FORWARD: This account of the PHANTOM CONCEPT of the PATHOGEN is bound up in the psychological games induced in our psyche by language and grammar.  Chief amongst the tricksters, for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, is BINARY LOGIC which we invoke by our manner of using language.  A primary example is where we invoke the notion of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development by means of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR (pointed out by Nietzsche).  This DOUBLE ERROR plays the foundational role in BINARY LOGIC.  For example, imagine that there is a long ant-like queue of climbers ascending the flanks of Mount Everest on their way to reaching the summit.  When the summit is ‘socked in’ by clouds, the flow of climbers ‘backs up’ and the base-camps GROW large, and when the sun shines, the climbers continue on to the summit and then descend and depart.  As the flow continues, the base-camps once again shrink.

Our language based formulations typically employ this kind of binary logical foundation as in GROWTH and REDUCTION, and such abstraction has become ‘invisible’ and ‘taken for granted’ so that, for example, we speak of ‘the base camps ‘growing’ and ‘shrinking’ in size. BUT DO BASE-CAMPS REALLY “GROW” and “SHRINK”?   THAT IS, ARE THEY THE AUTHORS OF THEIR OWN GROWING AND SHRINKING?  EVIDENTLY NOT!

The ON and OFF cloud cover serves as a GATING influence that alternatively shuts down (and ‘backs up the flow) and re-opens (and re-establishes) the flow of climbers to the summit, therefore we cannot impute the GROWTH or SHRINKING of the base-camps TO THE BASE CAMPS, but that is exactly what the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR has us doing, so that IT SOUNDS LIKE the BASE-CAMP-IS-THE-AUTHOR-OF-ITS-OWN-GROWTH-and-SHRINKAGE.

Such is the straight-forward message we put into words and grammar and it is a BINARY LOGIC based (EITHER IS GROWING OR IS NOT GROWING) message which implies LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development.  BUT IN REALITY, as in an amplifier circuit, the atmosphere is a THIRD PARTY in the game, that GATES the flow of climbers that we DO NOT MENTION when we speak in terms of the GROWTH and SHRINKAGE of the base camps in terms that implicitly credit the CAMPS with their own powers of GROWTH or SHRINKING.  That is, our VISUAL FOCUS is on the CAMPS as if they are THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES with their own POWERS of GROWING and/or SHRINKING because this is something EXPLICIT THAT WE CAN VISUALLY OBSERVE.  So with our standard language usage, we CREDIT the base-camp with GROWTH or SHRINKAGE without mention of the OVER-RIDING GATING ROLE of the varying atmospheric dynamic which alternates between opening and closing down the flow of climbers.  This GATING is NONLOCAL and IS NOT IN THE PICTURE when we are focused on the camps ‘themselves’ and it is only this SECONDARY VISUAL EFFECT in the changing size of the camps that suggests LOCAL GROWTH or SHRINKAGE of the camps (in reality, everything is in flux).

TO CREDIT THE BASE-CAMP with its own LOCAL POWER to GROW or SHRINK is what our language and grammar constructs do which is a BINARY reduction from the THREE-COMPONENT REALITY (which includes the atmospheric gating action).

It is SIMPLER for us to visually observe the movements into and out of the base-camps and capture these in the simple terms of the GROWTH and SHRINKAGE of the base-camps as if the BASE-CAMPS were the LOCAL AUTHORS of “their own growth or shrinkage”.

The “REAL” REALITY is NONLOCALITY which is not directly and explicitly VISIBLE and it is without LOCAL VISUAL PICTURABLE content.  This NONLOCAL REALITY gives us nothing that is capturable in EXPLICIT language.  BUT, just as the drunk searches for the watch he lost on the dark stretch of road under the streetlight “because the search conditions are better there”, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS employ representations of a reality that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, in terms that are LOCAL and EXPLICIT because the latter re more easily VISUALIZED and ARTICULATED.

As Johannes Kepler observed in regard to such simplification-enabled language capture of complex phenomena, we school ourselves to use such reductions of reality, not because they are ‘more true’ but because they are ‘more easy’ to share;

“As regards the academies, they are established in order to regulate the studies of the pupils and are concerned not to have the program of teaching change very often: in such places, because it is a question of the progress of the students, it frequently happens that the things which have to be chosen are not those which are most true but those which are most easy. And by that division in things which makes different people form different judgements, it so happens that certain people are in error contrary to their own opinion.” – Johannes Kepler, ‘Harmonies of the World’

THE PATHOGEN is a case in point, and it is a very important ‘unreal binary logical simplification’ responsible for the confusing of the WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT mind-based modeling of “reality”.  For example, we are obliged by the symmetry of binary logic, once our EGO invents the abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING of BENEFICIAL actions and developments, to admit to the LOCAL SOURCING of DETRIMENTAL ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, even though THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “LOCAL SOURCING” (it is an intellectual abstraction deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR).

The ABSTRACT (UNREAL) CONCEPT OF “PATHOGEN” has come to play a foundational role in WESTERN MEDICAL-CONCEPTUAL and FORENSIC REPRESENTATION.  Hence the ABERRANT quest to ELIMINATE PATHOGENS is pervasive within the SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which blocks us from understanding based on relational transformation, by inserting in its place the surrogate BINARY reality featuring the interplay of BENOGENS (sourcerers of BENEFICIAL actions and developments and PATHOGENS (sourcerers of MALICIOUS actions and developments).

IN SUM: “PATHOGENS ARE UNREAL ABSTRACTION” that have us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ’tilting at windmills’, and distracting us from the real world challenge of cultivating and sustaining relational balance and harmony.

* * *  End of Forward * * *




We continue to be in the hey-day of the abstract and UNREAL PATHOGEN concept with the COVID 19 Pandemic.  THE VOICES OF TRUSTED AUTHORITIES on the topic of PATHOGENS such as Dr. Anthony Fauci orchestrate our actions in defending ourselves (immunizing ourselves) against the attacking COVID 19 PATHOGEN and its emerging variants.


WAIT A MINUTE!  There is no such thing as a “PATHOGEN”, but there is relational imbalance


The confusing of relational imbalance for ‘the attack of a PATHOGEN’ is peculiar to us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ever since Aeculapian medicine took over from Hygeian medicine in the WEST, and that’s why stuff like the following is going on;


The U.S. penal population of 2.2 million adults is by far the largest in the world. ”Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons. The U.S. rate of incarceration, with nearly 1 out of every 100 adults in prison or jail, is 5 to 10 times higher than the rates in Western Europe and other democracies.  — The Growth of Incarceration in the United States 


The point is that THE REAL REALITY is that we live in a relational world and when things GET OUT OF BALANCE’, and people are ‘getting hurt’, we call that ‘the ATTACK OF PATHOGENS’ when it is, in reality, relational imbalance.


The ‘brouble-makers’ who rally together under the banner BLACK LIVES MATTER who cause riots and burning of buildings etc. may be called PATHOGENS but such uprising derives from relational imbalance.


We have all heard of the SO-CALLED “PATHOGEN” c. difficile, but beneath all that pathogen hoopla is the reality that c.difficile is a mild-mannered bacterium that explodes in population and becomes disproportionately representative within the human microbiome WHEN the flora in the gut become thrown out of balance by the administering of anti-biotics.  In other words, c. difficile is NOT a PATHOGEN but its disproportionate presence in the gut is the result of the gut flora being thrown OUT OF ITS NATURAL RELATIONAL BALANCE by the administering of anti-biotics, perhaps as a precautionary measure during minor surgery, … the result being the DEATH of the patient by acute colitis associated with the blow-up of c.difficile population.  C. difficile is NOT a PATHOGEN that is ATTACKING the body.  The problem is the full spectrum of microbial strains that sustained a natural dynamic equilibrium were decimated by an antibiotic and many strains that contributed to the overall balance in the gut went missing so that c. difficile expanded into the vacated ‘niches’.


The natural remedy is Fecal Microbiota Transplantation or FMT but WESTERN MEDICINE continues to see the colitis as being due to the ATTACK OF THE PATHOGEN c. difficile and to fight it with anti-biotics, often to the point of the patient dying.  The problem with FMT is that it is just too NON-WESTERN MEDICINE.  Western medicine is in the game of DEFENDING AGAINST PATHOGENS, and COVID 19 is, to WESTERN MEDICINE, NO EXCEPTION.


Why would intelligent folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to get hung up on the over-simplistic ANTI-PATHOGEN model of WESTERN MEDICINE?  Why would the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES preside over the current situation wherein; … The U.S. rate of incarceration, with nearly 1 out of every 100 adults in prison or jail, is 5 to 10 times higher than the rates in Western Europe and other democracies.


One might as well ask why Newtonian physics is still the popular way of understanding physical dynamics even though we now have MODERN PHYSICS which would have us understand dynamics in RELATIONAL terms, and even now that WESTERN PHYSICISTS have shown that the relational understanding of reality of MODERN PHYSICS supports the EASTERN reality view; i.e. the reality of indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta wherein all developments are NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) and THERE IS NO LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS; i.e. THERE ARE NO PATHOGENS.




* * *


To get a reading on why ANTHONY FAUCHI is so bullet-proof to critique, we might want to re-read the story of the Doctor who discovered that DOCTORS were infecting pregnant women and killing them and their babies and tried to directly ‘sound the alarm’ (the story is appended at the end of this comment).  But what if FAUCHI has his ladder up the wrong wall?  What if the ‘immunization against pathogens’ is ‘the wrong wall’?  As in the article on the massive U.S. Penal population, what if social relational imbalance is the root source of so-called PATHOGEN GROWTH?   And likewise, what if the malady called COVID 19 is a RELATIONAL IMBALANCE based malady, and the proliferation of what we identify as COVID 19 is the RESULT of the imbalance rather than the PATHOGENIC CAUSE of the imbalance?


As Pasteur offered while on his deathbed, conceding to the ideas of Antoine Béchamp and Claude Bernard, ‘le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’,[‘the individual microbe is nothing, the relational dynamic of the microbial collective is everything] meaning that what he had previously identified as the ‘malicious causal agent’ (the bacterium responsible for the illness) was simply the ‘result’ of the innately relational system of health ‘falling out of dynamical balance’ and offering resonant (selective) opportunities to microbial participants that were, in the healthy state, participating within a relationally balanced overall system dynamic.  

Claude Bernard was a well-known contemporary of Pasteur’s in the French medical establishment who was ‘ahead of his time’ in that he was already using a ‘modern physics’ based interpretation in medicine.  Germ theory (PATHOGEN THEORY) has of course SET BACK WESTERN MEDICINE and preserved the EAST-WEST RIFT in understanding the basic dynamics of nature with the EAST’s views in basic philosophical outlook now being acknowledged as conformant with the Modern physics view.


Meanwhile, the views of the prevailing WESTERN SCIENCE AUTHORITIES or POLICE AND PRISON AUTHORITIES are naturally continuing to develop approaches that are conformant with the PATHOGEN model as in the current response to COVID 19.


As with the situation in WESTERN CRIMINAL JUSTICE, the focus on eliminating PATHOGENS is the most DIRECT and IMMEDIATE path to ‘relief’, however, the CATCH 22 is that the elimination of PATHOGENS does not get to the ROOT SOURCE ISSUE of RELATIONAL IMBALANCE and may, in fact, exacerbate it.   The RESULT IS:








But, lets face the facts, … the belief in PATHOGENS is the belief in LOCAL SOURCING AGENTS and if one believes in GOOD LOCAL SOURCING AGENTS then one is bound by common binary logic to believe in BAD LOCAL SOURCING AGENTS aka “PATHOGENS”.  So, the FACTS ARE that in order for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS to drop our belief in PATHOGENS and accept that relational imbalance is the REALITY, logical consistency would require us to likewise drop our belief in LOCAL SOURCING OF BENEFICIAL ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, which, in our WESTERN CULTURE, is a major basis for establishing a social pecking order featuring elevated attributions of respect, reward and empowerment.


In EASTERN CULTURES such as the indigenous aboriginal culture, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, THERE IS NO ASSUMPTION OF LOCAL SOURCING OF EITHER GOOD OR BAD ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, the unfolding dynamic is understood to be NONLOCAL  That’s the reason for the POTLATCH and other such customs which acknowledge the basic NONLOCALITY of dynamics, as also affirmed in modern physics.


BELIEF in LOCAL SOURCING (aka SORCERY) is alive and well among us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS and this is at the base of belief in PATHOGENS such as CRIMINALS and COVID 19.  Sure we can ‘put a face on criminals such as Robin Hood and Jean Valjean who ‘emerged out of the woodwork’ when things got really OUT OF BALANCE, and we called the PATHOGENS because of what Nietzsche points out is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR where we say things like LIGHTNING FLASHES and FIRE BURNS.


This is HELLISH CONVENIENT as far as language-based expression goes, because the REAL REALITY is NONLOCAL RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION (the Wave-field dynamic) which is INEFFABLE because it is NONLOCAL.




We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are locked into belief in PATHOGENS by ‘high switching costs’ since the attribution of LOCAL SOURCING OF GOOD ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS comes packaged together, in our language, with the LOCAL SOURCING OF BAD ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS and our most authoritative and well-respected people, in WESTERN SOCIETY gain much status and influence and respect and recognition, NOT as the agents of NONLOCAL relational harmony as in EASTERN society, but as the LOCAL SORCERERS OF BENEFICIAL ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS which could be oil production or agricultural production or ‘economic growth’ and other stuff that screws up the Wilderness in a manner that an indigenous aboriginal elder would never dream of doing, and which is haunted in the background by the greater reality of TRANSFORMATION of the Wilderness.  TRANSFORMATION is the greater reality but we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS can’t speak of it while we’ve got a mouthful of GROWTH and PRODUCTION because TRANSFORMATION lives in a DIFFERENT REALITY than the REALITY that features GROWTH and PRODUCTION.    You can see the LOCAL EXPLICIT GROWTH of piles of lumber, but the bare spots dotting the once uniformly forested landscape are NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT in that the speak of the TRANSFORMATION of the LANDSCAPE.  When we read the WOOD PRODUCTS production figures, there is no footnote saying, “in reality, what is going on here is the transformation of the LANDSCAPE wherein many forest creatures are being deprived of their natural habitat for living and raising their offspring.


GROWTH and PRODUCTION are WESTERN CULTURE ABSTRACTIONS that popularly regarded as REAL, although NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION is the REAL REALITY while GROWTH and PRODUCTION can only occur in a SUBSTITUTE REALITY  based on, as Nietzsche points out, the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR where we can say GROWTH based things like; ‘The farmers doubled the area of land under cultivation’.


Do you see any mention of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION which includes the SHRINKAGE of Wilderness?  NO!  Because GROWTH and PRODUCTION are MALE terms that drop out the FEMALE accommodating of the land (the holes that are left by what is taken in ‘growth’ and ‘production’), yet TRANSFORMATION is the REAL REALITY and it includes the combination of the growth of piles of products and the opening of deeper holes in the LANDSCAPE.   WE DON’T SPEAK OF TRANSFORMATION because it is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational) and thus INEFFABLE.  GROWTH and PRODUCTION are LOCAL and EXPLICIT and thus EFFABLE.


Ok, this may have seemed to wander from the topic of COVID 19, but the EAST-WEST trade-off between the EAST’s relational balance and the WEST’s sorcery of pathogenic or beneficial actions and developments permeates our everyday reality.


And, yes, I do support the Police and Dr. Fauci in their respective anti-pathogen undertakings and I will get the COVID 19 immunization shot if I get the chance because that makes sense in the context of HOW THE SOCIAL SYSTEM WORKS AT THE MOMENT, but I have also worked for restorative justice and continue to write on these topics coming from the same philosophical understandings (as it appears to me) as Bohm and Nietzsche, .. understandings which, in my view, need to supersede the current archaic WESTERN CULTURE AESCULAPIAN ANTI-PATHOGEN orientation.


And yes, I do believe that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are currently digging ourselves into a deepening hole due to our belief in the PATHOGEN model.  WE ARE OUT OF BALANCE WITH NATURE, THAT IS THE PROBLEM, THE SOLUTION IS RESTORING THE NATURAL BALANCE.


* * *




REFERENCE: Royal Society of Medicine Article: (illustrating how good people with the best intentions who do much good work can nevertheless ‘have the ladder up the wrong wall’).


Ignaz Phillip Semmelweis

From the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine:

Many men have been endowed with clear intellects and hearts full of love for their fellow men, with the enthusiasm of humanity, and they have been enabled to achieve some signal service for the human race in their day and generation; but in the whole history of medicine there is only one Semmelweis in the magnitude of his services to Mankind, and in the depths of his sufferings from contemporary jealous stupidity and ingratitude.

The year is 1846. The scene is the Viennese General Hospital, the largest of its kind in the world. Semmelweis gets a job as obstetrical assistant.

Semmelweis notices that three times as many women are dying at the hands of the medical students than at the hands of the midwifery students from puerperal fever, commonly known at the time as, “the black death of the childbed.” “In the medical school division the mortality from puerperal fever was so terrifying that this division became notorious,” Semmelweis describes. “There were heart rendering scenes when [pregnant] patients knelt down, wringing their hands, to beg for a transfer [to the midwifery division]….”

Why the discrepancy? The food and ventilation was the same in both divisions. If anything, surgical skill was better in the medical school and overcrowding less. The idea at the time was that the excess mortality was due to the emotional strain of being examined by male students, since the midwives were all female. So the elders of the Medical School met in council and proceeded to exclude the foreign students from the hospital on the ground that they were, “rougher in their examination than the Viennese.” Death rates didn’t change.

Before Lister, before Pasteur, Semmelweis made the connection between the autopsies the medical students were doing and the, “examining finger which introduces the cadaveric particles.” In May 1847 he required every medical student to wash his hands with a chlorine solution before making an examination and the death rate plummeted. For the first time in the history of the Vienna Hospital, the mortality rate at the medical school fell below that of the school of midwives.

Publish and Perish

Knighted, no doubt, for the discovery of the century? Hardly. Historians believe his doctrine was unpalatable to colleagues since it implied that the obstetricians were the cause of death. He shared this knowledge with his superiors. From the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine: “The suggestion was unheard of! Indeed, it was sheer impertinence to suggest that the Accoucheur to the Imperial household should carry contagion upon his hands.” Semmelweis was summarily dismissed.

So he lectured, he wrote papers; he continued to be ridiculed. Doctors regarded antisepsis as a poor joke. His successor in Vienna publicly stated that the doctrine was, “discredited and universally rejected.” Semmelweis wrote a book, The Cause, Nature, and Prevention of Puerperal Fever, expecting it to save thousands of lives, but it was ignored.

So he turned from academics to polemics. He started to publish open letters to midwifery professors. “Your teaching… is based on the dead bodies of… women slaughtered through ignorance. If… you continue to teach your students and midwives that puerperal fever is an ordinary epidemic disease, I proclaim you before God and the world to be an assassin….”

By the summer of 1865 he had taken to the streets of Budapest thrusting circulars into the hands of startled pedestrians. “The peril of childbed fever menaces your life! Beware of doctors for they will kill you…. Unless everything that touches you is washed with soap and water and then chlorine solution, you will die and your child with you!”

Semmelweis, at the age of 47, the father of three young children was committed to an insane asylum in Vienna. He attempted to escape, but was forcibly restrained by several guards, secured in a straight jacket, and confined in a darkened cell. The asylum guards beat him severely.

Quoting from the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, “He was not in the asylum for long. Thirteen days after admission he was dead.” From the autopsy report: “It is obvious that these horrible injuries were… the consequences of brutal beating, tying down, trampling underfoot.”

* * *



Modern physics with its relational understanding of reality, has exposed concepts such as that of the PATHOGEN (e.g. COVID 19) as PHANTOMS that do not exist in reality.

That is, modern physics’ understanding of REALITY, which is also the understanding of reality in indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, is that we are relational forms within an all-including transforming relational continuum.

If COVID 19 is a PHANTOM, what then is the REALITY?

In an understanding of reality in purely relational terms, where we were formerly seeing STRIFE and COOPERATION as in the INTER-ACTION among separate FIGURES where FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO, we  instead understand reality as RELATIONAL DISSONANCE and HARMONY wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE.

EVERYTHING IS RELATIONS BASED in reality as understood in Modern physics and this means that all dynamics are NONLOCAL and there are no LOCAL DYNAMICS.  We can’t REALLY separate the DUNE from the transforming relational continuum (the universe as a whole) but the “DOUBLE ERROR” of NAMING and GRAMMAR make it seem as if ‘the DUNE’ is a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF, notionally with “ITS OWN” (grammar-given) powers of SOURCING actions and developments.  One could also word this embrace of NONLOCALITY (and implicit rejection of LOCALITY), in the terms that reality is a purely relational Wave-field which manifests as relational forms within the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.

As we know from our folklore, when things get out of relational balance, natural balance-restoring activities are induced, as is evident in such stories as those of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean.  This balance-restoring agency that draws in Robin Hood and Jean Valjean is first and foremost a relational dynamic that is INDUCED by rising imbalance (e.g. where some children are starving while others are living in abundance).  Before we start putting NAME labels on the ‘AGENTS of equalization’ such as Robin Hood and Jean Valjean, we have the relational dynamics of imbalance and rebalancing that manifest as dissonance which invites resonance-restoring intervention.  While the PROBLEM and SOLUTION are relational in essence, we describe rebalancing actions in such terms as the diverting of the flow of essential resources from regions of excess to regions of deficiency.

Those who are the embodiment of this flow that diverts from regions of excess to regions of deficiency are commonly termed ROBBERS or CRIMINALS or PATHOGENS and INSTEAD of acknowledging what is going on as TRANSFORMATION in which there is a FEMALE inductive balance-restoring pull and a corresponding MALE assertive fill-fulling dynamic, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS capture in language, ONLY the MALE assertive side of this DUALITY, as we are prepared to accept any and all extremes of UNBALANCING that comes with the rational-intellectual reasoning that, for example, the boss deserves 1000 times greater rewards for his part in the social-dynamic than the ‘simple worker’.

The DOUBLE ERROR based concept of LOCAL SOURCING that appears to be a grammatical NUANCE that facilitates an EFFABLE-izing of the INEFFABLE-because-NONLOCAL reality, evidently brings with it some profound CONFUSIONS in the social-relational dynamic.

That is, we capture in language only the MALE assertive aspect, as for example in the ratio-nal statement; ‘the Cultivated land area is GROWING’.  The reciprocal FEMALE ‘giving way’ or SHRINKING of the Wilderness GOES WITHOUT MENTION and is relegated to the darkness of the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT while the MALE GROWTH is spotlighted as the LOCAL and EXPLICIT.   Our mental and even photographic pictures of the GROWTH of our WESTERN monoculture agriculture such as the enlarging expanses of areas planted with wheat are LOCAL and EXPLICIT while the reciprocal FEMALE accommodative SWALLOWING of this GROWTH by the Wilderness is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT.

When the indigenous aboriginal stands on the hill overlooking the broad landscape, side-by-side with the European colonizer, the former sees the fields of wheat as a monoculture-tragedy in its brutal displacing of natural diversity through poisoning and uprooting employed to ‘make way’ for the invasive monoculture.  The European colonizer, on the other hand, rejoices and celebrates the GROWTH of the monoculture that has now spread like a uniform carpet over hill and vale, suffocating the natural diversity that was born in the service of cultivating relational balance, and feeding on its rotting remains.

It would be oversimplification to speak of what is going on here in the simplistic terms of the GROWTH of cultivated land, as if all of the value lies in our MALE assertive actions and developments that we describe in the one-sided terms of the GROWTH of PRODUCTION of grain, but it is our WESTERN CULTURE habit to speak in terms of GROWTH and PRODUCTION, and in so doing, we obscure and paste WORD WALLPAPER over the REAL REALITY of TRANSFORMATION which includes both the loss of diversity and the paving of the landscape with humanist monocultural development.  The RATIO based concept of GROWTH fails to capture this expansion of monocultural specialization for multicultural diversity that constitutes TRANSFORMATION.  It is the VALUES of the WESTERN CULTURE OBSERVER that support the reduction of what is inherently TRANSFORMATION to what can be captured in the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR as ‘the GROWTH of cultivated land’.  HERE, the SILENCE is DEAFENING in that the abstract concept of GROWTH has STOLEN THE SPOTLIGHT and the MICROPHONE while the REALITY of TRANSFORMATION is shunted off into the silence of the shadows.

GROWTH is only the MALE aspect of TRANSFORMATION and GROWTH is something LOCAL and EXPLICITLY PICTURABLE while the FEMALE aspect of TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL and IMPLICITLY PICTURABLE.  WE only notice the loss of Wilderness when it’s gone because of its essentially NONLOCAL nature (as Joni Mitschell sings, ‘We don’t know what we’ve

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
They paved paradise, put up a parking lot

There is philosophical depth here in that our concepts of LOCAL GROWTH and PRODUCTION are superficial abstractions that wallpaper over the reality of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.   TRANSFORMATION is of a complex conjugate nature as inferred by the term ‘coniunctio oppositorum’, and as suggested by the Tai-Chi (yin/yang) symbol and the Ouroborus, the snake in a circular tail swallowing symbol.  TRANSFORMATION moves us beyond the TWO-BODY dynamics of Newtonian physics to the THREE-BODY dynamics of Modern physics,  In the example of the climbers streaming up the flanks of Mount Everest on their way to the summit, their base camps GROW and SHRINK in synch with the arrival and departure of cloudiness at the summit.

If we say THE CAMP IS GROWING, this implies a LOCAL phenomenon, but this phenomenon is inherently NONLOCAL and involves the TRANSFORMING atmosphere and the system of sun and planets; i.e. “THE CAMP” is NOT the SOURCE of its own GROWING as the DOUBLE ERROR constructions of NAMING and GRAMMAR would make it appear.  Instead, the LANDSCAPE is TRANSFORMING and this includes the flow of people included withing the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.  “GROWTH” is thus exposed as REDUCTIVE ABSTRACTION.

TRANSFORMATION is the REALITY and it is NONLOCAL while GROWTH is the abstraction of ratiocinative intellection and it is LOCAL.

There is NO LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF THAT IS GROWING in the reality of our sensory experience; i.e. there is no TOWN that is GROWING and there is no HUMAN that is GROWING and there is no PRODUCTION FACILITY that is GROWING. If we are looking at PICTURES of a TOWN in a time succession, the reality is that a TOWN can’t step into the same TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE TWICE because it is NOT the same TOWN and it is not the same LANDSCAPE since EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX.

That is; GROWTH is UNREAL but EFFABLE ABSTRACTION based on that which is notionally LOCAL and EXPLICIT, while TRANSFORMATION is reality that is, meanwhile, INEFFABLE-because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT. The GROWTH of the cultivated land and the conjugate SHRINKING Of the Wilderness jointly INFER, in their conjugate union, the reality of TRANSFORMATION that lies beyond their TWO PART (complex conjugate) INFERENCE..

In SUM, … “GROWTH” is a RATIONAL CONCEPT which we ‘trade in’ in our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic as REAL, however, what is REALLY real is TRANSFORMATION and we can’t capture that in finite language-based articulations since TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT.

This is NOT JUST a PHILOSOPHICAL issue, it is a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue since we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of talking about, and behaving as if, LOCAL GROWTH were REAL.  If we were living on a flat plane of infinite extent, THEN there could be GROWTH of an area on that plane, but that is unreal abstraction, and in living as we are in a spherical space as our sensory experience affirms, there is only TRANSFORMATION and NO GROWTH.

BUT OF COURSE, WE CAN USE LANGUAGE TO FORMULATE REPRESENTATIONS OF A SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein GROWTH is REAL.  This would have to be a FLAT-SPACE SUBSTITUTE REALITY since CURVED SPACE only supports TRANSFORMATION as where, when the area of cultivated land increases, there is a conjugate shrinkage of the Wilderness Land.

If we speak in terms of GROWTH as if that were REAL, we place ourselves within a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where we can go on and talk about PRODUCTION as if THAT were REAL.  When we bring in a monetary system, we can then give ourselves proportionate rewards for GROWTH and PRODUCTION.  Meanwhile, the REAL REALITY of TRANSFORMATION is left like a loose sheet on a sail, flapping in the breeze. Since TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, we do not see it because our WESTERN CULTURE NORM is to build our representations of reality from the LOCAL and EXPLICIT using the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  Once we start speaking in ABSTRACT, LOCAL terms such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’, we have CAST ASIDE the REAL, NONLOCAL REALITY wherein the LANDSCAPE IS TRANSFORMING which includes within it IMPLICITLY, the relational dynamic of TOWNING.


THE POINT IS THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK ABOUT THE WAVE-FIELD, THE REAL WORLD OF OUR SENSORY EXPERIENCE, BECAUSE IT IS NONLOCAL AND IMPLICIT “IT IS TRANSFORMATION”, … AND I DO NOT MEAN “IT IS TRANSFORMING” BECAUSE THAT WOULD GIVE IT ‘IT-HOOD’ OR ‘THING-IN-ITSELF-HOOD’.  The indigenous aboriginal words for reality such as imply ‘THE GREAT HARMONY’ stop short of conferring THINGHOOD on reality, as is also the case with the Wave-field understanding.  There is no “WORLD THAT IS TRANSFORMING”, there is only ‘THE TRANSFORMING” aka ‘the GREAT HARMONY’  which is all-including.  It is also known as ‘the Wave-field’ and as ‘the Tao’..

The abstract concept of the PATHOGEN such as COVID 19 is INCOMPATIBLE with the Wave-field understanding of reality.  In the relational reality of our sensory experience, we have relational formings and we have harmony and dissonance in the relational dynamics.

PATHOGENS are said to be LOCAL things-in-themselves with their own powers of LOCAL SOURCING of destructive actions and developments, but that has been shown by Nietzsche to be abstraction arising from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  In the relational reality of our sensory experience, there is only the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT which is the stuff of our sensory experience that eludes capture in LOCAL and EXPLICIT terms.  That is why we construct SUBSTITUTE REALITIES that are EFFABLE-because-LOCAL and EXPLICIT.

ELIMINATING PATHOGENS IS PROBLEMATIC BECAUSE PATHOGENS ARE NOT REAL, they are the artifact of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  As with the double error ‘Lightning Flashes’, so also with the double error PATHOGENS KILL or CRIMINALS INJURE’.  This DOUBLE ERROR instantiates the abstraction of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and development.  There is no such thing as LOCAL SOURCING in the transforming relational continuum, but there is relational dissonance as well as relational harmony.

The U.S. penal population of 2.2 million adults is by far the largest in the world. ”Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons. The U.S. rate of incarceration, with nearly 1 out of every 100 adults in prison or jail, is 5 to 10 times higher than the rates in Western Europe and other democracies.  — The Growth of Incarceration in the United States 

In general, relational dissonance proceeds from relational imbalance, NOT from the interior of a notional THING-IN-ITSELF with its own notional powers of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments.  Such abstraction is promoted by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which is the mother of notional  LOCAL SOURCING of BOTH CONSTRUCTIVE actions and developments and DESTRUCTIVE actions and developments.  These are SUBSTITUTE REALITY REPRESENTATIONS; they are not the reality of our sensory experience which informs us of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

PATHOGENS, whether CRIMINALS or VIRUSES SUCH AS COVID 19, are PHANTOM FORMS given identity by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which make it appear as if they are the LOCAL SOURCE of (undesirable) actions and developments. We can put Robin Hood and Jean Valjean on posters labeling them as PATHOGENS, just as we can put COVID 19 on a poster and label it a PATHOGEN, but IN REALITY, we live in a world of relations and emergent events have long relational roots.  That is Bohm uses the example of the death of Lincoln and instead of using the simple DOUBLE ERROR construct of Jame Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln, makes the point that there is an unfolding continuum of relational dynamics including the invention of gunpowder that are the basis of the unfolding reality.  The simplicity of language that identifies the PATHOGEN is ARTIFICIAL, deriving from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  REALITY is far more complex than such language-fabricated abstract DOUBLE ERROR based LOCAL, EXPLICIT ‘EVENTS’ such as ‘The TOWN grew larger and more populous and productive’, and ‘Booth shot and killed Lincoln’.  The TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE is INTRINSICALLY GREATER than these DOUBLE ERROR based REDUCTIONS to LOCAL and EXPLICIT PSEUDO-EVENTS such as herald the presence of a MARAUDING PATHOGEN.

How many more “CRIMINALS” and “PATHOGENS” will we develop eliminating approaches for, before we finally accept that what is REALLY GOING ON is relational dissonance which we MISINTERPRET as the ATTACK OF CRIMINALS and other forms of PATHOGENS.


PATHOGENS/CRIMINALS manifest where there is loss of relational balance.  If the rich and poor balance gets out of whack, robbers come out of the woodwork.  WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS meanwhile apply the binary logic of EITHER good OR EVIL and from there embark on a program of purification to rid the world of evil and target a world where there is nothing other than good.

BEING that we live in a RELATIONAL WORLD, the emergence of Robin Hoods and Jean Valjeans can be understood as the natural emergence of balance-restoring agency in response to conditions of growing imbalance.  In our WESTERN CULTURE, THOSE PROFITING FROM CONDITIONS OF IMBALANCE AND WISHING TO PRESERVE THE STATUS QUO HAVE BEEN INCLINED TO VILIFY those associated with rebalancing actions such as the Robin Hoods, Jean Valjean’s, Black Lives Matter etc. etc.

This WESTERN CULTURE social reflex to ELIMINATE PATHOGENS rather than to ELIMINATE IMBALANCES may bring short term relief but end up EXACERBATING IMBALANCES.   DEALING WITH COVID 19 as a PATHOGEN rather than as an IMBALANCE comes with such risks.  IT makes more sense  TO SEARCH FOR THE IMBALANCE and seek to resolve it rather than to seek to eliminate the PATHOGENS that are really BALANCE-RESTORING agents.

IMMUNIZATION PROGRAMS MAY ONLY DEFER AND PROLONG THE AGONY and induce the emergence of alternative means of BALANCE-RESTORING which means new variants of PATHOGENS aka BALANCE-RESTORING agents.

There is an ‘I’m alright Jack’ (Peter Sellers) implication here since the practice WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS … NOT to get in harmony with nature but to induce relational dissonance (misinterpreted as the emergence of PATHOGENS), will make things worse by having ‘antagonized’ the systems microbiome making things more difficult for the upcoming generations.  That is allowing the relational balancing act to GO TO HELL and relying on MORE POLICE and MORE ANTI-BIOTICS and MORE VACCINES … IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR RESTORING RELATONAL BALANCE.  As F. David Peat writes in Blackfoot Physics, the rise in new diseases in the world as afflict humans correlates with the rise of WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS who do not feel that ‘humans’ are included in a web of NONLOCAL relational interdependencies but understand humans as LOCAL INDEPENDENT SYSTEMS which are SUPERIOR to the other forms of life such as ‘microbes’, a view that is radically at odds with the reality as seen through Modern physics wherein ‘everything-is-related’ (‘mitakuye oyasin’) as is consistent with the understanding of indigenous aboriginal cultures.

SCURVY was collection of nasty maladies (relational imbalances) that were perceived as an ATTACKING PATHOLOGY, but it was later found that these maladies were the collapse of healthy system functioning due to deficiency-related imbalance of essential nutrients.

We can say the same about PATHOGEN/CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR IN GENERAL.  The OVER-SIMPLISTIC “REMEDY” is to seek to eliminate THE PATHOGENS, those dynamics are in fact oriented to the re-establishing of needed BALANCE (note that the actions of Robin Hood did not originate from the interior of Robin Hood but developed as relational imbalances in the social dynamic in which he was included and which inductively (outside-inwardly) shapes our behaviour).

The PERVERSE OUTCOME of the misguided act of eliminating the perceived PATHOGENS that is really the much needed re-balancing, is the delivery of TEMPORARY RELIEF through removal of some of the pesky rebalancing agents, which ‘quietens things down’ but at the price of re-securing the persistence of the imbalance.  It is PERVERSE because the STATUS QUO wherein things are OUT OF BALANCE … IS THE BASIC PROBLEM and the PATHOGENS are like REBELS seeking to overthrow the presently GOVERNING conditions that are preserving IMBALANCE.  Quelling the PATHOGEN attacks means quelling the needed rebalancing, so that PEACE is FORCIBLY RE-SECURED, without addressing the needed rebalancing which is sourcing the emergence of PATHOGENS.


The U.S. penal population of 2.2 million adults is by far the largest in the world. ”Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons. The U.S. rate of incarceration, with nearly 1 out of every 100 adults in prison or jail, is 5 to 10 times higher than the rates in Western Europe and other democracies.  — The Growth of Incarceration in the United States 

The illusion of LOCAL SOURCING gives rise to the WESTERN CULTURE SYSTEM of rewarding the AUTHORS of LOCAL SOURCING of deemed-beneficial actions and developments, but THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOCAL SOURCING.  LOGICAL SYMMETRY, GIVEN the acceptance of there being LOCAL SOURCES of BENEFICIAL actions and developments, demand corresponding programs of REWARDS AND RECOGNITION for LOCAL SOURCING of BENEFICIAL actions and developments and PUNISHMENT AND DERISION for the LOCAL SOURCES oF DETRIMENTAL actions and developments.

Such ‘apparent success’ in such rewards and punishments programs encourages more of the same type of ANTI-PATHOGEN response and in so doing, helps to protect and re-entrench the imbalance that is the source of the illness.  In other words, anti-pathogen actions taken against Robin Hood and Jean Valjean may quieten things down while allowing the basic imbalance problem to continue to develop and to undermine the health and balance of the community social dynamic.

COVID 19 may appear to be a PATHOGEN but in the relational world we live in, it is bound to be born in the service of recultivating balance in some or other sense, perhaps by removing humanings from the relational dynamics whose insanely ‘independent’ acts have been infusing dissonance into the microbiome.  In this case, our needed action would be to recultivate harmony in our relations with the transforming relational continuum we share inclusion in, rather than wage an ‘anti-pathogen war’ against a dynamic nature that we are ‘stirring up’ due to our belief in our own ‘independent being’ and superiority.  Our quest must then be, as it was with scurvy, to discover what we are lacking that is necessary for our being able to sustain harmony within the transforming relational continuum we share inclusion in.

* * *