The ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ is the ‘trick’ we use to make language based REPRESENTATION of our fluid reality (the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao) possible.  The FIRST ERROR is NAMING of a flow-form to ‘isolate it’ from the transforming relational flow-continuum (e.g. ‘DUNING’ which is a resonance phenomenon that we  REDUCE to “DUNE”) so that what is actually a NONLOCAL phenomenon is RE-presented as coming from something LOCAL.  The SECOND ERROR is GRAMMAR wherein we impute to the LOCAL thing-in-itself that we create with NAMING, ITS OWN notional power of SOURCING actions and developments (e.g. the DUNE is growing higher and longer and is shifting across the desert floor).

Thanks to our application of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, we have REDUCED (but only in our language-stimulated intellectual abstracting) the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT resonance phenomenon of “DUNING” to something EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.

Within the actual Wave-field, everything is fluid and forms are relational and resonance-based.  So, there is good reason why EASTERN CULTURE’s ‘Zen’ recommends adding an ‘ing’ suffix to all NAMES (nouns) to remind ourselves that FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE, … NOT TWO as in “EITHER DUNE” “OR DESERT”, or “EITHER HUMAN-INHABITANT” or “HABITAT’ (i.e. there is DUNING and HUMANING within the transforming relational continuum).

In other words, we have TWO CHOICES of LOGIC for constructing our representations of REALITY, the WESTERN CULTURE habitual EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO, … and the Quantum physics BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE.

DUNING is a feature within the TRANSFORMING Wave-field space.  Because it is NONLOCAL (resonance based and thus purely relational) and IMPLICIT), it  is INEFFABLE; i.e there is no ‘IT’ there as we can’t find a beginning and ending of it; it is as if the land is SMILING or WRINKLING or TRANSFORMING so that while we can use language to speak of ‘a LOCAL SMILE’ or ‘a LOCAL WRINKLE’, the overall transforming landscape is what is the most basic REALITY.  “WRINKLING” of the land is how TRANSFORMATION manifests and while we can use the NAMING and GRAMMAR DOUBLE ERROR capability of language to reduce ‘what is going on’ to “‘the DUNE’ that is growing higher and longer and is shifting across the “DESERT FLOOR”, all of this is abstraction concocted for the purpose of reducing the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.

What the hell is the ‘DESERT FLOOR’?

Evidently, when we employ language to abstractly LIBERATE the FIGURE (DUNE) as if it were a thing with its own powers of sourcing actions and development, we are forced to INVENT a STAGE or “PLACE” on which ‘the DUNE’s’ performance is “TAKING PLACE”. All of this abstract construction is something we invent to ‘flesh out’ a pseudo-LOCAL, EXPLlCIT and EFFABLE construction because DUNING is a resonance phenomenon and resonance phenomena are NONLOCAL, IMPLICIT and INEFFABLE.  “INEFFABLE” means “beyond capture in words” i.e. beyond capture in terms of NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-instantiated powers of sourcing actions and developments (i.e. the “INEFFABLE” is beyond capture in terms of the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar).”


The point of this ‘background’ is to remind ourselves that we are using the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar to enable the articulating (effable-izing) of Wave-field phenomena (resonance phenomena) which is ALL THERE IS in reality as understood in modern physics. For example, DUNING is a resonance phenomenon within the transforming relational continuum aka the ‘Wavefield’ aka ‘the Tao’.  It is the appearance of a face IN the moon. NOT a face ON the moon, just as DUNING is  what the terrain is doing, rather than being something ‘on the terrain’.  What we are talking about here is the difference between FIGURE-and-GRUND-as-TWO (there are DUNES on the moon) and FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE (“the moon is duning”).

Since ‘DUNING’ is NONLOCAL, IMPLICIT and INEFFABLE, we can’t talk about “IT” because ‘it’ is  rippling in something else which is part of something else which is a feature within something else in the overall NONLOCAL transforming relational continuum.

What we CAN talk about is that which is LOCAL, EXPLICIT and EFFABLE, which characterizes our talk of DUNES as EXPLICIT LOCAL THINGS like ‘that DUNE over there by the olive grove’.  The WRINKLING  or DUNING that is one of the ways that TRANSFORMATION manifests is INEXTRICABLE from the overall TRANSFORMATION and thus if we were going to talk about it, we would have to talk about the ongoing TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM which is in continual flux which would be a never-ending EFFABLE-izing which is another way of saying ‘INEFFABLE’.

What we have here blocking our articulating of our Wave-field reality is the issue of; ‘The Incompleteness of all finite systems of logic’ (Geodel’s Theorem).

Once I use language in conjunction with visual SNAPSHOTTING to CHOP OUT a LOCAL SCENE such as the DUNE, I can supplement this with GRAMMAR and do the DOUBLE ERROR construction in which I notionally animate the CHOPPED OUT DUNE from the whole INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT resonance field constituting the transforming relational continuum.  The GRAMMAR-animated NAMING-instantiated thing-in-itself called ‘the DUNE’ delivers the needed ingredients for a LOCAL re-presentation of AT LEAST SOME VISUAL ASPECTS although NOT the sensory experience of inclusion within relational transformation along with the topographical transformato;  i.e. GONE from the visual representation is our sensory experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION and our sensory experience of  skin and clothing being whipped about and wrinkled in the relational resonances we find ourselves included in.  That ONE DUNE that we target with our snapshotting vision and/or with our snapshotting camera; i.e. “that DUNE” and “ITS movement” as it shifts past that big palm tree is SOMETHING WE CAN CAPTURE as if it were a LOCAL DEVELOPMENT as conveyed in the works; ‘the DUNE is growing higher and longer and is shifting across the ‘desert floor’ and past the tall date-balm.

Are we now content that we have succeeded in capturing a genuine, meaningful morsel of reality with our DOUBLE ERROR technique of NAMING and GRAMMAR?  Do DUNES really have their own powers of movement and growth?  Or is the TRANSFORMING relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’, the more basic REALITY?

It might be wise to keep in mind our answer to such questions since our short-cutting of reality with a language and grammar chopped-out portion where we substitute the LOCAL for the NONLOCAL could become very confusing if we drop from consciousness the greater reality of the transforming relational continuum and start thinking of the chopped out sub-reality as if it were ‘reality’.  We might get a ‘wake-up call’ akin to that of those dancing in the belly of the Titanic when the whole vessel shuddered as if something mumongous was grasping and shaking the whole vessel and silently but bodily informing us; …’NOW VEE DAHNCE!”/

Thus returns the NONLOCAL, IMPLICIT and INEFFABLE “REAL-REALITY” that we have expediently upstaged with a LOCAL, EXPLICIT and EFFABLE “PSEUDO-REALITY”.

In other words, it is wise to keep in mind, that while the REDUCTION-TO-EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT opens the way to sharing which is extremely useful, those DOUBLE ERROR based reconstructions of ‘the Tao’ are not the ‘true Tao’.   The interpreter of the REDUCED-to-EFFABLE pseudo-reality has to remember to make the intuitive leap BACK from the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT to the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.  Bohm’s point that the reduced-to-LOCAL representation of Lincoln’s death from the pistol-shot by James Wilkes Booth is a DOUBLE ERROR based language and grammar REDUCTION of the NONLOCAL to the LOCAL which facilitates the EFFABLE-izing of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT, an EFFABLIE-zing that is only good for sharing a CRUDE REDUCED REPRESENTATION of the INEFFABLE.

It’s up to our INTUITION to reconstitute the INEFFABLE or some approximation thereof, from the EFFABLE reduction.

OUR WESTERN CULTURE PITFALL is, as Emerson noted, that we are prone to ‘the tool running away with the workman, the human with the divine (the tool of EFFABLE-IZING running away with the INEFFABLE),  That is, the DOUBLE ERROR  reduction of the Wave-field DUNING to the DUNE is a general pattern which encompasses also the reduction of the Wave-field HUMANING to the HUMAN, seemingly reducing the NONLOCAL-and-INEFFABLE-and-IMPLICIT to the LOCAL-and-EFFABLE-and-EXPLICIT.

Our intellectual tool of LOGIC has to keep up with this changing of horses in midstream, also, so we have the two choices of LOGIC to use in our intellectual RE-presentations of REALITY ; i.e. the Quantum logic of understanding FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE by way of BOTH/AND  logic of the INCLUDED medium (wherein DUNING is ONE with the TRANSFORMING relational continuum) which is available to our intuitive intellection but NOT to our explicit language based constructions, … and then we have the ‘standard logic’ of understanding FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO by way of the EITHER/OR logic of the EXCLUDED medium (for example, DUNES and DESERT or, in general, INHABITANT and HABITAT are understood as TWO).

Where EAST has a preference for putting the BOTH/AND logic in primacy over the EITHER/OR logic in its conceptualizing of reality while the WEST has a preference for putting EITHER/OR logic first.

* * *

With these observations in hand, we can re-pick up on the focus of this discussion; The DOUBLE ERROR and XYZ LIVES MATTER

The DOUBLE ERROR is an expedient for effable-izing a poor copy of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.

While the DOUBLE ERROR delivers a pseudo-reality that is reduced to the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT, … using NAMING and GRAMMAR, this is NOT FIT TO BE TAKEN AND USED LITERALLY.  The DOUBLE ERROR reductions are only fit to be used for INFERRING the INEFFABLE. As Wittgenstein captures this;

6.54 My propositions are elucidatory in this way: he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he has climbed up on it.)

He must surmount these propositions; then he sees the world rightly.

7.0 Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

–Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

The language and grammar construction of ‘The DUNES are growing higher and longer and are shifting across the desert floor’, … are rational, explicit statements that are intended to stimulate in us, an intuitive leap to the beyond-local-and-explicit, RESONANCE PHENOMENON of DUNING, which, because it is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT is INEFFABLE.  I CAN capture, in language and grammar, a LOCAL PIECE OF THIS NONLOCAL RESONANCE PHENOMENON, using the DOUBLE ERROR chop-out-a-local-piece technique that delivers …. ‘the Dune is growing higher and longer and is shifting’ past the tall coconut palm.

BUT WHAT HAPPENED to the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT TRANSFORMATION?  Since it was INEFFABLE, it can’t SPEAK UP and vie for attention with the EFFABLE reduction to LOCAL and EXPLICIT because ‘it is not reducible to the EFFABLE, at least not to the EFFABLE that is in terms of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT.  Wittgenstein does suggest how the LOCAL and EXPLICIT can be used in a kind of poetic relational network to INDUCE in the listener an INTUITION of the INEFFABLE.  TRANSFORMATION as suggested by the emergence of a sea of DUNING may inspire us to think of our inclusion in an unending fluid realm, a transforming relational continuum.



The point of the above discussion is to remind ourselves that we use the DOUBLE ERROR reduction only as a tool to reduce the INEFFABLE to a reduced EFFABLE so that we can use language to at least share some semblance of our INEFFABLE experience. But the catch is that our REDUCTION OF THE INEFFABLE TO THE EFFABLE can only be by stimulating an INTUITIVE LEAP to reconstitute within our understanding, an inkling of the INEFFABLE personal sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  As recipients of these EFFABLE RE-presentations, we must use our intuition as means of putting these explicit inferences together (bringing them into connective confluence wherein we can tap the relational coherencies) to reconstitute within our intuiting psyche, the ineffable experience of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION.

These “LIGHTNING FLASHES” and “FIRE BURNS” DOUBLE ERRORS furnish us with LOCAL and EXPLICIT clues which infer the greater reality of NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT TRANSFORMATION, the greater reality that explicit language and grammar can only allude to.

‘FIRE BURNS’ and ‘LIVES MATTER’ and ‘COVID 19 KILLS’ are all exemplary of the DOUBLE ERROR which LOCALIZES what is inherently NONLOCAL; i.e. relational transformation.    The fact is that the reality of TRANSFORMATION that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT cannot be DIRECTLY REPRESENTED/ARTICULATED, it can only be INFERRED with language that is based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT.  In other words, LIVES X,Y and Z do not exist as LOCAL things-in-themselves.

In the reality of the transforming relational continuum (aka ‘the Wavefield’ aka ‘the Tao’), everything is related (‘mitakuye oyasin’) within the overall TRANSFORMATION.  If we say that FIRE BURNS and the burned area is ‘growing larger’, then that is an incomplete allusion to TRANFORMATION since the unburned area is at the same time ‘shrinking’.  We can’t realistically speak of GROWING the cultivated cropland without at the same time acknowledging the SHRINKING of the uncultivated Wilderness, the overall reality being TRANSFORMATION.  Cultivated land and Wilderness are ONE.  FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE.  INHABITANT AND HABITAT ARE ONE.




Only for the purposes of communication/sharing do we effable-ize the ineffable, with the unspoken understanding that the recipient will re’ineffable-ize the effable transmission (will intuit the relational understanding that lies beyond the explicit delivery and hides within interferential conference as in the modern physics ‘surprise version of the game of Twenty Questions’).  That is the message in Wittgensein’s proposition 6.54 cited above.

BUT problems arise where the effable-ization is received and regarded as LITERALLY INTENDED and for use as  the ‘operative reality’.

So, the BLACK LIVES MATTER initiative signals a real problem and that problem manifests on both a shallower and deeper level of understanding.

-1- The shallow level problem is that in our WESTERN CULTURE, we are NOT fairly crediting the different categories of LOCAL BEINGS with their SOURCING contributions (i.e. the DOUBLE ERROR based pseudo-reality).

-2- The deeper level problem is that in modern physics as in the EASTERN CULTURE, the concept of LOCAL BEINGS with GRAMMAR given powers of SOURCING actions and developments is NOT REALITY, but merely an expedient Wittgenstein ladder or intellectual means to render effable-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT, the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.

The problem in (1) is that the abstract DOUBLE-ERROR based concept of LOCAL SOURCING, which is only good for effable-izing the ineffable so that the recipient/listener must use intuition to reconstitute an understanding of the ineffable, is instead being taken, LITERALLY, as the ‘operative reality’.

Once one believes in the ‘reality’ of LOCAL SOURCING (the DOUBLE ERROR), the notion of rewards and recognition (and/or punishment and reproach) follow, as is the case in WESTERN CULTURE.

Thus the WESTERN WHITE or BLACK tends to believe, together with the majority of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, that the individual is not simply included in relational TRANSFORMATION but is himself/herself the SOURCE of actions and developments which may be worthy of rewards and recognition or punishment and reproach.  The sense of ‘entitlement’ to rewards and recognition and equitable treatment with others on this basis, follows.  Once one accepts these views, it then becomes a question of whether SOCIETY ‘delivers’ FAIRLY and EQUITABLY in the awarding of rewards and recognition (and/or punishing and reproach) across races and gender,a and where this is not seen to be the case, tensions and charges of unfairness may arise and persist.

WESTERN CULTURE WHITES may be seen as praising and rewarding themselves (they hold most power in this regard) disproportionately while WESTERN CULTURE BLACKS and minorities complain about being relatively short-changed on the rewards and recognition for positive actions and developments front and given excessive attribution, punishment and reproach for negative actions and developments.

Generally, BLACKS and indigenous aboriginals and females (distinguishing labels for relational forms in the one-flow) are treated as inferior performers in the LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.

HOWEVER, such a focus on SOURCING passes over the more basic issue of the non-reality of DOUBLE ERROR imputed sourcing.  That is, modern physics informs us that we live in a relational world where it is NOT POSSIBLE to establish a :LOCAL ’cause-and-effect’ ‘source’ of an action or development; For example;

“Bohm felt that an effect could have an infinite number of causes. For example, if you asked someone what caused Abraham Lincoln’s death, they might answer that it was the bullet in John Wilkes Booth’s gun. But a complete list of all the causes that contributed to Lincoln’s death would have to include all of the events that led to the development of the gun, all of the factors that caused Booth to want to kill Lincoln, all of the steps in the evolution of the human race that allowed for the development of a hand capable of holding a gun, and so on, and so on. Bohm conceded that most of the time one could ignore the vast cascade of causes that had led to any given effect, but he still felt it was important for scientists to remember that no single cause-and-effect relationship was ever really separate from the universe as a whole.” – Michael Talbot, ‘The Holographic Universe’.

The point is that there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments (it is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR), yet belief that such exists is foundational to the inflated EGO of WHITES and the troubled EGO of BLACKS.  The solution is NOT to upgrade the accrediting of SOURCING actions and developments to BLACKS (and females etc.), but to come to grips with the realty that SOURCING is the DOUBLE ERROR artifact of language and grammar used to render the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT as EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT to make language based communications possible.

The same problematic belief in LOCAL SOURCING as gives rise to the inflated ego of WHITES and to WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS in general, gives rise to the movement in NON-WHITE minorities that calls for upping their accrediting for LOCAL SOURCING of positive actions and developments.  What needs to go, instead, is the EGO based belief in the DOUBLE ERROR of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  This belief has no basis of support in modern physics indigenous aboriginal culture, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

The problem is NOT that BLACKS are accorded less credit for LOCAL SOURCING of positive actions and developments than WHITES and more credit for LOCAL SOURCING of negative actions and developments than WHITES, the problem is the BELIEF IN LOCAL SOURCING, the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.

* * *





 What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience.”  — R.D. Laing

This article discusses how our WESTERN CULTURE has cultivated a ‘normality’ that is BIPOLAR DISORDER based.  This comes about from our WESTERN CULTURE habit of ‘taking literally’, the DOUBLE ERROR based reduction to NAMING and GRAMMAR that is no more than an expedient for “effable-izing” the “ineffable-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT”, which is to say, to render it “effable-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT”.

While this effable-izing puts an “explicit face” on the nature of things, that face can never be more than a “Wittgenstein ladder” for facilitating an INTUITIVE LEAP to the ineffable reality that lies beyond language. Our WESTERN CULTURE error is, as Emerson points out, in letting “the tool run away with the workman, the human with the divine’ (i.e. “letting the effable-because-LOCAL run away with the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL”).

Modern physics, as well as indigenous aboriginal culture, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, reaffirm the natural primacy of the ineffable-because-NONLOCAL Wave-field aka ‘the Tao’.

For the sensitive person, WAKING UP to the realization that WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY” is psychological BIPOLAR DISORDER is not necessarily a ‘good thing’ since one ‘awakens’ within a sea of those for whom BIPOLAR DISORDER is the accepted normality which has been built into the WESTERN CULTURE and its systems of rewards and punishments etc., all of which is based on the DOUBLE ERROR based conceptualizing of reality which accepts the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT which we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have allowed to USURP the natural reality of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.

When the sensitive person WAKES UP to the realization that WESTERN CULTURE ‘NORMALITY’ is a BIPOLAR DISORDER, like the miner’s canary, and unlike the miner’s canary (she will experience the social collective’s response as ‘trying to help her ‘settle down’ in acceptance of the BIPOLAR DISORDERED ‘NORMAL” rather than helping her to convert to a re-inverted TRUE (as in NATURAL) NORMAL which would put her at adds with the BIPOLAR DISORDERED ‘NORMAL’ majority that includes her family and others she loves and has grown up with.  This is a DOUBLE BIND which can be the source of BIPOLAR DISORDER) as an ABNORMALITY rather than as the aberrant BIPOLAR NORMALITY as pointed to in the R.D. Laing quote.

The sensitive and loving child caught in this BIPOLAR-CULTURE ‘DOUBLE BIND’ wherein, as R.D. Laing observes(What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience.” ) may opt to ‘go along with the Bipolar Disorder that is the WESTERN CULTURE unnatural/aberrant ‘NORMAL’, in order live in harmony with those she loves.  Since this is a betrayal of the natural self, it is a difficult posture to maintain (it is the game of the miner’s canary wherein, while knowing the ambiance in the mine is toxic, must learn how to subsume this awareness and behave as if everything is fine in order to sustain being on good terms with the ‘majority’ who have adjusted to the ‘aberrrant normal’ (e.g. have adjusted to the BIPOLAR conservative-liberal mind-split).  This person, because she periodically succumbs to a wild ‘wing-flapping’ bout that is a natural symptom of being immersed in an aberrant environment, becomes a ‘symptom-bearer’ for the BIPOLAR-DISORDERED group.

The ‘Identified Patient’:

The term emerged from the work of the Bateson Project on family homeostasis, as a way of identifying a largely unconscious pattern of behavior whereby an excess of painful feelings in a family lead to one member being identified as the cause of all the difficulties – a scapegoating of the IP. 

The identified patient – also called the “symptom-bearer” or “presenting problem” – may display unexplainable emotional or physical symptoms, and is often the first person to seek help, perhaps at the request of the family. However, while family members will typically express concern over the IP’s problems, they may instinctively react to any improvement on the identified patient’s part by attempting to reinstate the status quo

This ‘reinstatement’ also occurs when the ‘identified patient’ spends time with empathic others like herself who are also locked up in a psychiatric ward.  This ‘cure’ is by way of replacing the aberrant ‘habitat’ with a natural, empathic ‘habitat’ rather than ‘fixing the inhabitant’.  The following is an extract from my conversation (inside a psychiatric hospital) with ‘Patty’, a ‘miner’s canary’, in the wake of her sixth suicide attempt which this time, had put her into a two week long coma.;

Every time, after a few weeks in here, they say I am cured. Sure I am cured, for living in a highly empathic society such as the psychiatric ward tends to be, but I am not cured for going back into society which is a rat race made even tougher by my being marked as a defect and a loser. See, this bus pass is marked ‘handicapped’. I tried to get off handicapped and go on ordinary welfare even though it was $300. less but they wouldn’t let me.” She also expressed the view that society was moving in the opposite direction of ‘more empathy’.

As mentioned in this regard in prior essays, the investigating of psychological disorder as if it derives from within the miner’s canary rather than from the aberrant environment is an approach which “HAS ITS LADDER UP THE WRONG WALL”.  This is reaffirmed by the research of Cochrane and Sashidharan among others;

From the outset it will be clear that most of the research in this field has followed the conventional epidemiological or medical paradigm by focusing on mental ill health as the dependent variable. It is, therefore, not surprising that there is a lack of empirically grounded research on mental well-being or the psychological resilience and survival of minority groups in this country” — R. Cochrane (University of Birmingham) and S. P. Sashidharan (North Birmingham Mental Health Trust) in ‘Mental Health and Ethnic Minorities’

That is, if the investigation orients to ‘what is wrong with this person?’, it is unlikely to deliver answers to the larger question of ‘what is wrong with us?’ (as a social-relational collective).  Jill Astbury raises the same question in ‘Crazy for You: The Making of Women’s Madness’ in her inquiry into the World Health Organization study showing that women have twice the incidence of ‘affective disorders’ (depression, bipolar disorder etc.) as men;

“The research stemming from this viewpoint had a systemic blindness. It could literally not see what it was doing, as the normative quality of its own presuppositions had made them invisible.” – Jill Astbury

It seems clear that the miner’s canary has no option of replacing the other occupants of the mine with those like herself who are aware that the problem stems from the aberrant “normality’ of the WESTERN CULTURE social collective.  In lieu of this, medicating herself as needed may be the only practical means of subduing her natural ‘miner’s canary’ disturbed/disturbing behavioural response to the BIPOLAR DISORDER that is innate in WESTEREN CULTURE “NORMALITY”.

* * *

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dear all,


I share these ideas, which may seem ‘crazy’ to many if not most of you (family and friends) as a kind of ‘whistle-blowing’ that could contribute in our quest to transform things in such a manner as to improve the social-environmental harmony for the soon-to-emerge ‘little ones still in the earth’.  Yes, this may sound a bit odd, but it doesn’t really differ from the understandings of those, whether scientists or religious persons, that believe they ‘have something’ which ‘could improve the world harmonies’ if embraced more generally. If one feels that they have come across such ideas/understandings as may contribute to improving the unfolding social-environmental harmonies, I think one would have to be a total cynic to not bother to try to share them.  Since I am not a total cynic,… voila this attempt at sharing.


Basically, what I am trying to share is the same suite of ideas as Bohm, Schroedinger, Nietzsche, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, have tried to share,  although my conveyancing approach may be a bit different from what I have myself seen and digested; i.e. in the following respect;


“Bees cull their several sweets from this flower and that blossom, here and there where they find them, but themselves afterward make the honey, which is all and purely their own, and no more thyme and marjoram: so the several fragments he borrows from others, he will transform and shuffle together to compile a work that shall be absolutely his own; that is to say, his judgment: his instruction, labor and study, tend to nothing else but to form that. He is not obliged to discover whence he got the materials that have assisted him, but only to produce what he has himself done with them.” — -Michel de Montaigne, 1533-1592  Of the Education of Children (1580) To Madame Diane de Foix, Comtesse de Gurson.


This note addresses BIPOLAR DISORDER, but not in the sense you may be thinking of BIPOLAR DISORDER.  That is, it is my experience that most people think of “BIPOLAR DISORDER” as something that ‘makes you ABNORMAL’ while my take is that BIPOLAR DISORDER is something that ‘makes you NORMAL in our (aberrant and UNNATURAL) WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic.


That is, BIPOLAR DISORDER, is in my view, WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY” as manifests in the ‘conservative’ – ‘liberal’ BIPOLAR split and as in the architecture of language and grammar (i.e. in the DOUBLE ERROR structure of WESTERN CULTURE propositions as in its use of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO separate things.   This is crazy by comparison with EASTERN CULTURE, and modern physics, wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE is the understanding.


However, what we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS CALL “BIPOLAR DISORDER” comes from the aberrant behaviour of those who are troubled by their experience of inclusion in our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic wherein BIPOLAR DISORDER IS THE INVISIBLE ACCEPTED NORM (surfacing as the conservative-liberal and other binary divisions).   As an example of what I am intending here, consider the sensitive ‘miner’s canary’ that senses that there is an ambient condition of TOXICITY in the mining operation and becomes ‘unbalanced’ by it, as may manifest by a lot of wing-flapping disturbance etc.   In the case of our WESTERN CULTURE response, the problem is assumed to lie within the canary, and the response of the collective, while coughing and choking but proudly (when the going gets tough, the tough get going) impervious to the toxicity that is building up in the space everyone shares occupancy in and observing the aberrant behaviour of the canary, reduces the situation to; … “POOR CANARY, … this CANARY has fallen ill and we must cure her illness!”


The CANARY may have tried to ‘put up with’ the TOXIC conditions in the mine but couldn’t hold it together because the toxic conditions in this case, ARE the pervasive BIPOLAR DISORDER which splits people into conservatives and liberals, for example (and much more; e.g. splits people into good people and evil people, productive people and lazy good-for-nothings etc.).   NOTE THAT, in modern physics, as also in indigenous aboriginal cultures, FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE which means that relational transformation is the dynamic, rather than FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO which opens up the BIPOLAR AMBIGUITY as to whether the FIGURE SOURCES changes to the GROUND or where the GROUND SOURCES changes to the FIGURE (recall the Zen koan of wind-and-flag; does the wind source the flapping of the flag or does the flapping of the flag source the wind?.   The answer to such questions is; THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOURCING.  The Wave-field reality is resonance based TRANSFORMATION.   Of course, THAT answer is the EASTERN CULTURE and modern physics ANSWER, while in our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMIC… WE SPLIT into BIPOLAR OPPOSITION on the basis of binary logic wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.


BUT HERE COMES THAT DAMNED BIPOLAR AMBIGUITY AGAIN!   Do continents drift or does the seafloor spread?  Does the man source the making of the times (conservative), or do the times source the making of the man (liberal).


WHY DON’T WE JUST ‘TAKE SIDES’ ACCORDING TO WHICH POLE of the BIPOLARITY APPEALS TO US?  (this usually leads to a close to 50/50 split.)


This split, into two POLAR opposites has no basis for resolution since it is innately ambiguous.  In this conservative-liberal BIPOLAR split we are not better and no worse than the people of Liliput and Blefescu in Gulliver’s Travels, that polarized against one and other on the ambiguous issue of whether a boiled egg should be opened from the roundy end or the pointy end.


WHILE THE WEST fumbles for an answer, THE EAST, and MODERN PHYSICS SAY: … REALITY is relational TRANSFORMATION and there is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments (the abstract notion of local SOURCING derives from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR; i.e. FIRE BURNS, LIGHTNING FLASHES).


So, natural reality is relational TRANSFORMATION (mitakuye oyasin) where there is only resonance and dissonance that comes in NONLOCAL waves.  To understand reality, instead, in BINARY TERMS aka BIPOLAR TERMS is the popular WESTERN CULTURE “BIPOLAR DISORDER”.  The miner’s canaries who try to embody both poles so as to mend the split and keep everything  together are the ones who suffer ‘schizophrenia’ ON THE LEVEL OF THE INDIVIDUAL, which happens when one throws oneself, mind-and-body’ into the task of healing a split and getting oneself split apart in the failed attempt to hold it all together..  Medication is often used when the canary can’t hold it together, to shift the mind back to the analytical function that deals with the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.


MEANWHILE, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS say nothing about the wholesale BIPOLAR DISORDER that divides whole communities into ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, both of which poles IGNORE TRANSFORMATION and instead divide into polarized camps on the issue of whether it is the INDIVIDUAL that is the most basic SOURCE of human social dynamics (conservative) or the COLLECTIVE (liberal).  Both of these options put the LOCAL, EFFABLE and EXPLICIT into an unnatural primacy over the NONLOCAL, INEFFABLE and IMPLICIT.


Modern physics would argue that the EASTERN and indigenous aboriginal cultures are correct in regarding the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT Wave-field reality in precedence, which gives rise to a stable psyche.  That is, the problem of BIPOLAR DISORDER comes when one tries to put the EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT into an unnatural primacy over the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL-and-IMPLICIT.  This amounts to putting the BINARY SPLIT of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO into an unnatural precedence over FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE.


The above gives ‘the basics’ of ‘the problem’ of WESTERN CULTURE BIPOLAR DISORDER.   Since the BIPOLAR SPLITTING of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO is the prevailing (ABERRANT) NORMAL in WESTERN CULTURE, (an aberrance that is called to our attention by R.C. Laing’s above-cited comment), we have EMBEDDED the BIPOLAR DISORDER into WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY”.


BLACK LIVES MATTER brings this BIPOLAR DISORDER to the surface.  How that occurs is the subject of the attached note and the essay it points to.


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p.s.  The excerpt in the FOOTNOTE (above) gives an abbreviated  read that shares the core content of the full note.