DOUBLE ERROR based structure of WESTERN language and grammar (NAMING and GRAMMAR that implies LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development).  The abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING and hence the PURIFICATIONIST approach of identifying and removing/eliminating the LOCAL SOURCES of PATHOLOGY remains the CORNERSTONE premise of WESTERN JUSTICE, due to the associated belief in LOCAL SOURCING of BENEFICIAL actions and developments which plays a major role in WESTERN VALUES and REWARDS systems.


Because the WEST continues to support belief in SORCERY; i.e. belief in the abstract concept of the LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and development (termed the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR by Nietzsche) WESTERN JUSTICE continues to REACT in a PURIFICATIONIST fashion, to seek removal of a perceived OFFENDING SOURCE rather than, as in the EAST, to RESTORE social-relational resonance where relational dissonance has emerged.


Thus, the WEST and the EAST have developed different ways of CONCEIVING OF REALITY and while the EAST has stayed with a relational reality that is affirmed by Modern physics, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have ‘stuck ourselves into’ a SUBSTITUTE REALITY’ based on the BINARY LOGIC of Newtonian MATTER and SPACE where the action of a FIGURE (a notional NAMING-instantiated ‘THING-IN-ITSELF’) with its own GRAMMAR-given powers of AUTHORING action and development, EITHER “is” OR ‘is not’, the AUTHOR of a CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE action and development.  This WESTERN ‘SUBSTITUTE REALITY’ with its ‘IDOLS’ gifted by GRAMMAR with powers of AUTHORING actions and developments, is nothing like the EASTERN sense-experience-informed REALITY wherein ‘everything is in flux’ so that ‘relations’ are in an innate primacy over ‘material forms’ (material forms are, as Einstein and Modern physics points out, are ‘condensations of the electromagnetic field’).


WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, with our BELIEF in LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES WITH OUR OWN (notional) POWERS OF AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT, FIGURES that purportedly live in a GROUND that is separate and independent of the FIGURES (in a BINARY LOGIC sense) are continuing to employ this SUBSTITUTE REALITY as our OPERATIVE REALITY.  NOTA BENE:This IS ‘NOT’ REALITY, it is a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the abstraction of BINARY LOGIC, and it is the basis of our WESTERN PURIFICATIONISM wherein we reject the sense experience affirmation of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.


All of this is relevant to what is happening in the trial of Derek Chauvin, but since WESTERN JUSTICE remains as it has long been, a PURIFICATIONIST process for the ELIMINATION of EVIL DOERS, … the general WESTERN CULTURE public as well as the WESTERN CULTURE AUTHORITIES are naturally proceeding according to the established PURIFICATIONIST principles of WESTERN JUSTICE.  This comes with the prices of CONFUSION and DYSFUNCTION since WESTERN JUSTICE is not dealing with sense-experience reality but is instead dealing with an intellectually constructed SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO which in turn opens the way for the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that implies LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, CONTRARY TO MODERN PHYSICS and CONTRARY TO OUR OWN SENSE-EXPERIENCE as affirm FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE reality where relations are in a natural primacy over ‘things’.


* * *

The WESTERN CULTURE entrapment in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY is evident in the POLARIZATION that associates with the trial of DEREK CHAUVIN who is accused of AUTHORING ACTIONS that resulted in the death of GEORGE FLOYD.


For those us who are in the BELIEVING MOOD where the SUBSTITUTE REALITY is our current OPERATIVE REALITY, then we in the ‘armchair jury’ many of us are likely to find ‘guilty’ of at least MANSLAUGHTER.  In an indigenous aboriginal community and in a Modern physics based relational reality, there is no sense of LOCAL AUTHORING since that notion derives from LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE that employs the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, and indigenous aboriginal languages are relational and do not employ double error structures and Bohm’s ‘Rheomode’ language was architected specifically to AVOID DEPENDENCY on the abstract concepts of INDEPENDENT things with POWERS OF LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments.


SUBSTITUTE REALITY, however, which is the OPERATIVE REALITY of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, is a reality wherein there are NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with their own (notional) GRAMMAR-given powers of AUTHORING actions and developments.   It is this LOCAL AUTHORING capability that, IN WESTERN CULTURE, can swell the head and garner REWARDS and RESPECT for those people deemed the AUTHORS of BENEFICIAL ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.  Of curse, there is flip side also since the concept of LOCAL AUTHORING opens the door to deeming people the AUTHORS of DETRIMENTAL ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS.


There is none of this LOCAL AUTHORING belief in Modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism etc.   Even a RAIN DANCE can only go so far as to possibly stir the GREAT SPIRIT into action.


As we WESTERN CULTURE HUMANS SEE IT, we can AUTHOR the killing of a deer, or the shooting of a duck, the netting of some salmon, the growing of wheat and corn, …  .. OR CAN WE “AUTHOR” such actions and developments?


All of those propositions are DOUBLE ERROR based imputing of LOCAL SOURCING.   As HUMANINGS in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE, we are NOT the AUTHORS of things, we are included in the TRANSFORMATION so when we say ‘OUR VILLAGE IS GROWING LARGER AND MORE PRODUCTIVE’, we may as well ‘come clean’ and say, … GET READY, HERE COMES THE SUBSTITUTE REALITY SPIEL which is all about THINGS and WHAT THINGS AUTHOR, … so if you were thinking in terms of us as HUMANINGS “IN” the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE, forget it because it may be fine as a sense-experience understanding BUT IT IS INEFFABLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL and-IMPLICIT, so that such INTUITIVE SENSE EXPERIENCE (what else instead of INTUITIVE can we call something we sense is real but is beyond direct expression in language?), has to take a back seat while us chatter-boxes spew forth with LANGUAGE that inevitably falls short of being able to conjure up DIRECT REPRESENTATIONS of reality.


SUBSTITUTE REALITY is an INTELLECTUAL REPRESENTATION, something we construct in the LESSER WORLD of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT but if we have a hope of even INFERRING the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, which is the REAL STUFF OF REALITY in a continually transforming universe, then we have to BOOTSTRAP the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT by letting relations among things ‘take over’ even though we use THINGS in the process of implying relations.  For example, if we use the DOUBLE ERROR format to say that ‘the EARTH is EXTRUDING magma’ that is forming NEW CRUST over here and ‘SUBDUCTING and melting down OLD CRUST over there and that these conjugate processes are ongoing, then it is this thing called INTUITION that informs us that this is NOT TWO processes but the ONE process of TRANSFORMATION and, furthermore, there is no need to impute the existence of a LOCAL AUTHOR of the belching and swallowing, we can instead understand this process of belching and swallowing as the one dynamic, the nonlocal/implicit dynamic of TRANSFORMATION as in a Wave-field and call it EARTHING to make clear that THERE IS NO SUCH THING as “THE EARTH’ that is the AUTHOR of this and that, there is only EARTHING in the Wave-field (recall that Modern physics says that matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field).


This is all consistent with Modern physics but it is NOT CONSISTENT with how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ‘normally’ employ language.  We normally employ language in a manner that constructs SUBSTITUTE REALITIES featuring the MALE-assertive EXTRUSION and FEMALE-inductive SUBDUCTION in a spherical inside-outward, outside-inward conjugate relation which manifests (impresses our sense-experience) as TRANSFORMATION.  .




The TRIAL of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd will be conducted by people working within the framework of WESTERN JUSTICE where it is obligatory to pretend that the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR is something REAL, when it is nothing other than a WESTERN CULTURE belief-in-abstraction habit; i.e.  We all know that we’re supposed to feign belief in the BINARY of GOOD and EVIL so that we can IMPROVE our society by REWARDING AND AMPLIFYING the GOOD and PUNISHING and ELIMINATING the BAD.  In spite of how over-simplistic and abused that is, it is so deeply rooted in our social custom that we are NOT EVEN CLOSE to switching so something like the indigenous aboriginal ‘LEARNING CIRCLE’ where we figure out how to transform our matrix of relations in such a manner as to transform relational dissonance into harmony in a RESTORATIVE JUSTICE sense, rather than in the WESTERN PURIFICATIONIST JUSTICE sense.


We are NOT THERE YET, and a goodly proportion of the entire WESTERN CULTURE conditioned global populace, apart from a small scattered minority of ‘dissenters’, is at least ‘operatively’ ON BOARD with the DOUBLE ERROR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY CONSTRUCTION with its PURIFICATIONIST approach that assumes the need to root out a corrupting LOCAL AUTHOR of actions and developments.


Because the WESTERN CULTURE BELIEF IS, … and this is only within the SUBSTITUTE REALITY,…  that we are a collective of INDEPENDENT HUMAN BEINGS (notional ‘things-in-ourselves’) with our own GRAMMAR-given powers of actions and development, this makes it PERFECTLY POSSIBLE that a single individual such as DEREK CHAUVIN can be the full and sole source of a destructive action such as the killing of GEORGE FLOYD, leaving ALL OF THE REST OF US “PURE AND CHASTE” and fully qualified for throwing the first stone, and, as we can see, possessed of a free conscience to demand fullest and severest punishment of the “INDIVIDUAL” AUTHOR of the ATROCITY.


The trial of Derek Chauvin for his alleged AUTHORING of the death of George Floyd is being REPRESENTED in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY of the WESTERN JUSTICE COURT, a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein people are REPRESENTED as local THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES with their own notional powers of AUTHORING actions and developments.  There is no acknowledgement of the reality of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum where relations are in a natural primacy over ‘the dynamics of objects’ so that JUSTICE is understood in the RESTORATIVE sense of sustaining and recultivating RELATIONAL RESONANCE rather than in the PURIFICATIONIST sense of PUNISHING and ELIMINATING the AUTHORS of DESTRUCTIVE ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS while  REWARDING and ENCOURAGING the AUTHORS of BENEFICAL ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.   THERE ARE NO “AUTHORS” of actions and developments in our sense-experience reality; such abstractions arise only in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


So long as we continue to subscribe to the SUBSTITUTE REALITY and employ it as our OPERATIVE REALITY, we continue to spawn social dysfunction through such schemes as PURIFICATIONIST JUSTICE.  We know better, but as a well-disciplined WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL COLLECTIVE, we continue to ‘play along’ with the PURIFICATIONIST theme.


They are playing a game.  They are playing at not playing a game.  If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me.  I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”  R. D. Laing – ‘Knots’ 


* * *