SYNOPSIS:  DIFFERENT LANGUAGES DROP US INTO DIFFERENT ‘REALITIES’.  This has been Benjamin Whorf’s hypothesis and it is also the implication in the philosophical investigations of Nietzsche and Bohm.   This essay is aimed at explaining how it is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have become trapped in a language-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is FRAGMENTATION based which is SCHIZOPHRENIA and PARANOIA inducing, on the scale of our WESTERN CULTURE social collective.  This essay points to how the philosophical investigations of Nietzsche and Bohm show that what we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue to understand to be ‘reality’ by way of linguistic construction is NOT in accord with our sense-experience reality, but is an INTELLECTUAL SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is the source of FRAGMENTATION, not only in our social dynamic, but also in our individual psyches.

When I say ‘our’, I am am intending ‘WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS; we who are users of the Common Average European languages.  These languages are the source of psychological FRAGMENTATION by promoting ‘belief’ in such abstractions as GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, which form the basis of an UNREAL intellectual BEING-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY which ‘squats’ and occupies our psychological awareness and in the process OBSCURES our sense-experience informed INCLUSION IN THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.  By elevating to primary reality status, representations in such terms as ‘the Town is growing’, which is abstract BINARY LOGIC language-based simplification of the less simple QUANTUM LOGIC  ‘there is Towning in the transforming Landscape’, we construct and enter into a simplified SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION (all one-sided male-asserting abstractions) serve up a pseudo-REAL FRAGMENTATION, that “TAKES OVER” from our sense-experience awareness of INCLUSION IN THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka ‘the WAVE-FIELD’ aka ‘the Tao’.

This essay points out how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, because of our simple BINARY LOGIC based language architecture, are using language that PUTS US INTO and IS KEEPING US IN a “BINARY LOGIC BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITY” wherein one-sided “MALE-ASSERTING” abstractions of “LOCALLY AUTHORED” GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, “TAKE OVER FROM” and “SUBSTITUTE FOR” the sense-experience grounded awareness of INCLUSION IN RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION as constituted by the WAVE-FIELD.  The result of this language-based ‘REDUCTION’ of our sense-experience affirmed inclusion in TRANSFORMATION whereby we SPEAK in terms of living within a FRAGMENTED, BEING-BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITY where, for example, TOWNS are treated as if they are BEING-based local explicit material entities, notionally with their own powers of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of goods and services, “TAKE OVER” as the  dominant ‘SUBSTITUTE REALITY’, OBSCURING our sense-experience affirmed reality of inclusion in the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM aka the WAVE-FIELD aka ‘the Tao’.

Our WESTERN CULTURE values and belief system which accepts the abstraction of “LOCAL AUTHORING’ as with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, serves to FURTHER SUPPORT the language-based construction of a FRAGMENTED SUBSTITUTE REALITY which reduces ‘TOWNING IN THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ to abstract BEING-BASED TOWNS, notionally with “THEIR OWN” (GRAMMAR-GIVEN) powers of AUTHORING “GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of goods and services”.   Such language-based representations of a FRAGMENTED, BEING-BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITY have, through INTELLECTUAL ABSTRACTION based language, TAKEN OVER as our OPERATIVE REALITY, OBSCURING the sense-experience affirmed reality of inclusion within the WAVE-FIELD, aka the transforming relational continuum.

This essay is a reminder of how WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are trapping ourselves within a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the NAMING instantiated abstraction of BEING, whether ‘HUMAN BEINGS’, TOWN-BEINGS or NATION-BEINGS, giving rise to a FRAGMENTED pseudo-world of LOCAL, EXPLICIT ‘THINGS-THAT-BE’ which we animate with GRAMMAR, seemingly overcoming, with the abstraction of “BEING” the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT nature of WAVE-FIELD reality.   Modern physics as well as indigenous aboriginal cultures employ language architecture that does NOT attempt EXPLICIT REPRESENTATION but orients to relations that preserve the fluid essence of WAVE-FIELD reality,  In the example; ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’, we see that there is NO RESORTING to any dependence on the abstraction of BEING, an abstraction that is introducing so much FRAGMENTATION based confusion within our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic by OBSCURING our inclusion within the all-including WAVE-FIELD.  BEING-based OBSCURANTISM now characterizes our WESTERN CULTURE language-animated OPERATIVE REALITY and its rising PSYCHO-SOCIAL FRAGMENTATION.


FOOTNOTE: QUANTUM LOGIC ‘heals’ the insulating empty space gap in BINARY LOGIC, between material beings, by acknowledging the natural primacy of the WAVE-FIELD which reduces ‘BEINGS’ to ‘CONDENSATIONS’, establishing the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING ‘FIELD’ container  as having natural precedence over the CONDENSATION based CONTENT.  This is not merely a BINARY LOGIC position swap between leader and follower since the ‘FIELD’ does not simply ‘CONTAIN’ but ‘INCLUDES’ the CONDENSATION, bringing forth the QUANTUM LOGIC ‘BOTH/AND’ relation and thus doing more than a simple BINARY LOGIC inverting of ‘which prevails over which’.  The ‘LESS SIMPLE’ nature of the QUANTUM LOGIC BOTH/AND relation exposes the shortfall in the BINARY LOGIC based concept of ‘BEING’ and elaborates on Nietzsche’s critique of the concept of ‘BEING’.  ‘BEING’ is OBSCURANTIST in that it introduces simple BINARY LOGIC into representations of WAVE-FIELD phenomena where LESS SIMPLE QUANTUM LOGIC is required.

QUANTUM LOGIC ‘HEALS’ the insulating empty space gap in BINARY LOGIC, between material ‘BEINGS’.   Acknowledging the natural primacy of the WAVE-FIELD reduces ‘BEINGS’ to ‘CONDENSATIONS’, establishing the FEMALE ACCOMMODATING ‘FIELD’ CONTAINER as having natural precedence over the CONDENSATION based CONTENT that is construed as ‘INDEPENDENT MATERIAL BEING in WESTERN CULTURE language representations.


* * *


dear all,


There has been a continuing convergence in my philosophical investigations which follows that of Nietzsche and Bohm and others and which opens the way to explaining ‘what is going on’ is different terms which I feel are more easy to grasp.  I realize that the reader must be the judge of that.


If I start from where Bohm and Nietzsche ‘left off’, which are two GOLD MINES of understanding what is going wrong in our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic, if you read Bohm’s and Nietzsche’s general findings, the key findings that I would reference are Nietzsche’s critique of the concept of BEING, which Modern physics and Bohm also CAST OUT, and the related FRAGMENTATION that is built into the Common Average European language architecture, which derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR where we say things like ‘the TOWN is GROWING’.


This is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which Nietzsche speaks of which opens the door to FRAGMENTATION of reality, something which FLOW-based language architectures DO NOT DO; i.e. flow-based languages like Bohm’s Rheomode or the indigenous aboriginal languages and basically any language that employs a relational foundation, such as ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ where, as one can see, the implication is that ‘everything is in flux’


If everything is in flux, the WAVE-FIELD view of reality makes sense.  We can get the sense of a wave-field by looking at satellite films of hurricanes forming in the atmosphere.  Here we can see that FIGURE and GROUND are ONE which is the QUANTUM LOGIC relation.  QUANTUM LOGIC is the BOTH/AND LOIGC OF THE INCLUDINGMEDIUM.  If we were talking about MATERIAL FORMS like planets moving through EMPTY SPACE, that gives us the BINARY LOGIC EITEHR/OR LOGIC of the EXCLUDED medium which is just saying that SPACE is participating in the dynamic, it is just an uninvolved empty container.


In the WAVE-FIELD QUANTUM LOGIC VIEW (the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING medium), if we look at those satellite pictures of hurricanes forming in the atmosphere, we the dense whorl of the ‘eye’ of the hurricane highlighted by thick, whorling water-vapour around the calm centre of the eye, and the overall vast expanse of clear air that surrounds it.  So, unlike the MATERIAL PLANET surrounded by EMPTY SPACE which gives us BINARY LOGIC relation which is based on the combination of SOMETHING (MATTER) and NOTHING (EMPTY SPACE)/   Om the case pf the hurricaning in the atmosphering (I am using ‘ing’ endings because everything is in flux) there a QUANTUM LOGIC relational between the  there is QUANTUM LOGIC relational between the white condensation aspect of the ‘EYE’ of the hurricane and the whiteness/condensation fades , the farther the distance from the ‘eye’.   This is just an example of QUANTUM LOGIC, where the FIGURE and GROUND relation is no longer BINARY as in MATTER and EMPTY SPACE, but in this cases FIGURE and GROUND are both made of the vapour filled atmosphere but and the distinction between FIGURE and GROUND is due to variable CONDENSATION where the FIGURE is strongly CONDENSED and the GROUND only weakly or not at all.  In this case, there I no longer, as in the MATTER and EMPTY SPACE case, a BINARY LOGIC distinction, there is only a distinction between a region of CONDENSATION (of water vapour filled air) and NON-CONDENSATION  (of water vapour filled air) which demands a different type of logic, the BOTH/AND LOGIC of the INCLUDING MEDIUM (the MEDIUM is no longer EMPTINESS, it is FULL of WATER VAPOUR).


This QUANTUM LOGIC relation is the BOTH/AND relation found between material particles and the electromagnetic field in which they are condensations.

Since according to our present conceptions the elementary particles of matter are also, in their essence, nothing else than condensations of the electromagnetic (wave) field— Einstein 


There is a MAJOR SHORTFALL in our everyday WESTERN CULTURE language based representations of reality WHICH IS NOT PRESENT in indigenous aboriginal language based representations of realty (along with Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta) language-based representations of reality.   That SHORTFALL is the infusion of dependency on the abstraction of BEING as accompanies BINARY LOGIC.   There is no such dependency built into indigenous aboriginal languages and in Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta language usage  since the language representations are QUANUM LOGIC based rather than BINARY LOGIC based, as the following example indicates;








The commitment to BEING as shown in the example is the CRUCIAL ERROR [1] and it is injected into WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE by way of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which imputes BEING-BASED LOCAL AUTHORING as in ‘the TOWN is GROWING’.


Language, if it is to convey a representation of the all-including WAVE-FIELD, needs to have an ANDROGYNOUS structure which is present, for example, in ‘There is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ where the TOWNING is the MALE ASSERTING and the TRANSFORMING (FEMALE ACCOMMODATING) LANDSCAPE completes the ANDROGYNOUS WAVE-FIELD structure.


We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have trapped ourselves into continued usage of our BEING-based language because it has changed our lives and oriented us to MALE-ASSERTING ACTIONS, GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, at the same time BLINDING US to the missing FEMALE ACCOMMODATING CONJUGATE; i.e. when we say ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ we do not mention the WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE that ‘the Wilderness is SHRINKING’.


The FEMALE ACCOMODATING simply GOES MISSING while our one-sided WESTERN CULTURE MALE-ASSERTING ONLY representation impresses us with our Town’s growth, development and production.  We do not ‘SEE’ the conjugate shrinking of wilderness because it is the ‘negative space’ aspect which eludes our vision (We can no longer see the green meadow when there are high-rise apartments where it used to be.


Because we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have spoken, written and thought FOR SO LONG in the BINARY LOGIC based terms of a BEING-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY, we tend to think automatically in ONE-SIDED, MALE ASSERTING BEING-BASED conceptualizations  such as TOWN and NATION GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, IGNORING the FEMALE CONJUGATE, which is the FOUNDATIONAL CONTRIBUTOR to sense-experience reality.


THAT IS, the FEMALE CONJUGATE is the ‘DEA ABSCONDITA’, the NON-LOCAL, NON-EXPLICIT aspect of the WAVE-FIELD which is the ‘invisible mother’ of the MALE-ASSERTING conjugate (the Wilderness that ‘opens up’ for the growing Town).   Because we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS use the BEING concept in a foundational manner to construct representations of reality, the WAVE-FIELD CONDENSATIONS which are LOCAL, EXPLICIT, MALE-ASSERTING, (‘the TOWN is GROWING’) ‘steal’ the natural primacy from the FEMALE WAVE-FIELD CONJUGATE (‘the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE THAT IS ACCOMMODATING the GROWING TOWN’).


The RESULT is that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, with the mistaken MALE ASSERTING language approach described, construct synthetic SUBSTITUTE REALITIES featuring GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION which are OBSCURANTIST in that this SUBSTITUTE REALITY DYNAMIC now serves us as our OPERATIVE REALITY and by continually speaking in terms of ‘the TOWN GROWING’, we cannot see the FEMALE CONJUGATE of the SHRINKING of WILDERNESS.




WESTERN CULTURE ‘REALITY’ IS NOT SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY, but is the ONE-SIDED MALE-ASSERTING SUBSTITUTE REALITY which ‘see’s GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION while being BLIND to TRANSFORMATION.  WE ARE USING a BEING based language that lacks the needed fluid foundation..  The indigenous aboriginal elder’s view of reality will NOT be the vision of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, but will be that of TRANSFORMATION including the SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS.


Our language is keeping us prisoner within an unreal SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein we are subjecting ourselves to continuing FRAGMENTATION.


* * *


[1] “Nothing indeed has exercised a more simple power of persuasion hitherto than the error of Being, as it was formulated by the Eleatics for instance: in its favour are every word and every sentence that we utter!—Even the opponents of the Eleatics succumbed to the seductive powers of their concept of Being. Among others there was Democritus in his discovery of the atom. “Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.”

Nietzsche, “Twilight of the Idols, or, How to Philosophize with a Hammer”