Following below this ‘technical’ introduction is a short summary of Psycho-Linguistic Reality Construction, the techniques we use to GIVE VOICE to our sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, also referred to as the all-including WAVE-FIELD and ‘the Tao’.   It is evident that our views are DIVIDED as in the aphorism ‘EAST is EAST and WEST is WEST and never the twain shall meet’ (Rudyard Kipling) and this DIVISION sheds light on how THOUGHT and LANGUAGE can be ‘connected in more than one way.

This structural difference comes from a ‘preference’ as to whether we prefer to ‘SEE THINGS’ by way of DIFFERENTIATION or INTEGRATION; i.e. for example, do we want to psychologically use DIFFERENTIATION to SPLIT OUT ‘the TOWN’ and proceed to give a detailed ‘break-down’ that describes ‘the TOWN’ as if it were a LOCAL, EXPLICIT THING that can be ‘taken apart’ so that we can come to know ‘IT’ by ‘its’ component parts.  Or, do we want to acknowledge that ‘everything is in flux’ so as to understand that there is “TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE” in which case there are no assumptions of a LOCAL, EXPLICIT ‘BEING’ based entity and we thus need a LANGUAGE that is capable of working with NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT relations that are the stuff a fluid world (such as a WAVE-FIELD world) is made of.

We thus have the option of TWO DIFFERENT BUT RELATED LANGUAGE-based CONCEPTUALIZING SCHEMES.  Acronyms may be useful here for recalling these two different CONCEPTUALIZING OPTIONS; i.e. INTEGRATION and DIFFERENTIATION.


L.E.A.P. stands for Local, Explicit, Asserting, PART.  (example, a WAVE ‘PEAK’)

N.I.R.T. stands for Nonlocal, Implicit, Relational, Transformation. (example, WAVE ‘TROUGH’)


*NOTE that in the spherical space of our sense-experience of inclusion therein, the female ‘seafloor spreading’, being nonlocal and implicit is ‘higher dimensional’ and not the simple opposite of the local and explicit ‘continents that drift’, the latter expressing one-sided male-asserting action with no mention of the ‘female accommodating conjugate’.  The DROP OUT of the female accommodating conjugate leaves in its place, the impression of absolute infinite emptiness thus ‘freeing us up for constructing a language architecture based solely on one-sided male-asserting actions and development’.

Had we oriented our language architecture to the less simple ‘seafloor spreading’ as in a spherical space, this ‘nonlocal, implicit female accommodating’ sea-floor spreading is QUANTUM LOGIC transformation, …  while the simpler local, explicit, male-asserting ‘continents drifting’ is BINARY LOGIC based wherein things-in-themselves such as ‘continents’ “EITHER” move “OR” do not move and ‘IF they move, they move as if  without need of FEMALE ACCOMMODATING as if in an ABSOLUTE EMPTY SPACE OF INFINITE EXTENT.

Here we see, because we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have chosen one-sided MALE ASSERTING and DROPPED OUT FEMALE ACCOMMODATING, a language architecture that is ONLY ASSERTING and NEVER ACCOMMODATING which is the language-based source of FRAGMENTATION since there is nothing ‘connecting’ the ‘local, explicit, male-asserting, drifting continents’ in our language based construction. 

However, our  sense-experience-primed intuition will be influencing our thoughts to keep everything in relational balance and demanding an interpretation of overall INTEGRATION as in transformation, our language being nevertheless free to construct a DIFFERENTATION based FRAGMENTATION comprised of LOCAL, EXPLICIT CONTINENTS notionally with their own (GRAMMAR-GIVEN) POWERS OF DRIFTING-ACTION and DEVELOPMENT.   Note that there is this scenario no notion of an ALL-INCLUDING PLENUM IN WHICH MATERIAL FORMINGS SUCH AS CONTINENTINGS ARE CONDENSATIONS as in Modern physics.

As far as the LOGIC of these DETACHED, ‘drifting’ CONTINENTS goes, as Goedel’s Theorem points out, all finite systems of logic, while logically TRUE, are INCOMPLETE, thus we are free to speak in terms of the LOGICAL TRUTH of one-sided MALE ASSERTING ONLY “CONTINENTS DRIFTING” without mentioning any FEMALE CONJUGATE such as SEAFLOOR SPREADING.  On the other hand, if our language architecture is designed to give the foundational role to the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING SEAFLOOR-SPREADING, then the MALE ASSERTING is ‘implicitly included’.  One might even conclude that the MALE ASSERTING is NOT NEEDED since it is IMPLIED by the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING; i.e. in the all-including energy-charged PLENUM (WAVE-FIELD), MALE ASSERTING MATERIAL FORMS ARE SCHAUMKOMMEN (APPEARANCE).

Thus, if we have a flow-based language architecture as in Modern physics and as in indigenous aboriginal culture and say; ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’  or there is ‘CONTINENTING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’, we avoid falling into the TRAP of using language that FRAGMENTS reality as happens when we use the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR to suggest MALE ASSERTING LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments as with, for example, ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ and ‘the CONTINENT is DRIFTING’ which gives a FRAGMENTED PICTURE due to the connecting role of the FEMALE CONJUGATE (the all-including WAVE-FIELD PLENUM) having gone MISSING due to language-architecture choices.

When we use MALE ASSERTING propositions such as ‘CONTINENTS ARE DRIFTING’ and ‘TOWNS ARE GROWING’ without mentioning the FEMALE CONJUGATES of SEAFLOOR SPREADING and ‘WILDERNESS SHRINKING’ which, if they were mentioned in our language constructions, will guide our thinking so as to comprehend the overall “INTEGRATED GESTALT’ of TRANSFORMATION, avoiding an understanding in terms of FRAGMENTATION that comes when we DROP OUT the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING (wave-field) CONJUGATE. 

The FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE IN LANGUAGE is essential in establishing the QUANTUM LOGIC relation as between the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING  CONJUGATE and the MALE-ASSERTING CONJUGATE where the latter is a CONDENSATION of the former in which case there is no FRAGMENTATION, and that which language and APPEARANCE casts in the BINARY LOGIC terms of MATERIAL BEING and EMPTY SPACE, must instead be understood in the QUANTUM LOGIC terms of the all-including energy-charged PLENUM aka WAVE-FIELD and CONDENSATIONS therein, which constitute a BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING medium. 

WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE COULD HAVE  OPTED FOR A QUANTUM LOGIC FOUNDATION AS IN MODERN PHYSICS AND INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE, BUT THE SIMPLER BINARY LOGIC FOUNDATION WAS CHOSEN INSTEAD, THE RESULT BEING ‘FRAGMENTATION’ BASED REALITY CONCEPTUALIZATIONS which, as Bohm has pointed out, are the ongoing source of schizophrenia and paranoia in WESTERN CULTURE social collectives (due to the infusion of BINARY LOGIC into language based conceptualizations to serve up simplified  (binary logic based) substitute realities).

That there are problems of FRAGMENTATION arising from WESTERN CULTURE BINARY LOGIC based Psycho-Linguistic Reality Construction is the communications aim of this note.  The following abbreviations are to help retain the main elements of how our language can be confusing our understanding; in particular, the WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE embodies a DIFFERENTIATION based reduction from the sense-experience affirmed reality of an all-including INTEGRATION; i.e. a DIFFERENTIATION based reduction from the N.I.R.I. to the intellectual SUBSTITUTE REALITY of the L.E.A.F. 

N.I.R.I stands for Nonlocal, Implicit, Relational, INTEGRAL. (example, WAVE ‘TROUGH’)


L.E.A.F. stands for Local, Explicit, Asserting, FRAGMENT.  (example, a WAVE ‘PEAK’) 


If we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS were using N.I.R.I. capable language architecture there would be no need for these mind-jogging acronyms because we would already by working on the LESS SIMPLE plane in which the MORE SIMPLE plane is included.  But because we are using, as our understanding-supporting language, the simpler L.E.A.F. language architecture, we get stuck trying to come up with language based articulations of phenomena that are beyond capture in the simple L.E.A.F. language architecture.  If we do not remind ourselves of the limitations of our language architecture with respect to capture capability, we are exposed to endless reformulations of language based explanations in the belief that our problems of not reaching agreement are due to the limitations in our argument rather than to limitations in our language   The former can be fixed by improving the argument but the latter cannot be fixed without improving the language.

Those who polarize on the BINARY LOGIC issue of whether the (male-asserting) hurricane stirs up the atmosphere or whether the (female accommodating) atmosphere stirs up the hurricane, … if they can pause to become aware of their being immersed in the heat of the sun overhead, may become aware of the QUANTUM LOGIC structure of the phenomenon where it is no longer a BINARY LOGIC EITHER/OR issue since the AUTHORING AGENCY is coming from the solar irradiance infused WAVE-FIELD, and thus from NEITHER the MALE ASSERTING HURRICANE NOR the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING ATMOSPHERE. but from the ENERGIZED MEDIUM (the WAVE-FIELD) which includes BOTH the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING and THE MALE ASSERTING.

We are reminded here of how our LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE supports our DROPPING DOWN to the BINARY LOGIC based SIMPLIFICATION and this is the popular default in WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE based representation, which is a PITFALL THAT IS NOT PRESENT in indigenous aboriginal culture because of the less simple QUANTUM LOGIC LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE rather than TWO (this is simply a restatement of the BOTH/AND QUANTUM LOGIC structure).  Once we use the L.E.A.F. based ‘dumbing down’ to LOCAL AUTHORING by way of the LINGUISTIC DEVICE of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, we take it for granted that what we are talking about is REALITY as if our language could only serve us in our articulating of the reality that comes to us from our sense-experience of inclusion in the world.

However, our LANGUAGE is NOT SIMPLY PUTTY IN OUR HANDS, not when we allow it to DUMB DOWN our linguistic articulation of our sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum to VOYEUR DIFFERENTIATION.   The abstract tool of DIFFERENTIATION used in language based constructions allows us to FRAGMENT OUT the HURRICANING IN THE ATMOSPHERING (a QUANTUM LOGIC BOTH/AND RELATION), and use the Linguistic DUMBING DOWN of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR to construct a BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY featuring the HURRICANE as a notional LOCAL EXPLICIT THING-IN-ITSELF notionally with its own GRAMMAR-given POWERS OF LOCAL AUTHORING of ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT as if IN AN ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE SPACE (a substitute for the all-including PLENUM aka WAVE-FIELD).

BOTTOM LINE: our WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE has us SUBSTITUTE for our N.I.R.I. sense experience of integrated inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, our L.E.A.F  intellectual construction of fragmented interactions isolated from each other in an absolute, empty and infinite ‘insulating’ space.


N.I.R.I stands for Nonlocal, Implicit, Relational, INTEGRAL. (example, WAVE ‘TROUGH’)

L.E.A.F. stands for Local, Explicit, Asserting, FRAGMENT.  (example, a WAVE ‘PEAK’) 


* * * * * * 





SIMPLIFIED SUMMARY of MY FINDINGS (from philosophical investigations into WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE-based social dysfunction)


My findings mirror the key findings of Nietzsche and Bohm which both point to language-induced psychological confusion within a fragmented reality.

Our WESTERN CULTURE Common Average European Language architecture is the source of REPRESENTATION that is OVER-SIMPLIFIED (dumbed down to BINARY LOGIC) and FRAGMENTED (differentiated with the double error of naming and grammar).   An example illustrating both is “The TOWN is GROWING, DEVELOPING and PRODUCING goods and services).


Contrary to this BINARY LOGIC based and DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR fragmented linguistic representation, is our SENSE EXPERIENCE of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum (the all including energy-charged PLENUM aka the WAVE-FIELD).   But such SENSE-EXPERIENCE is beyond capture in language because it is immediate and continuing and part of an overall dynamic.  In other words, ‘the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’ – Lao Tzu.


So, make no mistake, this note is NOT to try to say that “WE CAN KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON”.  This note is to share findings on ‘LOGICAL CONSISTENCIES’ and “LOGICAL INCONSISTENCIES’ within our systems of LANGUAGE-BASED REPRESENTATION of what we calling ‘reality’   Our SENSE-EXPERIENCE lies BEYOND our LANGUAGE-BASED REPRESENTATION systems, and it is the adjudicator of whether our language-based representations ‘make sense’ and which language-based representations have inconsistencies in them.


For example, we can say that QUANTUM LOGIC is LESS SIMPLE than BINARY LOGIC and that we can show how ‘QUANTUM LOGIC’ can ‘go farther’ than ‘BINARY LOGIC’ in constructing representations of the world of our sense-experience of inclusion therein.  This example (the upgrade from BINARY LOGIC to QUANTUM LOGIC) is what is involved in the shift from Newtonian physics to Modern physics.


This shift takes us from conceiving of the world in the BINARY LOGIC representations of MATERIAL FORMS in invisible EMPTY SPACE to the QUANTUM LOGIC representations where the INVISIBLE EMPTY SPACE is understanding as an ENERGY-CHARGED PLENUM (wave-field) containing visible, tangible forms which are CONDENSATIONS of the ENERGY-CHARGED PLENUM which explains how it is that everything seems to be related (instead of being split into material objects in an empty space).   This agrees with the QUANTUM LOGIC ‘everything is related’ conceptualization of reality of indigenous aboriginals (mitakuye oyasin), Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents.   Experiments affirm this QUANTUM LOGIC relation in the basic structure of the world.  STILL LYING WELL BEYOND THIS QUANTUM LOGIC UNDERSTANDING IS OUR SENSE-EXPERIENCE OF INCLUSION IN THE WORLD which is ‘beyond language’ which raises questions as to HOW FAR LANGUAGE-STIMULATED THOUGHT ‘take us’ down the path of increased understanding of the world of our sense-experience of inclusion therein.  That is, ‘the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’ – Lao Tzu.


In the indigenous aboriginal ‘learning circles’ or ‘healing circles’, participants can acquire understandings that they take away and that are valuable to their changing understandings and relations within the  social matrix they share inclusion in, but these behaviour-shaping understandings are already beyond the reach of language based articulation which may be why the indigenous aboriginal culture saw more value in oral story sharing where the ethic is to ‘speak from the heart’ and NOT ‘from the head’.


That being said, this note is sharing understandings via the limited method of language we are now using, and my today’s aim is to share my impressions that My findings mirror the key findings of Nietzsche and Bohm which both point to language-induced psychological confusion within a fragmented reality.


That is, this note is NOT about sharing WHAT REALITY IS REALLY ALL ABOUT, … this note is simply trying to share understandings of some of the problems we are having with language based communicating.


For example, both Nietzsche and Bohm have exposed PITFALLS in popular common language usage that continue to persist and it appears to Bohm and Nietzsche that our world dynamic could be cultivating more harmonies and less dissonances if we were more generally cognizant of these PITFALLS and I am referring to the TWO in particular that they have pointed out, which are related; i.e. Nietzsche’s pointing out of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which imputes LOCAL AUTHORING and Bohm’s pointing out of FRAGMENTATION of the dynamic of social collectives which is related to our WESTERN CULTURE habit of using BINARY LOGIC when we should instead be using QUANTUM LOGIC.


QUANTUM LOGIC is something we all know and use without labelling it as such, but BINARY LOGIC is something we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are all very familiar with from school and common references to it.   Modern physics is basically telling us to DISCARD BINARY LOGIC and employ instead QUANTUM LOGIC which is equivalent to saying DISCARD THE simple MECHANISTIC LINGUISTIC MODELING OF REALITY and MOVE TO THE less simple FLOW-BASED LINGUISTIC MODELING OF REALITY.   This could also be stated, DISCARD the simple LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT LINGUISTIC MODELING OF REALITY and MOVE to the less-simple NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT LINGUISTIC MODELING of REALITY, … in order to discontinue the problematic engendering of social relational dysfunction deriving from the use of TOO-SIMPLE language that leads to the mistaken belief in LOCAL AUTHORING and the related problem of FRAGMENTATION in the dynamic of the social collective.


We can see that the mainstream WESTERN CULTURE social collective is NOWHERE NEAR the point of picking up on the findings of Nietzsche and Bohm (or Emerson, Schroedinger and Wittgenstein) although all of these philosophers are for the most part HIGHLY REGARDED.


I think that WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS do not know how to change the common understanding and course of the ‘herd’ as Nietzsche might call it.  Bohm has worked with Krishnamurti to try to get things moving through his Bohmian dialogue approach but we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are deeply LOCKED IN BY HIGH SWITCHING COSTS because we have built into our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMIC BINARY LOGIC based ethics and behavioural standards and we are POLICING THEM with BINARY LOGIC based programs of REWARDS and PUNISHMENTS which derive from belief in the BOGUS concept of LOCAL AUTHORING which derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


In other words, our WESTERN CULTURE move to give the BINARY LOGIC concept of GOOD and EVIL a FOUNDATIONAL ROLE in our social dynamics management approach, even though it is TOO SIMPLE for dealing with a QUANTUM LOGIC issues (relational BALANCE AND IMBALANCE issues) establishes a chronic dysfunction that can’t be resolved by our BINARY LOGIC based assessment because a BINARY LOGIC analysis of the problem is not going to identify that the PROBLEM IS BECAUSE BINARY LOGIC is TOO SIMPLE a LOGIC.


As the story of Jean Valjean (Les Misérables)  illustrated, Jean Valjean was a REBALANCER responding to the growing problem of RICH AND POOR “IMBALANCE” which is a QUANTUM LOGIC problem; i.e. QUANTUM LOGIC is the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING medium.   An example an INCLUDING medium is where we consider, for example, the surface area of the earth.  When we are using language concerning the GROWTH of CULTIVATION, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, this MALE ASSERTING ONLY capture FAILS to acknowledge the CONJUGATE SHRINKING OF WILDERNESS LANDS, and the CHANGING BALANCE in the ratio of CULTIVATED and WILDERNESS LANDS which, taken together as MALE ASSERTING and FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATES, gives rise to an overall GESTALT of TRANSFORMATION.


The GESTALT understanding is the ANDROGYNOUS WAVE-FIELD understanding and in the QUANTUM LOGIC based language of the indigenous aboriginals, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING medium, the physical reality of BALANCE is captured as in Indigenous aboriginal language QUANTUM LOGIC constructs such as ‘There is increasing cultivation in the transforming landscape’.


While the ‘increasing cultivation’ is the MALE ASSERTING ACTION CONJUGATE, the accommodating landscape is THE FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE and the TWO understood as ONE constitutes TRANSFORMATION.






The WRITING ON THE WALL for LANGUAGE DESIGN is that BINARY LOGIC design is TOO SIMPLE to capture WAVE-FIELD dynamics and simplifies by DROPPING OUT the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE.  BINARY LOGIC language constructions are the source of FRAGMENTATION in linguistic representations AND IN THE PSYCHE as Bohm points out.  QUANTUM LOGIC language constructions as in indigenous aboriginal language architectures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta support linguistic capture of WAVE-FIELD relations affirmed by Modern physics. .


* * *


This has been a SIMPLIFIED SUMMARY of MY FINDINGS (from philosophical investigations into WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE-based social dysfunction)


There is no roadmap here for how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS surmount the difficult situation we are in with our entrenchment in BINARY LOGIC based language architecture, but it is assumed that more widespread awareness of the situation we are in, could help in stimulating the need trade out of BINARY LOGIC for QUANTUM LOGIC in WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE ARCHITECTURE.


* * *