What is holding up the ‘updating’ of ‘biological science’ and ‘medical science’ in the light of a more comprehensive ‘new physics’?

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Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry on the Medical Establishment’s suppression of ‘outside-of-theory’ remedies

“C. difficile is ‘always in the hospital”, says Dr. Keegan-Henry, intimating that the remedy is not in waging a war against c.difficile but re-storing floral balance in the digestive tract through probiotic therapy.  She goes on to say that people are DYING UNNECESSARILY because the Medical Establishment (which she compares to a runaway supertanker or ‘Titanic-with-no-one-at-the-helm’) suppresses the administering of remedies that ‘don’t fit medical establishment theory’ [the medical establishment “blocks the best medicine”].

What is wrong with the medical establishment’s theory/model?

The problem in Western medical theory starts with the over-simplistic model of the organism as a local thing-in-itself material system that is mutually exclusive of the spatial plenum it is situationally included in.

A ‘material form’, such as ‘the organism’, instead of being seen as ‘a local system with its own locally-originating, internal process-driven material form, behaviour and organization’, in the new physics, is instead understood as a conjugate habitat-inhabitant relation, a process of flow in which outside-inward induced influx predominates over inside-outward driven outflux.

In the following animated graphic of toroidal flow, instead of seeing this as a ‘local self-animating pump’ [a local system with an inside-outward animating source], we would see it instead as a ‘convection cell’ whose inside-outward circulation originates from an outside-inward pressure field;

Is the cell itself responsible for input and output or the outside-inward influence of the flow it is included in?

Is the ‘cell’ or ‘organism’ a local, internally-driven pump, or external-flow-induced convection cell?

That vertical ‘hourglass channel’ could represent the tubular form of a tornado or the digestive track of a human or other organism.    The ‘old physics’ would describe this as a local machine [inside-outward power-drive and steerage]  while ‘the new physics’, wherein the energy-charged spatial flow-plenum is the ‘All’ while material forms are ‘ripple structures’ (convection-cell-like flow-features) that develop within the plenum.

When will the biological sciences and medical science make this critical update to their models?  These sciences are still in the mode of defending the traditional thinking and punishing and ejecting ‘dissidents’ who are trying to bring about the needed ‘update’.  For example, Bruce Lipton, a cell researchers comments;

“Advances from science’s frontier offer new insights that provide a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel. Firstly, in contrast to the emphasis on the Newtonian material realm, the newer science of quantum mechanics reveals that the Universe and all of its physical matter are actually made out of immaterial energy. Atoms are not physical particles; they are made of energy vortices resembling nano-tornadoes.

Quantum physics stresses that the invisible energy realm, collectively referred to as the field, is the primary governing force of the material realm. It is more than interesting that the term field is defined as “invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm,” for the same definition is used to describe spirit. The new physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a Universe made out of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one.”

Biomedical research has recently toppled the widespread belief that organisms are genetically controlled robots and that evolution is driven by a random, survival-of-the-fittest mechanism. … The exciting new science of epigenetics emphasizes that genes are controlled by the environment…” – Bruce Lipton

What Lipton is saying conforms with Pasteur’s acknowledging, on his deathbed, that Antoine Béchamp was right, in contending that ‘le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’ (the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything).

The ‘new physics’ supports the ‘web-of-life’ view that puzzles scientists and leads to the notion of ‘intelligent design’; an architecture with multiple components which are all mutually dependent with one another, so that their co-survival would be impossible if one of the participants was missing.   This contradicts Darwinism where the evolution of organs and organisms is seen to derive from hereditary lineage.   The film ‘Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’ was a documentary on how those scientists are punished and expelled if their research informs them that such mutual interdependence is in place.  The scientific establishment lumps them in with Creationists, and indeed some of the ‘Intelligent Design’ proponents see the answer in a monotheism, as well, but others like Bruce Lipton, are simply bringing home the point that Nietzsche and ‘the new physics’ makes, that the world dynamic is one in which “outside-inward influence predominates over inside-outward influence”.   The organism is more ‘sailboater’ than ‘powerboater’, … more ‘convection cell’ than ‘toroidal pump’.

To give but one example of the benefits that an acceptance of the ‘the new physics’ on the part of biological and medical sciences would bring, consider the case of ‘clostridium difficile’ ‘infections’.

According to Dr Thomas Louie [University of Calgary’s Foothills Hospital, Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Disease Department], the flora in our digestive tract is like an ecosystem involving mutual interdependencies, as in a food web (at the microbial level).   In this model, the web of niches or ‘apartments’ are outside-inward predominating over inside-outward influences in the development of material form, behaviour and organization. When otherwise healthy people are given antibiotics for some general medical process (a precautionary measure when one undergoes surgery or etc.), it may happen that some members of the microbial food web are chased out of their ‘apartments’ [killed by the anti-biotic] and other opportunistic forms, unaffected by the anti-biotic, such as ‘c.difficile’ take up residence, and once in, like squatters, may be difficult to remove.

As Pasteur would say, the proliferation of ‘c. difficile’ is the RESULT of the illness rather than the CAUSE, intending that health associates with ‘balance in the terrain’ and when the balance in the terrain is lost, the disproportionate proliferation of a ‘c. difficile’ is the result.

As Robert Herwick, M.D. reminds us, much in the same vein as Pasteur and Béchamp;

One of the most ancient concepts of health was that personified by Hygiea, the Greek goddess of health who watched over the corporeal welfare of the residents of Athens. Health was then based upon a unity with nature, a temperate lifestyle and the belief that good health was a natural attribute. Rather than treating the sick, Hygiea embodied the ideal of the preservation of natural health through living in harmony with nature. Slowly this ancient concept was replaced after the fifth century B.C. by the cult of Aesculapius, the son of Apollo and the god of medicine. … The salient point about the cult of Aesculapius is that it was a therapy of intervention, of combating a disease and seeking its expulsion from the body. The restoration of health was based to a large extent upon superstition: and at times almost charlatan mysticism which effected a magical cure together with an increase in the temple coffers

… Throughout history this dichotomy of Hygienic health through natural harmony and Aesculapian healing by intervention eternally recurs. Hippocrates, the great Greek father of medicine, returned to the former tradition and stressed the treatment of the person as a whole, reflecting and participating in a natural order of natural health.

In the former, Hygiean approach the ‘physician’ [same root as physis or physics] instituted a treatment to reestablish an inner harmony with the natural order.

This notion that the body will heal itself and the role of the physician, rather than to take control of things, is to re-establish the conditions by which the natural balances in the terrain [natural health] can restore themselves.

In the case of runaway proliferation of c. difficile, thanks to its being able to ‘squat’ in the microbial food-web nodes or ‘apartments’ vacated by the members of the natural assemblage/web of digestive tract bacteria due to the administering of anti-biotics, the approach of Dr. Louie departs from the ‘Aesculapian’ approach of SOLELY trying to expel from the body the c.difficile ‘invaders’, by administering further anti-biotics which may even worsen the unbalancing of the natural microbial terrain.  That is, Dr. Louie’s approach was to re-introduce the full natural food-web assemblage [the normal digestive tract flora] by enema so that the former apartment-dwellers might reclaim their apartments from the c. difficile ‘squatters’.

Dr. Louie’s technique [‘fecal transplant’ or ‘fecal microbiota transplant – FMT’ or ‘fecal bacteriotherapy’] which involves taking stool from a health person, usually a relative, and infusing it into the digestive tract of the patient suffering from a ‘c. difficile infection’, the secondary effect of an imbalance in the ‘terrain’, has a success rate of over 90% and similar results from this technique are reported in Scandanavia, the United States and Australia [1].

In spite of the success of this technique, and the continuing significant incidence of deaths associated with ‘run-away’ c. difficile proliferation, the technique has yet to become mainstream in the medical establishment.  In fact, the establishment can make it very difficult to perform the procedure.  The Fraser Valley Health Authority, whose rules govern the professional activities at Burnaby Hospital, in prohibiting Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry from performing FMT at these facilities, stated;

(see full article “Health Agency barred  C. difficile treatment’ and video interview at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2011/01/17/bc-fecaltransplants.html )

“Patient safety is our primary concern. The safety of fecal transplantation has not been adequately studied. There must be strict controls to ensure other serious infections are not passed to the patient inadvertently, … To date, we have not received a formal application for consideration to study the outcomes or benefits of fecal transplantation within a research protocol.”

Keegan-Henry countered that the risk of disease transmission can be virtually eliminated if donor feces are thoroughly tested beforehand.

“There are no cases of transmission of infection by this procedure — in the world — so far,” she said.”

This FMT technique, like Bruce Lipton’s cell research, augurs the arrival of an impending shift in understanding material dynamics in terms of the ‘field dynamics’ of the ‘new physics’.  In this shift, instead of seeing the toroidal-flow cell as a ‘local, inside-outward driven pump/engine’, we understand it [and all material forms] instead, as a ‘ripple structure in the energy-charged spatial-plenum’.

This constitutes a ‘paradigm’ shift comes with a major psychological ‘punch’ of the same sort as that which came with the shift from an earth-centric to sun-centric world-view.  Man’s ego takes another ‘blow’ as he now must face up to the fact that for the ‘biological organism’ as with the sailboater, his power and steerage derives from the habitat-dynamic he is included in, and it is no longer the case that he can assume that his power and steerage are locally originating and driven by internal processes.   The organism, instead of being the local toroidal pump/engine becomes, instead, the convection cell, a ripple induced in the energy-charged spatial flow-plenum.

Convection cells are induced by imbalances that develop in the thermal energy field they are included in;

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Cells form under one another’s simultaneous mutual influence

Tracers in the flow show up as darker where they are ascending from the source of heat below to the cool surface [implying ‘cell walls’ though the ‘walls’ are ‘made of flow’ as are all material forms in ‘the new physics’].  The simultaneous mutual interdependence of flow pushing against flow [itself, self-referentially]  is the source of the ‘cellular form’; i.e. the development of form, behaviour and organization derives from a process of diffusion in which outside-inward influx sourced by thermal field imbalance predominates over inside-outward outflux.  That is, the APPARENT pumping action of the local cell seen as a ‘thing-in-itself’ or ‘Ding-an-sich’ has been declared a ‘total Fiktion’ in Nietzsche’s philosophical inquiries, and ‘schaumkommen’ [ ‘appearances’] in Shroedinger’s quantum wave theory findings [‘schaumkommen’ that he compares with the Vedic’s ‘maya’; i.e. the materialist illusion that associates with a world where we confuse dynamics that we impute to start from ‘matter’, rather than from ‘field’, for ‘reality’.]

Nietzsche and Emerson anticipated this shift, in understanding the world and the material forms within it, .. that moves us away from the materialist view in which an organism is seen as a ‘local system with its own inside-outward driving, local, internally originating development of material form, behaviour and organization’.   Thus they both saw the human organism as a ripple structure through which the universe [the dynamic habitat] is expressing itself.

Nietzsche’s view of dynamics is that the ‘evolutionary dynamic’ pervades the spatial plenum, an energy-charged fluid-medium within which the development of material form, behaviour and organization is “a process of diffusion in which outside-inward influence predominates over inside-outward influence.”

But today’s biological sciences [as Bruce Lipton complains] and medical science, is still hanging on to the classical ‘Newtonian’ model which sees the cell and the algorithm as ‘local existing machines’, … little powerboaters, powerboating around in a space understood as ‘absolute, fixed, empty and infinite’ where not otherwise occupied by material forms.   The old adage applies here; ‘if the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.’.  That is, the ‘c. difficile’ bacteria looks like ‘the CAUSAL AGENT’, an army of local machines on the attack, and the antidote is therefore to ‘go on the attack against them’, not realizing that their proliferation is the RESULT of imbalances in the habitat-dynamic, these ‘spatial’ imbalances constituting the ‘illness’.

In order to acknowledge, as Pasteur did, that ‘le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’, one has to allow that ‘space is a participant’ in physical phenomena.  This is the more comprehensive world view that comes with ‘the new physics’ that has not yet been ‘assimilated’ within the biological and medical mainstream sciences.

“Only the genius of Riemann, solitary and uncomprehended, had already won its way to the middle of the last century to a new concept of space, in which space was deprived of its rigidity, … in which its power to take part in physical events was recognized as possible.” – Einstein

Space is not Euclidian’ … “Space is a participant in physical phenomena” … “Space not only conditions the behaviour of inert masses, but is also conditioned in its state by them.”, … “the recognition of the fact that ‘empty space’ in its physical relation is neither homogeneous nor isotropic, compelling us to describe its state by ten functions (the gravitation potentials g(μ,ν), has, I think finally disposed of the view that space is physically empty.”…”Relativity forces us to analyze the role played by geometry in the description of the physical world.” . . . “A thrown stone is, from this point of view, a changing field, where the states of greatest field intensity travel through space with the velocity of the stone” —Einstein.

“This suggestion of a finite but unbounded space is one of the greatest ideas about the nature of the world which has ever been conceived.” – Max Born

Yes, all very fine and well, but it is not easy to shift from a habit of understanding dynamics in terms of local, independently-existing material forms that move about and interact in absolute fixed and empty euclidian space, as with the individual toroidal pump, and start understanding the same phenomena in terms of ‘ripple structures in the energy-charged spatial flow-plenum’.   That is, while we rationally acknowledge that the dynamics of ‘field’ transcend the dynamics of ‘material forms’, ‘field dynamics’ are invisible and nonlocal, and it is easier by far to focus in on local, visible material dynamics.  While Erwin Schrödinger, developer of quantum wave theory declares that matter is ‘schaumkommen’ (appearances) and that the Vedics were right, that a world view built on the basis of material dynamics is ‘maya’ (illusion), it is not so easy to shift gears out of our tradition of confusing ‘maya’ for ‘reality’.

Of course, our experiencing of being included in the flow of the energy-charged spatial flow-plenum informs us directly on the imbalances in the thermal energy field, and we may huddle together when we are cold and follow the flow of warmth southward in the fall.  The standard ‘Euclidian space’ models of biology will continue to claim that our power-drive and steerage is inboard (internal process-driven), imputing such behaviours to come from our internal processes of ‘intellection and purpose’, a simple model that gives ‘simple understandings’ rather than ‘comprehensive understandings’.  As Kepler noted, it is ‘most easy’ to remove the overall harmonies in the celestial dynamic and describe them in terms of individual material bodies in sun and planet pairs, not ‘most true’;

“As regards the academies, they are established in order to regulate the studies of the pupils and are concerned not to have the program of teaching change very often: in such places, because it is a question of the progress of the students, it frequently happens that the things which have to be chosen are not those which are most true but those which are most easy. And by that division in things which makes different people form different judgements, it so happens that certain people are in error contrary to their own opinion.” – Johannes Kepler, ‘Harmonies of the World’

Bruce Lipton could no longer support the standard model wherein DNA is seen as an inside-outward driver/architect of the development of form, behaviour and organization because of the abundance of evidence supporting a development process in which ‘the outside-inward orchestrating influence predominates over the inside outward deterministic/directive influence’.  He is thus now a ‘maverick’ cell biologist.

Dr. Thomas Louie and Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry could no longer support the standard model wherein the microbe is seen as an inside-outward driver of the development of its own rising population and its own lethal attacks that are notionally responsible for the deteriorating condition of the system, because of the abundance of evidence supporting a development process for the condition of the system in which ‘the outside-inward orchestrating influence predominates over the inside-outward deterministic/directive influence.’

This nexus that science finds itself presented with, that would allow the connecting of the simplistic ‘inside-outward deterministic/directive development process’ of classical science to be subsumed by the more comprehensive ‘conjugate outside-inward – inside-outward relation’ of Mach’s principle of space-matter relativity [conjugate habitat-inhabitant relation] continues to induce ‘balks’ and hesitation on the part of the establishment.   As François Lurçat, professor emeritus in physics at the University of Paris observes in ‘Le Chaos et L’Occident’ (Chaos Theory and the West);

“This dream of domination [implied by ‘determinism’] has henceforth lost all legitimacy and persists for no other reason than our ‘mental inertia’.  An historical epoch has come to an end and we struggle to conjecture what is going to succeed it.  Isn’t the need truly well overdue for us to draw on the lessons of the past and recognize where we now are?  I would say that a problem is posed to us by allowing ourselves to remain within the framework fixed by this work: to understand the findings of 20th century science.   By ‘to understand’ I intend this; not to constrain our understanding to the step-by-step reasoning of physics, but to be able to put these findings into the context of an interpretation of the world.  From this point of view, it is necessary to recognize, in my opinion, that we have not understood (Not ‘we’, the specialists, but ‘we’ the educated public). ‘Chaos’ and also ‘relativity’ and ‘quantum mechanics’, for example, remain for all practical purposes impenetrable to the educated view.  It is necessary, I believe, to acknowledge with Emmanuel Levinas that we are participating in the end of a certain way of understanding.  Will we know how recognize this?  Will we know how to discern the characteristics of another way of understanding, larger and less constraining? Therein lies another story that is in the process of unfolding.” – François Lurçat

One of the ways that this process is unfolding, is in the story of ‘c. difficile infections’ [the result of microbiotal ecosystem debalancing by the administering of anti-biotics] and the ‘new physics compliant’ approach to restoring balance and harmony in ‘le terrain’ by way of probiotal therapy [FMT].  As Dr Jeanne Keegan-Henry observes in the article “Health agency barred C. difficile treatment: MD Several C. difficile deaths could have been prevented, specialist says”, the medical establishment stifles the physician’s attempts to use the FMT procedure by the use of paperwork obstacles.

[See above video-clip of CBC interview with Dr. Jeanne Keegan-Henry ]

How long will this ‘updating’ of the sciences of biology and medicine to ‘relativity and quantum physics’ compliant standards take?

The paradigm shift involved is taking place across the grain of all of the sciences, as the examples of Bruce Lipton in cell research and the examples of Dr. Louie et al in microbial medicine indicate.

The transdisciplinary research of Basarab Nicolescu [e.g. « Stéphane Lupasco et le tiers inclus. De la physique quantique à l’ontologie »] suggests that we must change out our simple ‘logic of the excluded third’ which gives us the split between ‘habitat’ and ‘inhabitant’, subsuming it with ‘the logic of the included third in which ‘habitat’ and ‘inhabitant’ are reconciled by a ‘third element’ [the spatial-plenum] within a ‘higher level reality’; i.e. the conjugate habitat-inhabitant relational reality.   Nicolescu cites  Stéphane Lupasco (1900-1988) in describing this shift in logic;

“To every phenomenon or element or logical event whatsoever, and accordingly to the judgment which thinks of it, the proposition which expresses it, to the sign which symbolizes it must always be associated, structurally and functionally, a logical antiphenomenon, or anti-element or anti-event and therefore a contradictory judgment, proposition or sign in such a fashion that the former can only be potentialized by the actualization of the latter, but not disappear such that either could be self-sufficient in an independent and therefore rigorous non-contradiction – as in all logic, classical or otherwise, that is based on an absoluteness of the principle of non-contradiction.”

The point half-way between actualization and potentialization is a point of maximum antagonism or ‘contradiction’ from which, in the case of complex phenomena, a T-state (T for “tiers inclus”, included third term) emerges, which is capable of resolving the contradiction (or ‘counter-action‘), at another, higher level of reality. “  – Lupasco, Stéphane., Le principe d’antagonisme et la logique de l’énergie, 1951.

In conclusion, we are ‘in the middle of’ a shift in the way we understand the world, and the contention that surrounds probiotal therapy [FMT] is an artefact of the shift that is underway, that runs across the grains of all of the scientific disciplines.

On the ‘other side of the shift’ there will doubtless be new ways at looking at health and illness in general, and models for ‘cancer’ that will not be subject to the same over-simplistic notion of the inside-outward driving ‘attack of the pathogen’, but will instead re-orient to the predominating outside-inward orchestrating influences of the energy-charged spatial flow-plenum.

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[1] Sample of News items reporting on ‘FMT’;




[2] An example of discussion groups where patients struggle to connect with the few physicians who are making the FMT technique available.