Nonlocality is a feature of REALITY as a transforming relational continuum aka as Wave-field wherein there are many FORMS in an OVERALL FLOW..

We WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have developed LANGUAGE in an attempt to RE-PRESENT the REALITY of our inclusion in the transforming relational continuum so as to be able to SHARE our EXPERIENCES by using the SIGNALS that make up the language, such as SIGN LANGUAGE and SPOKEN LANGUAGE.  By SENDING SIGNALS to one another, we can share RE-PRESENTATIONS of our OBSERVATIONS and EXPERIENCES.

We may experience participation in the construction of roads and bridges and houses and gardens in the manner of fleas trying to make a home on the hairy back of a living beast.  We do what we can even as the ground is always shifting underfoot from floods and quakes and the transformative influences of winter, spring, summer and fall.   This TRANSFORMATION never ceases and we and everything are in included in it.

This dynamic is NONLOCAL and we cannot wrap arounds it completely so as to ‘talk about it’ as the NONLOCAL transforming reality it actually is.  In order to represent it with language, we have to “GO LOCAL” and instead of trying to capture the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE which is IMPOSSIBLE-because-it-is-NONLOCAL, our language is designed to REDUCE the inherent NONLOCALITY of the transforming relational continuum, to LOCAL ‘excerpts’.  For example, language can’t capture the continual TRANSFORMATION of rain that falls and wears down mountains and carries them as sand and silt into the sea where they subduct and then emerge through volcanic eruptions to form new mountains and so on and so forth in a continuing NONLOCAL circulation.  But REALITY IS a NONLOCAL dynamicism that ELUDE capture in words (we would be talking forever to capture NONLOCALITY), … UNLESS, … we INVENT a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is EFFABLE-because LOCAL.

In reality, the living LANDSCAPE wherein everything is in flux included the mountains and valleys constitutes a NONLOCAL REALITY aka the Wave-field and within it we see relational dynamics such as DUNING as derive from the relational confluence of solar irradiance, atmospheric air currents and gravitational influences.  Language based articulation of all that NONLOCAL activity would keep GOING ON FOREVER beyond the duration of the life of the speaker, so there has been a practical need to SUBSTITUTE a LOCAL pseudo-reality which can be briefly articulated and shared with language.

THE REDUCTION OF NONLOCAL to LOCAL is an EXPEDIENT ABSTRACTION to make language capable of brief informative exchanges which, while they cannot capture the REAL NONLOCAL phenomena of our experience of inclusion in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao, … DELIVERS the capability for constructing a LOCAL and EXPLICIT “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” which means while forces us to SUBSTITUTE GROWTH (which is LOCAL and EXPLICIT) for TRANSFORMATION (which is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT).

Language based on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT has us engineering SUBSTITUTE REALITIES such as the following; We say ‘the TOWN is GROWING larger and more populous and productive’ because this is an EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY which ‘ALLUDES TO’ the NONLOCAL REALITY of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE (a visual portion of the transforming relational continuum).

In reality, there is TOWNING which is like leaves gathering in a circular current in the bend of a river, part of an unbounded NONLOCAL ocean of interrelated relational influences,  a NONLOCAL reality that involves sun and planets and atmosphere and universe, the whole TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, which is, by its nature INEFFABLE.  THIS NONLOCAL reality of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE is the reality of our ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE SENSORY EXPERIENCE, … which it is necessary to distinguish it form the SUBSTITUTE REALITY constructed with language which imputes the LOCAL existence of a TOWN and “its” GROWTH, … picture imagery that is held up in our MIND’S EYE, substituting and satisfying our visual quest for understanding reality with FALSIFIED impressions of LOCAL existence which is NO LONGER a relational feature within the TRANSFORMATION.

That’s what our language and grammar is all about.  As Nietzsche points out, it gives us the capability of the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which is what makes LOCAL reality pseudo-REPRESENTATION possible.  The first error is NAMING as with ‘the TOWN’ and the second error is GRAMMAR as with ‘GROWTH’, hence the now LOCAL (pseudo-reality) represented within a language-and grammar-fashioned SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is LOCAL such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’, where there is no longer mention of the transforming relational continuum, the NONLOCAL REALITY that is a continuum wherein EVERYTHING IS FLUX and within which there is TOWNING.

SUBSTITUTING a LOCAL REALITY to ‘sidestep’ the INEFFABLE nature of the NONLOCAL REALITY of our inclusion in TRANSFORMATION is one way of architecting a language for sharing a CRUDE SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is amenable to language based representation.  ‘The TOWN is GROWING’ gives us a LOCAL PICTURE in the mind that satisfies a certain type of understanding; i.e. it satisfies understanding that is RATIO based which equates to GROWTH based . It is GROWTH based REPRESENTATION that allows us TO SPEAK OF a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that we can construct LOCAL REPRESENTATIONS OF, … that allows us to speak and share REPRESENTATIONS based on LOCAL objects and LOCAL actions and developments which INFER what is going on in the NONLOCAL TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM.

For example, within the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, on the EARTHING, on the CONTINENTING, there is TOWNING going on as well as diverse other fluid dynamics within the flowing continuum (the Wave-field aka the Tao).  All of that is INEFFABLE-because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT (innately relational and in flux).    Language is NOT up to REPRESENTING the NONLOCAL because people don’t live long enough to spit out the words needed to capture an infinite unfolding.

ENTER THE SUBSTITUTE REALITY! (sounds of trumpets, flocks of doves taking flight etc, lions roaring.)

The INGREDIENTS for constructing SUBSTITUTE REALITIES which are EFFABLE-because-LOCAL and EXPLICIT are;

-1- NAMES:  The NAME can be used to represent a LOCAL ONTIC THING-IN-ITSELF as a kind of LOCAL REALITY stake-in-the-ground; e.g. TOWN.

-2- GRAMMAR: GRAMMAR is used to ANIMATE the LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF created by NAMING, as for example ‘the TOWN is GROWING’.


As Nietzsche points out, NAMING and GRAMMAR work together as a DOUBLE ERROR to conjure up the notion of LOCALLY INCIPIENT action and development, such as we imply when we use the word GROWTH.  We can use this scheme to construct a SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on LOCAL objects ‘their’ dynamics which is shareable with language.



WE WESTERN CULTURE language-equipped relational forms in the flow, thanks to our peculiar architecture of language, are able to GET BY the INEFFABILITY of our sensory experience of inclusion in the flow (Wave-field, Tao) and share REPRESENTATIONS of our experience by employing the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR to CONSTRUCT A “LOCAL” SUBSTITUTE REALITY in which, so we say, ‘THE TOWN IS GROWING” which effectively SPLITS THE TOWN out of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE and, in mind, set’s it up as if it were a LOCAL thing-in-itself hanging from a sky-hook; i.e. seeming NO LONG INCLUDED WITHIN THE TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.

We can thank the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR for this LOCAL abstraction; i.e. ‘the TOWN is GROWING’.

It is no ‘accident’ that, in saying this, we have shaken off the unending overhead of having to speak also to the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE within which this TOWNING is a development in the same sense as the boiling (the forming of a ‘boil’ in the bend in the river).  Language and grammar allows us to GO LOCAL and impute to the BOILING its own LOCAL BEING and its own power of LOCALLY SOURCING actions and development.  That’s what the DOUBLE ERROR is ‘all about’.  It is a DEVICE FOR LIBERATING the flow-form in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum so that we can give it rebirth as a notional LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF, notionally with its own GRAMMAR-given powers of LOCALL SOURCING actions and development.

In our WESTERN CULTURE, we could, but we most often do not, make the mental adjustment catches on to the signal ‘The TOWN is GROWING’ and reminds oneself that what is REALLY going on is that the LANDSCAPE is TRANSFORMING but because that LANDSCAPE goes on forever, it is far simpler for our analytical thinking mind, which is in charge of splitting things out in words, to INVENT and EMPTY SPACE CONTAINER so that we can consider the TOWN to be GROWING without the encumberment of having to do the impossible and capture the NONLOCAL dynamic of TRANSFORMATION that is REALLY GOING ON in language.  IT CAN’T BE DONE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS IN FLUX and our DOUBLE ERROR architecture language which employs the simple combination of NAMING and GRAMMAR is innately constrained to LOCAL dynamics such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ which due to the inadequacy of such language, fails to capture the NONLOCAL reality of the TRANSFORMING fluid continuum.

SO OUR WESTERN CULTURE FORE-FATHERS SCREWED UP BY ARCHITECTING OUR LANGUAGE ON A BINARY LOGIC BASIS OF EITHER “is” OR “is not”, FREEZING IN ITS LOCAL PLACE EVERYTHING WE “NAME” such as a “TOWN” and making it necessary for US to use our GRAMMAR tool to address the full complexity of the transforming relational continuum, on the basis of LOCAL BEING that we can crudely move and morph with GRAMMAR, thence ‘The TOWN is GROWING’ in place of ‘the LANDSCAPE is TRANSFORMING” as would INCLUDE within the TRANSFORMING, the TOWNING, not as a LOCAL thing-in-itself with its own powers of SOURCING actions and development but as an APPEARANCE within the TRANSFORMING relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.

So, recently, our modern physics researchers and philosophizers, found that we needed A NEW LANGUAGE, like some of the other cultures have, which can handle a flow-based reality wherein dynamics are NONLOCAL as with the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.  Such languages, as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS discovered, already exist in the indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.

What is needed, Bohm argued in his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, is a new sort of language, one based on processes and activity, transformation and change, rather than on the interactions of stable objects. Bohm called this hypothetical language the “rheomode.” It is based primarily on verbs and on grammatical structures deriving from verbs. Such a language, Bohm argued, is perfectly adapted to a reality of enfolding and unfolding matter and thought.

 David Bohm had not known when he wrote of that concept that such a language is not just a physicist’s hypothesis. It actually exists. The language of the Algonquin peoples was developed by the ancestors specifically to deal with subtle matters of reality, society, thought, and spirituality.

 A few months before his death, Bohm met with a number of Algonkian speakers and was struck by the perfect bridge between their language and worldview and his own exploratory philosophy. What to Bohm had been major breakthroughs in human thought — quantum theory, relativity, his implicate order and rheomode – were part of the everyday life and speech of the Blackfoot, Mic Maq, Cree and Ojibwaj.” – F. David Peat, ‘Blackfoot Physics’

If we were to have a flow-based language, we could speak of TOWNING instead of TOWN and since TOWNING is a fluid dynamic within the ‘mother-flow’ aka the Wave-field, we resolve the FIGURE-and-GROUND-AS-TWO splitting which is what happens when we impose LOCALITY on a relational form in the NONLOCAL flow, as in the case of TOWNING when we SWITCH to articulations in DOUBLE ERROR terms such as ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ and thus construct a SUBSTITUTE REALITY where we turn our back on the all-including relational transformation and concoct abstract LOCAL ontologies by NAMING and animate them with GRAMMAR.

As we know, since we are using the scheme right now and all the time in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT social dynamic, we are constructing LOCAL SUBSTITUTE REPESENTATIONS of REALITY wherein the abstract concept of GROWTH, which is LOCAL, has taken over from, and obscured, the reality of TRANSFORMATION, which is NONLOCAL.

We wanted to be able to chop up the NONLOCAL which is INEFFABLE to get pieces with are LOCAL and thus EFFABLE as would allow effable representations for sharing purposes (EXPERIENCING inclusion in the NONLOCAL is what our natural sensory experience brings us, but such experience is INEFFEBLE-BECAUSE-NONLOCAL).

Emerson’s warning that we are letting the ‘tool run away with the workman, the human with the divine’) is referring to the fact that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have fallen into the habit of letting the SUBSTITUTE REALITY based on DOUBLE ERROR representations and its abstractions such as GROWTH in place of TRANSFORMATION serve as the OPERATIVE REALITY.  Now, we don’t blink an eye when we hear ‘the TOWN is GROWING’ whereas the indigenous aboriginal with his relational language based understanding, IS UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS GOING ON AS TRANSFORMATION OF THE LANDSCAPE and all of that WESTERN CULTURE ‘talk’ of the ‘benefits’ of LOCAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT is SELF-DELUSION because there is no such thing as GROWTH, there is only TRANSFORMATION.

WESTERN ECONOMISTS are getting nervous BECAUSE the abstraction of GROWTH of the ECONOMY has got so many people on its bandwagon which is on the road to BOOM AND BUST because of not facing up to the reality wherein TRANSFORMATION is what Is really going on and GROWTH is a lot of hot air talk, that presumes that there is such a thing as ABSOLUTE SPACE that a TOWN can ‘situate in’ while it ‘DOES ITS OWN GROWING’.

Where will the GROWTH ECONOMY end?  People can continue to invest in the GROWTH of this and that, but surely the Wilderness that is being dissolved in conjugate relation to economic GROWTH is heading for a limit!

WHAT DO I MEAN BY THAT since I have already said that GROWTH is NOT REAL, that TRANSFORMATION is REAL!

WHAT I MEAN is that GROWTH could only happen in a SUBSTITUTE REALITY featuring an ABSOLUTE SPACE as is purported to be the nature of GROUND in a FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO pseudo-REALITY.  “IF” there IS a ‘FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO REALITY’ (there is NOT), then the GROWTH of a FIGURE would be possible. Meanwhile, FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO pseudo-realities are CONJURED UP by the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which is where the abstraction of GROWTH derives.  This is a WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT SELF-DELUSION which is on a bus-ride to hell, as the figurative expression goes because as we continue to feed and fuel GROWTH, what is really going on is TRANSFORMATION in which we are included.  That is why modern physics researchers like F. David Peat point out (as in Blackfoot Physics) that ‘our health’ and the ‘health of the environment’ are NOT TWO SPEARATE THING, but only ONE thing; i.e. the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM within which relational resonance is the basis of ‘living forms’ such as the microbiomes we call ‘organisms’ such as the human microbiome.


Opinion: Sooner or later, we have to stop economic growth — and we’ll be better for it

The end of growth will come one day, perhaps very soon, whether we’re ready or not. If we plan for and manage it, we could well wind up with greater well-being.

January 8, 2019 — Both the U.S. economy and the global economy have expanded dramatically in the past century, as have life expectancies and material progress. Economists raised in this period of plenty assume that growth is good, necessary even, and should continue forever and ever without end, amen. Growth delivers jobs, returns on investment and higher tax revenues. What’s not to like? We’ve gotten so accustomed to growth that governments, corporations and banks now depend on it. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’re collectively addicted to growth.

The trouble is, a bigger economy uses more stuff than a smaller one, and we happen to live on a finite planet. So, an end to growth is inevitable. Ending growth is also desirable if we want to leave some stuff (minerals, forests, biodiversity and stable climate) for our kids and their kids. Further, if growth is meant to have anything to do with increasing quality of life, there is plenty of evidence to suggest it has passed the point of diminishing returns: Even though the U.S. economy is 5.5 times bigger now than it was in 1960 (in terms of real GDP), America is losing ground on its happiness index.

 * * *

. The title of this note is; The Localizing of the Nonlocal: From TRANSFORMATION to GROWTH. And, yes, it’s true that I am using language that makes use of the term GROWTH as it were ‘something real’, but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept THAT IT IS REAL.  We can understand, instead, that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS use language to construct a SUBTITUTE REALITY that is EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT.

The REALITY of our sense experience is INEFFABLE because NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT, as is the nature of the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao.  Our language, cannot capture REALITY, but it can CONSTRUCT A SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is EFFABLE-because-LOCAL-and-EXPLICIT such as the reality suggested by the phrase ‘The TOWN is GROWING”.

We are FREE to understand what is going on in term of ‘the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE’ which is a NONLOCAL dynamic that implicitly includes the ‘TOWNING’ as a relational form within the transforming relational continuum.  The DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR allows us to construct, in our intellectualizing minds, the notion of a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF with its own powers of SOURCING actions and development such as GROWTH.  This serves up a SUBSTITUTE REALITY that serves as a TALKING PIECE that is LOCAL and thus FINITE unlike the NONLOCAL reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.

GROWTH is only possible in our SUBSTITUTE REALITY.  Within the REAL reality of our sensory experience, there is only TRANSFORMATION.

Is this jiggery-pokery of constructing pseudo-realities featuring GROWTH aka LOCAL SOURCING problematic for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS?


THERE ARE COMPLICATIONS such as INFLATED EGO deriving from the belief in “LOCAL SOURCING” as in one’s believing oneself to be the AUTHOR of GROWTH of a business, whereas there is only, in reality, TRANSFORMATION in which we are included. One’s ”hustle and bustle’ may INSPIRE or INDUCE relational dynamics that manifest as GROWTH OF PRODUCTION but when the GROWTH collapses it will become apparent that it was only the LOCAL MANIFESTATION of NONLOCAL dynamics.

The BELIEF IN LOCAL SOURCING (SPROUTING/GROWTH) of actions and developments engenders PRIDE, EGO inflation and SHAME, EGO deflation, both which derive from self-conscious misplaced attribution.

The belief in LOCAL SOURCING leads to the Conservative – Liberal BIPOLAR DISORDER wherein the Conservative believes that the individual is the root of LOCAL SOURCING (the rotten apple spoils the whole barrel) while the Liberal believes that the social collective is the root of LOCAL SOURCING (“It takes a whole community to raise a child”).   THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOCAL SOURCING, there is only TRANSFORMATION.

WESTERN CRIMINAL JUSTICE also assumes LOCAL SOURCING while indigenous aboriginal justice assumes NONLOCALITY wherein the entire transforming relational continuum is assumed to be responsible for the actions of its members whether helpful or harmful since ‘everything is related’ (matakuye oyasin). The challenge is therefore to cultivate and restore balance and harmony in the transforming relational continuum.

The Localizing of the Nonlocal: From TRANSFORMATION to GROWTH.


While our intuitive, sensory experience of inclusion in NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION is what living is.  Our intellectualizing is a resource with the potential for sharing intellectual representations of our ineffable sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  Since the basis of intellectual discourse is the local and explicit, reduction from our ineffable intuition of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION is required.  Our WESTERN CULTURE technique for such reduction is the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which SUBSTITUTES “LOCAL” GROWTH for “NONLOCAL” TRANSFORMATION.

‘GROWTH’ is a grammar based abstraction implying LOCAL instantiation that we SUBSTITUTE for the NONLOCAL dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.

* * *