This comment elaborates on how “REALITY” can be constructed differently depending on our intellectual habits.  I have referred to the major split as EAST versus WEST in this regard and would include in ‘EAST’, modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.  Included in ‘WEST’ are Newtonian physics and the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERING belief system.  These are general ‘groupings’ that can be more definitively described in terms of the relative priority (in ‘reality constructing’) given to TRANSFORMATION versus ‘PRODUCTION-and-CONSUMPTION’.  TRANSFORMATION is a NONLOCAL dynamic (i.e. it is a WAVE-FIELD dynamic) and since it is going on everywhere-at-the same time’, it is INEFFABLE.

Language and grammar equip us for intellectually splitting TRANSFORMATION (wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE which is why TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE) into TWO SEPARATE components; PRODUCING (creating/extruding) and CONSUMING (annihilating/subducting) wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO (i.e. where we imagine that there are TWO separate ontological entities).   The splitting of TRANSFORMATION into two separate parts succeeds in re-rendering (reducing) the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL, to effable-because-LOCAL   That is, we can ‘talk about’ FIGURE AND GROUND when we conceive of these as TWO as if, for example, the INHABITANT were INDEPENDENT of the HABITAT and was able to roam around on its own accord exploring and exploiting the PERCEIVED AS SEPARATE AND INDEPENDENT “HABITAT”.  This is part of the WESTERN CULTURE belief system that distinguishes the WEST from the EAST, since the EASTERN belief, which accords with modern physics, is that INHABITANT and HABITAT are ONE, … or in geometric terms, FIGURE and GROUND are ONE, this latter understanding is supported by the Wave-field conceptualizing of reality.

The point being made by Nietzsche and Nishitani is that the DOUBLE ERROR of “LIGHTNING FLASHES” (Nietzsche) and “FIRE BURNS” (Nishitani) is an expedient for reducing TRANSFORMATION which is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL (something we must remain silent about, as Wittgenstein puts it) to something EFFABLE-because-LOCAL such as CREATION and EXTINCTION as with FIRE BURNS and FIRE is EXTINGUISHED.  The reality of our sensory experience, meanwhile, is that we share inclusion in a seasonal world wherein what we are included in cycles through hot periods where everything gets dried out and becomes like gunpowder ready to burst into flames.  This is TRANSFORMATION but because TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL we can’t do our usual trick with language and grammar to render it in LOCAL terms until the opportunity for a LOCAL approach to reality capture opens up for us, as where we can say FIRE BURNS.   Likewise, when relations are such as to grow the relative difference between regions of surplus and regions of deficiency (rich and poor), we are still in the realm of relational TRANSFORMATION.

TRANSFORMATION continues as the operational dynamic even while, at some point, the ‘rebalancers’ like Robin Hood and Jean Valjean ‘come out of the woodwork’, a development which is met IN OUR WESTERN CULTURE by labelling the emergent agents of rebalancing PATHOGENS aka CRIMINALS aka THIEVES.  We do this LABELING by way of DOUBLE ERROR constructions akin to FIRE BURNS, such as THIEVES STEAL which ignores the RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION that is steadily developing (which is INEFFABLE but just because we can’t ‘lingualize’ and articulate it doesn’t mean we don’t experience it; i.e. WE DO EXPERIENCE the INEFFABLE relational TRANSFORMATION that we are all included in, and it is this experiencing of being included in rising relational imbalance that induces Robin Hood and Jean Valjean’s rebalancing actions).

The point is that our being included in TRANSFORMATION is an INEFFABLE EXPERIENCE and we sweat our way through the long hot summer as we walk through forests that are becoming more and more desiccated and turning into fire-bombs-in-waiting, and all through this we say nothing until, … LOOK!, THERE’S A FIRE BURNING OVER THERE!.

That’s how PATHOGENS like COVID 19 get INVENTED, as an EFFABLE COVER for INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION.  Such DOUBLE ERROR EFFABLE-IZING TOOL can be highly useful since it allows us to share our experiences and observations and coordinate our actions, but it can be a CRAZY-MAKER when we, as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are prone to doing, ‘let the tool run away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the divine (NONLOCAL).

The LOCALIZING abstractions of ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘PATHOGENS ATTACK and KILL’ (e.g. COVID 19, clostridium difficile etc.) are great communication aids but, like FIRE BURNS, they are only up to the job of INFERENCE of something innately more profound that is going on, which is TRANSFORMATION, … something that is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.  So, thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar, we are able to reduce the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL as we are doing when we speak in terms of “FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS”, as if the relational world of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION of our sensory experience could be reduced by our language based intellectual constructions, to a world of LOCALLY SOURCED ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENTS, which is what the DOUBLE ERROR does; …. thank you very much ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’, because you (the reductive DOUBLE ERROR) are a VALUABLE TOOL for enabling at least a REDUCED version of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL “TRANSFORMATION” to be put in a form that is EFFABLE-BECAUSE-LOCAL [*The ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ identified by Nietzsche is (first error) ‘NAMING’ to impute LOCAL thing-in-itself being, conflated with (second error) GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself the power of SOURCING actions and developments)*].

IF ONLY WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS DIDN’T let the tool run away with the workman, the human (LOCAL) with the divine (NONLOCAL) , and instead, like our EASTERN CULTURE and MODERN PHYSICS cultures, hold in perspective, the reality that such reductions to the LOCAL are only good for INFERENCE of the ineffable and are not good for direct employment as a notional EXPLICIT (pseudo-) REALITY feature.  For example “FIRE BURNS” cannot be construed as a REAL LOCAL phenomenon because the real phenomenon is NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION that, because it is INEFFABLE, we do not talk about.  Though we can’t break TRANSFORMATION down into LOCAL agency, we know that we are included in some overall process that is sucking the moisture out of the once-green moist grass and shrubbery and transforming this vegetation into an easily triggered explosive while we ourselves are funnels for water coming in and evaporating out of our pores even as we turn brown and sunburned, much like the grass without the extreme desiccating that can convert shrubbery into easily detonated explosives.  WE ARE FIGURES INCLUDED IN A GROUND that is NOT INDEPENDENT OF OURSELVES, and we can’t escape from the TRANSFORMATION that characterizes the transforming relational continuum aka the ‘Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’ that is all inclusive and that includes us (i.e. FIGURE and GROUND are ONE).

So, the expressions ‘FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS” are convenient DOUBLE ERROR abstractions that we can use for purposes of reductive EFFABLE INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE TRANSFORMATION that we share inclusion in.  Such REDUCTIONS are good only for INFERENCE and not competent for use as EXPLICIT REPRESENTATIONS of REALITY, however, that is what is currently going on in our popular WESTERN CULTURE psychological reality constructing practice.   ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’ come with the archetypal sense of LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS that, in the psyche of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, USURPS the reality-furnishing role of our INTUITION of NONLOCALITY that is innate in TRANSFORMATION.

Where this gets confusing is that we don’t know from a person’s language, if they are ‘coming from the EASTERN understanding or ‘coming from the WESTERN understanding’ because WESTERN language and grammar is ambiguous in this respect. If a person uses the DOUBLE ERROR and says ‘my farm is growing larger and increasing its production’, such language usage does not mention that ‘the Wilderness lands’ are growing reciprocally smaller.  This ‘incompleteness’ is the same incompleteness of all finite logical constructs as pointed out by Goedel’s theorem.  In other words, our normal WESTERN logic is the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED MEDIUM wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO (note that the medium is excluded when we talk in terms of the GROWTH of a LOCAL ‘NAMING-instantiated-thing-in-itself such as ‘a farm’).

What we need, as Bohm and Nietzsche and others have pointed out, is a more comprehensive language which employs what has been called ‘quantum logic’; i.e. the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium where FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.  In this case, there is no such thing as the GROWTH of ‘the FARM’, there is only relational TRANSFORMATION which comprehends as ONE, BOTH the “GROWTH” of the farm AND the SHRINKAGE of ‘the Wilderness’.  Not only does TRANSFORMATION do away with the abstract concept of GROWTH (which comes from the DOUBLE ERROR), it does away with the abstract concept of ‘LOCAL’ which, together with the abstract concept of ‘GROWTH’, usurps understanding in terms of TRANSFORMATION.  The only place that the GROWTH of things (such as FIRES that BURN) could be possible ‘on its own’ is within an absolute space of infinite extent, something that is not available to our real-life sensual experience.

Just because TRANSFORMATION is INEFFABLE doesn’t mean that it is NOT REAL.  It is the DOUBLE ERROR constructions such as “FIRE BURNS” and “COVID 19 KILLS” that are NOT REAL, and take us inside an abstract absolute space based pseudo-reality notionally populated with NAMING instantiated LOCAL things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-given (notional) powers of SOURCING actions and developments.  This DOUBLE ERROR bullshit is fine as a tool of INFERENCE of an ineffable reality but used as an EXPLICIT reality-substitute rather than IMPLICITLY, it is a CRAZY-MAKER and that is the current plight of those of us who are WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS or ‘WESTERN CULTURE FELLOW TRAVELLERS’.


**** **** ****


What we have in the world today are TWO different strains of language architecture.  As David Bohm pointed out, modern physics needed a new and more comprehensive language to capture ‘reality’ that would overcome the limitations of our European languages.  The needed language architecture was one wherein there was no hard dependency on the abstract concept of LOCAL things-in-themselves, as in the European languages which are based on the NAMING and GRAMMAR which creates LOCAL things-in-themselves that facilitate a LOCAL, bottom-up construction of representations of reality.

Isaac Newton (somewhat cautiously) affirmed the correctness of this approach to linguistic-conceptual representations of the reality of our experience (as separate things-in-ourselves) in Nature, justifying it on the basis that it fit the way God would have done it in the CREATION;

The fertile mind of Isaac Newton turned to this concept, in his 31st Query, one of a number appended to his work on Optics. Newton published certain of his thoughts, each in the form of a Question, “because I am not yet satisfied about it for want of Experiments.” He launched into considering this Query by writing:

Qu. 31. Have not the small Particles of Bodies certain Powers, Virtues or Forces, by which they act at a distance, not only upon the Rays of Light for reflecting, refracting and inflecting them, but also upon one another producing a great part of the Phænomena of Nature?”

After speaking of chemical reactions, and various musings on attraction in different circumstances, several pages later he proceeds as follows:

“All these things being considered, it seems probable to me, that God in the Beginning form’d matter in solid, massy, hard, impenetrable, moveable Particles, of such Sizes and Figures, and with such other Properties, and in such Proportion to Space, as most conduced to the end for which he form’d them; and these primitive Particles being Solids, are incomparably harder than any porous Bodies compounded of them; even so very hard as never to wear or break in pieces: no ordinary Power being able to divide what God himself made one in the first Creation.”

Newton quotes from Opticks (1704, 2nd ed., 1718), 350 & 375-376


For a very different perspective on where Newton got the foundataional basics for his Natural Philosophy, see Benjamin Whorf’s investigations that show that Newton’s extracted his laws of physics from the already existing European language and grammar, the basic building block in which is the DOUBLE ERROR (Nietzsche) of NAMING (to conceptually establish in the intellect a LOCAL thing-in-itself), conflating this with GRAMMAR ( to impute the power of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself.   

By contrast, indigenous aboriginal cultures along with Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta grounded their language in the understanding that ‘everything is in flux’ (Heraclitus) wherein reality is inherently NONLOCAL in the manner of a fluid flow or Wave-field dynamic and THAT WHICH APPEARS TO BE A LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF is instead a persisting RELATIONAL GATHERING AND SCATTERING like the ‘BOIL’ in the river FLOW and the DUNING in the DESERTING.

The persisting (“standing wave”) APPEARANCE is suggestive of an abstract LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF and once a NAME is imposed on it, the NAME imputes to us its CONSTANT THING-IN-ITSELF BEING, … even if it is a relational form within a transforming relational continuum (e.g. the NAME POLAND implies persisting existence of a real physical thing called POLAND, the intellectual conception taking on persisting reality regardless of there being no physical basis from such ‘persisting material existence’. (e.g. . ‘The Changing Borders of Poland’)

WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS embrace (an abstract) reality that we think of as ‘LOCALLY’ existing as conjured by the DOUBLE ERROR  representations (NAMING AND GRAMMAR) such as ‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘LIGHTNING FLASHES’ and POLAND GROWS (and SHRINKS).   The DOUBLE ERROR gives these LOCAL things (in our abstraction conceptualizing intellects) their own (grammar-given) powers of sourcing actions and developments, which is where our fear of PATHOGENS originates.   That is, our understanding is in the DOUBLE ERROR terms that COVID 19 KILLS.

We know, at the level of our experience-grounded intuition, that our DOUBLE ERROR representations of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean as CRIMINALS (i.e. PATHOGENS in the same sense as COVID 19) are language and grammar INFERENCES that point to RELATIONAL IMBALANCE in our innately relational sensory-experience reality.


In exploring this, we can reflect on the fact that some simplifying reductions HAVE TO BE MADE in order to come up with language that can give some crude representation to the ineffable transforming relational continuum.  The swirling duning sands (or is it the sand-loaded fluid atmosphere) whose ‘swirling’ is induced by ambient relational influences (solar energized and gravity pulled atmospheric flowing) as well as seasonal variations give us a glimpse into the transforming relational continuum.  By using language to compose approximate representations, we can break out of such reverie wherein all things are related (mitakuye oyasin) and start our representations afresh from notional (NAMING instantiated) LOCAL things-in-themselves, notionally with their own GRAMMAR-given powers of sourcing actions and developments.

THE POINT IS THAT THESE REDUCTION OF THE NONLOCAL TO THE LOCAAL BY WAY OF THE ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ ARE NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS ‘THE REALITY’, THESE REDUCTIONS CAN DO NO MORE THAN “INFER” THE INEFFABLE REALITY THAT LIES INNATELY BEYOND THE REPRESENTATIONAL POWERS OF LANGUAGE AND GRAMMAR; i.e. The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’.  This is NOT just an outdated ancient aphorism, it is the finding of modern physics wherein the Wave-field includes all of reality including ourselves.  Our voyeur visual views of the object world out there seem to be ONE THING while we, the subject that is doing the voyeur viewing of what is out there and using that as the basis of representation ‘what is reality’, is a screw-up since in the all-inclusive Wave-field understanding, as Schroedinger reminds us, SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE.

It is on the question of whether SUBJECT and OBJECT (figure and ground) are TWO (the view of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT) versus whether SUBJECT and OBJECT (figure and ground) are ONE (the view of us Mahavits and of modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta).

HOW THIS EAST/WEST SPLIT in understanding REALITY informs and shapes our social-collectives and why EAST and WEST persist in their ‘split’ conceptualizing of reality.

*** * ***

EPISTEMOLOGICAL POINT OF NOTE:  These notes are not as compact as a reader may wish they were for the simple reason that in order to review how a new way of perceiving and representing things may change our understanding, we first have to review the basic assumptions that go into our ESTABLISHED way of thinking and understanding reality, most of which, like the submerged bulk of the iceberg, lies below the surface of our culturally redacted and polished psychological conceptualizing rhetoric.

For example, our language and grammar has the capability of finding words to reduce and capture NONLOCAL RESONANCE PHENOMENA such as DUNING in the DOUBLE ERROR language and grammar terms of NAMING and GRAMMAR where we construct an abstract LOCAL thing-in-itself, using GRAMMAR to equip it with its own notional powers of SOURCING actions and developments

So, the representations we formulate in our psyche and use in our constructions of reality, make use the abstract concept of DUNES that ‘grow higher and longer’ and ‘shift across the desert floor’.  NO MORE RESONANCE since it is NONLOCAL and ineffable in any case, and language can only go so far as to construct INFERENCE of NONLOCAL phenomena, as in this example of DUNES that GROW and MOVE and BUILD and DECLINE and all that good LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF SOURCED ACTION and DEVELOPMENT (the full DOUBLE ERROR game).

The point is that the reality of the EAST does not use the DOUBLE ERROR literally, as the WEST does, so that in order to compare and contrast the respective ‘realities’ of EAST and WEST, we have to dig down deep enough into these not-normally-stated underlying methods of reducing the INEFFABLE to something EFFABLE as well as how we get back to (if we do do) at least inference of the INEFFABLE as stimulated by articulating our reductions to EFFABLE.  For example, the EAST employs the reductions to effable as ‘bootstraps’ or ‘Wittgenstein ladders’ such as the ‘surprise version of the game of Twenty Questions’ to INFER the ineffable that lies innately beyond the EXPLICIT reality capture capacities of language.   Metaphor, for example, serves to extend our reach (“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a meta phor”).  Within the transforming relational continuum, a beautiful female form may unfold in the flow, develop, persist, and be subsumed as is the nature of flow-forms aka ‘humanings’ in the flow.  The primary reality is the transforming relational continuum but languages do allow us to REDUCE our representations from the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL which is where the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL becomes EFFABLE-because-LOCAL

-EAST- uses the reduction to EFFABLE as INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE, and retains the INEFFABLE as the primary reality,

-WEST- uses the reduction to EFFABLE as the ‘operative reality’.  The WEST thus understands the visible LOCAL being as a REAL thing-in-itself with its own powers of SOURCING actions and developments per the DOUBLE ERROR.  The DOUBLE ERROR is thus a ‘tool that has run away with the workman’ (Emerson) in the case of us WESTERN CLULTURE ADHERENTS.

*** * ****

The epistemological point is EAST and WEST use of language in constructing representation that support an understanding of reality (or should we say ‘that support constructions of reality’) are like icebergs in that while they may seem very similar in our superficial viewing of them, they in fact are very different in that aspect of that hangs below the surface of our superficial examination.   That is, while the WEST understands LOCAL visible forms such we NAME ‘dunes’ as EXISTING LOCALLY, the EAST understands things in terms of NONLOCALITY as given by ‘mitakuye oyasin’ where everything is related, so that the DUNE is not separate from the DUNING, the resonance that is not separate from the transforming relational continuum (the GREAT RESONANCE) aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’.

This difference makes a huge difference in the social dynamics between the WEST and the EAST since we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS believe we are the LOCAL SOURCE of our own actions and developments which gives us the PRIDE or SHAME of personal AUTHORSHIP (SOURCING).  In EASTERN CULTURE understanding, as in modern physics, there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING, there is only NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION wherein ‘everything is in flux’.

So , in this era of COVID 19, the WEST, believing that PATHOGENS are REAL, understands the COVID 19 experience as a PANDEMIC caused by attacking PATHOGENIC viruses.

In modern physics as in the EAST, attack by pathogens is not a real option.  Instead, what is going on is relational TRANSFORMATION.   This is the same difference in the EAST’s view from that of the WEST when it comes to relational dissonance in the social dynamic; i.e. while the WEST assumes that the disruption and damage arise from the ‘attack of a Pathogen (criminal)’ the EAST assumes that the disruption and damage arise from relational dissonance and thus the solution is to restore relational harmony.

Currently, the culture of the WEST is globally dominant and because the WESTERN CULTURE belief is that we ‘humans’ are understood according to the DOUBLE ERROR (naming-instantiated LOCAL things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR instantiated LOCAL powers of sourcing actions and developments) and that this DOUBLE ERROR reduction IS NOT JUST A TOOL OF INFERENCE OF THE INEFFABLE, BUT IS THE ACTUAL, EXPLICIT REALITY, … we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS come to the understanding that we, ourselves, are LOCAL SOURCES of actions and developments, rather than relational forms in the transforming relational continuum.

What we have here, between WEST and EAST, are two very different ways of using language.  The WEST is using language to capture what is considered to be a real and explicit representation of a presumed EFFABLE REALITY.   The EAST, while its languages may have relational architectures, may also make use of WESTERN languages, using language, whether WESTERN OR EASTERN, to construct INFERENCE of the INEFFABLE reality that lies innately beyond EFFABLE capture.

In our todays global social dynamic, WESTERN CULTURE reality prevails as it has been incorporated in WESTERN systems of ‘governance’ based on the DOUBLE ERROR model which assumes LOCAL SOURCING of BENEFICIAL actions and developments for which the perceived LOCAL SOURCING AGENT is rewarded and respected, and which also assumes LOCAL SOURCING of harmful and destructive actions and developments for which the perceived LOCAL SOURCING AGENT is punished and deactivated (by imprisonment or outfight elimination).

This contrasts radically with the EAST, which may use language to speak in terms of LOCAL SOURCING (as an expedient for constructing a crude reduction to effable that INFERS the ineffable that is beyond explicit capture in language) but whose reality is understood as a NONLOCAL RELATIONAL REALITY; i.e. the transforming relational continuum aka ‘the Tao’.  In this EASTERN understanding of reality, there is no LOCAL sourcing of constructive or destruction actions and developments, there only our contributions to relational harmony and/or dissonance, and thus no perceived LOCAL sorcerers of productive or destructive actions and developments.

The differences in the EAST and WEST understandings of reality that lie below SEE-LEVEL are thus considerable, but do not really show up in our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMIC wherein the social structures of government and organization are based on treating the DOUBLE ERROR based reality comprised of NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR instantiated powers of sourcing actions and developments as if it were the OPERATIVE REALITY.

COVID 19 can be understood differently depending on whether we opt to understand it in the context of TRANSFORMATION as in the EAST wherein the DOUBLE ERROR constructs of language and grammar are understood as INFERENCE of an ineffable (purely relational, fluid reality) that lies beyond such INFERENCE, …  or as ‘the attack of a PATHOGEN in the WEST’s LITERAL use of the DOUBLE ERROR construction.  In the EAST, ‘FIRE BURNS’ or COVID 19 KILLS, while such language based constructs identify LOCAL and EXPLICIT action and developments, are understood in the innately larger context of relational transformation, and it is this innately larger context of an all-inclusive TRANSFORMATION (the Wav-field aka ‘the Tao’) that is understood as ‘reality’ in the EAST, and this is a reality that is grounded in sensory experience.

* * *

THE QUESTION IS; …. How can we express (COVID 19 in terms of TRANSFORMATION rather than as a LOCAL pathogen on the attack?

We know how to express Robin Hood as an agent of transformation in the sense of rebalancing rather than as a pathogenic agent, … and also know that Western medicine portrays c.difficile as a pathogen because its proliferating goes hand in hand with illness, … but we now know that the proliferating of c. difficile is induced by the microbiotic assemblage falling out of balance in the wake of the administering anti-biotics.   The proliferating of the c. difficile is not the SOURCE of the illness, but the RESULT of the relational imbalance in the microbial assemblage.  In other words, the illness is relational imbalance in the overall microbial assemblage and the proliferation of c. difficile is a secondary symptom.  The same is true in the case of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean.

It is natural to throw ourselves into the service of sustaining balance in the relational systems we share inclusion in.   For example, when we are in a group of friends, we can add commentary or punctuate a conversation with silence on the basis of what is called for to improve the overall relational harmony/resonance.

This is not the same as ‘saying something we want to say’ or ‘driving’ so as to achieve the single-minded advancement of our own situation, since that generally cultivates the rise of relational dissonance unless everybody ‘follows the leader’ (an ‘unstable equilibrium’).

In the harmony cultivating case, it is the relational shape of the need that inductively shapes the crafting of our relative movement even as we move in response to our need to sustain or cultivate the harmony of our inclusion in the relational dynamic.   The personal goal can co-exist within this mode of operation, as in our movements in the flow of freeway traffic when we give way to others in a manner that makes harmonic sense (opening up space for others to move into in the process of moving into space that others have opened up for us).

[As in Mach’s principle: the dynamics of the inhabitant (FIGURE) are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat (GROUND) at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat (GROUND) are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitant (FIGURE).  This suggests that the FIGURE and GROUND cannot be understood as separate ONTOLOGICAL ENTITIES; i.e. our ability to differentiate FIGURE and GROUND is APPEARANCE based rather than ONTOLOGY based.]

COVID 19 cast by language and grammar as a PATHOGEN is abstraction that portrays FIGURE and GROUND as TWO separate ontologies. Such a notion derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar where the FIRST ERROR is NAMING that imputes LOCAL independent thing-in-itself existence to a relational flow-form, and the SECOND ERROR is GRAMMAR that conflates the FIRST ERROR by notionally endowing the NAMING-instantiated LOCAL independent thing-in-itself with its own powers of SOURCING actions and development.

The PATHOGEN abstraction is exemplary of the DOUBLE ERROR (e.g. A PATHOGEN KILLS, a FIRE BURNS).  The DOUBLE ERROR lets language and grammar get away with invoking the abstract concept of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development.   LOCAL SOURCING breaks up the transforming relational continuum; i.e. the reality of our sensory experience of inclusion therein (our inclusion in the Wave-field aka the Tao).

COVID 19 is exemplary of the PATHOGEN concept which is based on the DOUBLE ERROR abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING.  This is abstraction.  In the ‘real world’ of our sensory experience, there is only TRANSFORMATION.  In order to understand what we are calling COVID 19 KILLS in terms of TRANSFORMATION, we can use FIRE BURNS as a ‘go-by’.  In order to go from FIRE BURNS to TRANSFORMATION we must reconstrue the venue from LOCAL in SPACE and TIME to NONLOCAL in SPACETIME.  TRANSFORMATION in terms of the desiccating of forest ecology involves the overall NONLOCAL Wave-field dynamic which can’t be ‘broken down’ into ‘LOCAL’ pieces that separate SPACE and TIME which is what makes the NONLOCAL, and thus TRANSFORMATION, “INEFFABLE”.

We may not be able to explicitly ‘talk about it’ but we experience it, or more accurately, it experiences us since it is all-inclusive and includes us, in which case ‘we experience us’.  (e.g. the stormings in the atmospheric flowing are experiencing the atmospheric flowing at the same time as the atmospheric flowing is experiencing the stormings, … a dynamic that requires ‘quantum logic’ – the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE).   Language that is constrained to the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium (English etc.) are constrained to FIGURE and GROUND are TWO representation.


It makes sense to use the DOUBLE ERROR reduction from nonlocal to local to sidestep the ineffabilty of nonlocal reality (reality as the transforming relational continuum aka Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’) BUT ONLY for using it as a tool of INFERENCE but NOT as a SUBSTITUTE REALITY.

That is; the local and explicit pseudo-reality is an unreal reduction of the real, ineffable, nonhlocal and implicit reality that can only serve as effable-because-local INFERENCE of the ineffable-because-nonlocal and implicit Wave-field reality.

To use the local and explicit pseudo-reality (which is only good for ‘inference’ use) to over-ride the nonlocal (but ineffable) reality is a CRAZY-MAKER!

Relational dissonance does NOT reduce to the ‘attack of a pathogen’ in REALITY.  That is just a metaphor.  FIRE BURNS is a DOUBLE ERROR based localizing reduction that can obscure the nonlocal reality of transformation.

As an effable tool that employs the EXPLICIT for INFERRING the ineffable nonlocal reality of TRANSFORMATION (Bohm’s IMPLICATE ORDER) it is invaluable, BUT when used as a LITERAL AND EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY, it is a CRAZY-MAKER!

COVID 19 is no more an ATTACKING PATHOGEN than Robin Hood and Jean Valjean were ATTACKING PATHOGENS.  There is no such thing as a PATHOGEN.  It is an ILLUSION or METAPHOR; i.e. an ABSTRACTION based on the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar. WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS embrace a sense of BINARY LOGIC based “JUSTICE” that will “CONVICT” a ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Jean Valjean’ using the DOUBLE ERROR LOCALIZING ABSTRACTION of the same type as ‘FIRE BURNS’; i.e. in this case ‘PATHOGENS ATTACK’ which REDUCES the inherent relational and thus NONLOCAL, IMPLICIT dynamics of our sensory experience of inclusion in the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’, to abstract LOCAL, EXPLICIT re-presentation.

The real world dynamic of TRANSFORMATION, which is NONLOCAL, IMPLICIT and INEFFABLE gets pushed out of PSYCHOLOGICAL PRIMACY by the DOUBLE ERROR so that our OPERATIVE REALITY (here I am using ‘OUR’ to signify WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS) becomes the REPLACEMENT REALITY which is ABSTRACT, LOCAL, EXPLICIT and EFFABLE.  BY CONTRAST, the adherents of modern physics indigenous aboriginal, Taoists/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta cultures, because they retain the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION as the primary reality and use the reduction of this INEFFABLE reality to EFFABLE-because-LOCAL as a kind of ‘cognitive springboard’ or ‘Wittgenstein ladder’ as in the modern physics ‘Surprise version of the game of Twenty Questions’, … all tools of INFERENCE of an INEFFABLE reality that lies beyond reach of the EFFABLE, … to effect an INTUITIVE LEAP from the EFFABLE (which is only good for INFERENCE) to the INEFFABLE.


THUS, the abstraction of ‘the PATHOGEN’ such as ‘COVID 19’ plays the same sort of role as ‘the CRIMINAL’ such as ‘Robin Hood’ or ‘Jean Valjean’ in REDUCING the INEFFABLE (the transforming relational continuum) to an abstract EFFABLE.  This serves to FINITIZE (LOCALIZE/EXPLICITIZE) in a piecemeal manner, the INFINITE (NONLOCAL/IMPLICIT).

TRANSFORMATION is thus reduced, in this FINITIZING/LOCALIZING, to LOCAL PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION (e.g. the volcano ‘erupts and exudes’ over here and the subduction zone ‘swallows and ingests) over there.   This is a DOUBLE ERROR (localizing) combination that REDUCES the ineffable TRANSFORMATION to something effable, albeit no longer manifesting the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE, and instead imposing dependency on the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE AND GROUND ARE TWO.

AGAIN, the EAST employs this DOUBLE ERROR reduction as a tool of INFERENCE that is meant to trigger INTUITION of TRANSFORMATION while the WEST employs this DOUBLE ERROR reduction, LITERALLY, as THE OPERATIVE REALITY.   These two very different understandings of reality correspond to Bohm’s IMPICATE ORDER (the EAST) and EXPLICATE ORDER (the WEST).



TRANSFORMATION is the IMPLICATE ORDER and it is the stuff of our sensory experience while LOCAL CONSTRUCTION AND DESTRUCTION is the EXPLICATE ORDER and it is the stuff of our abstracting intellect.

“FIRE BURNS” and ‘COVID 19 KILLS” are exemplary of the EXPLICATE ORDER and they are expressions of a ‘educed dimensional (LOCAL, EFFABLE) reality’ as compared to the IMPLICATE ORDER of TRANSFORMATION which is a fully dimensional (NONLOCAL, INEFFABLE) reality, aka the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao that cannot be told’.  

“Of that which we cannot speak we must pass over in silence (“Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen”) –Wittgenstein’s final statement (7.0) in Tractatus Logico Philosphicus).

 * * *




Understanding the EFFABLE-IZING role of NAMING and GRAMMAR

(‘EFFABLE-IZING’ the ‘INEFFABLE’ refers to the reduction of the IMPLICIT to the EXPLICIT)

While the Wave-field would have us understand FIGURE and GROUND as ONE, such understanding leaves us in the INEFFABLE situation, immersed in a transforming relational continuum of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’.

NAMING and GRAMMAR are the DOUBLE ERROR identified by Nietzsche that set us up for establishing s FOUR EFFABLE-IZING ABSTRACTIONS;

-1- NAMING imputes LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING to relational flow-forms.


-3- The combination of NAMING and GRAMMAR renders FIGURE and GROUND as TWO, giving rise to the INHABITANT-HABITAT (matter and space) SPLIT.

-4- The FIGURE and GROUND as TWO geometry is substituted for the FIGURE and GROUND as ONE topology (for the purpose of effable-izing as LOCAL the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL) and, correspondingly, we construct representations wherein the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium supersedes the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium.  Evidently, acceptance of the FIGURE AND GROUND as TWO geometry is equivalent to the acceptance of binary EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium while acceptance of the FIGURE and GROUND as ONE topology is equivalent of the acceptance of non-binary BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium.

We SWITCH OUT LOGIC ARCHITECTURES because DUNING  understood as resonance is … INNEFABLE-because-NONLOCAL in that we cannot separate the DUNING from the all-inclusive transforming relational continuum, so all we can say is ‘the transforming relational continuum is a NONLOCAL phenomenon that manifests in many ways, one of which is ‘DUNING’.  In other words, ‘DUNING’ is not something we can point to as LOCAL and say; ‘DUNING starts right here and ends right there’ so that what lies inside those bounds is DUNING’ and what lies outside those LOCAL bounds is NOT DUNING.

We can only say that DUNING manifests from ‘here to there’ but the phenomena of DUNING is itself not something we can isolate and LOCALIZE as ONTOLOGICALLY SEPARATE from the transforming relational continuum aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’.  DUNING is like the LEPRECHAUN that we believe we can capture and grasp and retain in our fist, as in our understanding of it as a LOCAL thing-in-itself but but the reality is that ‘it’ is NONLOCAL and it is only language and grammar that REDUCES such NONLOCAL phenomena to PSEUDO-LOCAL status.

We might say;  COME ON GANG, we have built an impermeable container for entrapping tornadoes which we are going to deploy with helicopters, dropping the impermeable cover over a tornado, and then electronically activating the closing of a cinch around the lower opening portal so that we will capture and hold hostage a live, active LOCAL tornado of the type we are always talking about;

e.g. “The tornado is growing larger and stronger and is heading towards the trailer park, and, …. oh, my god!  … it is tossing trailers around and smashing them to bits!”.  When we use this sort of language and grammar construction to build representations in LOCAL terms, we, lose cognizance of the inherently NONLOCAL nature of physical phenomena.   That is, our sensory experience does not support the LOCALIZING perpetrated by our language and grammar RE-presentations wherein the SUBJECT (‘tornado’ in this case) we give LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING to and follow this up by using GRAMMAR to impute to it, ‘its own’ LOCAL powers of SOURCING actions and developments.

It is very difficult if not impossible to hold in our mind, at the same time, both the LOCAL and EXPLICIT understanding of reality and the larger understanding in terms of NONLOCAL relational TRANSFORMATION.  The mental representation in LOCAL and EXPLICIT terms is so much more IMMEDIATE yet it is in no way as COMPLETE as the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT.   For example, GROWTH is LOCAL and EXPLICIT and the WESTERN CULTURE farmer understands this very well as he grows the size of his single crop farmlands.  What is missing in this GROWTH based view is the loss of diversity as Wilderness lands are plowed under.  What is going on NONLOCALLY is TRANSFORMATION and not only is it innately more complex than “GROWTH”, it is INEFFABLE and it is not something that we can SOURCE as our DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar gives us to believe when we say ‘the FARMER produced 500 bushels of wheat, as if the reduction of the Wilderness growth could be ignored as if the abstraction of GROWTH was ‘more real’ than NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.   .

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS seem to be convinced of the ‘reality’ of ‘LOCAL BEING’ and the ON/OFF binary logic that governs ‘LOCAL BEING’.  We see ourselves like our crops, which, once we have given them a NAME like ‘WHEAT’ become LOCAL things that we measure by the kilogram or bushel and other LOCAL physical properties.  It then becomes difficult to think of ourselves as belonging to the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.

We may contemplate that we, ourselves, with our children, could be the ones in those trailers being thrown into the air in the tornado and dashed to our death.  Our sense of LOCAL being seems to missing something essential.  Are we then able to break out singing a verse of Old Man River or some other acknowledgement of NONLOCALITY?  Or are we stuck with understanding reality in terms of the LOCAL as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS habitually see OURSELVES, … ‘LOCAL’ being a mode of representation that has become a cheap substitute or Cuckoo’s egg that has hatched out a much diminished LOCAL sense of self, which erases and substitutes for our sense of inclusion in a NONLOCAL something that is greater than ourselves; i.e. our inclusion in the Wave-field aka the Tao aka the transforming relational continuum.

SUMMARY: While the phenomena of our sensory experience as supported by modern physics affirms our inclusion in TRANSFORMATION, all of the FOUR above-cited ERRORS of language and grammar work together to help us build LOCAL REPRESENTATIONS of the NONLOCAL REALITY of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have become addicted (influenced by EGO) to adopting the FOUR ERRORS based (effable-izing by LOCALIZING) RE-presentation basis of reality EXPLICITLY as our OPERATIVE REALITY.  By contrast, modern physics along with EASTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS including indigenous aboriginals, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents, are making use of the FOUR ERRORS based (effable-izing by LOCALIZING) RE-presentation basis of reality MERELY AS IMPLICIT INFERENCE (e.g. ‘Wittgenstein ladders’) of an INEFFABLE REALITY, the reality of the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka ‘the Wave-field’ aka ‘the Tao’ that is a NONLOCAL REALITY that lies INNATELY BEYOND THE REPRESENTATIONAL REACH of REDUCTIONS-of NONLOCAL to LOCAL pseudo-reality made possible by the FOUR ERRORS.

* * *

An example of the Wave-field resonance phenomenon of DUNING illustrates this passage from the INEFFABLE to the EFFABLE;

“The DUNE is growing higher and longer and is shifting across the DESERT”.  In this case, a Wave-field phenomenon that constitutes the transforming relational continuum wherein FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE is being REDUCED by the abstracting power of language and grammar to FIGURE AND GROUND AS TWO, bringing with it the need for a GRAMMAR to enable language based REPRESENTATION of TRANSFORMATION on the new, abstract basis of FIGURE AND GROUND AS TWO, as captured in this example (The Dune is growing higher and longer and is shifting across the Desert).

Here we run into the problem that “The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao” (Lao Tzu).  That is, the reduction of the ineffable to the effable involves some important ‘drop-out’ of understanding and we can see what it is if we compare our experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum to the DOUBLE ERROR reduction; i.e. we have created voyeur representations that no longer include ourselves.  That is, we have created an implicit observer that is not included in his field of observation and that IMPLIED separate observer, IS US, … at least as far as the abstractions we build from language and grammar are concerned, because when we see the sun ‘rise’ in the morning, we also FEEL in its transformative influence, as if we are both (‘subject and object’) sharing inclusion in a common reality; i.e. as if FIGURE and GROUND are ONE; i.e. as if the transforming relational continuum includes us along with everything, an all-inclusiveness that re-affirms the concept of an all-including ‘Wave-field’ where NONLOCALITY prevails.

IN OTHER WORDS, our use of language and grammar is what artificially reduces the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL; i.e. as mentioned above;

-1- NAMING imputes LOCAL thing-in-itself BEING to relational flow-forms.


-3- The combination of NAMING and GRAMMAR not only allows the notion of LOCAL SOURCING, it also implies FIGURE and GROUND as TWO  (since if a thing moves, it must have space to accommodate its motion).  This gives rise to the INHABITANT-HABITAT (matter and space) SPLIT)

-4- The FIGURE and GROUND as TWO geometry is substituted for the FIGURE and GROUND as ONE topology (for the purpose of effable-izing as LOCAL the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL) and, correspondingly, we construct representations wherein the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium supersedes the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium.  Evidently, acceptance of the FIGURE AND GROUND as TWO geometry is equivalent to the acceptance of binary EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium while acceptance of the FIGURE and GROUND as ONE topology is equivalent of the acceptance of non-binary BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium.

* * *

EAST and WEST ‘part ways’ in the respective understanding of ‘reality’

Modern physics and ‘the EAST’ employ the FOUR ERRORS, as the WEST also does, to EFFABLE-IZE by LOCALIZING the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL (i.e. ‘TRANSFORMATION’ is a NONLOCAL phenomenon and that which is NONLOCAL is INEFFABLE). The FOUR ERROR reduction is used to ‘effable-ize’ the ‘ineffable’.


CONTRARILY, WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS along with Newtonian Physics, use the FOUR ERROR effable-izing AS OUR “PRIMARY, OPERATIVE REALITY”.  For us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, then, when we impute the power of SOURCING actions and developments to NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves, we really mean it, as if it is the ACTUAL REALITY; i.e. as if those NAMED FORMS such as ourselves (and nations and corporations) REALLY ARE “LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES” WITH “LOCAL POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS”, and this has us NOT understanding such representations, as the EAST DOES where that which is represented as LOCAL is merely INFERENCE of an INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL reality that lies beyond the direct reach of language and grammar’s local and explicit constructs.

EXAMPLE: COVID 19 and PATHOGENS seen as LOCAL AGENTS capable of LOCALLY SOURCED ACTION and DEVELOPMENT (e.g. FIRE BURNS, LIGHTNING FLASHES).  While this gives us an effable-izing of the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL ‘TRANSFORMATION’, this effable-ized to LOCAL only makes sense for use in INFERRING or IMPLYING the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.  Sure, we can say ‘the FIRE is growing larger’ or ‘the DUNE is growing larger’ but the REALITY is relational TRANSFORMATION which is INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL.  This RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION CONSTITUTED REALITY can only be INFERRED by statements expressing LOCAL SOURCING such as FIRE BURNS and PATHOGENS KILL (COVID 19 KILLS), Robin Hood STEALS, …the ‘real reality’ being TRANSFORMATION which is NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE.  Meanwhile, the NONLOCAL and thus INEFFABLE can be IMPLIED by using the EFFABLE to INFER the INEFFABLE.  But as EMERSON points out, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of letting the tool of EFFABLE INFERENCE run away with the workman, the (LOCAL/EXPLICIT) human with the (NONLOCAL/IMPLICIT) divine.

That is, there is DUNING (Wave-field resonance) that is NONLOCAL and INEFFABLE that we can capture with INFERENCE by speaking in the reduced-to-LOCAL terms of DUNES that GROW and MOVE and the same for HUMANING that is NONLOCAL and INEFFABLE that we can capture with INFERENCE by speaking in the reduced-to-LOCAL terms of HUMANS that GROW and MOVE.

In SHORT, while modern physics and the EAST employ the reduction to LOCAL/EXPLICIT as a tool of INFERENCE to tickle out of us an INTUITIVE leap to the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL, the WEST is in the habit of employing the reduction to LOCAL/EXPLICIT as the presumed ACTUAL (EFFABLE-because-LOCAL) REALITY.

* * *