AUTHOR’S PREFACE:  This essay reviews how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are FRAGMENTED PSYCHOLOGICALLY and PHYSICALLY (through social disassociation) by LANGUAGE and the SUBSTITUTE REALITY that we CONSTRUCT with LANGUAGE.  SOCIAL FRAGMENTATION arises where we put language-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY into an unnatural primacy over our INEFFABLE sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  The ‘hijacking’ of our sense-experience reality by our LANGUAGE based INTELLECTUAL SUBSTITUTE REALITY, as has been exposed by Bohm and Nietzsche, currently continues unabated, a source of rising FRAGMENTATION in our mainstream WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic.


While Bohm identified the LANGUAGE-based FRAGMENTATION into the LOCAL and EXPLICIT that is obscuring the IMPLICATE ORDER in NATURE, Nietzsche had pointed to the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that gives BINARY LOGIC a foundational role that EXCLUDES QUANTUM LOGIC needed to convey the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT.  INSTALLING BINARY LOGIC in place of QUANTUM LOGIC…. BECAUSE IT FITS, …. is like laying a Cuckoo’s egg into the nest of a more complex bird ‘because it fits’, or putting a Volkswagen engine into a Porsche BECAUSE IT CAN FIT IN THERE, even though it is SIMPLER and lacks the LESS SIMPLE ATTRIBUTES.   Thus we can use BINARY LOGIC to say that ‘the AVALANCHE crashed down the mountainside’ which is SIMPLE MALE ASSERTIVE BINARY that makes no mention of the OPENING OF THE HOLE in the ‘Mountainside’, excluding from consciousness the REALITY of TRANSFORMATION associated with the full understanding which includes the FEMALE CONJUGATE of the HOLE THAT IS OPENING CONJUGATE TO THE MALE ASSERTIVE PILE OF ROCKS that gets the NAME “AVALANCHE”.  By accepting the MALE ASSERTIVE “AVALANCHE” as “REAL”, we kick the LESS SIMPLE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE (which includes FEMALE OPENING CONJUGATE and not just MALE ASSERTIVE CONJUGATE, … OUT OF SIGHT and thus OUT OF MIND.




* * *


THE BASICS: …. Antoine Béchamp came finally, at the end of his life, to agree with Louis Pasteur that ‘Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’.  This is a kind of ‘summary statement’ of our understanding of Modern physics where material forms are condensations of the electromagnetic field.


This understanding means that we cannot assume that that material entities are ‘moving’, a classical physics assumption which we have given a foundational role to in the very basic structure of our WESTERN CULTURE language and grammar; i.e. we use NAMING to impute the MATERIAL EXISTENCE of notional LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES and we conflate this with GRAMMAR to notionally equip these THINGS with THEIR OWN POWERS OF AUTHORING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.


That is A RECIPE for a LANGUAGE-BASED SUBSTITUTE REALITY CONSTRUCTION  which is currently serving as the OPERATIVE REALITY in our WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMIC but the EASTERN CULTURE, and here I include the indigenous aboriginal cultures, have retained (although such retention is being eroded by WESTERN CULTURE thinking) the understanding of reality that is implied in ‘Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’ which is an expression of the Modern physics finding that ‘matter is a condensation of the electromagnetic field’.


This shift in understanding is a shift in the LOGIC that we impute to be basic to NATURE.  We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS continue to employ BINARY LOGIC PRECEDENCE in our mental modeling of reality, over QUANTUM LOGIC.  While BINARY LOGIC implies the EITHER/OR separate existence of LOCAL MATERIAL OBJECTS within an ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE CONTAINING SPACE wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO separate and independent ontologies, … QUANTUM LOGIC implies the BOTH/AND conjugate relation of FLUID FORMS and FLOW wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE integral wholeness (the ‘field’).

BINARY LOGIC wherein FIGURE and GROUND are TWO is the basic key to understanding REALITY employed in WESTERN CULTURE AND IN NEWTONIAN PHYSICS while QUANTUM LOGIC wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE is the basic key to understanding REALITY employed in indigenous aboriginal cultures AND IN MODERN PHYSICS.

This leads to TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF REALITY which I distinguish in my writing by referring to BINARY LOGIC based reality as the SUBSTITUTE REALITY since it is clearly a BINARY LOGIC based ABSTRACTION as contrasted with QUANTUM LOGIC which ACKNOWLEDGES the UNITY (NONDUALITY) of MATTER and FIELD.

The above restates, in agreement with Bohm and Nietzsche, the source of FRAGMENTATION that arises in WESTERN CULTURE psychological modeling of reality that plays out as FRAGMENTATION within our global WESTERN CULTURE DOMINATED social dynamic, through the employing of BINARY LOGIC in place of QUANTUM LOGIC in our respective language architectures and thus in our language-conditioned psycho-logical sense of REALITY.


*** NOTA BENE: * * * Since I am using a WESTERN CULTURE language in writing this note which describes the INADEQUACY of WESTERN LANGUAGES such as ENGLISH in forming REPRESENTATIONS of REALITY, the reader must BEWARE i.e. BE AWARE of having to make leaps of inference in reading this text to get from what is literally stated in an INCOMPLETE way due to the limitations of this language.  For example, where I speak in terms of “the AVALANCHE came crashing down the Mountain’, … I and doing the usual WESTERN CULTURE DROP OUT OF THE FEMALE CONJUGATE and going solely with the MALE ASSERTIVE CONJUGATE since I am making NO MENTION of the HOLE that is OPENING UP in the landscape in CONJUGATE RELATION to the MALE ASSERTIVE action of the moving pile of rocks connoted by the NAME ‘AVALANCHE’.  While this DROP OUT of the FEMALE CONJUGATE is typical in WESTERN CULTURE LANGUAGE-SPEAK (representations), it leads to CONFUSION in the form of FRAGMENTATION as in the commonly used terms of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION, none of which are REAL within our sense experience reality of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  BUT THESE TERMS DO TAKE ON A REALITY WITH THE “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” BASED ON WHAT NIEZSCHE CALLS THE ‘DOUBLE ERROR’ OF NAMING AND GRAMMAR; e.g. “the AVALANCHE (a ‘name’) CRASHES DOWN THE MOUNTAINSIDE (action-implying grammar).  INSTEAD OF THE ONE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE WHICH IS “ALL FLUID” WITH NO ‘ONTOLOGICAL LUMPS AKA ‘THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES’, … WE NOW HAVE TWO SEPARATE ONTOLOGIES, the ‘avalanche’ and ‘the mountain’ and no more transforming landscape.  The DROP OUT of the FEMALE aspect, the HOLE whose  OPENING UP is conjugate to the MALE ASSERTING pile of rocks we are calling ‘the AVALANCHE’.

 Since the LANDSCAPE is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (purely relational) and just goes on and on without tangible limit and since we DROP IT OUT so that we can focus on the NOTIONAL LOCAL AND EXPLICIT, it becomes the DEA INCOGNITA that ‘haunts’ our WESTERN CULTURE language-based speech.  Because of the Goedel’s Theorem ‘INCOMPLETENESS OF ALL FINITE BINARY LOGICAL (MALE-ASSERTIVE) PROPOSITIONS, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are rightfully accused of SPEAKINGWITH FORKED TONGUE.  Because we use language to FRAGMENT REALITY and REPRESENT REALITY in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY terms of LOCAL AUTHORING, we are free to use the FORKED TONGUE ambiguous conjugate alternatives such as the MALE; ‘the HURRICANE is stirring up the ATMOSPHERE’ or the FEMALE; ‘the ATMOSPHERE is stirring up the HURRICANE’.

This ambiguity PERVADES ENGLISH and the Common Average European languages because of the insistence, on the part of its architects, that language incorporates, as basic, the concept of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, INSTEAD OF, as in Modern physics and indigenous aboriginal language architectures, giving the primary basis of reality representation to the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (relational).  THUS, in our WESTERN CULTURE choice of REDUCING NONLOCAL and RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION to notional LOCAL and EXPLICIT actions and developments as with the notion of LOCAL AUTHORING by way of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, we INFUSE AMBIGUITY as to whether the LOCAL AUTHORING is inside-outward MALE ASSERTIVE or outside-inward FEMALE-INDUCTIVE.  This, our self-created ENIGMA, gives rise to unresolvable ambiguities such as ‘Does the man make the times, or do the times make the man’ (as with Churchill and Hitler etc.).  To which the Modern physics informed person and the indigenous aboriginal would reply; IT IS A DOUBLE ERROR OF NAMING AND GRAMMAR TO SUGGEST THAT THERE IS “LOCAL AUTHORING” OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT.  WE LIVE WITHIN A TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM WHEREIN THERE ARE NO LOCAL MATERIAL ENTITIES TO SERVE AS LOCAL AUTHORS, THESE LOCAL FORMS BEING CONDENSATIONS WITHIN THE WAVE-FIELD, THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.

WHILE THE MALE-ASSERTIVE AND FEMALE-INDUCTIVE CONJUGATES serve as a conceptual understanding-helper for getting us to an awareness of TRANSFORMATION as in the sense-experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, these CONJUGATES are not actually real things-in-themselves but are merely THINKING TOOLS.  The area of subsidence we call the VALLEY organizes rainfall runoff that induces the gathering of rivulets into streams and streams into powerful rivers which, so we say, scour out the soil and dig deep canyons and thus give credit to the MALE ASSERTIVE.  But it was the valley who organized and concentrated the waterflow to form the river, so it SHOULD IT NOT BE the FEMALE INDUCTIVE influence of the VALLEY that is the REAL AUTHOR of changes in the terrain?  This BINARY LOGIC based contention could be overtaken by SKY who gathered up the energy depleted water in the oceans and lakes, bring it up into the sky and re-energizing it for yet another gravity-charged ground shaping session.   Here we have the often forgotten mysterious THIRD player which comes before the MALE-FEMALE DUALISM, the DEA INCOGNITA, the nonduality that lies beyond the ANDROGYNOUS duality, the WAVE-FIELD that keeps things ‘IN BALANCE’ that lies beyond he opposites of MALE-ASSERTIVE and FEMALE-INDUCTIVE.

The point is that while our sense experience CAN AND MUST DEAL WITH THIS TRIPARTITE REALITY, our language architectures are seriously challenged, and while EASTERN LANGUAGES ‘bite the bullet’ and accept the innate NONLOCAL and RELATIONAL (implicit) nature of physical sense-experience reality, our WESTERN LANGUAGES, in pursuit of SIMPLIFICATION (e.g. the EARTH is TURNING ROUND) have opted for the abstractions of LOCAL and EXPLICIT as in the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which constructs (psychologically) a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein LOCAL AUTHORING ‘makes sense’ (but only within that SUBSTITUTE REALITY) and serves up such LOCALLY EMERGENT abstractions such as GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION.

 * * * END OF NOTA BENE * * *




IN BRIEF:   The basic issue is our language-infected imputing of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments (the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR) which gives the concept of the PATHOGEN.  This is BINARY LOGIC based abstraction and is not part of REALITY.   By-products of the DOUBLE ERROR include the concepts of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION.  NONE OF THESE EXIST in the SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY OF INCLUSION IN THE TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.   They are the source of FRAGMENTATION.  This is because anything with a NAME such as a TOWN, a COUNTRY a BARBER SHIP can, with the inferential power of GRAMMAR, claim to GROW and to DEVELOP and to PRODUCE, but the reality is we all share inclusion in the transforming relational continuum SO THAT THE EFFECT OF THE DOUBLE ERROR OF NAMING AND GRAMMAR BASED TALK IS TO  “PROMOTE FRAGMENTATION” (IN THE MIND).  This is Bohm’s point and Nietzsche’s.


FRAGMENTATION is what is going on in the WESTERN CULTURE conditioned mind AND IN THE WORLD today and it’s interesting to see the indigenous aboriginals bring back to the fore (during yesterdays RECONCILIATION DAY activities), the aphorism “ALL LIVES MATTER” which reflects the indigenous aboriginal understanding; MITAKUYE OYASIN ‘everything is related in the ‘web-of-life’ , … which is affirmed by Modern physics where material things that look separate are understood as condensations of the electromagnetic field.


That’s really the basic story, and the dysfunction shows up in FRAGMENTATION, not just out there but in our minds.   So the indigenous ‘all lives matter’ is refreshing although indigenous people whose first language is often (due to colonization) a European language, are INFECTED with the FRAGMENTATION delusion.  They may relearn their native languages but right now, those of us (including colonized indigenous aboriginals) who speak the Common Average European languages  are not looking for alternatives, as Bohm was.  Bohm recognized that that we needed a flow-based language architecture are our abstract ‘local thing based’ language architecture was simplifying or ‘dumbing down’ our language-informed understanding.   Zen teachers like Alan Watts have pointed out that we could use VERB based grammar to avoid the DOUBLE ERROR (LOCAL AUTHORING) structures and this seems a good idea; i.e. we could avoid all DOUBLE ERROR CONSTRUCTS since they imply LOCAL AUTHORING which is the BINARY LOGIC seedstock of FRAGMENTATION.


The problem is that BINARY LOGIC based representations put FRAGMENTATION into our language and psyche.  QUANTUM LOGIC is relational and it is needed for spherical space language representations which involve BALANCE and IMBALANCE which gives the capability for QUANTUM LOGIC based expression as in the case where matter is understood as a condensation of field.   I’m going to stop here because that’s pretty much the full story on the language front.  BINARY LOGIC drops out the FEMALE conjugate so we lose the sense of BALANCE while QUANTUM LOGIC keeps the FEMALE conjugate in, and incorporates the sense of BALANCE.


If we take the above into consideration, we can see where fragmentation is coming into our WESTERN CULTURE language and social dynamic. GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION are all ABSTRACT, one-sided MALE ASSERTIVE concepts which are only possible in a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on Euclidian space, and we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS can AND DO construct SUBSTITUTE REALITIES in that ABSOLUTE EMPTY AND INFINITE Euclidian space.  It’s based on that language synthetized SUBSTITUTE REALITY basis that we VISUALIZE living in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY where we substitute for fluid forms in flow, LOCAL and EXPLICIT ABSTRACTIONS and thus lose touch WITH OUR SENSE EXPERIENCE which is continually informing us (if we were to ‘tune into it’) of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.


There are various degrees of FRAGMENTATION going on here in differing individuals.  The unfragmented indigenous aboriginals (the uncolonized aboriginals may now be a minority of the indigenous aboriginal population) live in their UNFRAGMENTED relational reality while we live in our FRAGMENTED thing-based reality and they’re just not as enthusiastic about GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT and PRDDUCTION as we are because they can see that the REAL REALITY (the sense-experience reality rather than the language-constructed SUBSTITUTE REALITY) is TRANSFORMATION.   The TOWN does NOT “GROW”, the LANDSCAPE TRANSFORMS wherein there is a conjugate loss of WILDERNESS, but its possible to use language to construct a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein ‘the TOWN GROWS’ becomes an agreed SUBSTITUTE REALITY and when everyone is ‘speaking the same language’, that makes it sound REAL and so we can construct, with the DOUBLE ERROR of naming and grammar a viable SUBSTITUTE REALITY that almost all of us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS accept as our OPERATIVE REALITY, but IT IS NOT REAL.  TOWNS ONLY GROW IN AN ABSOLUTE EUCLIDIAN SPACE, an ABSTRACT (UNREAL) EMPTY CONTAINER OF INFINITE EXTENT.  It’s a workable language-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY construction that, because it is language-based, is readily shareable (e.g. promoting common understanding [e.g. based on a fragmented reality] on a global basis).   Of course, the indigenous aboriginals, the not-yet colonized indigenous aboriginals, are going to keep saying, basically what Chief Seattle said, which reaffirms our own Modern physics understanding of reality and which differs radically from the fragmentative DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR BINARY LOGIC based SUBSTITUTE REALITY that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are employing as our operative reality.


This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”— “Chief Seattle”


He’s right, our material aspect is a condensation of the electromagnetic field.  The field includes and connects everything, that is where Bohm and Nietzsche are coming from.  The FRAGMENTATION is NOT REAL, it is a DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR, LOCAL AUTHORING based abstraction that is supported by EGO.  But FRAGMENTATION IS REAL in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY and it gives us the LOCAL AUTHOR abstraction, and that is where the FRAGMENTATION is coming from, from the language-conditioned SUBSTITUTE REALITY that our language-informed psyche is telling us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS that we are living in.

The FRAGMENTATION in the SUBSTITUTE REALITY includes the SUBSTITUTING of ATTACKING PATHOGENS (e.g. COVID 19) in place of IMBALANCE in the microbial assemblage, making us forgetful of the natural primacy of the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (WAVE-FIELD) over the LOCAL and EXPLICIT as in  Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout’


* * *