BOHM:  President Biden, I am concerned about the failure of GLOBAL POLITICAL LEADERS to address the problem of FRAGMENTATION which continues to breed due, in part, to the promoting of NATIONS as INDEPENDENT when the findings of Modern physics and the systems sciences point clearly to the INTERDEPENDENCE of all things.  As systems scientist Martine Dodds Taljaard explains, the false impression of INDEPENDENCE least to ill-founded attempts to SUBOPTIMIZE, to try to improve one thing on its own based on the assumption that it is, as DECLARED, “INDEPENDENT” of its neighbours;

 “The above aphorism (The Name of the Devil is Suboptimization’), attributed to Kenneth Boulding, points to the inherent weakness characterizing the mindset and socio‐economic, political, educational and managerial practices of Western Industrial society as it developed over the past 300 years. It has its basis in the analytic‐reductionistic scientific paradigm, which, despite the remarkable technological applications it spawned, is inappropriate, conflict‐generating and dysfunctional in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence …” — György Jaros and Martine Dodds-Taljaard  (International Society of Systems Sciences)

(Bohm continues… ) I am concerned that this SUBOPTIMIZATION, another word for which is FRAGMENTATION, in that it is leading us down a path of intensifying dysfunction. I understand that much emotion and effort has been invested, historically, in promoting the concept of INDEPENDENCE, however, it is clear that the concept of INDEPENDENCE is ABSTRACTION and this is perhaps influenced by the Christian religious belief that people are INDEPENDENT inhabitants of a world in which material entities and space are mutually exclusive.  The Christian view has been cited as follows;

Man is rational and therefore like God; he is created with free will and is master over his acts….  Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility

On the other hand, Modern physics findings support the indigenous aboriginal understanding as in this aphorism from Chief Seattle suggesting the relations among all things;;

This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”

Chief seattle’s view of INTERDEPENDENCE is consistent with the Modern physics understanding wherein material forms are condensations of the all-encompassing electromagnetic field.

Joe, as a global leader, I am here to ask you if you could not find a way to lead the global public towards the needed acceptance of the INTERDEPENDENCE of all nations and peoples, as in the above statement by Martine.  Modern physics, as well as the Systems Sciences and the indigenous aboriginal peoples are affirming our global INTER-dependence which means that our current intellectual abstraction shaped path of FRAGMENTATION and COMPETITION-INSTEAD-OF-COOPERATION, based on the mistaken belief in SUBOPTIMIZATION, is putting us on what some refer to as a BUSTRIP TO HELL.  That is, we are promoting FRAGMENTATION since it is the net effect of our program to PERFECTING what we are assuming to be INDEPENDENT systems in the wake of our DECLARING their INDEPENDENCE, although they remain innately INTERDEPENDENT due to their inclusion in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence

BIDEN: I know that you are a very intelligent man, David, but our World is a very complex place and we are here in the midst of billions of people who tend to understand things in their own way, which I can assure you is far more like the world of modern day politicians than Modern physicists, and it is this global group of people we must navigate within, keep peace within, and yes, COMPETE WITH because that is the established paradigm and we must do our best to navigate within this paradigm and if we can improve upon it, fine, but we cannot simply abandon it for some idealistic vision of a ‘better world’.

We, the people of the United States, are World Leaders and we must continue to lead and in doing so display the morals and ethics ourselves, that we wish to see on a global scale.   In the current era, and I believe this will continue long into the future, we believe in the INDEPENDENCE of our NATION and our people, and in the freedoms and human rights of all humans on the planet and not only our own citizens.

BOHM:   I understand your current position but our understanding of our basic REALITY, and here I am meaning by ‘our’, the WESTERN CULTURE, has changed over the past century and we can no longer use BINARY LOGIC as our automatic default path to understanding.  It can now be seen as inappropriate, conflict‐generating and dysfunctional, as the systems sciences as well as Modern physics findings are pointing out.  It no longer ‘makes sense’ to use BINARY LOGIC to guide our plans and actions, because we have found that the world, and I mean the reality that we understand through our sense experience, is no longer he same world as comes to us through our long established BINARY LOGIC based thinking.  I am saying that the long-established WESTERN CULTURE models or reality that we are continuing to use are not reliable, particularly with respect to actions take based on the assumption of INDEPENDENCE such as SUBOPTIMIZATION, which can be now seen in the sense of trying to optimize the life of one Siamese twin as if that were a possibility.   As Martine says, nations are interdependent and thus the model of INDEPENDENCE, is inappropriate, conflict‐generating and dysfunctional in a world characterized by global interconnectedness and mutual interdependence …”

BIDEN:  Are you trying to tell me that the remarkable success of the UNITED STATES in global competition with hundreds of nations is imaginary and NOT something that we should continue to promote and encourage in our citizens?

BOHM:  What I am saying is what MARTINE is saying, that the model of INDEPENDENT NATIONS is an illusion that is leading us down a misguided path to UN-REALIZABLE SUBOPTIMIZATION and FRAGMENTATION.  TO get a clearer picture of what is going on here, IMAGINE that we lived on a very small sphere rather than the large one we do live on.   As we focused on GROWTH, PROGRESS and DEVELOPMENT, it would become evident to us that such actions could involve a CONJUGATE SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS and DIVERSITY and we would have to think in terms of maintaining BALANCE between OUR MALE ASSERTIVE ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS relative to the inevitable FEMALE CONJUGATE ACCOMMODATING ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS such as the receding of WILDERNESS DIVERSITY.  That is, our assertive actions and developments are very much mono-cultural and we are paving the planet with this film of monocultural development which involves a conjugate retreat and removal of WILDERNESS DIVERSITY.  Our blindered focus on GRWOTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION is blinding us to the conjugate loss of DIVERSITY and we are forgetting that our world has a WAVE-FIELD nature wherein it is important to remain conscious of the WAVE-FIELD’s CONJUGATE MALE-FEMALE BALANCING ACT which is NATURE’s way.  This CONJUGATE BALANCE is recognized in the indigenous aboriginal statements above as also in Modern physics, although our WESTERN CULTURE embrace have become so intently oriented to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT that the CONJUGATE realm of the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) is no longer in our operative consciousness.

We are not questioning the power of the U.S. community in regard to GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION, but we are questioning THE REAL MEANING OF GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION and to be blunt, we do not believe in the REALITY of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, even though excellence in these notional undertakings are characteristic of the U.S. “ECONOMY”.

BIDEN: I don’t know what world YOU live in, but I live in a world where GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION play foundational role in sustaining the health and welfare of our people, and NOT ONLY OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS but the people of the world.

BOHM: Of course what you are saying is our common traditional way of thinking but this thinking is abstraction that we have found, we, in Modern physics and ‘we’ the indigenous aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents, to be FALSE.  In fact, they WOULD BE TRUE if we lived on a FLAT SPACE of INFINITE EXTENT which is where the linear dynamics of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION “COULD OCCUR” but there is NO SUCH FLAT SPACE in our sense-experience reality, there is only SPHERICAL SPACE which is the space of TRANSFORMATION where GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of cultivated and industrialized lands and resources only come in combination with the CONJUGATE SWALLOWING of WILDERNESS and DIVERSITY.  This is the spherical space understanding of indigenous aboriginal peoples, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedant where there is always the QUANTUM LOGIC or yin/yang combination that is the WAVE-FIELD expression of the dynamic world of our sense-experience of inclusion therein.

By way of these ABSTRACT and MISLEADING notions of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, we get to present ourselves as THEIR LOCAL AUTHORS (such thinking HIJACKS our understanding of our inclusion the transforming relational continuum) and in our celebrating of these notional ONE-SIDED (male assertive only) actions of and developments we generate feelings of PRIDE and EGO, but in our sense-experience reality, there is no such thing as LOCAL AUTHORING.  The abstraction of LOCAL AUTHORING derives from the EXPEDIENT way we employ language to capture representations of reality, and in this case, we are falling into the trap of “TAKING SERIOUSLY” the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  As Nietzsche has pointed out, and as I have also presented in my warning on FRAGMENTATION, this DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR invokes FRAGMENTION, belief in which has become a WESTERN CULTURE DYSFUNCTION that germinates in the PSYCHE and unfolds in the physical world in behaviours shaped by belief in LOCAL AUTHORING, whether by INDIVIDUAL or NATION or CORPORATION in spite of there being, IN OUR SENSE EXPERIENCE REALITY, no such thing as LOCAL AUTHORING, but instead, an awareness of our inclusion and participating in the all-including transforming relational continuum also known as the WAVE-FIELD and the Tao.

BIDEN:  I know that NATIONALISM can become problematic but NATIONAL PRIDE is also a very positive force that encourages the cultivating of the RIGHT STUFF and doing the RIGHT THING.  This NATIONAL PRIDE has played a foundational role in our United States becoming the protector of the free world and a powerful global peace-keeping influence.

BOHM: What the UNITED STATES has or has not AUTHORED with respect to influencing the evolving conditions in the global social dynamic is NOT A VIABLE CONCEPTUALIZATION from the Modern physics, systems sciences and Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta point of view, since the notion of LOCAL AUTHORING IS ILLUSION.  Because we all share inclusion in the one transforming relational continuum, there is no such thing as LOCAL AUTHORING and thus there can be no talk of WHAT THE U.S. or GERMANY or RUSSIA has been LOCALLY AUTHORING.  We are all included within the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka the WAVE-FIELD aka the Tao and the concept of LOCAL AUTHORING is not sense-experience real but is a DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION.  LOCAL AUTHORING DOES NOT EXIST IN SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY.

The POPULAR HABIT of treating LOCAL AUTHORING as if it WERE REAL is the danger I am talking about since I know that it is common in our WESTERN CULTURE world to believe in LOCAL AUTHORING and to cultivate PERSONAL and NATIONAL and CORPORATE EGO which is PRIDE that is based on our MISTAKEN belief in our, or OUR or OUR NATIONS’ or our CORPORATION’s (alleged) LOCAL AUTHORING successes and superior performances.   The DANGER is that our sense-experience reality is of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION, as in the Modern physics, Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta understanding so that Chief Seattle’s warning is right on target, and it merits repeating;

This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”

BIDEN: Well, that’s all very fine but there’s not a chance in hell of getting action based on that through the House and Senate.  We’re so divided now that we can’t get the most straightforward, clearly-needed action proposals through the House and Senate.

BOHM: But that’s the point, the FRAGMENTATION we are experiencing is coming from this FALSE belief in LOCAL AUTHORING which is generating BIG EGOS along with POLARIZING DIVISIONS and CONFLICTS.  There is no such thing as LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, it is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR as Nietzsche has pointed out, but in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social collective, we are HOOKED on the belief in LOCAL AUTHORING and it is built into our language, HOWEVER, it is embraced IN TWO BASICALLY DIFFERENT FORMULATIONS which explains the CONSERVATIVE – LIBERAL POLAR OPPOSITION as manifests in the Democratic and Republican party standoffs.

In our WAVE-FIELD world, there are always MALE-FEMALE CONJUGATES, as these are innate in the dynamics of waves.  We might ask’ DOES THE HURRICANE (assertively) STIR UP THE ATMOSPHERE (roughly 50% of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS will go with this MALE view), or DOES THE ATMOSPHERE (inductively) STIR UP THE HURRICANE (roughly 50% of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS will go with this FEMALE view).  THIRDLY, we may ask;, DOES SOLAR IRRADIANCE induce ANDROGYNOUS atmospheric swirling aka TRANSFORMATION, with high and low pressure ‘CONIUNCTIO OPPOSITORUM’ based TRANSFORMATION?  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS reflexively tend to SEE OURSELVES AS INDEPENDENT WHORLS and thus we divide into the first two choices, the MALE ASSERTIVE (conservative) and the FEMALE ACCOMMODATIVE (liberal) and because we become so pre-occupied in our dividing over those POLAR OPPOSITE OPTIONS, we never get to the point of ‘settling down’ to where the third ANDROGYNOUS choice comes into our awareness, yet it is the first choice of the indigenous aboriginal culture adherents along with the Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents

The problem with the stand-off between the CONSERVATIE conceptualizing of dynamics in terms of the MALE ASSERTIVE AUTHORS of actions and developments and the LIBERAL conceptualizing of dynamics in terms of the FEMALE ACCOMMODATIVE AUTHORS of actions and developments DOES NOT LIE IN THE QUESTION OF WHICH OF THE TWO IS CORRECT, as is where the CONSERVATIVE-LIBERAL POLARIZATION IS COMING FROM. THE PROBLEM LIES IN THE ASSUMPTION OF LOCAL AUTHORING because once the MISTAKEN notion of LOCAL AUTHORING FALLS INTO PLACE, then the POLAR CONFLICT between CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL BURSTS FORTH and becomes an intense energized DISTRACTION that shuts off all possibility of considering the THIRD POSSIBILITY which transcends the TWO LOCAL AUTHOR BASED OPTIONS; i.e. the actual sense-experience affirmed reality of the TRANSFORMING relational continuum.  We do not have to REMAIN LOCKE IN POLAR OPPOSITION in our argument over whether the HURRICANE stirs up the ATMOSPHERE (MALE option) or the ATMOSPHERE is stirring up the HURRICANE (FEMALE option) if we can acknowledge our inclusion in a SPHERICAL SPACE where, for example, SOLAR IRRADIANCE beaming down, as if on on the FLAT SPACE surface of the ocean, is the source of BOTH opposites of HIGH PRESSURE MALE CIRCULATION and LOW PRESSURE FEMALE CIRCULATION..

QUANTUM LOGIC is the BOTH/AND LOGIC OF THE INCLUDING MEDIUM while BINARY LOGIC is the EITHER/OR LOGIC OF THE EXCLUDED medium where we consider the MALE and FEMALE as TWO SEPARATE POSSIBILITIES, when they are in fact, DUAL ASPECTS of THE ONE ANDROGYMOUS REALITY otherwise known as the WAVE-FIELD and/or the Tao.  We may ‘get stuck’ in asking ourselves whether the hurricane is male-assertively stirring up the atmosphere or whether the atmosphere is female-seductively stirring up the hurricane, in which case we will be unable to move on to the third and more comprehensive (because it is spherical space rather than flatspace based) wherein the understanding is in terms of androgynous transformation as given within QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING medium.

Both of the MALE and FEMALE POLAR OPTIONS of CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL are EGO based since they both arise from the FALSE notion of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments.

In other words, the problem of the POLARIZING SPLIT IN WORLDVIEW of the CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL is EGO based, and stands on the FALSE BELIEF in LOCAL AUTHORING (which is abstraction coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR) which GIVES RISE TO EGO.  The MALE EGO is based on ASSERTIVE AUTHORING as with an asserting individual or single-minded collective (One bad apple spoils the barrel), while the FEMALE EGO is based on AUTHORING by way of the SEDUCTIVE PULL of a social collective (“It takes a whole community to raise a child”)..

In the THIRD WAY OF UNDERSTANDING, in terms of ANDROGYNOUS TRANSFORMATION that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, the understanding is by QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDING medium.

BIDEN:  You seem to be saying that we have to transcend the LIBERAL CONSERVATIVE DIVISION that has been around in our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIETY “FOREVER”!   I don’t see that happening in my lifetime nor in my children’s lifetime.  And I’m still struggling with your premise that there is no such thing as LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, that, so you say, its just ABSTRACTION coming from a DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  REWARDING and HONORING our citizens for AUTHORING GOOD ACTS and PUNISHING and DENIGRATING our citizens for AUTHORING BAD ACTS is the CHRISTIAN WAY; it’s the “IN GOD WE TRUST” WAY and it respects the need to purify our ranks of misfits and trouble-makers who make life difficult for the decent Americans and their families who want to live honest and productive lives..   We are proud of our history and traditions and we LIBERAL-DEMOCATS intend to continue to try to work with our CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN brothers and sisters in the promotion of what is good for all of our citizens and for the elimination of all that is bad for them.   To switch from this, our BINARY LOGIC based orientation, to the indigenous aboriginal or Buddhist way of cultivating BALANCE and attenuating IMBALANCE is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN because that is just not ‘OUR LONG ESTABLISHED TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN WAY’.

RIGHT NOW, we are in the midst of a major battle with COVID 19 which is an EVIL that we are going to have to eradicate just like the EVILS in our society.  You’re not going to tell me that this is another case where things are JUST OUT OF BALANCE!

BOHM:  I can see that we are beginning to understand our respective positions on these complex matters.   Yes, BALANCE and IMBALANCE or in other words RESONANCE and DISSONANCE in WAVE-FIELD TERMS are all the overall reality in our WAVE-FIELD world so that ILLNESS can only be IMBALANCE while HEALTH is BALANCE, both at the level of men and microbes.  THERE ARE NO PATHOGENS.  PATHOGENS belong to the ABSTRACT INTELLECTUAL world of BINARY LOGIC and are not part of the sense-experience world of QUANTUM LOGIC (BALANCE and IMBALANCE).  Of course, the general public must navigate on the basis of what’s available and right now, WESTERN MEDICINE’S OBSESSION with the ATTACKING PATHOGEN SPECTRE of COVID IS UNRELENTING.  The analogy of WESTERN CULTURE KNEE-JERK RESPONSE to a proliferation of thievery is, as with the proliferation of COVID, … is highly focused investment in ANTI-PATHOGEN technologies such as more police and more weapons and more surveillance systems,… while thoughts of the REAL REALITY of  IMBALANCE and the need for RESTORING BALANCE may not even be on the RADAR SCREEN.  The same appears true in the case of our response to COVID.

* * *






The Website version of Bohm Interviews Biden can be found here;


My point in writing this short note is to bring out how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are LAGGING in picking up on the Modern physics version of REALITY which overlays the indigenous aboriginal and Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta versions of REALITY, all of which (apart from WESTERN CULTURE REALITY) understand the world as an all-including flow-continuum; i.e. the WAVE-FIELD aka the Tao, which is a transforming relational continuum.


We won’t find any major disagreements between my account of this and Bohm’s, but if you think you do see disagreement, please let me know.


The likelihood is that most people who are trying to manage living within the WESTERN CULTURE as it is, are not likely to seriously consider what Bohm is saying which I am echoing.   I think this is a mistake but I understand that it is ‘the way the world works” because people may be too emotionally engaged within their intellectual conceptualizations of reality, however distant these may be from a  sense-experience grounded reality, to address sources of dysfunction that have attained the status of the WESTERN CULTURE ‘normal’ and accepted.


If one LISTENS carefully to Bohm, one will hear talk of a reality that is FAR FROM THE OPERATIVE REALITY of we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, …. SO FAR FROM IT, .. that Bohm considered his understanding of reality to be a layover to the indigenous aboriginal understanding of reality.


While Schroedinger and others accept this and share how life-changing it is, and how, if one ‘gets into that “MODERN PHYSICS” understanding, continuing with adherence to WESTERN CULTURE ways of seeing and engaging in reality MAKE NO SENSE.  WORSE THAN THAT, WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE is a CRAZY MAKER and Bohm points to SCHIZOPHRENIA and PARANOA being the direction that WESTERN CULTURE is taking us.


And it is EASY TO SEE THIS PLAYING OUT in the case of COVID 19.  It is ALL THERE, the SCHIZOPHRENIA and the PARANOIA. 


THE SCHIZOPHRENIA comes into play with our WESTERN CULTURE belief in PATHOGENS such as COVID 19.  There are ONLY RELATIONAL DYNAMICS in our sense-experience so it is wise NOT to get carried away with intellectual conceptualizations such as that of the PATHOGEN.   If there is a MASS KILLING, it is being done by US to OURSELVES, … there is no sense-experience grounded justification forFRAGMENTING REALITY so as to RE-PRESENT the LIGHTNING ROD in a highly tensioned transforming social relational complex, in terms of an EXPLICIT,  LOCAL EXPLICIT AUTHOR of DESTRUCTIVE actions and developments.


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE LOCAL AUTHORING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT, .. we live within a dynamic relational complex; i.e. in the transforming relational continuum where everything is rooted in the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, … that is the nature of THE WAVE-FIELD.


WESTERN CULTURE is TRAPPING ITSELF in its belief in LOCAL AUTHORING and it is kept there by EGO, by the belief in our OWN POWERS OF LOCALLY AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.   Well, this LOCAL AUTHORING is NOT REAL and it is coming from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR as Nietzsche pointed out and he also pointed out that it is held in place by EGO, the belief that we are LOCAL BEINGS with our own POWERS OF LOCAL AUTHORING>


IS this a sufficient INTRODUCTION?  In sharing this open question, I am thinking that the basic issues with WESTERN CULTURE MAINSTREAM THINKING that are being OBSOLETED BY MODERN PHYSICS UNDERSTANDINGS and by the congruent understandings in Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.  The differences can be fairly simply stated, but for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, not very easily changed, NOT in the direction we need to change them which is like changing out the wheels on one’s car while one is driving it.   That is, this change from WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENCE to a MODERN PHYSICS and EASTERN culture adherence is, in effect, the change from BINARY LOGIC as one’s basic logic to QUANTUM LOGIC; i.e. from EITHER/OR to BOTH/AND, from PURIFICATION to BALANCE.  


We have available to us THREE LEVELS for our choice of how to think of REALITY and BINARY LOGIC opens up to us the first two confusing options which divide WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS into CONSERVATIVES and LIBERALS while it is the THIRD LEVEL we need to get to which is where QUANTUM LOGIC ‘kicks in’.


REALITY LEVEL -1- (BINARY LOGIC) Can we picture a HURRICANE LOCALLY AUTHORING a MALE ASSERTIVE stirring up of the ATMOSPHERE?  If so we can think like a CONSERVATIVE (republican). 


REALITY LEVEL -2- (BINARY LOGIC) Can we picture the ATMOSPHERE LOCALLY AUTHORING a FEMALE INDUCTIVE stirring up of a HURRICANE?  If so we can think like a LIBERAL (democrat). 


REALITY LEVEL -3- (QUANTUM LOGIC) Can we transcend thinking in terms of LOCAL AUTHORING as in MALE ASSERTIVE stirring up or FEMALE INDUCTIVE stirring up, … and imagine for example, NONLOCAL THERMAL FIELD which gives rise to HIGH PRESSURE SCATTERING over here and LOW PRESSURE GATHERING over there.


In reality level -3- we may start off describing scattering of molten material from out of the interior to the hardened exterior of the planet and the gathering of congealed matter from out of the hardened exterior into the molten interior of the planet, …. in which case EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX and we are not justified in using the PLANET as the notional LOCAL AUTHOR of extrusion and subduction because that EXTRUSION and SUBDUCTION “IS THE PLANETING”.    The PLANETING is ANDROGYNOUS; i.e. it is the MALE author of SCATTERING and FEMALE author of GATHERING.   There is only GATHERING-SCATTERING which belongs to the ENERGY FIELD so that we can speak of PLANETINGS in the ENERGY FIELD without the need to invoke any LOCAL AUTHORING.  Here we are acknowledging the THINGLESSNESS of reality as understood in Modern physics where matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field..


In this QUANTUM LOGIC world where FIGURE-and-GROUND are ONE; i.e. where material forms are condensations of the energy field, BINARY LOGIC is no longer acceptable and understanding becomes QUANTUM LOGIC based which means BALANCE based.




In the BINARY LOGIC conceptualizing of HEALTH and ILLNESS, REMEDIATION is by way of the ELIMINATION OF PATHOGENS while in the QUANTUM LOGIC conceptualizing of HEALTH and ILLNESS, REMEDIATION is by way of the RESTORING OF BALANCE.


We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have made IMBALANCE in material possessions a social status goal so that it has risen to extremely high levels.  Where there was formerly a proliferation of rebalancers (highway robbers, pick-pockets, safe-crackers) many of the ‘holes have been plugged’ with modern technologies such as electronic surveillance and alarm systems so that the ‘safety valve’ of ‘leakage’ across the HAVE—HAVE-NOT gap has been largely shut down and the natural REBALANCERS largely eliminated so that the IMBALANCE can build to the point where violence explosions of REBALANCING become a real threat..


WESTERN MEDICINE AND WESTERN JUSTICE REMAIN STUCK IN BINARY LOGIC ‘PURIFICATIONIST’ MODE which as BOHM notes, GIVES WESTERN CULTURE an exposure to FRAGMENTATION, SCHIZOPHRENIA and PARANOIA.  COVID 19 is a case in point.  But COVID 19 is NOT a PATHOGEN, there is no such thing; COVID 19 proliferation is the manifesting of IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage.


  * * *