Essays in the 1998-2000 time-frame

ASIDS in Collaborative Structures” 1/19/98  “Valentines: The Polarities of Resonance” 2/14/98 “Generalizing on Generalizations” 1/31/98 “The Good, the Bad and the Butterfly” 3/14/98 “Culture and Geometry: Burying the Hatchet” 5/15/98 (Jointly with Martine Dodds-Taljaard, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa ) “The Geometry of Understanding” 5/19/98 ” A Symphonic Liberation” 5/22/98 “Western Life in ToeDoe” 5/24/98 “The Myth of Progress” 5/28/98 “Flatlanders” 5/29/98 “The Gravity of the Error” 6/1/98 “The Purpose of Time” 6/9/98 “Death by Dissonance” 6/13/98 “‘Growth’, in Plane English” 6/17/98 “Bottoms Up in Atlanta” 7/25/98 (Jointly with Martine Dodds-Taljaard, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa“Literacy: Emancipator of Knowledge from Experience” 8/11/98 ‘Consilience and Complexity’ or ‘The art of the Solvable’ 8/13/98 “Living on the Edge: When Push Comes to Shove” Sept. 1 ’98 Montreal “Bi’God, Bi’Cause and Bi’Lief” Sept. 5 ’98 Montreal “The Dance of Life” Sept. 14, ’98 Montreal “Goals: The Footprints of Purpose” Sept. 17, ’98 Montreal “Kilroy was Here” Sept. 20, ’98 Montreal “The Science of Detachment” Sept. 21, ’98 Montreal “Memory and Detachment” Sept. 22, ’98 Montreal (Mythic Impressionist Twin of Above Essay) “The Denial of Birth” Sept. 28, ’98 Montreal “Western Man, … Smart Feller or Fart Smeller” Oct. 10, ’98 Montreal “The Return of the Myth-Makers” Oct. 19, ’98 Montreal “Intuitive Backfill” Oct. 23, ’98 Montreal “The Amazing Voyage of Nozyla and Ayzool” Oct. 24, ’98 Montreal “The Magic Mirror” Oct. 29, ’98 Montreal “The Story-Carvers” November 5, ’98 Montreal “Climbing the Totem Pole” November 7, ’98 Montreal “Fides et Ratio and the Deus Absconditus” November 13, ’98 Montreal “The Forrest Gump Principle” November 18, ’98 Montreal “The Somatic Imperialism of the Western Psyche” November 20, ’98 Montreal “The Politics of Judgement” November 27, ’98 Montreal “A Story of Knowledge, Perception and Design” November 29, ’98 Montreal “Emile’s Millennial Madness Survival Guide” December 4, ’98 Montreal “Story-Time Blues” December 10, ’98 Montreal “And Who Shall Speak For Youth?” , written in Dallas on January 14, 1999, closes out the ‘1998 Update’ series and begins the new. This essay was motivated by a request for a ‘simple language’ guide to assist young persons in navigating social dysfunction, to help strengthen their ‘voice’.and to put a little more sunshine in their lives/  “Coming (or Going?) ‘Round the Bend” January 27, ’99, Chilowie West Virginia “The Upside-Down Man” February 9, ’99 Montreal “The Co-Littoral Shores of Perception” February 20, ’99 Montreal “Science, Prodigal Son That You Are, ….” February 23, ’99 Montreal The following ‘Inside Story’ is a review of the reasoning approach and the evolution of thinking over the past five years, in the essays on this website. Also reviewed is a personally significant ‘milestone’ in my understanding of complexity. “Epilogue-Prologue: The ‘Inside Story'” February 28, ’99 Montreal “And Who Shall be the Sun?” March 3, ’99 Montreal “SEAC’ing Relief from ASIDS: What Most Doctors DON’T Recommend” March 8, ’99 Montreal “Unspoken Assumptions on the Geno-Economy” March 19, ’99 Montreal “The Wisdom of Many and the Wit of One” March 30, ’99 Montreal “Commemorating Autistic Terrorism” Easter, April 2 & 4, ’99 Montreal “Intermogular Space-Time Travel” April 10, ’99 Montreal “Reciprocations on Y2K ” April 14, ’99 Montreal “Reciprocations sur Y2K” le 14e Avril, ’99 Montreal “The Defining Issue: Humility Rules!” April 17, ’99 Montreal “Recovering from a case of the One-Hand Clap” April 20, ’99 Montreal “King Ruhtra of Tolemac” April 24, ’99 Montreal “Where ya gonna run to?” April 28, ’99 Montreal “Blowing in the Wind” May 1, ’99 Montreal “Summer love” May 2, ’99 Montreal “Blowing in the Wind” May 2, ’99 Montreal “Space-Time and Identity” May 7, ’99 Montreal “Floundering in Complexity” May 12, ’99 Montreal “The Politics of Insolation” May 14, ’99 Montreal “Toxic Inquiry in ‘Community as Complex System'” May 16, ’99 Montreal “Harmonic Incubators of Inner-Space Latencies” May 20, ’99 Montreal “The Profane Parent-Child Geometry of Western Scientific Culture” May 24, ’99 Montreal “The Pawning of Western Consciousness” June 9, June 9, ’99 Montreal “The Alien Heart of Science” June 14, ’99 Coeur D’Alene “The Decolonization of the Western Mind” June 19, ’99 White Rock “The Incredible Incompleteness of Being” June 27, ’99 Watsonville “Tomorrow Never Happens” July 5, ’99 Asilomar “Warriors for Evolution” July 7, ’99 White Rock “The Catacombs of Western Thought” July 10, ’99 White Rock “The Boundaries of Thought” July 15, ’99 White Rock “From ‘The Contained’ to ‘The Containing'” July 20, ’99 White Rock “Out of our depth?” July 30, ’99, Dallas “Rational Thought: an Oxymoron?” August 5, ’99, Dallas “Auto-lobotomizing Domination” August 9, ’99, Dallas “Once Upon a Time” August 14, ’99, Dallas “Dialogue with the Container” August 17, ’99, Woodstock, Virginia “The People Who Fell Out of Their Story” August 23, ’99, Montreal “Co-Operation, Competition and Co-Opportunity” August 26, ’99, Montreal “To Be or Not To Be; … is that the Question???” August 30, ’99, Montreal “In the Belly of the Night” September 1, ’99, Montreal “Slipping Up on the Slopes of Curved Space” September 3, ’99, Montreal “Embracing the Opposites: Life as a Musical Menage a Trois” September 7, ’99, Montreal “The Choice” September 9, ’99, Montreal ” Pow Wow at Ile Bonsecours: Voices from Space-Time” September 12, ’99, Montreal “Bio-Technology: The Benefits are Relative” September 14, ’99, Montreal “Your Grandchildren and Mine” September 16, ’99, Montreal “Informed Consent: Getting Things Straight in Curved Space” September 19, ’99, Montreal “Children of a Kinder Science” September 21, ’99, Montreal “It Isn’t Logic, …. It’s Tragic!: What’s the Matter?” September 23, ’99, Montreal “Eco-Opportunity and Discrimination” September 25, ’99, Montreal “A Birthday Essay in Celebration of Openness and Light” September 28, ’99, Montréal “Artoscientific and Scientartistic Reciprocations” September 30, ’99, Montréal “Listening to Nature, … to our containing Whole” October 2, ’99, Montréal “The Scilence of Howling Love Dogs” October 4, ’99, Montréal “Purposive People, Causality and Systems Science” October 5, ’99, Montréal (Re-posted with Prologue, October 6, 1999) (Re-re-posted with Response from Ackoff and comment appended, October 12, 1999) “Science and ‘The Conquest of Ignorance'” October 8, ’99, Montréal “Space, Matter and Judgement in the Evolution of Social Fabric” October 11, ’99, Montréal “An Essential Investment in Preparing for Y2K” October 12, ’99, Montréal “The Dipolar Field of Opportunity and Purpose” October 15, ’99, Montréal “Epilogue to ‘The Dipolar Field of Opportunity and Purpose'” October 16, ’99, Montréal “Having Words” October 22, ’99, Montréal “The Global Republic” October 25, ’99, Montréal “The Tools of our Inquiry” November 4, ’99, Montréal “In the Vernacular (An Open Message to Physicists of the ‘Third Culture’)” November 9, ’99, Montréal “An Open Letter to Ivan Illich” November 15, ’99, Montréal “Media, Leadership and the New Sciences” November 23, ’99, Montréal “Rediscovering the Role of ‘Place’ in Understanding” November 28, ’99, Montréal “Children of the Magic Kingdom” December 4, ’99, Montréal “Uncorking a Cultural Renaissance” December 8, ’99, Montréal “Internet: Media Tools of Inquiry” January 5, 2000, Dallas “Elders and Experts: Showing and Telling” January 14, 2000, Dallas “Homeschooling: An Introductory Science Lesson” January 21, 2000, Dallas “Indigenous Wisdom and its Lessons for the Systems Sciences” January 29, 2000, Dallas “Living Dual Lives and Dual Identities” February 5, 2000, Montréal “Married and Devoiced” February 12, 2000, Montréal “A Heraclitean Valentine: A Relativistic, Informational View of ‘The Way the World Works'” February 14, 2000, Montréal “Possibility Space and Syntropy” February 21, 2000, Montréal “La Comptabilit&eacutre; Globale” 24 F 2000, Montréal “A Requiem for ‘Here'” 28 F 2000, Montréal “Niche Persona – Healing the Twisted Arrogance of Responsibility” March 5, 2000, Montréal “A. Hole to Testify in Discrimination Suit” March 11, 2000, Montréal “The Pleasures and Anxieties of ‘In-and-Out'” March 15, 2000, Montréal “Epilogue to ‘The Pleasures and Anxieties of ‘In-and-Out”” March 15, 2000, Montréal “Yin Masters and The Doctors of Yin” March 17, 2000, Montréal “Epilogue to ‘Yin Masters and The Doctors of Yin'” March 18, 2000, Montréal “The fish that surfaced, rolled and winked, … and said” March 20, 2000, Montréal “Portrait of a Panel of Idea-Sharing, Intra-causal Agents” March 22, 2000, Montréal “Physics & Curved Space Entrance Exam” March 23, 2000, Montréal (with linked Instructor’s Key) “The Hollow Onion Confederacy” March 29, 2000, Montréal “Hair of the Dog” April 4, 2000, Montréal “Voyeur Visualizing vs. Immersed Experiencing of Reality” April 11, 2000, Montréal “Seb Henagulph’s ‘Three Pillars of Transdisciplinarity'” April 22, 2000, Montréal “Indigenous Wisdom and its Lessons for the Systems Sciences” May 7, 2000, Montréal “Suspension of Judgement is the ‘Judgement’ in Metis Council Proceeding ” May 14, 2000, Montréal “The Physics of Love and the Myth of ‘Selection'” May 26, 2000, Montréal “The Ethics of Relativity” June 23, 2000, Thunder Bay “Overcoming ASIDS – Indigestion” July 1, 2000, Montréal “Toronto World Systems Congress Presentation of ‘Indigenous Wisdom and its Lessons for the Systems Sciences” July 22, 2000, Toronto “Fields of Love and Their Lessons for Physics” August 14, 2000, Montréal “Skeletons in the Closet of Science” August 27, 2000, Knoxville  “The Killer Eye of Time” September 23, 2000, Dallas  “A Healing Tool in the Oral Tradition” November 19, 2000, Montréal  “Ignorance, Rationality and the Crisis of Trust in Mainstream Science” November 23, 2000, Montréal  “How ‘Science and Rationality’ Kill Exceptional Teams” November 25, 2000, Montréal  “Last Night I had a Terrible Dream that Space was Dead” November 29, 2000, Montréal  “The ‘_Ass. Hole Con._'” December 2, 2000, Montréal  “The Road to Madness” December 15, 2000, Montréal “From Strength to Nemesis?” January 5, 2001, Montréal

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