Now we are getting somewhere.  To say that those biased to the LEFT are just as off-base as those biased to the RIGHT points to the greater reality that there is a deeper level issue and that deeper level issue is with the concept itself, of “EITHER RIGHT OR WRONG”, or in other words, the PROBLEM IS WITH GIVING A FOUNDATATION ROLE TO BINARY LOGIC which is a PROLBME peculiar to WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCY.


I don’t suppose Russell Brand is going to say; “It’s time for everyone caught up in the WESTERN CULTURE SIMPLISITIC BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY’ to make the needed MIGRATION to the LESS SIMPLE EASTERN CULTURE QUANTUM LOGIC where we no longer encounter POLARIZING DIVISIONS of RIGHT versus WRONG or GOOD versus EVIL, … because QUANTUM LOGIC is all about RELATIONAL BALANCE AND IMBALANCE.


In fact, if we examine the options of INTEGRATION (QUANTUM LOGIC based) and DIFFERENTIATION (BINARY LOGIC based), we are likely to conclude that as far as a stable LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE goes, by choosing INTEGRATION  as with QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING medium … we will stay out of the PITFALL of FRAGMENTATION which comes with DIFFERENTIATION based EITHER/OR BINARY LOGIC.


As the indigenous aboriginals have discovered by their choice of an INTEGRATION based language architecture (i.e. a QUANTUM LOGIC language architecture) where one speaks in such terms as ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE where ‘everything is in a relational balancing based flux, this continual INTEGRATING of TOWNING and TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE never does lead to FRAGMENTATION as with the BINARY LOGIC based splitting apart of TOWN and COUNTRY into TWO MUTUALLY EXCLUDING THING-IN-ITSELF ONTOLOGIES.


WHERE DOES TOWN STOP AND COUNTRY START?  IT SEEMS TO KEEP SHIFTING and we refer to this SHIFT in terms of the GROWTH of the TOWN, … and SO WHAT HAPPENS TO THE COUNTRY aka the WILDERNESS?  In keeping with BINARY LOGIC, we only need concern ourselves with what happens to ‘the TOWN’ as if there was nothing but EMPTY SPACE as background container so that all we need to capture in language is the foreground FIGURE in the GROUND such as the TOWN that is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING goods and services, as if the TOWN were a LOCAL, EXPLICIT thing-in-itself with an INDEPENDENT EXISTENCE.


This is the conceptualizing scheme we call DIFFERENTATION where we SPLIT OUT (FRAGMENT OUT) a FIGURE from the GROUND as if the FIGURE were a LOCAL, EXPLICIT INDEPENDENT THING-IN-ITSELF (thank you very much, LANGUAGE based DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR).   Now we are in the LALA LAND of BINARY LOGIC based LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTIONS and NO LONGER in the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) world of QUANTUM LOGIC wherein EVERYTHING IS RELATED (mitakuye oyasin) in the manner of CONDENSATIONS in a FLUID CONTINUUM aka the all-including WAVE-FIELD.


So, when Russell Brand critiques BOTH Fox News and MSNBC, he is critiquing both the MALE ASSERTING and FEMALE ACCOMMODATING options of BINARY LOGIC reduction, for LANGUAGE based SHARING convenience within the NARROW REDUCTIONISM that is the constraint of a LINGUISTIC MATTER and EMPTY SPACE based ABSTRACT PSEUDO-REALITY where we must ask; Should our understanding of this pseudo-reality be consistent with;…


-1-  a MALE-FEMALE relation as where the MALE ASSERTING HURRICANE (forcibly) stirs up the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING ATMOSPHERE as appeals to the CONSERVATIVE mindset and FOX NEWS REPORTING, or,


-2- a FEMALE-MALE relation as where the FEMALE INDUCTIVE ATMOSPHERE (seductively) stirs up the MALE ASSERTING HURRICANE as appeals to the LIBERAL mindset and MSNBC NEWS REPORTING?




EVIDENTLY, they are both BINARY LOGIC BASED, and BINARY LOGIC is a SIMPLE form of logic that is TOO SIMPLE to deal with the complexities of our sense-experience reality of inclusion in the all-including WAVE-FIELD where the  relationships are better expressed in LESS SIMPLE (thank BINARY LOGIC EITHER/OR terms) QUANTUM LOGIC BOTH/AND terms, which is how Modern physics and indigenous aboriginal and Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta applications of LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE handle LANGUAGE based REALITY CONCEPTUALIZATION.




GRANTED that it is SIMPLER to go with the BINARY LOGIC DROP OUT of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE, but that is PRECISELY what leads to the AMBIGUITY as mentioned in -1- and -2-  that is polarizing WESTERN CULTUER SOCIAL COLLECTIVES.


Russell Brand’s critique of BOTH -1- and -2- (i.e. his critique of both FOX NEWS and MSNBC) amounts to a blanket critique of TOO-SIMPLE BINARY LOGIC BASED POLITICAL ANALYSIS which is DIFFERENTIATION BASED.


DIFFERENTIATION used in LANGUAGE (which promotes FRAGMENTATION) is SIMPLER THAN INTEGRATION. That is, by FRAGMENTING, we enable simplification by giving the option of picking out only the fragment we want).  On the other hand, INTEGRATION, which is the option employed in INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL language architecture and in Modern physics, we say, instead of the BINARY LOGIC ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ which DIFFERENTIATES out the TOWN as a notional THING-IN-ITSELF, ‘there is TOWNING IN THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ which employs INTEGRATION as in the QUANTUM LOGIC BOTH/AND relation.,


INTEGRATION is LESS SIMPLE, involving QUANTUM LOGIC as just mentioned with; ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ which INTEGRATES TOWNING INTO THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE so that in understanding the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE, we are at the same time understanding the TOWNING that is INTEGRATED within the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.  Instead of the BINARY LOGIC FIGURE and GROUND as TWO relation,… we have the QUANTUM LOGIC FIGURE and GROUND as ONE relation where the ‘FIGURE’ is INCLUDED in the ‘GROUND’ as gives us the relationship associated with the all-including WAVE-FIELD (energy-charged PLENUM) within which there are CONDENSATIONS.


It is no surprise that RUSSELL BRAND is attuned to letting go of the two OPPOSING POLES of BINARY LOGIC since he is a Zen practitioner (e.g. ) who advocates reducing our ties to material things.  It is the WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE-induced belief in the existence of MATERIAL THINGS-THEMSELVES that leads to FRAGMENTATION which is DRIVING US WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS NUTS!


1 FRAGMENTATION AND WHOLENESS (from Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm)

The title of this chapter is ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’. It is especially important to consider this question today, for fragmentation is now very widespread, not only throughout society, but also in each individual; and this is leading to a kind of general confusion of the mind, which creates an endless series of problems and interferes with our clarity of perception so seriously as to prevent us from being able to solve most of them.

Thus art, science, technology, and human work in general, are divided up into specialties, each considered to be separate in essence from the others. Becoming dissatisfied with this state of affairs, men have set up further interdisciplinary subjects, which were intended to unite these specialties, but these new subjects have ultimately served mainly to add further separate fragments. Then, society as a whole has developed in such a way that it is broken up into separate nations and different religious, political, economic, racial groups, etc. Man’s natural environment has correspondingly been seen as an aggregate of separately existent parts, to be exploited by different groups of people. Similarly, each individual human being has been fragmented into a large number of separate and conflicting compartments, according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological characteristics, etc., to such an extent that it is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc.


Russell Brand’s critiques of BOTH Fox News and MSNBC point to the problem that INFECTS BOTH FOX NEWS AND MSNBC AND WESTERN CULTURE IN GENERAL,

I.e. the PROBLEM is that of our use of an overly SIMPLE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE which REDUCES/SIMPLIFIES language based conceptualizations of our sense-experience reality by DROPPING OUT THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE which is the equivalent of REDUCING the QUANTUM LOGIC nature of our sense-experience reality to the SIMPLER BINARY LOGIC construction of reality.


INSTEAD of the QUANTUM LOGIC ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have crafted for ourselves a DUMBED DOWN BINARY LOGIC based LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE where we speak in a one-sided MALE ASSERTING ONLY manner such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING goods and services’ without any mention of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING (WAVE-FIELD) CONJUGATE that could bring an awareness of the CONJUGATE SHRINKING OF THE WILDERNESS that could sustain our awareness of our being included within a TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, reminding us that MALE ASSERTING GROWING, DEVELOPING AND PRODUCING is only HALF THE STORY and that if we include in our conscious awareness the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING SHRINKING OF WILDERNESS, we get to the full-blown understanding of the TRANSFORMING of the LANDSCAPE and the WAVE-FIELD in which we, ourselves are included.


That is, we live in a WAVE-FIELD reality and the WAVE-FIELD has a COMPLEX structure which is referred to in mathematics as having BOTH “REAL” and “IMAGINARY” components, or in alternative terminology BOTH MALE ASSERTING AND FEMALE ACCOMODATING CONJUGATES as for example, both the MALE-ASSERTING GROWTH of CULTIVATED LAND AND THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING SHRINKAGE OF WILDERNESS LANDS, which manifest overall as the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.


The ONLY REASON WE GET THE FRAGMENTATION INTO POLAR OPPOSING CONSERVATIVE (FOX-NEWS) and LIBERAL (MSNBC NEWS) VIEWS is because the too-simple BINARY LOGIC is being used within the ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE and, in fact in all the COMMON AVERAGE EUROPEAN LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE FAMILY of LANGUAGES.  BINARY LOGIC is SIMPLER than QUANTUM LOGIC in that it makes use of DIFFERENTIATION to SPLIT REALITY APART into OPPOSITES such as GOOD and BAD which is FRAGMENTATIVE rather than, as with QUANTUM LOGIC, interpreting things in terms of RELATIONAL BALANCE and IMBALANCE which is INTEGRATIVE.  The challenge for a social collective employing a QUANTUM LOGIC language architecture that assumes INTEGRATION (mitakuye oyasin:-‘everything is related’) is to cultivate and sustain relational balance.  In this QUANTUM LOGIC way of understanding, STRIFE is understood as RELATIONAL DISSONANCE associated with IMBALANCE and the REMEDY is the restoring of RELATIONAL RESONANCE (social harmony) through RESTORING BALANCE, as is the aim of the HEALING CIRCLE in indigenous aboriginal relational dissonance resolving action.


Russell Brand’s critiques of BOTH Fox News and MSNBC is the manifesting of his attachment to ZEN wherein SOCIAL RELATIONAL DISSONANCE is NOT INTERPRETED IN A BINARY OPPOSITE “EITHER” RIGHT “OR” WRONG sense, but in a QUANTUM LOGIC BOTH/AND sense.  We don’t have to choose between BINARY OPPTIONS of EITHER the (MALE ASSERTING) HURRICANE stirs up the (FEMALE ACCOMMODATING) ATMOSPHERE OR the (FEMALE INDUCTIVE) ATMOSPHERE STIRS UP THE (MALE ASSERTING) HURRICANE.  That is, we don’t have to choose because of what is called in Modern physics, the LOGIC of the INCLUDED THIRD (think in terms of the SOLAR IRRADIANCE which is the ‘mother of’ BOTH HURRICANE AND ATMOSPHERE and so demands a LESS SIMPLE LOGIC, the LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM aka QUANTUM LOGIC. In this case, as with WHORLING in FLOWING, the WHORLING “IS” THE APPEARANCE of FLOWING which IS the QUANTUM LOGIC relation.  Likewise, the HURRICANING “IS” the ATMOSPHERING.  There is no way to capture the HURRICANING as a separate thing that we could BOX UP and STUDY ‘in its own right’ since the HURRICANING IS ‘APPEARANCE’ aka ‘SCHAUMKOMMEN’.

QUANTUM LOGIC is also known as the BOTH/AND LOGIC OF THE INCLUDING THIRD (or ‘including medium’) which was formalized by Stéphane Lupasco, as follows;


To every phenomenon or element or logical event whatsoever, and accordingly to the judgment which thinks of it, the proposition which expresses it, to the sign which symbolizes it must always be associated, structurally and functionally, a logical antiphenomenon, or anti-element or anti-event and therefore a contradictory judgment, proposition or sign in such a fashion that the former can only be potentialized by the actualization of the latter, but not disappear such that either could be self-sufficient in an independent and therefore rigorous non-contradiction – as in all logic, classical or otherwise, that is based on an absoluteness of the principle of non-contradiction.”

The point half-way between actualization and potentialization is a point of maximum antagonism or ‘contradiction’ from which, in the case of complex phenomena, a T-state (T for “tiers inclus”, included third term) emerges, which is capable of resolving the contradiction (or ‘counter-action‘), at another, higher level of reality. “  – Lupasco, Stéphane., Le principe d’antagonisme et la logique de l’énergie, 1951.

[see also; ‘Stéphane Lupasco et le tiers inclus. De la physique quantique à l’ontologie’, by Basarab Nicolescu]


If this explanation of Lupasco’s of QUANTUM LOGIC sounds too complicated, QUANTUM LOGIC can be alternatively expressed and remembered more directly in terms of BALANCE and IMBALANCE and how these two take us to a HIGHER LEVEL OF REALITY than the BINARY LOGIC opposites of EITHER RIGHT OR WRONG’ LOCAL, EXPLICIT events.  If we experience STRIFE that manifests in our own family, we don’t have to DEAL WITH IT BY IMPOSING JUDGEMENT OF RIGHT AND WRONG which requires that one focus in on the PARTICULAR LOCAL, EXPLICIT EVENTS of PARTICULAR INDIVIDUALS since life is more relationally complex than that (as pointed out in the Zen stories such as the story of the HORSES. )


In other words, as in Modern physics, our sense-experience of inclusion in the all-including energy-charged PLENUM aka WAVE-FIELD can be understood in the INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM LOGIC terms of the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT rather than in the DIFFERENTIATING BINARY LOGIC terms of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT (i.e. the GROWTH of the TOWN which we see by DIFFERENTIATION is OBSCURANTISM as in the Goedel’s Theorem of Incompleteness of all finite LOGICAL PROPOSITIONS; i.e. the GROWTH of the TOWN comes together with the SHRINKAGE of the WILDERNESS and to mention the one (the MALE ASSERTING GROWTH ONLY) without the other is to DISTORT what is really going on which is TRANSFORMATION.


Russell Brand’s critiques of BOTH Fox News and MSNBC …. CAN SERVE AS A REMINDER that we are not constrained to BINARY LOGIC based thinking simply because WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE has BUILT IN a DEPENDENCY on SIMPLISTIC BINARY LOGIC by DISALLOWING QUANTUM LOGIC INTERPRETATIONS as in the following language based representations;


-1- JUSTICE:  Here, WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have opted for BINARY LOGIC LANGUAGE as applied to SINGLE LOCAL, EXPLICIT EVENTS, ignoring Goedel’s Theorem of the INCOMPLETENESS OF ALL FINITE SYSTEMS OF LOGIC, as is also the point of the above cited ZEN story of the horses.  There is also the QUANTUM LOGIC based JUSTICE of indigenous aboriginals which employs the HEALING CIRCLE where the deliberations orient to BALANCE and BALANCE RESTORING rather than to PATHOGEN IDENTIFICATION AND ELIMINATING as in WESTERN CULTURE JUSTICE which is based on the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


-2- MEDICINE: Here, WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have opted for BINARY LOGIC LANGUAGE which reduces QUANTUM LOGIC understandings of HEALTH as BALANCE and ILLNESS as IMBALANCE, to BINARY LOGIC understanding of HEALTH as machine like ‘everything behaving correctly’ and ILLNESS as ‘some things behaving incorrectly’, as in the case of THE ATTACK OF PATHOGENS, such abstraction not even existing in the indigenous aboriginal understanding of ILLNESS AS RELATIONAL IMBALANCE and thus HEALING as the RESTORING of BALANCE.


In this case, WESTERN CULTURE ABANDONS the NATURAL BEHAVIOUR-SHAPING INFLUENCE of BALANCE, using instead the INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION of ENTITLEMENT which is subject to the often arbitrary views on ENTITLEMENT held by those in power as have led to REVOLUTION (e.g. the French Revolution where the complaints of the starving poor where stonewalled by the RICH and did nothing to reduce ENTITLEMENT based resource distribution, fueling an intensifying polarization that culminated in REVOLUTION.  Today (2023) there are many technologies such as CCTV monitoring and sophisticated CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION techniques (DNA tracking etc.) that set the bar much higher for would-be REBALANCING AGENTS (aka ‘thieves’), opening the way to soaring IMBALANCES; e.g;

“A study of 300 top US companies released by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) on Tuesday found the average gap between CEO and median worker pay jumped to 670-to-1 (meaning the average CEO received $670 in compensation for every $1 the worker received). The ratio was up from 604-to-1 in 2020. Forty-nine firms had ratios above 1000-to-1.” 

As the SYSTEMS SCIENCES have pointed out, WESTERN CULTURE MEDICINE, as also in the case of WESTERN CULTURE JUSTICE, can employ the simpler BINARY LOGIC PATHOGEN ELIMINATION interpretation rather than the QUANTUML LOGIC BALANCE-RESTORING approach. Both of these strategies APPEAR TO WORK but the BINARY LOGIC approach is BLIND TO THE QUANTUM LOGIC REALITY OF BALANCE, thus IMBALANCE in WESTERN CULTURE which leads to the proliferating of REBALANCING AGENTS is instead seen in BINARY LOGIC TERMS of the proliferating of PATHOGENS so that the remedy pursued is PATHOGEN ELIMINATION rather than BALANCE RESTORING.

C. DIFFICILE proliferating seen as a pathogen that must be eliminated was a model that failed miserably until it was finally acknowledged that C. DIFFICILE proliferation derived from IMBALANCE and can be resolved with Fecal Microbiota Transplantation.  In spite of these findings, WESTERN MEDICINE OVERALL, continues to fall back on the simplistic BINARY LOGIC based PATHOGEN model so that COVID 19 is MISINTERPRETED as a PATHOGEN rather than as an IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage so that in pursuing remedies, WESTERN MEDICINE has its ladder up the wrong wall (the wall of pathogen elimination rather than balance restoring).  The same is true in WESTERN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS.


-3- COMMERCE: Here WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are using the SIMPLE BINARY LOGIC notion of LOCAL AUTHORING that ACCOUNTS for only the MALE ASSERTING CONJUGATE of the GROWTH of PRODUCTION related PROFITS without tying this together with the conjugate CONSUMPTION and SHRINKAGE of raw natural resources in conjugate relation with the GROWTH of PRODUCTION.  As a RESULT, the focus on continuing GROWTH BLINDS WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS to the CONJUGATE SHRINKAGE of limited resources which is ONLY BELATEDLY SHOWING UP ON THE RADAR SCREEN of COMMERICAL OPERATORS CONCENTRATING on the product and services side of things.  In WESTERN CULTURE COMMERCE, there is nothing like the indigenous aboriginal thinking in terms of 7 generations out, since the WESTERN CULTURE MINDSET is to celebrate the ability to keep changing course, as from coal as a fuel to oil and gas, and now to solar and nuclear power.


SUMMARY:  IN SPITE OF ALL THE SIGNS THAT MODERN PHYSICS IS CORRECT IN AFFIRMING, in QUANTUM LOGIC TERMS, that ‘THERE IS HUMANING IN THE ENERGY-CHARGED PLENUM as is consistent with the understanding of the COSMOS in terms of the ALL-INCLUDING WAVE-FIELD in which material forms are CONDENSATIONS, WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL COLLECTIVES appear to be HOLDOUTS in that there is a continuing societal retention of the BINARY LOGIC LANGUAGE based belief in “INDEPENDENT BEINGS” so instead of thinking of ourselves as HUMANINGS in the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka the WAVE-FIELD, we continue to use language that supports the abstract notion of HUMAN BEINGS as INDEPENDENT THINGS-IN-OURSELVES, notionally WITH OUR OWN POWERS OF AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.


This BINARY LOGIC HODLOUT is why we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue on a BUSTRIP TO HELL of FRAGMENTATION since there is no (FEMALE CONTAINER based) connective binding or INTEGRATION since we dropped the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE that supports INTEGRATION out of our LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE (putting EMPTY SPACE in it’s place), and what we have, instead, is DIFFERENTIATION based FRAGMENTATION deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based LOCAL AUTHORING structure of our LANGUAGE.


RUSSELL BRAND is not going to be able to share in EXPLICIT terms, all of this QUANTUM LOGIC understanding that explains the GROWTH of POLITICAL POLARIZING and SOCIAL FRAGMENTATION in our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL COLLECTIVE, since it would require a mass conversion of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT UNDERSTANDING to the equivalent of INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL CULTURE ADHERENTS UNDERSTANDING; i.e. from the current WESTERN CULTURE based BINARY LOGIC thinking to the INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL QUANTUM LOGIC thinking wherein the RUSSIA -UKRAINE BINARY LOGIC POLARIZED CONFLICT would SOFTEN UP to a case of QUANTUM LOGIC IMBALANCE related dissonance.  STRIFE may remain upon a sift to the QUANTUM LOGIC understanding in  terms of BALANCE and IMBALANCE, but NOT in the sense of a PURIFICATIONIST WAR to ELIMINATE “EVIL OTHERS” but in the ‘mitakuye oyasin” sense of resolving IMBALANCE in the social relational matrix in which we all share inclusion.


Such a coming to our senses is not helped or supported by our WESTERN CULTURE having cultivated a BINARY LOGIC based SOCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is BINARY LOGIC “EITHER RIGHT OR WRONG” JUDGEMENT BASED and backed up by MILITARY POWER.  AS LONG as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue to support the SIMPLE BINARY LOGIC thought based “UNDERSTANDING” of what is going on, it is not possible to MOVE ON UP TO QUANTUM LOGIC UNDERSTANDING which is innately LESS SIMPLE than BINARY LOGIC.  That is, it is non-trivial to shift from factional judgements in terms of WE ARE GOOD and THEY ARE EVIL to a QUANTUM LOGIC quest for BALANCE within the full relational diversity including the Four Leggeds, the Crawlers, the Four-leggeds and the Winged ones.  WESTERN CULTURE belief in BINARY LOGIC based LAND OWNERSHIP and other EN-TITLE-MENTS are blocking the move to QUANTUM LOGIC (BALANCE-BASED) social relations.


* * *