Because the combination of empty space and explicit matter is the basis of BINARY LOGIC as used in our WESTERN CULTURE representations of reality where things move through space.  This the basis of BINARY LOGIC


This has enabled thoughts of LOCALLY AUTHORED activities such as GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION and this is where we start to get an inkling of the problem of representation that has been been resolved in Modern physics but which had already been resolved in indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta where the understanding is that MATTER IS A CONDENSATION OF FIELD which requires QUANTUM LOGIC wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONLY ONE; i.e. the condensations in the field are nevertheless FIELD and can be though of as RESONANCEwithin the FIELD so that there is no MOTION OF THINGS but only TRANSFORMATION as in the TRANSFORMING RELAITONAL CONTINUUM.


This is HARD TO SWALLOW but only because we are so used to MAKING THINGS WORK in terms of the BINAYR LOGIC of FIGURE and GROUND are TWO. If we think of the world in terms of a HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE as has been suggested by Bohm and written about by others and which remains a prominent theory of the universe as in the work of physicist Julian Barbour (


It would be much more natural to specify our distances to all objects. They define our position. This conclusion is very natural once we become aware that nothing is fixed. Everything moves relative to everything else.  Taking this further, thinking about the position and motion of one object is artificial. We are part of Mach’s All, and any motion we call our own is just part of a change in the complete universe. What is the reality of the universe? It is that in any instant the objects in it have some relative arrangement.   … It [the universe] does not move in absolute space, it moves from one configuration to another.”  — Julian Barbour


So, we can think of all motion in terms of transformation as in a hologram where the forms we can see are condensations of the energy-field so there is only one thing here and that is the FIELD with the condensations within it that we WESTERN CULTURE adherents have used BINARY LOGIC to split out separately as in the split between MATTER and SPACE.


This is why QUANTUM LOGIC which is experienced as BALANCE is of key importance because every time we revert to BINARY LOGIC we are confusing ourselves, and our WESTERN CULTURE language architecture builds in this SPLITTING with the combination of NAMING and GRAMMAR which is what we use to construct the notion of THINGS moving IN SPACE.

NOTA BENE: This notion of THINGS MOVING IN SPACE and in fact, THINGS GROWING and DEVELOPING and PRODUCING STUFF is all BINARY LOGIC based; i.e. based on the NAMED THING as being SEPARATE from the SPACE it in, and capable of LOCALLY AUTHORING GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, which sets up, in the mind, by such talk, … the abstract impression of a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on this BINARY LOGIC split into MATTER and PSACE.


I can guarantee you that you will have trouble THINKING ABOUT THIS if you are an ENGLISH speaker such as I am because this language we are conversing in employs as its basic foundation, the BINARY LOGIC split between matter and space.  If I say anything about things moving or about GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, I am SPINNING A SUBSTITUTE REALITY with a BINARY SPLIT into EMPTINESS and MATERIAL THINGS., and letting these MATERAL THINGS move about and GROW and DEVELOP and PRODUCE and REPRODUCE as if they are separate and independent of the EMPTY SPACE that we ‘see’ (i.e. ‘imagine’) as the ‘containing space’).


I know that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS believe in the reality of the world we hear about on the TV news every night because it is like a HOUSE OF CARDS where everything seems to fit together and ‘make sense’ but we also know that there are other peoples living in this same world that understand reality in a very different way.  For example, indigenous aboriginals understand reality in terms of material forms being ‘condensations of the ENERGIZED SPACE aka ‘THE GREAT HARMONY’ with its local RESONANCE based forms.


This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”




Our WESTERN CULTURE view of reality FRAGMENTS reality using BINARY LOGIC and this gives rise to a multiplicity of notional LOCAL AUTHORS of actions  and developments which we use (in a SUBSTITUTE REALITY representation stimulated by BINARY LOGIC based language and this BINARY LOGIC BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITY BECOMES OUR WESTERN CULTURE OPERATIVE REALITY.


And, of course, since all of us who join in our language group all make sense out of talk of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of goods and services, … we can make this work among all of us who join in our ‘language club’ while those whose language captures our sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum are going to remain members of a different club whose reality is basically different.   We can listen in, and we may ‘get it’ but that doesn’t mean we ‘buy in’ to using it as ‘reality’.   Me, I have bought in to using relational language as being a better means of representing reality since it satisfies the sense experience reality that ‘everything is in flux (we all share inclusion in a transforming relational continuum) and there are no such things as LOCAL AUTHORS of actions and developments, that is just the illusion coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR as Nietzsche has pointed out.


I think we all know that we are included in a transforming relational continuum that is INEFFABLE because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relationally relational transforming) as suggested in the above quote from physicist Julian Barbour, but our LANGUAGE is something we are very proud of, and we love its ability to capture in exquisite detail, the LOCAL and EXPLICIT in spite of there being no such thing in our sense experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.


This LOCAL and EXPLICIT reality that we capture with our WESTERN CULTURE DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based language architecture, is a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on notional NAMING instantiated things-in-themselves with notional GRAMMAR-given powers of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, so we are pretty well equipped for construction language-based SUBSTITUTE REALITIES which we like to believe we can VALIDATE as TRUTH or REAL REALITY.  We give examples in terms of PICTURES where she show photographs of JAMES WIILKES BOOTH in the act of shooting ABRAHAM LINCOLN but as Bohm has pointed out, our sense-experience reality doesn’t BREAK DOWN INTO FRAGMENTS in that matter within the continuum we could relate what happened there to the invention of gunpowder because the real world does not break down into fragments like language based SUBSTITUTE REALITIES do.


So, it is simpler to do that and to determine that Robin Hood and Jean Valjean acts of theft were real LOCALLY AUTHORED ACTS as language lets us do, but our sense experience is inclusion in the transforming relational continuum where we are influenced by our sense of BALANCE as in CULTIVATING and RESTORING and SUSTAINING BALANCE and this is where QUANTUM LOGIC comes into play and in nature generally as in some cultures, predominates over  BINARY LOGIC.  One might say that WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have opted for a different reality where BINARY LOGIC  based LOCAL AUHORING is given precedence over QUANTUM LOGIC BALANCE as in the examples of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean.


So, physical reality of our sense experience is nothing like WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT language based SUBSTITUTE REALITY featuring notional INDEPENDELY EXISTING LOCAL AUTHORS of actions and developments.   However, this SUSTITUTE REALITY has attracted a large following perhaps because of the EGO INFLATION associated with the LOCAL AUTHOR abstraction.


Where this LOCAL AUTHOR has been used to blame stuff on individuals and make them out to be PATHOGENS like COVIDE 19 or like DEMONS, which recalls ‘The majority has no monopoly on the truth’ as Giordano Bruno said as they hauled him off to be burned at the stake in 1600 in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome for the heresy of ‘relativity’ (physics).


What the majority supports as the truth is likely to prevail as the HOUSE OF CARDS TRUTH  such as GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION which are important TRUTHS in the WESTERN CULTURE SUSBSTITUTE REALITY.  This is unfortunate since what is really going on, in our sense-experience reality, is TRANSFORMATION that is currently involving a whole lot of discordance and degeneration because ‘weh have our ladder up against the wrong wall’ (TRANSFORMATION is what is really going on and GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are language based abstractions that belong to a SUBSTITUTE REALITY which we have outfitted with ABSOUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE EUCLIDIAN SPACE.


* * *


Ok, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are stuck in a BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY, and  while our rhetoric ‘hangs together’ as in the house-of-cards situation that we are in, the gap between TRANSFORMATION as in our sense experience reality and the intellectual abstractions of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION continue to mount.   Sure the GROWTH of cultivated and industrialized lands can continue indefinitely, so long as BINARY LOGIC does and the GROWTH is LINEAR as in an absolute empty space of infinite extent.  But if space were spherical so that GROWTH had a CONJUGATE SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS the GROWTH would no longer be LINEAR and RATIO based as in the definition of GROWTH and the reality would be highly NONLINEAR as in TRANSFORMATION so that what started out as LOCAL and EXPLICIT like our first acre of cultivated cropland which we proceeded in rational fashion to double and quadruple and RATIO up to multiply the same valuable results, turned out to be, at the same time, REDUCING the WILDERNESS, the FEMALE CONJUGATE that source the nurtuances needed for our MALE ASSERTIVE PRODUCTION operation.


Evidently our language insofar as we build BINARY LOGIC into it, is FRAGMENTING our conceptualizing of reality and putting it in terms of a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are REAL, but in our sense experience reality, what is going on is TRANSFORMATION which is NOT linear and rational as in BINARY LOGIC but is instead nonlinear and irrational as in QUANTUM LOGIC where we have to go by BALANCE and acknowledge CONJUGATE RELATION as where the WILDERNESS SHRINKS in conjugate relation to the GROWTH of CULTIVATED LAND so it turns out not to be TRUE to speak of GROWTH even though we have built an economy on that basis and committed ourselves as a work force to ‘making it happen’.  Instead, our WESTERN CULTURE family photograph is looking like the portrait of Dorian Gray and the DEA ABSCONDITA, the ignored FEMALE CONJUGATE is now haunting us and the continuing GROWTH that we had promised ourselves, that we have been fuelling,… is instead bringing on TRANSFORMATION as all the lands we have cleared from cultivating our mono-culture crops are evidently feeling the effects of the loss of all the diversity we burnt and ploughed up in our pursuit of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION.


What was that the systems sciences people said; ‘the NAME OF THE DEVIL IS SUBOPTIMIZATION, and what did Nietzsche say about rational thinking aka ‘reason’?;


“Nothing indeed has exercised a more simple power of persuasion hitherto than the error of Being, as it was formulated by the Eleatics for instance: in its favour are every word and every sentence that we utter!—Even the opponents of the Eleatics succumbed to the seductive powers of their concept of Being. Among others there was Democritus in his discovery of the atom. “Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.” —Nietzsche, “Twilight of the Idols, or, How to Philosophize with a Hammer”


BINARY LOGIC IS A BUMMER, let’s switch to QUANTUM LOGIC.  OOPS!   that means we need a new language that’s not infected with BINARY LOGIC.

Candidates include Bohm’s Rheomode, indigenous aboriginal languages, Aramaic other languages that avoid the use of Naming and Grammar that implies LOCAL AUTHORING; i.e. languages that support the challenge of representing reality as continuing relational transformation.


* * *