The White Man’s Re-awakening


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,

a tale of investigation

Why were the ‘abos’ – ‘of the earth’

while whites ‘owned all creation’.


They told me school was that kind of place

to solve the toughest puzzle

But whenever it was halfway posed,

Zipperlips would answers muzzle.


My teachers were prepped with good advice

about the linear dynamics

Learn to walk before you run, they said

Meanwhile, try sculpting some ceramics


I walked the line, at least in school

but ‘on the side’, I studied.

With chaos and complexity

those  linear precepts soon muddied.


Now on the job, things changed a lot

Profit became the aesthetic

The shareholders didn’t give a damn

If the ideas applied were heretic


Nietzsche and Mach inspired me then,

to think beyond Charles Darwin

Seeing evolution in those larger terms

of a heresy called Lamarckism


Evolution no longer applied to ‘things’

but to the space that they inhabit

Like the transforming atmospheric flow

Lamarck’s ‘fluide incontenable’


The spatial situation has its needs

that engenders ‘fit’ solutions

Where organisms, like hurricanes

are spawned by relational evolution


Before ‘university’ got its name

it was inside a community dynamic

Serving some social-relational need

in the parenting suprasystem schematic


But when we define and name a thing

we then explain its action

in terms of ITS OWN internal parts

and how IT seeks satisfaction


There goes the over-riding shaping role

of its spatial-relational situation

Which, when taken into account

realistically explains its origination


This outside-inward shaping force

they now call ‘epigenesis’

Charles Darwin failed to take it into account

in his one-sided stress on ‘genesis’


In Machean space, a web of life

Evolution is upstream from ‘its creations’

and as Emerson said in ‘Method of Nature’

Space both inhabits things and creates them


Darwin’s space was quite unlike a Machean ‘relational-plenum’

a rectilinear box for holding ‘things’ that were notionally ‘independent’

Things-in-themselves that ‘evolve’ and ‘move’

and are by our visual senses documented.


Katrina ‘evolved’ near New Orleans

and wreaked some huge destruction

Relational space is an energized space

breathing life into its own constructions.


She had form and power, steerage too

that came from all around her

Her sails were filled, keel and rudder plied

by the unending flow that spawned her


Our life situation does unfold

in a form that’s not predicted

So we must step up bravely to the plate

or else we’ll be evicted.


Community erstwhile took on this form

enriched by situational orchestration

Money, jobs and CEOs have changed all this

by inside-outward pushing direction


Gone is ‘rising to the situation’

the relational sourcing force

Now it’s…’ stand in line right over there

to ‘fill those predefined posts’’


If you’ve stayed and listened to my tale,

and the findings of this investigation.

you’ll know why ‘abos’ are –‘of the earth’

while whites ‘own all creation’


You’ll know that space, or how we see it

is playing the major role.

With language paving over the fuzziness

of the unfolding relational ‘hole’


The word ‘Katrina’ splits the flow-form

from out a never-ending spatial flow

And re-presents it as the starting point

for ‘its own’ developing and ‘go’.


The power of the word is such

that our propositions are more clear

Than our experience that inspires them

that is inherently cavalier. 


This correcting (crisping) of experience

by solid-sounding propositions

Is the role of science made possible by its

simplifying conventions.


Not the least of which is empty space

that dissolves experiential relations.

by replacing forms-in-the-flow

with noun and verb based articulations.


The white man invented money, jobs and wages

to fit his language crispened viewing.

Replacing relational-spatial ‘rising to the situation’

with knowledge, intellect and purpose-driven doing.


There is no longer any ‘upstream’

to source the things the whiteman does

His sailboater days are over

His powerboater self is now the buzz


My finding, like Mach’s and Nietzsche’s

is that the ‘abos’ are in the know

Space is inherently relational

including man within its flow.


The white man’s notion of space as empty

reduces community to machine

forward-driven by human causal agents

deterministic, intellectual, purposeful and mean.


But we are all born “of the earth”

before becoming [psycho] ‘owners of the land’

And the whiteman’s re-awakening

appears to now be close at hand.

 * * *

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