I know that many if not MOST people have ‘faith’ in VACCINES.




There is a deeper understanding upstream from our BINARY LOGIC.


If the gap between RICH and POOR becomes large, it induces REBALANCERS which are initially called PATHOGENS (CRIMINALS, ROBBERS) but if the GAP between RICH and POOR continues to build to huge levels, there may be REVOLUTION which is a radical REBALANCER which lowers the TENSIONS of IMBALANCE which is the amplifying the rate of emergence of REBALANCERS which are popularly identified as PATHOGENS.





WESTERN CULTURE sees the problem of RICH and POOR conflict in BINARY LOGIC based terms of the rise of PATHOGENS where the remedy is seen in terms of ANTI-PATHOGEN technology which will ELIMINATE THIEVES/PATHOGENS by hiring more police and building more PRISONS.


EASTERN and INDIGENOUS ABORIGINAL CULTURE sees the problem of RICH and POOR conflict in QUANTUM LOGIC based terms of developing of IMBALANCE where the remedy is seen in terms of REBALANCING.   The spontaneous emergence of REBALANCING AGENTS is NOT interpreted in the BINARY LOCGICAL JUDGEMENT based sense of the emergence of PATHOGENS which are seen not as ‘ordinary citizens’ but as corrupt citizens.


The STAKE IN THE GROUND that anchors the WESTERN CULTURE perception of REBALANCERS as PATHOGENS is the concept of AUTHORSHIP.  The WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, as Nietzsche noted, belief in the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which gives rise to the concept of LOCAL AUTHORING, and building on the back of the DOUBLE ERROR concept of LOCAL AUTHORING is the sense of ENTITLEMENT whereby individuals who are deemed the AUTHORS of material assets are entitled to retain OWNERSHIP of such assets.


AUTHORING is described by the ‘LOCAL’ and ‘EXPLICIT’ MALE ASSERTIVE abstractions of BINARY LOGIC (e.g. The HURRICANE is growing larger and stronger and is producing a lot of damage and destruction’.  NOTE that FIGURE and GROUND are TWO in BINARY LOGIC and only the FIGURE is moving..




* * * HERE IS THE KEY POINT MADE BY POINCARÉ which Is IMPLICIT in the POINTS made by Bohm and Nietzsche.  Language cannot capture reality because reality is our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum aka the WAVE-FIELD so that LANGUAGE is not capturing REALITY but is capturing a SUBSTITUTE REALITY which has been simplified so as to be capturable in language (EAST and WEST use different approaches).


Recall the language based simplification pointed out by Poincaré.  The simplification is BINARY LOGIC where we split apart (notionally in our language based representation of reality) FIGURE and GROUND.  This is where we say THE EARTH IS MOVING.  In saying this, we have passed up the possibility of understanding the earth as A CONDENSATION OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD wherein the basic dynamic would have to be TRANSFORMATION of the FIELD since we could not have THINGS MOVING THROUGH SPACE, unless we imposed BINARY LOGIC ON REALITY and made MATTER and SPACE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.


And just as our Copernicus said to us : It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of astronomy are expressible in a much simpler language ; this one would say: It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of mechanics are expressible in a much simpler language’. Henri Poincaré, ‘Science and Hypothesis’, Ch. VII Relative Motion and Absolute Motion


MODERN PHYSICS has since come along and shown that matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field but our LANGUAGE usage continues to have a built in treatment of MATTER as INDEPENDENT of SPACE.  This is what Bohm and Nietzsche are talking about which is driving us CRAZY.  We are FRAGMENTING REALITY with this BINARY LOGIC based splitting of space into MATTER and EMPTINESS.  This is why we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS speak in the MALE ASSERTIVE TERMS that we do; e.g. the HURRICANE is stirring up the ATMOSPHERE and sometimes switching to ‘the ATMOSPHERE is stirring up the HURRICANE’.  This is the PRICE we pay for the SIMPLIFICATION we have built into our WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE, the simplification by abstraction known as BINARY LOGIC.

* * *

As we know, Modern physics has ‘come along’ during the 20th century and been accepted, but we also know that we are still using language that SIMPLIFIES reality in that same BINARY LOGIC based way as we were in the time of NEWTON.  1643 – 1727.  WE ARE STILL USING THE SIMPLIFICATION THAT POINCARÉ is talking about, the BINARY LOGIC simplification that makes MATTER and SPACE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE so that the understanding that MATTER is a CONDENSATION of the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD which requires QUANTUM LOGIC, the BOTH/AND logic of the INCLUDED medium for any/all discussions of the world are living in.  For example, the indigenous aboriginals language is already based on QUANTUM LOGIC and it will capture the reality THERE IS TOWNING IN THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, while we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS …. ARE. … STILL, … speaking in terms of ‘the TOWN IS GROWING’.  This is BINARY LOGIC since GROWTH can only happen if the thing GROWING is INDEPENDENT of the space it is situated in.  This MUTUAL EXCLUSIVITY came with ‘the EARTH TURNS ROUND’ which was chosen because…  It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of mechanics are expressible in a much simpler language’


Ok, language that simplifies how we think about reality could be good, but what Bohm and Nietzsche are saying is that this language FRAGMENTS REALITY and we are employing thus FRAGMENTED SUBSTITUTE REALITY in which TOWNS GROW is taken to be ‘reality’ as our OPERATIVE REALITY.


If TOWNS GROW and is reality, then we can invest our energies in GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION of this type as if that is all very good and beneficial.  But that is NOT REALITY.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “GROWTH”, there is only TRANSFORMATION because GROWTH only happens in a FLAT SPACE whereas what goes on in a CURVED SPACE as on the surface of a sphere is TRANSFORMATION, NOT GROWTH.   IF the TOWN is GROWING the WILDERNESS is SHRINKING in CONJUGATE RELATION TO THE GROWTH.  That’s the nature of the actual space we live in.  Just because our LANGUAGE allows us to construct a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein GROWTH is possible does not over-ride our sense experience of living in a spherical space where there is NO GROWTH only TRANSFORMATION.  Only in an abstract absolute space is there such at thing as GROWTH.  In the space of our sense-experience there can be no GROWTH of residential and industrial areas without SHRINKAGE OF WILDERNESS, the two conjugates together amounting to TRANSFORMATION.  GROWTH would only be possible in a FLAT EMPTY SPACE OF INFINITE EXTENT which is an ABSTRACTION known as EUCLIDIAN SPACE.  It is NOT REAL, it is an abstract concept.  TRANSFORMATION IS REAL.  WE ARE INCLUDED IN A TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.


What this means is that if we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue to use BINARY LOGIC to MAKE BELIEVE that we are living in a “reality” where BINARY LOGIC applies so that MATTER and SPACE are TWO SEPARATE AND INDEPENDENT THINGS, then we can continue to push GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION as if GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are “REALITY” rather than TRANSFORMATION which includes the SHRINKAGE of WILDERNESS.


FRAGMENTATION is where we consider each new TOWN or each new CONSTRUCTION project as a separate thing.  The project manager, who lives in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY where GROWTH is taken to be REAL is NOT boing to be confronted with the REALITY that what is really going on is NOT CONSTRUCTION but TRANSFORMATION with implications in terms of a SHRINKING WILDERNESS that is CONJUGATE to the SO-CALLED GROWTH of CULTIVATED LANDS.




You may disagree with me on this but if you do think I am wrong, ask ourself whether you are not THINKING that this is the case because you are IN THE SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is where WESTERN CULTURE “NORMALITY” IS.  This is what Bohm is warning about; i.e. we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are living in a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where things like GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are taken to be REAL.  They are NOT REAL.  TRANSFORMATION IS REAL.  Take your pick as to which you choose to be ‘reality’ but remember, the indigenous aboriginals and Modern physics have made one choice which does not lead to FRAGMENTATION while we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS in general have made the OTHER CHOICE which does lead to FRAGMENTATION.  There are no DECLARATIONS OF INDEPENDENCE in the indigenous aboriginal and Modern physics reality, and there is no SUBOPTIMIZATION.


Normally, when we make mistakes, the results of our error manifest fairly quickly but people who form language groups build the errors into their language.  We WESTERN CULTURE  ADHERENTs build in the concept of GROWTH so that when one of us used representations of reality which include GROWTH such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING, everyone else understands what they mean which is a ‘kind of’ validation of the proposition.  As Giordano Bruno said, ‘a majority has no monopoly on the truth (e.g. about what is reality)’, but Bruno was both right and wrong because a group can invent a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein everything fits together like a ‘house of cards’.  That is where we are with our WESTERN CULTURE SUBSTITUTE REALITY. We all talk about GROWTH as if it makes sense.  We say that our children are ‘growing’.   But there is no such thing as GROWTH in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum, the reality affirmed by Modern physics and indigenous aboriginal cultures.  If cities grow then there is a conjugate shrinking of the Wilderness so that what is happening overall is NOT GROWTH but TRANSFORMATION.  The belief in GROWTH is the source of FRAGMENTATION


We say that cities GROW, but in a spherical space as on the surface of the earth, that means that the Wilderness space is conjugately shrinking and these two conjugates together constitute TRANSFORMATION.   The GROWTH of cities is simply the GROWTH of cities on a flat space of infinite extent.   If we live on the surface of a sphere, the GROWTH of cities is conjugate with the SHRINKAGE of Wilderness and this constitutes TRANSFORMATION.


Just as our WESTERN CULTURE social collective continues to support BELIEF IN GROWTH, it supports BELIEF IN PATHOGENS and BELIEF IN VACCINES and this is where were are, presently.  As mentioned, vaccines, like all anti-pathogen approaches, fail, by themselves, to address the basic problem of IMBALANCE so that while POLICE can apprehend and incarcerate HAVE-NOTS that are annoying the HAVES by their RE-BALANCING actions, these HAVE-NOTS will NOT GO AWAY so long as the IMBALANCE PERSISTS at such a level that it continues to ENGENDER MORE RE-BALANCERS (NEW VARIANTS).   The REMEDY must be to REDUCE THE IMBALANCE to a level that ceases to engender NEW BALANCE-RESTORING VARIANTS.


The label ‘PATHOGEN’ does not help in this regard because it promotes BINARY LOGIC based MUTUAL EXCLUSION between PATHOGEN and NON-PATHOGEN which is over-simplistic and which recalls Poincaré’s observation that we say ‘the EARTH turns round’ because such BINARY LOGIC representation is SIMPLER than acknowledging the QUANTUM LOGIC reality wherein the material aspect (the EARTH) is a CONDENSATION OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD so that FIGURE and GROUND are ONE or as Schroedinger says; ‘SUBJECT and OBJECT are only ONE (observer and observes are both included in the all-including transforming relational continuum aka the WAVE-FIELD aka the TAO.


In this QUANTUM LOGIC understanding, the simplified BINARY LOGIC based concept of PATHOGEN is NO LONGER VIABLE, as the QUANTUM LOGIC understanding is that everything is included in ONE transforming relational continuum (the WAVE-FIELD), in which case where there is DIVIDING  and SEPARATING (SCATTERING) it is always in conjugate relation with COLLECTING and UNIFYING (GATHERING).  In this case, because that which is seen to be GATHERING and SCATTERING are condensations of an all-encompassing electromagnetic field, the entire field is involved; i.e. the action is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT or in other words TRANSFORMATIVE and NOT MECHANISTIC (NOT LOCAL and EXPLICIT).


The reader may see, at this point, that in this discussion we are BACKTRACKING in that we are using a language that we have architected with a foundation that is LOCAL and EXPLICIT, because, as Poinaré observes, It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of mechanics are expressible in a much simpler language. — Henri Poincaré, ‘Science and Hypothesis’, Ch. VII Relative Motion and Absolute Motion


This point hold not only for the formal mechanistic jargon of physics, but for our every common language usage.  It is simpler formulate language based representation wherein matter and space have their own BINARY LOGIC based ontology that supports their mutual exclusion, rather than ‘opening the door’ to  the complexity of QUANTUM LOGIC wherein matter and space (field) are ONE where ‘MECHANICS’ wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO is over-simplistic and where understanding must ‘upgrade’ to ‘TRANSFORMATION’ wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE (i.e. where matter and field are one).


Here is the reason for our BACKTRACKING to where we are communicating in a language based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT because it is SIMPLER than a FLOW-based language that can only approximately capture the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT reality of the transforming relational continuum.  The representations we construct in terms of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT constitute a SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is mechanistic and employs BINARY LOGIC that splits FIGURE and GROUND into two separate and independent ontological realms in contradiction to our QUANTUM LOGIC understanding that matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field so that FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.


As David Bohm and F. David Peat have noted, indigenous aboriginal languages have preserved this overall FLUID nature of reality wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE so that where such language says the equivalent of ‘there is TOWNING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ (the entire scenario is in flux), our WESTERN CULTURE Common Average European languages (Whorf’s designation) are saying ‘THERE “IS” a “TOWN” and it is “GROWING” larger and more populous and productive.   THIS IS AN ANTHROPOMORHISM based on how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ‘see ourselves’ according to the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR (Nietzsche) which gives us, notionally, OUR OWN CAPACITY FOR LOCAL AUTHORING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.  In other words, we have engineered a language that constructs representations that no longer have to worry about our sense-experience understanding of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum which is INEFFABLE-because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, because we can INVENT a SIMPLIFYING LANGUAGE which lets us CONSTRUCT A SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is LOCAL and EXPLICIT.


NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AS FAR AS OUR USING IT AS A USEFUL TOOL, BUT AS EMERSON POINTS OUT, WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS HAVE LET THE TOOL RUN AWAY THE WORKMAN, THE HUMAN WITH THE DIVINE.   The point is that OUR WESTERN CULTURE language that LOCALIZES and EXPLICITIZES things, INCLUDING OURSELVES, within a SUBSTITUTE REALITY, however useful such a simplified SUBSTITUTE REALITY can be facilitating communications within our sense-experience REAL WORLD that is an ineffable because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT continually transforming relational continuum, … that SUBSTITUTE REALITY is only good for use as a TOOL OF INFERENCE of the ineffable reality that lies beyond the reach of language (“The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao’ – Lao Tzu).




NO, THE CULTIVATED LAND IS NOT GROWING AND THE GROWTH IN CROPLAND INCOME DOES NOT PROVE THAT THE “REALITY” OF GROWTH (i.e. as Goedel’s theorem says, all finite logical propositions are incomplete).  SETTING ASIDE INTELLECTUAL PROPOSITIONS THAT SUPPORT THE ABSTRACT CONCEPT OF GROWTH, our sense experience informs us that what is going on is TRANSFORMATION which includes the SHRINKING of WILDERNESS LAND conjugate with the so-called GROWTH of cultivated lands.  We, too, are included in this all-including dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.  It is the all-including WAVE-FIELD aka the Tao and just because it is ineffable because nonlocal and implicit (as is the nature of the WAVE-FIELD) is NO REASON TO CAST IT ASIDE when we invoke a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT.  That is, the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT reality of our sense experience wherein everything is in flux is the primary reality, ineffable or not.. 


YES, WE DO LIKE THE CLARIITY of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is like letting us turn a light on that lifts away the obscuring darkness.  This is why we seem comparable to the drunk who loses his watch on a dark stretch of road but is found searching for it beneath the streetlight ‘because the search conditions are so much better there’. WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS HAVE DEVISED A LANGUAGE THAT LETS US REDUCE THE NONLOCAL AND IMPLICIT of the REAL REALITY of the transforming relational continuum to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT by way of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY.


YES, this language based LOCAL and EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY is a great TOOL the opens the way for SHARING our SUBSTITUTE REALITY CONSTRUCTIONS, but we have fallen into the MISTAKE of employing this simplification based SUBSTITUTE REALITY, which is only good for INFERENCE, as our OPERATIVE REALITY.  Thus we are OPERATING as if the LOCAL and EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY ABSTRACTIONS of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are REAL, when they are only “REAL” within the abstract intellectual SUBSTITUTE REALITY and NOT REAL in our sense-experience reality of inclusion the transforming relational continuum.


* * *


With the above in mind, we can re-examine the concept THE PATHOGEN and see that the PATHOGEN is a BINARY LOGIC based concept that appears REAL, but only within the SUBSTITUTE REALITY that serves as home for the LOCAL and EXPLICIT which ‘come alive’ thanks to the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR; e.g. the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, when applied to the HURRICANING IN THE TRANSFORMING ATMOSPHERE become ‘THE HURRICANE is ROAMING AROUND IN THE ATMOSPHERE and GROWING LARGER AND STRONGER and AUTHORING DESTRUCTION’.   This language-based ANTHROPOMORPHIZING serves as a means of FRAGMENTING FIGURE and GROUND as ONE as in QUANTUM LOGIC so as to serve up to serve up a BINARY LOGIC based LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF which, synthetically liberated from its conjugate FIGURE-and-GROUND-as ONE condition, is given its own AUTHORING powers so as to be the initiator of its own actions and development.


These are the abstractions that go into the making of A BINARY LOGIC PATHOGEN, however there is a sense-experience affirmable alternative based on QUANTUM LOGIC IMBALANCE which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT as is represented using relational language where we make the REDUCTION to LOCAL and EXPLICIT using BINARY LOGIC. Where we have a material presence such as a condensation of the field within the fluid field as in QUANTUM LOGIC, with language that employs BINARY LOGIC we can EXPLICITIZE the CONJUGATE RELATION by imposing the “EITHER” IS “OR” IS NOT QUESTION which AFFIRMS the MALE CONJUGATE while rejecting the FEMALE CONJUGATE.  Thus, we come away from this exercise of examining of HURRICANING in the ATMOSPHERE by establishing the “REALITY” of the MALE ASSERTIVE CONJUGATE but not the “REALITY” of the FEMALE-INDUCTIVE CONJUGATE..  We can see the pile of rocks that is “THE AVALANCHE” but the HOLE in the LANDSCAPE is part of the unending FEMALE ENVELOPE that is locally punctuated by ASSERTING MALE MATERIAL PRESENCE.


The spirit of the valley never dies.
This is called the mysterious female.
The gateway of the mysterious female
Is called the root of heaven and earth.
Dimly visible, it seems as if it were there,
Yet use will never drain it.

Know the male.
But keep the role of the female.
And be ravine to the empire.
Then the constant virtue will not desert you.
And you will again return to being a babe;
–Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching XXVIII

THE point is that IN OUR VISUAL EXPLORATION of REALITY, we are able to FOCUS ON the LOCAL AND EXPLICIT as in the case of the PILE OF ROCKS that we speak of as THE AVALANCHE.  The REALITY IS that we can’t capture the FEMALE ASPECT because what has changed in the FEMALE ASPECT is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT so where shall we POINT OUR CAMERA or our DESCRIPTIVE NARRATIVE?


WHAT DO WE (WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS) END UP DOING?  WE END UP GOING WITH THE MALE AS IF IT WAS ALL THERE WAS, hence the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR (Nietzsche) which makes us, or NAMED THINGS out to be LOCAL AUTHORS of actions and developments.  The AVALANCHE becomes its own AUTHOR of actions and developments.


Our judgement has us conclude that every change must have an author”;–but this conclusion is already mythology: it separates that which effects from the effecting. If I say “lightning flashes,” I have posited the flash once as an activity and a second time as a subject, and thus added to the event a being that is not one with the event but is rather fixed, “is” and does not “become.”–To regard an event as an “effecting,” and this as being, that is the double error, or interpretation, of which we are guilty.” – Nietzsche, ‘Will to Power’, 531


The AVALANCHE CRASHED DOWN THE MOUNTAINSIDE is language that infuses BINARY LOGIC and sets up a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that obscures the sense-experience affirmed REALITY OF TRANSFORMATION.  That is, our sense experience is fully capable of understanding that we are included in a TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, but our LANGUAGE has a problem with capturing the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT nature of TRANSFORMATION.


What we see here is the need for LANGUAGE to reduce reality to a LOCAL and EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY as one approach (another is to use relational representation as in indigenous aboriginal languages) in order use capture SOMETHING in a finite number of words.


In QUANTUM LOGIC reality there are only relations consistent with the continual transforming fluid nature of reality so that the parable of ROBIN HOOD or JEAN VALJEAN points to dynamics are relational in a conjugate MALE-FEMALE sense where the FEMALE hole as in the belly of a hungry child induces MALE assertive BALANCING action. to resolve the IMBALANCE.   BUT THIS IS THE QUANTUM LOGIC view and in the SIMPLIFIED BINARY LOGIC view, there is the perception of MALE-ASSERTIVE LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, as if JUMP-STARTING from a notional LOCAL AUTHOR. 


A PATHOGEN is a notional LOCAL AUTHOR which is the BINARY LOGIC reduction of the QUANTUM LOGIC condition of relational IMBALANCE.  This way of thinking plays out in a psychological SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT that we construct with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.


The ARCHETYPE for the LOCAL AUTHOR is the EGO.  Because we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have placed so much value on EGO-based belief in the LOCAL AUTHORING POWERS of NAMING-INSTANTIATED THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES such as ‘INDEPENDENT NATIONS’ and ‘INDEPENDENT HUMANS’, the way is paved for capturing relational IMBALANCE (dissonance) in the BINARY LOGICAL terms of the ATTACK OF PATHOGENS rather than in the QUANTUM LOGIC terms of relational imbalance.


In the case of a RICH and POOR IMBALANCE that grows too large and too polarized, REBALANCING ACTION arises NATURALLY and it is only in WESTERN CULTURE where reality has been popularly chopped down to the one-sided MALE ASSERTIVE CONJUGATE ALONE, where the FEMALE INDUCTIVE CONJUGATE has simply been DROPPED (becoming the DEA INCOGNITA) in the same manner that we speak in terms of the AVALANCHE in the male-assertive terms of a mass of rock crashing down the mountainside without mentioning the conjugate HOLE in the ‘mountainside’ which is too difficult to capture in language because it is inseparable from an overall TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE which would require an infinity of worlds to capture in language.


HENCE THE STAGE IS SET FOR INVENTING THE ONE-SIDED MALE-ASSERTIVE “PATHOGEN” in keeping with the EGO supported ONE-SIDED MALE-ASSERTIVE “AUTHOR” “HERO”, the BINARY LOGIC based opposite.   SUPPORT for EGO based on the abstraction of LOCAL AUTHORING also gives support for PATHOGEN as another similar LOCAL AUTHORING abstraction.


In the case of the dynamics of the microbial assemblage, we know that illness tends to be MISPERCEIVED as the ATTACK OF PATHOGENS and we known that has often led WESTERN MEDICINE ASTRAY, as in the case of seeking remedies for Colitis seen as the result of ATTACKING PATHOGEN called c. difficile.  As it has turned out, it was found that the proliferation of c. difficile was due to IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage in the wake of the administering of anti-biotics (to address other issues).  While the evidence clearly demonstrates that the colitis arises from IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage that can be resolved by rebalancing with FECAL MICROBIOTA TRANSPLANTATION, the easily avoidable DEATHS from c. difficile related colitis CONTINUE at the rate of 15,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone.


FECAL MICROBIOTA TRANSPLANTATION is a ‘rebalancing’ approach; i.e. a QUANTUM LOGIC approach and NOT a BINARY LOGIC ANTI-PATHOGEN approach.


It is important to distinguish between these two approaches because the BINARY LOGIC approach is innately SIMPLER than the QUANTUM LOGIC approach and may lead to that situation wherein “If one’s only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.  That is, RELATIONAL IMBALANCE needs a QUANTUM LOGIC solution and a BINARY LOGIC solution won’t do.   Thus, where ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN are animated by RELATIONAL IMBALANCE; i.e. are putting themselves in the service of RESTORING RELATIONAL BALANCE, they are using QUANTUM LOGIC, while WESTERN CULTURE LAW reduces reality by way of BINARY LOCAL to actions deemed “EITHER” GOOD “OR” EVIL, rewarding the former and punishing the latter.  This BINARY LOGIC based reduction of the QUANTUM LOGIC dynamic of REBALANCING as undertaken by ROBIN HOOD and JEAN VALJEAN reduces the sense-experience reality to an abstract SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein relational dynamics are reduced, with BINARY LOGIC, to LOCAL AUTHOR based dynamics which are JUDGED to be EITHER good OR BAD.   This BINARY LOGIC is TOO SIMPLE an assessment of what is going on to even get to the point of considering the merits or demerits of REBALANCING where there is IMBALANCE.


This is because BINARY LOGIC deals in EVENTS which are LOCAL and EXPLICIT in SPACE and TIME which leaves out consideration of TRANSFORMATION which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT in the SPACETIME CONTINUUM.


The observer that sees c. difficile proliferating in association with the illness of colitis, if the observer constrains his observing to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT will see C. DIFFICILE as ‘holding the smoking gun’ and thus assume that C. DIFFICILE is a PATHOGEN which is responsible for the illness of colitis, whereas the REALITY as given by QUANTUM LOGIC is IMPLICIT and NONLOCAL (Bohm uses the example of the death of Lincoln to illustrate the difference between BINARY LOGIC reality which is LOCAL and EXPLICIT and QUANTUM LOGIC reality which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT).


Language based representation is a factor here since in the case of the CAE languages where BINARY LOGIC IS STANDARD, we would say that the HURRICANE is STIRRING UP THE ATMOSPHERE, which invents an invisible FEMALE CONJUGATE wherein the ATMOSPHERE is STIRRING UP the HURRICANE.   QUANTUM LOGIC is NON-BINARY and does not employ the notion of LOCAL AUTHORING, therefore there is no BIPOLAR AMBIGUITY as in the CAE languages.  QUANTUM LOGIC would be expressed as in ‘THERE IS HURRICANING IN THE TRANSFORMING’ which is entirely relational and contains no ONTOLOGICAL STAKES IN THE GROUND notionally with their own powers of AUTHORING actions and developments such as THE PATHOGEN.


In WESTERN CULTURE in 2021, BINARY LOGIC RULES!.    Such that a LOCAL EVENT such as a sexually inappropriate utterance transpires, this LOCAL EVENT is employed as a FRAGMENT of reality rather than understanding reality in terms of the transforming relational continuum.   The WESTERN CULTURE ‘management of reality’ thus becomes the challenge of managing the quality of LOCAL EVENTS constituting FRAGMENTS of reality which amounts to reducing reality to a BINARY LOGIC BASED CONSTRUCTION wherein one expects to make sense of things in a bottom-up piecemeal RECONSTRUCTION.   Thus the ROBIN HOOD whose actions are inductively actualized by the transforming relational continuum he shares inclusion in, in which he is moved in the service of cultivating and sustaining relational harmony, … tends to be seen BINARY LOGIC terms of LOCAL EXPLICIT actions and developments.   While indigenous aboriginal justice is RESTORATIVE which follows the QUANTUM LOGIC that orients to relational balance, WESTERN CULTURE justice is PURIFICATIONIST and seeks to AMPLIFY THE LOCAL EXPLICIT GOOD and ATTENUATE THE LOCAL EXPLICIT BAD.


PATHOGEN ELIMINATION is therefore a WESTERN CULTURE social trait in keeping with the PURIFICATIONIST ORIENTATION.   For this reason, the focus in WESTERN CULTURE is on FOCUSING and JUDGING and PURIFYING on the basis of the LOCAL and EXPLICIT rather than the indigenous aboriginal approach to JUSTICE which is RESTORATIVE based on cultivating balance and harmony in the transforming relational continuum.  This can be thought of as living one’s life as a SAILBOATER whose movements are in the service of sustaining harmony and balance within the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, in contrast to the POWERBOATER whose movements orient to the LOCAL and EXPLICIT.  The contrasting difference in these orientations recalls the adage; “EGO SWELLS THE HEAD WHILE INSPIRATION FILLS THE HEART”.


For me, the PATHOGEN belief of WESTERN CULTURE goes hand in hand with FRAGMENTATION.  Both stem from the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR pointed out by Nietzsche which gives rise to the ABSTRACTION of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments which is NOT SUPPORTED BY SENSE EXPEIRENCE REALITY NOR BY MODERN PHYSICS, yet the DOUBLE ERROR is the basis of our WESTERN CULTURE CONSTRUCTION OF A SUBSTITUTE REALITY that we are employing as our OPERATIVE REALITY.


The following criticism coming from indigenous aboriginals and directed at us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS is thus ON TARGET.


This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”


We must therefore take a serious look at Bohm’s comment on FRAGMENTATION because the connectedness that the indigenous aboriginal elders speak of is fully supported by Modern physics yet is flatly contradicted by WESTERN CULTURE claims of INDEPENDENCE of “INDIVIDUALS” and “NAITIONS” and anything else we choose to decorate with a “NAME” and then mobilize with “GRAMMAR”, from ‘THE TOWN THAT GROWS” to ‘THE HURRICANE THAT STIRS UP THE ATMOSPHERE” (or is it the ATMOSPHERE THAT STIRS UP THE HURRICANE”?


1 FRAGMENTATION AND WHOLENESS (from Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm)

The title of this chapter is ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’. It is especially important to consider this question today, for fragmentation is now very widespread, not only throughout society, but also in each individual; and this is leading to a kind of general confusion of the mind, which creates an endless series of problems and interferes with our clarity of perception so seriously as to prevent us from being able to solve most of them.

Thus art, science, technology, and human work in general, are divided up into specialities, each considered to be separate in essence from the others. Becoming dissatisfied with this state of affairs, men have set up further interdisciplinary subjects, which were intended to unite these specialities, but these new subjects have ultimately served mainly to add further separate fragments. Then, society as a whole has developed in such a way that it is broken up into separate nations and different religious, political, economic, racial groups, etc. Man’s natural environment has correspondingly been seen as an aggregate of separately existent parts, to be exploited by different groups of people. Similarly, each individual human being has been fragmented into a large number of separate and conflicting compartments, according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological characteristics, etc., to such an extent that it is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc

* * *


THERE ARE NO PATHOGENS.  COVID 19 IS NOT A PATHOGEN but a condition of imbalance in the microbial assemblage that is us (i.e. microbial assembling is one way of understanding QUANTUM LOGIC, the logic of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE wherein there is a ‘microbial cloud’ within which there are ‘microbial assemblages’ such as ‘humanings’ (see for example  .    We can understand this at the level of WAVE-FIELD or at the level of microbes but in both cases the suggestion is that QUANTUM LOGIC applies where it is impossible to make an EXPLCIT SPLIT between FIGURE (HUMAN INHABITANT) and GROUND (NON-HUMAN HABITAT).  That is, there is a QUANTUM LOGIC fuzziness  or NONDUALITY  at the microbial level as ALSO shows up in the reality that matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field.


WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED THAT BINARY LOGIC IS INADEQUATE FOR UNDERSTANDING our sense-experience reality since, as we know, we chose BINARY LOGIC on the basis of its capacity for SIMPLIFYING the representation of reality, as pointed out by Poincaré in a comment cited earlier in this note.


The fact is that that SIMPLIFICATION, which separated MATTER from SPACE by way of the proposition that ‘the EARTH TURNS ROUND’, makes possible THE PATHOGEN CONCEPT which is based on the existence of LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF WITH ITS OWN POWERS OF AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.  That is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR pointed out by Nietzsche.


WESTERN CULTURE IS NOT ONLY PLAGUED BY FRAGMENTATION, in the respect that we have split reality into numerous fragrments using the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR and thus created a PIECEWISE “SUBSTITUTE REALITY”, WESTERN CULTURE IS ALSO PLAGUED BY HAVING “BANISHED” the “FEMALE CONJUGATE” (hence the DEA ABSCONDITA) so that we are left with a badly crippled language that we are using to try to MODEL REALITY, an objective which we have downgraded to attempts to MODEL A SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is LOCAL and EXPLICIT which we NOTIONALLY EQUIP with LOCAL AUTHORING POWERS and then try to construct an effigy of reality based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT (e.g. ‘the TOWN is GROWING rather than THERE IS TOWNING IN THE TRANSFORMING).


COVID 19 IS NOT A PATHOGEN.  QUANTUM LOGIC applies in understanding a microbial assemblage wherein what appears to be material is a condensation of the field the condensation develops within, so that FIGURE and GROUND are only ONE (the definition of QUANTUM LOGIC); i.e. THE GROUND IS THE MICROBIAL CLOUD and the FIGURE is the MICROBIAL ASSEMBLAGE.  THERE IS NO BINARY LOGIC BASED SEPARATION BETWEEN THE MICROBIAL ASSEMBLAGE we see as the INHABITANT and the MICROBIAL CLOUD we see as the HABITAT.  The relation is the FIGURE and GROUND as ONE RELATION OF QUANTUM LOGIC.


As Pasteur said on his deathbed, Béchamp was right; “le microbe n’est rien, the terrain est tout”.  THIS IS THE RESTATEMENT OF QUANTUM LOGIC; i.e. the particle is a condensation of the electromagnetic field..


There are many things that point to the same understanding, that BINARY LOGIC is over-simplistic abstract that is leading us down the garden path (it is a CRAZY-MAKER and a FRAGMENTER).


If you believe Bohm, then there’s no way you can believe in the concept of a PATHOGEN and therefore there’s no way to support ANTI-PATHOGEN campaigns such as the COVID 19 ANTI-PATHOGEN VACCINATION CAMPAIGN, …. other than as a temporary expedient.   An analogy is the RICH and POOR “IMBALANCE” which may induce the mergence of REBALANCING AGENTS.  These REBALANCING AGENTS are OUTLAWS to be sure and we may find ourselves in situations wherein we need to kill OUTLAWS who are on the attack to defend ourselves and others, but OUTLAWS need not be seen as PATHOGENS who are the source of ILLNESS, they may be seen as REBALANCERS that are trying to contribute to a needed REBALANCING.   We know from past experience that REBELS and TERRORISTS have been reclassified as REBALANCERS ‘after the revolution’ when the old establishment has been changed out for a new one and the labels and definitions have been changed out for new ones.


The concept of PATHOGEN has to go.  It is BINARY LOGIC based and over-simplistic and it draws us into ANT-PATHOGEN mode when we need to be in REBALANCING MODE, but we can’t be in REBALANCING MODE when we are not even aware of where the imbalance is that manifests in the proliferation of COVID 19.  WESTERN MEDICINE IS SO FOCUS ON ANTI-PATHOGEN APPROACHES that it is only by accident WESTERN MEDICNE discovered that SCURVY was the manifesting of IMBALANCE in the microbiome and that COLITIS was the manifesting of IMBALANCE in the microbiome.  This is because BINARY LOGIC is very deeply entrenched in the WESTERN CULTURE PSYCHE.  As the RICH and POOR GAP builds, the rise ROBBERIES leads, in WESTERN CULTURE, to the hiring of more police and more CCTV cameras wherever there are valuables.  As the GLOBAL RICH vs POOR GAP increases, how much more is being spent by the rich on WALLS (electronic as well as concrete and steel, to protect the rich and their ENTITLEMENT from the poor and starving as the GAP rises.


The point is that psychologically, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS see reality far more through BINARY LOGIC lenses that through QUANTUM LOGIC lenses.  Our EGO and our associated belief in LOCAL AUTHORING depends on BINARY LOGIC.  QUANTUM LOGIC could have us casting out our obsession with RICHES and substituting POTLATCHES.


CURRENTLY, the PARANOIA over COVID 19 is right out of the Bohm and Nietzsche textbook on FRAGMENTATION.  It is distracting us from the natural need for REBALANCING the microbial assemblage rather than launching a Quixotic war against PHANTOM PATHOGENS.


* * *