The TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM also known as the Wave-Field also known as the Tao is reality as affirmed by modern physics and is also the reality affirmed in indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.


The relational understanding  of the world dynamic which is the ‘reality’ of the EAST and modern physics differs radically from the ‘reality’ of the WEST which is ‘double error’ based, as Nietzsche has pointed out.   The ‘double error’ is where EGO comes from so it is fair to say that the WEST’s view of reality is EGO-based and also that the concept of PATHOGEN is EGO-based.

This WESTERN belief in EGO is a belief in the REALITY of the double error.  The first error is in using NAMING to impute thing-in-itself being, and the second error is GRAMMAR which conflates the first by imputing the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself.   For example, we can NAME a distinctive feature in the transforming relational continuum such as ‘Hurricane Katrina’ and conflate this with GRAMMAR to impute to KATRINA the powers of sourcing actions and development; i.e. “Katrina is growing larger and stronger and is devastating New Orleans’.   As both modern physics and indigenous aboriginal cultural adherents would see it, the world is made of transformation as in a Wave-field, however, since this Wave-field is innately NONLOCAL and in continual flux (it is also known as ‘the Tao), it is ineffable.  In order to ‘effable-ize’ the Tao (the Wave-field) or some reduced semblance of it, so that we can share some allusions to our experiencing of inclusion within it, we employ the ‘double error’ as described above.


Grammar allows us to say, “I sourced this action and development”.  This is the ‘double error’ and it is the core of EGO in both a HERO and VILLAIN sense.  Note that we can insert the NAME of a person, animal, microbe (COVID 19), nation, corporation, in this double error construction so as to attribute CREDIT or BLAME to the ‘NAME-instantiated grammartical ‘stem’.  This double error abstraction conditions the intellect into understanding that there is such a thing as LOCAL JUMPSTART SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, as is the basis of the inflated and/or deflated EGO, whether of an individual, nation or corporation.


In the reality of our actual relational experience, there is no such thing as LOCAL thing-in-itself sourcing of actions and developments as in the abstract concept of ‘the PATHOGEN’.  Nature is a transforming relational continuum aka Wave-field which is ineffable, and our ‘tools’ of language and grammar for ‘effable-izing’ a reduced allusion to the ineffable are not meant to ‘run away with the workman’, but they do, as Emerson has pointed out, and EGO (belief in local sourcing power) is the result.


A man’s wisdom is to know that all ends are momentary, that the best end must be superseded by a better. But there is a mischievous tendency in him to transfer his thought from the life to the ends, to quit his agency and rest in his acts: the tools run away with the workman, the human with the divine.  – Emerson, The Method of Nature


Because our EGO has us believing that we are LOCAL THINGS-IN-OURSELVES WITH OUR OWN POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, and because this comes from a double error of language and grammar, it is also how we use language and grammar to construct a notional PATHOGEN.  The double error of language and grammar dates back millennia in the WEST and serves as the basis of ‘sorcery’, a language based concept that displaces our understanding or reality in terms of relational transformation as affirmed in modern physics and Wave-field based understanding.


My point is this (and it is Nietzsche’s point).  EGO is the basis of the concept of PATHOGEN.   Robin Hood and Jean Valjean were deemed PATHOGENS (criminals) in WESTERN CULTURE because of the ‘double error’ constructions of language and grammar that made them out to be the LOCAL SOURCES of their own ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.  However, there were included within a social-relational matrix of dynamics and heir actions and developments were induced by imbalances in the social-relational dynamic, in the service of restoring relational balance between regions of surplus and regions of deficiency.  In other words, the ‘double error’ of language and grammar MISREPRESENTS what is actually going on, in the same manner that Newtonian physics MISREPRESENTS what is actually going on.  THERE ARE NO LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES WITH POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, that is the delusion that has been popularly supported by WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS such as ourselves, which ARISES FROM EGO.


The concept of a PATHOGEN such as COVID 19 or ‘clostridium difficile’ are LEGITIMIZED double error abstractions legitimized by the abstract archetype of EGO.  The ego is the archetype for a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF notionally WITH ITS OWN POWER OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT.  That is abstraction (double error abtraction) but we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have become accustomed to employing it as if it were ‘real’ in our language and grammar ‘reality constructions’.


Does Hurricane Katrina ‘really’ source her own actions and developments as we say the does, or is that just an illusion (delusion) coming from a double error of language and grammar?  Perhaps Katrina and the atmosphere, rather being a separate FIGURE that is independent of the including GROUND, are a FIGURE AND GROUND nonduality as modern physics would claim they are, as with all FIGURE AND GROUND appearances, as with INHABITANT and HABITAT understood in a fluid-dynamical or wave-dynamical sense.  That is the finding of modern physics wherein the BOTH/AND LOGIC OF THE INCLUDED MEDIUM replaces the EITHER/OR LOGIC OF THE EXCLUDED MEDIUM of the old physics that brought us the abstract concept of FIGURE AND GROUND AS TWO SEPARATE ONTOLOGIES.


What is ‘running away with us’ in the COVID 19 panic is OUR OWN EGO.   If we didn’t believe in OUR OWN LOCALLY INSTANTIATED POWER OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, we wouldn’t have the basis for believing in COVID 19’s LOCALLY INSTANTIATED POWER OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS.


Our EGO based picture that we have of ourselves is the archetype that serves as the basis of the alleged PATHOGEN such as COVID 19.   So the current panic is exposing our WESTERN CULTURE inbuilt SCHIZOPHRENIA.  We have seen the enemy and it is us! — Pogo.


The problem of the double error is pervasive and leads, among other things, to the conservative – liberal polar split on how to understand the ‘sourcing of actions and developments’; the conservative sees the individual as the root source of actions and developments (“one bad apple spoils the barrel”) while the liberal sees the social collective as the root source of actions and developments (“it takes a whole community to raise a child”).  This is the same split in understanding as in the Zen koan of wind and flag; i.e. does the movement of the air source the movement of the flag or does the movement of the flag source the movement of the air?  Both are wrong because there is no such thing as ‘sourcing’, there is only relational transformation.


Likewise, the LESSON in the furore over COVID 19 is that there is no such thing as SOURCING  and no need for such abstraction in our sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.  ‘Mitakuye oyasin’ means that everything is related, as is consistent with an understanding of reality as inclusion ‘the GREAT HARMONY’ aka the ‘wave-field’ aka the transforming relational continuum aka the Tao.


As with the discovery in regard to the so-called pathogen ‘clostridium difficile’, that it was not a pathogen but the situation was, instead, that the ‘health’ of ourselves as biological assemblages derives from a sustaining of relational harmony/resonance within the biological system (termed INHABITANT) as also with the biological suprasystem (termed HABITAT); i.e. where figure and ground are ONE.

“The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist.” – Erwin Schroedinger

Instead of thinking in terms of ‘attack by pathogens’, and ‘devising a counter-attack strategy’, it would seem more appropriate to think in terms of restoring and sustaining relational balance and harmony.  I don’t’ know how this would play out but it would be a course correction signalled by the aphorism; ‘Ego swells the head while Inspiration fills the heart’.


For sure, … the PATHOGEN model really is a double error of language and grammar and brings with it WESTERN CULTURE belief in LOCAL SORCERY, in contrast to NONLOCALITY (modern physics).  Of course the ‘double error’ is a popular way of using language and grammar to reduce the ineffable (NONLOCAL) to effable (LOCAL) but as Emerson says, that’s just a tool that we should not be using to redefine ourselves , but using it only for giving us access to a crude but effable reduction of the ineffable (ineffable because purely relational).


While the WESTERN CULTURE and its media reporting is focusing intensively on the notional epic battle between humans under the attack of microbial pathogens, what is really going on seems instead to be the building of a dataset for some sort of involuntary EGO based self-psychoanalysis.  That is; … Will WESTERN MAN come to recognize that his human EGO and his nationalist EGO and his corporate EGO are all double error based language and grammar abstractions constructed with the same methodology as the PATHOGENS he fears, so that by giving himself ‘amazing’ powers of ‘producer-product’ sorcery, he has opened a Pandora’s box unleashing all manner of imaginary hero and villain sorcerers including the microbial pathogen COVID 19?   This producer-product surrogate reality eclipses in our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERING minds our sensory experience based intuition of inclusion the transformation relational continuum.   The modern physics understanding of reality in terms of our inclusion in a transforming relational continuum is so much less binary and ‘dark’ and less ‘crazy-making’, but it is only available to us when we ‘let go of’ our WESTERN CULTURE EGO-based producer-product pseudo-reality.

* * *


POSTSCRIPT: The FLATSPACE illusion of GROWTH and how it supports EGO

GROWTH is not REAL.  It is a double error based abstraction.   For example, we make the first error when we use NAMING to impute thing-in-itself being; e.g. we say ‘this is my garden’ that came from logging and clearing 2 acres of forest, extracting the stumps and roots, and tilling the soil, so that I have been able to produce 80 bushels of wheat annually (40 bushels per acre).  Since those early beginnings, my farm has grown from the initial 2 acres to a 160 acre operation and my production has grown accordingly (to 6400 bushels of wheat annually.

From the understanding of the indigenous aboriginal who knew the forested landscape from before the farmer’s arrival, what is going on here is TRANSFORMATION.  TRANSFORMATION IS THE PHYSICAL REALITY.  The concept of GROWTH is abstraction that comes from language and grammar by way of the double error.  TRANSFORMATION is RELATIONAL and relational dynamics are NONLOCAL, and has no need, as GROWTH does, of a LOCAL ‘something’ to serve as a ROOT thing-in-itself that is undergoing the GROWTH.  This is why Zen (relational) terms like ‘manning’ instead of ‘man’ or hurricaning instead of ‘hurricane’ arise in Zen articulations of reality since the Tao is an all-including flux like the Logos of Heraclitus and involves only relational flow-forms which are in continual flux.

Our modern physics understanding agrees with indigenous aboriginal understanding in that ‘everything is related’ (mitakuye oyasin) or in other words, everything is included within one common flow or Wave-dynamic aka ‘the Tao’.

There is no LOCAL physical thing-in-itself with its own powers of action and development as affirmed (WRONGLY) by the language-based double error of NAMING conflated with GRAMMAR.  The reality is that the land (later fenced off and named ‘the farm’) was always there and was always undergoing TRANSFORMATION, as is the nature of all-including Wave-field.  It is ‘everywhere at the same time’.  It is the Tao that cannot be told, certainly not by WE who are relational forms within the flow who are continually emerging and subducting in the manner of ‘boils’ in ‘flow’.

Sure, the farm appears and seems to GROW and to PRODUCE PRODUCTS, but this description is superficial to the overall TRANSFORMATION that is affirmed by our beyond language and grammar sensory experience   IN SHORT, THERE IS NO SUCH ‘REAL’ DYNAMIC AS ‘GROWTH’ BECAUSE THERE IS NO ‘REAL’ THING-IN-ITSELF, such abstractions stem from the ‘double error’ of language and grammar.

OUR WESTERN CULTURE mesmerizes us with language and grammar based intellectual constructions of NAMING-instantiated things-in-themselves with GRAMMAR-given notional powers of sourcing actions and developments.   By constructing double error based pseudo-realities, we are able to reduce the ineffable Tao to articulable (effable) terms such that we can share our experiences, albeit in this double error reduced LOCAL producer-product dynamic form; i.e. Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread.  The farmer produced 6400 bushels of wheat.    These statements are double error based reductions to producer-product abstraction.  They fail to capture the physical-experiential reality of inclusion in relational TRANSFORMATION.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN THE REAL WORLD OF OUR RELATIONAL SENSORY EXPERIENCE AS “GROWTH”, … “GROWTH’ IS DOUBLE ERROR BASED ABSTRACTION (e.g. first we impute LOCAL thing-in-itself being to a relational flow-form by NAMING it; “KATRINA” and conflate this by using GRAMMAR to impute to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself (KATRINA) the powers of SOURCING actions and developments (KATRINA IS GROWING LARGER AND STRONGER AND IS DEVASTATING NEW ORLEANS).

The pseudo-reality we concoct with the double error that features local things-in-themselves with powers of sorcery as in the ‘producer-product’ abstraction is a useful tool provided it does not ‘run away with the workman’ which it evidently has with WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, although not so within modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoists/Buddhists and Advaita Vedanta adherents.

We can all ‘talk double error reduction’ based language, but while some of us interpret the talk as ‘reality’ (WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS), other’s (the EAST) regard such language and grammar discourse only as INFERENCE of the ineffable relational NONLOCAL Tao.

The EGO serves as a psychological cornerstone supporting the double error based abstractions of LOCALITY and GROWTH.

The concept of PATHOGEN employs the (double error based) PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction in a negative sense while the EGO embodies the PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction in a positive sense.  In both cases (i.e. when we (imagine) we are fighting off VILLAINOUS PATHOGENS or when we are admiring our own inflated HEROIC EGO, we eclipse the more basic RELATIONAL reality of TRANSFORMATION.  In TRANSFORMATION, there is NO SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS as is inherent in the concept of PATHOGEN and EGO.

In the reality of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum, there is only TRANSFORMATION and THERE IS NO PRODUCER-PRODUCT PHENOMENON.   The TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM THAT WE ARE INCLUDED IN IS ‘THE TAO’ aka the WAVE-FIELD”.  IT IS OUR ‘OPERATIVE REALITY’.

As found in studies of ‘exceptionally performing teams’, instead of adopting a ‘producer-product’ operating philosophy, the these teams let their actions and developments be open to change coming from the needs of their customers, suppliers, service companies, families and communities.  This turns out to be a NONLOCAL influence induced ‘design for evolution’ where the ‘double error’ paradigm no longer applied.  This was a shift that put into animating primacy the sustaining of relational resonance wherein intellectual logic was no longer dominant.  Yes, the LOCAL actions and developments could be said to be logical and intellectually driven, however, the over-arching needs of of the relational matrix of customers, suppliers, service companies, families and communities constituted a NONLOCAL evolutionary shaping influence.

What we commonly describe as a ‘producer-product’ operation, understood in this broader context, is no longer explicitly describable because it is no longer ‘localizable’; i.e. it is inherently NONLOCAL.   It is a ‘DESIGN FOR EVOLUTION’ as Erich Janstsch has described such dynamics in research into nonlinear dynamics.

One might ask how we get from a real dynamic that is NONLOCAL to notional LOCAL dynamics.  This question as been asked been asked and answered by Nietzsche who points out that this reduction is achieved by way of the ‘double error’ of language and grammar.  When we see a FIGURE AND GROUND THAT ARE ONE as with the exceptionally performing relational “system within suprasystem”, we are not obliged to employ in our understanding same, the EITHER/OR LOGIC OF THE EXCLUDED MEDIUM (i.e. the medium of empty Euclidian space), but can choose to employ, instead, the BOTH/AND LOGIC OF THE INCLUDED MEDIUM  (termed ‘quantum logic’) wherein FIGURE and GROUND are ONE.

Our experience within WESTERN CULTURE DISCOURSE is that few people are ready to accept this VERY DIFFERENT (EASTERN and modern physics) UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY that comes with employing the logic where FIGURE AND GROUND ARE ONE (Schroedinger’s SUBJECT AND OBJECT ARE ONE) most likely because it DEFLATES THE EGO which is the salient characteristic of WESTERN CULTURE, the EGO being based on belief in oneself as a (NAMING-INSTANTIATED) LOCAL, INDEPENDENTLY EXISTING THING-IN-ITSELF notionally with ITS OWN POWERS OF SOURCING ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS, the ‘double error’ as comes bundled into popular language usage.

This POSTSCRIPT has been entitled; The FLATSPACE illusion of GROWTH and how it supports EGO

is because EGO IS THE emotional archetype bundled into the PRODUCER-PRODUCT illusion of LOCAL GROWTH of action and development as sourced by oneself or one’s nation or one’s corporation.  Note that this is the WESTERN CULTURE SUBSTITUTE for relational TRANSFORMATION, the latter being ‘ineffable’ while the former is readily ‘effable’.

GROWTH is FLATSPACE because it implies the enlarging of a THING-IN-ITSELF that is separate from the space it is included in, as in the case of a FIGURE that is independent of the GROUND it is included in.  In the CURVED SPACE of our sensory experience, if the farmer’s ‘farm’ GROWS from 2 acres to 160 acres, we cannot capture what is going on in the one-sided terms of GROWTH because that is just APPEARANCE as the cultivated land increases while the Wilderness lands reciprocally shrink.  In other words, in the spherical space of our actual sensory experience, there is no such thing as GROWTH, and what we speak of as GROWTH (e.g. of the cultivated land we call ‘our farm’) is, in reality, TRANSFORMATION of the relational space we are included in.  Only if the reality were that we were living on a flat plane of infinite extent could we legitimately speak of ‘the growth of our farm’.  In other words, that statement contains a ‘double error’.  The first error is NAMING using the word ‘our FARM’ which imputes thing-in-itself being, and then conflating this with the second error of GRAMMAR where we say ‘our farm is growing larger’.

Visually, the farm APPEARS to be ‘GROWING LARGER’ and that is the intellectual understanding supported by such language and grammar, but what is physically going on is TRANSFORMATION wherein wilderness lands are being transformed into cultivated land so that there is an increase in cultivated lands along with an equal and reciprocal decrease in Wilderness lands.  WESTERN CULTURE VALUES may be behind the seeming adequacy of speaking in terms of GROWTH of cultivated land, however, the reality is that there is a reciprocal reduction of Wilderness lands, or more accurately still, RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION.

The CONFUSION here is that while GROWTH is an INCOMPLETE description of what is going on, GROWTH is LOCAL and thus EFFABLE while TRANSFORMATION, which is what is REALLY going on, is NONLOCAL and INEFFABLE.

I can tell you about the GROWTH of my farm because it is a LOCAL phenomenon that I notionally isolate from the overall world, but if I were to talk about TRANSFORMATION, I would be talking about the TRANSFORMATION of the overall world.

The “HEALTH” of the WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMIC is often associated with GROWTH AND DECLINE, and their economic counterparts PROFIT AND LOSS, however, these abstractions are FLATSPACE based and too simple to capture the CURVED SPACE dynamic of TRANSFORMATION.  There is an analogy here to POLAR AMPLITUDES without PHASE in wave physics, the acknowledging of the utility of incorporating PHASE (Gabor) leading to the more complex capture of wave action in HOLOGRAPHIC terms where the FIGURE-AND-GROUND INDEPENDENCE is superseded by FIGURE-AND-GROUND AS ONE.

The GROWTH of cultivated land and reciprocal DECLINE of Wilderness land is similarly inadequate, and suggestive of the need for the same sort of expansion of ‘dimensionality’ where the ‘change’ transcends being characterized by the simple splitting into two polar opposites.  The more comprehensive alternative in this case is TRANSFORMATION wherein there is TWO in the ONE; e.g. there are still some Wilderness animals and plants in the cultivated lands and some cultivated animals and plants in the Wilderness lands and the continual shift in ‘composition’ of plants and animals manifests as TRANSFORMATION.  It is far too complex to be inferred by TWO designations such as ‘CULTIVATED’ and ‘WILDERNESS’ in the same manner that ‘PEAK’ and ‘TROUGH’ in wave dynamics failed to capture the complex mixture we call PHASE.

The FLATSPACE illusion of GROWTH and how it supports EGO thus shows up in terms of the double error based SOURCING of ACTIONS and DEVELOPMENT which attributes such SOURCING to a NAME instantiated LOCAL thing-in-itself such as a manning, nationing or corporationing, the ‘ing’ suffixes being added to bring out the reality that there are no ‘things-in-themselves’, only  fluid ‘formings’ in the transforming relational continuum.

We have said that ‘the farm GREW from a 2 acres to 160 acres and that one-sided GROWTH ‘sounds’ perfectly legitimate even without any mention of the reciprocal decline of the Wilderness lands, and the reality of TRANSFORMATION is even farther from our mindfulness as we tune in to the GROWTH based representation and from there start thinking in ECONOMIC terms where such GROWTH is ‘backed up with’ the GROWTH of sales revenues.  How do these concepts and discussion surrounding them bring us back to TRANSFORMATION?  The answer is; they do not!  WESTERN CULTURE GROWTH based rhetoric hijacks and dumbs down our intellectual reflecting so that we forget about the REALITY of relational TRANSFORMATION.

Once GROWTH is conceived of as ‘real’ by the intellectualizing WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT, EGO has the solid foundation it needs to claim LOCAL powers of SORCERY and Bull(shit) its way forward.

* * *


NOTES: in regard to WESTERN CULTURE “FLATSPACE” perception of “reality”


Psychological descent from curved space TRANSFORMATION to flatspace GROWTH.

The growth of cultivated land is at the same time the reduction of Wilderness, thus we can’t step into the same land twice because it is not the same land and we are not the same person.  In other words FIGURE and GROUND are ONE and we can’t REALISTICALLY  speak of the GROWTH of the FIGURE (cultivated land) without at the same time acknowledging the REDUCTION of the GROUND (Wilderness), so that IN REALITY, there is no such thing as GROWTH, there is only TRANSFORMATION.

Only if SPACE WERE FLAT (unchanged by what goes on inside it) would the concept of GROWTH be realistically viable; i.e. only if FIGURE and GROUND WERE TWO  as where the GROWTH of cultivated land WERE NOT reciprocal to the SHRINKAGE of Wilderness would the concept of GROWTH of cultivated land (e.g. the growth of the farm from 2 acres to 160 acres) be possible and that is NOT the REALITY.

What we experience is inclusion in TRANSFORMATION whether or not we cultivate the land.  Our claim that we CULTIVATED THE LAND psychologically imposes the DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar on the intellectual constructions of our mind; the FIRST ERROR being NAMING to create a LOCAL notional THING-IN-ITSELF conflated with the second error of GRAMMAR which imputes the power of SOURCING actions and development to NAMING-instantiated THING-IN-ITSELF.

This is how we are able to use language and grammar to reduce the NONLOCAL to the pseudo-LOCAL.  However, NONLOCALITY is the reality affirmed by our sensory experience of inclusion in the Tao (the transforming relational continuum) while LOCAL is abstract invention achieved through language (imposing NAMING on persisting forms in the flow).

‘FARMING’ is an activity that goes on WITHIN THE LAND; i.e. within the TRANSFORMING RELATIONAL CONTINUUM, while the abstract concept of FARM as a LOCALLY existing THING-IN-ITSELF is language based abstraction (NAMING-INSTANTIATED abstraction) that we CONFLATE with GRAMMAR, giving ‘it’  (‘the Farm’) ‘it’s own’ notional powers of sourcing GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.  This ‘naming-instantiating’ and ‘grammar-animating’ is a DOUBLE ERROR perpetration of language and grammar. The physical reality of TRANSFORMATION is thus wallpapered over and superseded in our mind by this DOUBLE ERROR intellectual construction.  Our ‘intuition’ retains cognizance of our sensory experience-grounded awareness of inclusion in TRANSFORMATION (i.e. in the transforming relational continuum aka the Wave-field aka the Tao) while our rational intellection works with the reduced medium of NAMING instantiated THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES with GRAMMAR-given powers of SOURCING actions and developments; i.e. ‘the double error’.

While the ‘double error’ language and grammar based reduction tool succeeds in delivering up an effable REDUCTION of the ineffable Tao of TRANSFORMATION, such reduction is sufficient only for INFERENCE of the actual REALITY of TRANSFORMATION, and that understanding is NOT LOST in modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, however, that understanding HAS BEEN LOST or at least commonly FORGOTTEN in popular WESTERN CULTURE language and grammar informing of the intellect, with the result that language and grammar are interpreted LITERALLY as if the meaning to be conveyed is EXPLICIT rather than IMPLICIT.

In modern physics as in indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, the following understanding of the LIMITED informing capability of language and grammar is accepted, wherein language and grammar can only go so far as to stimulate the intuition of a reality that lies innately beyond the literal content of the message.  Wittgenstein captures this understanding in the following; his final two comments in Tractatus Logico Philosophicus;

6.54 My propositions are elucidatory in this way: he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he has climbed up on it.)

He must surmount these propositions; then he sees the world rightly.

7.0 Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

–Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus


What this means is that TRANSFORMATION is fluid and NONLOCAL and lies innately beyond intellectual-rational capture in language and grammar.  REDUCTIVE REPRESENTATION in terms of FLATSPACE GROWTH  is

Psychological descent from curved space TRANSFORMATION to FLATSPACE GROWTH as in the example of the GROWTH of the ‘farm’ from 2 acres to 160 acres fails to capture the reciprocal SHRINKAGE of Wilderness and thus fails to capture the FIGURE AND GROUND NONDUALITY which implies the NONLOCALITY (the purely relational nature) of TRANSFORMATION.

The abstract FLATSPACE concept of GROWTH thus plays a pivotal role in shaping WESTERN CULTURE perception of (a pseudo-) REALITY wherein GROWTH has an effect similar to a Cuckoo’s egg laid in the nest of a completely different family of things, hatching out and hijacking systems set up for a very different purpose.  In the case of WESTERN CULTURE SOCIAL DYNAMICS, an ECONOMY oriented to “GROWTH” as if “GROWTH” were a physically real phenomenon, and backed up by the notional PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction, blinds itself to the PHYSICALLY REAL REALITY OF TRANSFORMATION.  The focus on GROWTH of the farm without acknowledging the reciprocal SHRINKAGE of Wilderness blinds one to the PRIMARY REALITY of purely relational TRANSFORMATION.   In reality, there is no such thing as GROWTH of a thing ‘in-its-own-right, there is only relational TRANSFORMATION.  The so-called GROWTH of the farm is at the same time, SHRINKAGE of the Wilderness (as the ‘wildlife’ well knows through their living experience).  It is only the limitation of language that forces us to split TRANSFORMATION into GROWTH of cultivated land and SHRINKAGE of Wilderness; i.e. the capture of continuing TRANSFORMATION (the Tao, the Wave-field) is beyond the EXPLICIT AND DIRECT expressive capability of language and grammar.   This is recognized in modern physics and in the EASTERN cultures of indigenous aboriginals, Buddhism/Taoism and Advaita Vedanta, however, we WESTERN CULTURE adherents persist in employing the FLATSPACE concept of GROWTH as if it ‘were real’, ignoring that activities committed to GROWTH (such as PRODUCER-PRODUCT activities) are, in reality, included within the relational TRANSFORMATION aka ‘the Tao’ aka the ‘Wave-field’.

This WESTERN CULTURE “FLATSPACE” conceptualizing of “reality”, which regards GROWTH as ‘real’ and ‘deep-sixes’ and ‘wallpapers over’ our understanding of reality in terms of relational TRANSFORMATION is a CRAZY-MAKER which is the source of EGO in WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS within the abstract conceptualizing of self as NAME-INSTANTIATED LOCAL PERSON THING-IN-ITSELF, LOCAL NATION THING-IN-ITSELF and LOCAL CORPORATION THING-IN-ITSELF, all notionally equipped with GRAMMAR given powers of SOURCING actions and developments per the ‘double error’ of language and grammar.

This double error based ‘surrogate’ reality is indisputably valuable in facilitating sharing, by way of a reduced conceptualization, of the ineffable Tao or Wave-field; i.e. the transforming relational continuum that we experience inclusion in.  The problem that arises among us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS is that we employ such reductive conceptualizations such as GROWTH as if they were ‘real’ rather than reductions useful for triggering an intuitive leap to an ineffable reality lying innately beyond them.

* * *



A postscript on the previously-circulated above essay on COVID 19.

Pathogens, COVID 19 and other EGO based delusions

In brief, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are in the habit of employing a crazy-making, (delusional) FLATSPACE view of reality featuring the abstract concept of GROWTH — THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GROWTH, THERE IS ONLY RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION.

We say that the population of the U.S. grows through IMMIGRATING but this is impossible without, at the same time, the reduction of population in those regions that people are EMIGRATING from.  Taken together, this is TRANSFORMATION.

The Farmer claims that his wheat producing farm has GROWN from 2 acres to 160 acres, but no mention of the reciprocal REDUCTION of Wilderness area.  In other words, no mention of the sensory experience validated ‘real reality’ of TRANSFORMATION.  The FLATSPACE view of GROWTH (i.e. the abstract Euclidian space based view) is not capable of dealing with the CURVED SPACE reality of TRANSFORMATION, … so it is common for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS to speak as if GROWTH is something ‘real’, as in the double error PRODUCER-PRODUCT concept, … a double error of language and grammar pointed out by Nietzsche; i.e. the first error is NAMING that imputes LOCAL thing-in-itself existence and this is conflated with the second error of GRAMMAR that imputes the power of SOURCING actions and developments to the NAMING instantiated thing-in-itself (first error).

The double error is what makes it possible for us to ‘break in’ to the ineffable continuum to ‘effable-ize’ it.   This is where we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS come up with the PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction that is exemplified by the notion that the wheat producing farm has GROWN from 2 acres to 160 acres.

Because of the fact that GROWTH has become regarded as ‘something real’ by us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS, we now have an economy based on GROWTH while, all the while, what is REALLY going on is TRANSFORMATION.

GROWTH is an abstraction that COMES FROM A DOUBLE ERROR of language and grammar.  Should we really believe that immigration into the U.S. leads to a GROWTH in U.S. population?  This is intellectual abstraction based self-trickery that is a CRAZY-MAKER because it conceals what our sensory experience informs us is going on, which is relational TRANSFORMATION.  The GROWTH of cultivated land involves a reciprocal SHRINKAGE of Wilderness area. This is a crude way of expressing that what is really going on is TRANSFORMATION but TRANSFORMATION is the Tao and the Tao that can be told is not the true Tao (i.e. the Tao is ‘ineffable’).

Ok, the EAST (i.e. modern physics, indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta) do NOT fall into the trap of believing in the abstraction of GROWTH and thus blinding oneself from understanding reality by means of our actual sensory experience of inclusion in the transforming relational continuum.


Where we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS ‘are’ right now, is trying to deal with an abstract thing-in-itself (our EGO is the author of such abstractions) that we NAME “COVID 19” that we are PARANOID about because PARANOIA is where our invention of the EGO comes back in the negative to HAUNT us.  In other words, we INVENT, with our intellect, the notion of one-sided producer-product dynamics which is a FLATSPACE abstraction (there is only relational transformation in the reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the Wave-field aka the Tao).  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “GROWTH”, it is a FLATSPACE ABSTRACTION.  The farm DOES NOT REALLY GROW from 2 acres to 160 acres.


So, how does this relate to COVID 19?

Our inclusion, as relational forms, in the transforming relational continuum, is NOT WITHOUT GROWING PAINS, … or rather, TRANSFORMING PAINS. Somehow, we have to sustain relational balance across the full ecosystemic assemblage as the whole thing undergoes interdependent transformation (coevolution).  We know about this on the smaller scale of the diversity of ‘humanings’ aka ‘humans’ that develop under unique suites of influences associated with the uniqueness of their relational situation within the transforming relational continuum (the Tao aka the Wave-field).

COVID 19 is popularly presented in our WESTERN CULTURE DOUBLE ERROR language and grammar representations, as a PATHOGEN with its own jumpstart powers of sourcing actions and developments.  This follows the WESTERN CULTURE “EGO” archetype.  As Bishop Berkeley pointed out way-back-when, differentiation (abstract, intellectual mathematical) liberates ‘the GHOST OF THE DEPARTED QUANTITY’.  Once we split apart the INHABITANT from the HABITAT, and animate, using the double error to animate, in a one-sided fashion, the INHABITANT (the FLATSPACE reduction) as we do with the one-sided PRODUCER-PRODUCT abstraction, we liberate a ghostly ‘mirror-effect’ that, because we don’t overtly make mention of it, ‘comes back to haunt us’, reminding us that the REAL REALITY is NOT the PRODUCER-PRODUCT DYNAMIC, but is instead RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION.

In other words, by employing the FLATSPACE PRODUCER-PRODUCT ABSTRACTION, we liberate a GHOST OF A DEPARTED QUANTITY, as in the case of the GROWTH of cultivated land which liberates the GHOST OF A DEPARTED WILDERNESS.

Of course, we could spare ourselves all this FLATSPACE abstraction by recalling that there is no such thing as GROWTH in the reality of our actual sensory experience, there is only relational transformation that includes ourselves and everything.  Unfortunately, we have built this reduction-to-FLATSPACE into our language and grammar via the ‘double error’.  I say ‘unfortunately’ even though language is a great invention that allows us to share understanding of a reduced version of the ineffable, … BECAUSE, … we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are letting ‘the tool of double error based reduction’ RUN AWAY WITH THE WORKMAN, redefining ourselves as naming-instantiated LOCAL things-in-ourselves, notionally with our own GRAMMAR based powers of sourcing actions and developments.   THIS IS WHERE EGO COMES FROM, and it is EGO that gives us this one-sided ‘flat-space’ producer-product ‘being’ that is ‘haunted’ by the GHOST of our DEPARTED ALTER-SELF.

Does the flapping flag (or actions of the person) source the movement of the air (the actions of the social dynamic), or does the movement of the air (the actions of the social dynamic) source the flapping of the flag (the actions of the person)?


ANSWER: Look at the word SOURCE in the question that we have possibly accepted and digested.  Accepting the concept of SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS IS THE DOUBLE ERROR OF LANGUAGE AND GRAMAMAR. IT IS ABSTRACTION.  The influx of ‘immigrants’ to the UNITED STATES (which is just a ‘name’) is NOT the SOURCE of GROWTH in population, … because saying that is absurd (it is the FLATSPACE abstraction), … because we have not mentioned the reciprocal DECLINE in population of wherever they are coming from, concealing the fact that what is really going on is relational TRANSFORMATION.  There is no such thing as GROWTH.  It is a FLATSPACE abstraction.

So, where does this put us with our EGO-archetype where we see ourselves, abstractly, as a jumpstart producer of products, the farmer who sees himself as the source of the GROWTH of his farm (eclipsing his understanding of self as a relational form included in the transformation relational continuum), a false FLATSPACE ‘reality’ that is the OPERATIVE REALITY of we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS and our  rewards and recognition conventions.  This FLATSPACE pseudo-reality differs radically from modern physics and indigenous aboriginal understanding of our inclusion in the transformation relational continuum (the Tao, the Wave-field).

AND, … where does this put with respect to COVID 19 and other such producer-product pathogen exemplars?  How about Robin Hood and Jean Valjean?  We have the option of understanding dynamics in the modern physics and indigenous aboriginal etc. terms of relational transformation wherein it is natural for movement to be animated in the service of cultivating balance between regions of surplus and regions of deficiency.  So why would we label Robin Hood and Jean Valjean as ‘criminals’ aka as ‘pathogens’?  The reason why is because of our habit of reducing the reality of our sensory experience of inclusion in the Tao (Wave-field) that is inherently NONLOCAL and thus ineffable, …  to LOCAL visual depictions based on the double error of NAMING and GRAMMAR based ‘actions-and-developments’.

COVID 19 and our WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENT response to ‘it’ is based on the PATHOGEN concept which is a polar opposite to the EGO version of the ‘producer-product’ concept. All such interpretations are in the abstract realm of FLAT SPACE where GROWTH and REDUCTION (abstractions) are regarded by the intellect as REAL; a delusional understanding where employed as reality (rather than, as in modern physics and EASTERN cultures) employed only as Wittgenstein ladders to infer an ineffable reality (the transforming relational continuum aka Toa aka Wave-field) that lies innately beyond explicit effable capture.

So, COVID 19 belongs to the world of abstraction where the EGO associated with belief in producer-product ‘lives’ and where such belief which is in a one-sided positive sense, liberates a GHOST as a kind of remembrance in the back of the mind, as where something unstated is lost when we speak of the GROWTH of cultivated land as if it were meaningful without mention of the REDUCTION of Wilderness lands.

The PATHOGEN is abstraction and NOT a ‘real thing-in-itself’ (there are no such things; they are the artifact of the ‘double error’) and what is real is RELATIONAL DISSONANCE and IMBALANCE as in our relational social dynamic wherein imbalance in access to nature’s bounty induces rebalancing actions (e.g. those of Robin Hood and Jean Valjean) which, when reduced using the ‘double error’ of language and grammar, is REDUCED to a one-sided PRODUCER-PRODUCT ACTION AND DEVELOPMENT (i.e. reduced to a FLATSPACE development).

How would the response to what we are calling the PATHOGEN COVID 19 differ if our understanding was informed by modern physics and/or by the indigenous aboriginal, Taoist/Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta adherent?   The general direction of this difference is indicated by the difference in dealing with relational dissonance in general, where it is interpreted (A) as arising from an unbounded NONLOCAL relational network of influences as in modern physics and indigenous aboriginal understanding, or (B) as arising from LOCAL SOURCING OF ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT as suggested by the ‘double error’ of language and gramma, which gives to the abstract concept of EGO which in turn gives rise to the abstraction of HERO and VILLAIN, the latter being termed PATHOGEN in WESTERN CULTURE based ‘medicine’.

CLOSING-NOTE: I am writing up this issue of COVID 19 from a point of view large enough to deliver both the WESTERN and EASTERN (modern physics) understandings of reality, which give respective understandings that are very different although related.  Our WESTERN CULTURE view is complicated by EGO which gives cornerstone or stake-in-the-ground foundation to the EXPLICIT reductive producer-product abstraction and stirs up in the psyche the implicit but unstated ‘ghost’ of what we are ‘dropping out’ in the reductive producer-product abstraction, as pointed to in the example of the GHOST of lost Wilderness that goes unmentioned but haunts us in the back of our mind in speaking of the GROWTH of cultivated land; i.e. the Wilderness quietly ‘goes missing’ due to our use of producer-product logic as if it adequately captured ‘reality’; i.e. as if ‘reality’ could be captured in terms of FLATSPACE GROWTH.

The question arises as to how would we do things differently (from the Pathogen elimination approach) in the case of what we are calling COVID 19, and to answer this we should go to the answer to how the indigenous aboriginal culture deals with ‘the eruption of pathogens’ in the social dynamic; i.e. approach required is the re-cultivating of relational balance and harmony at all levels in the transforming relational continuum.

What is deceptive is the one-sided geometry of the pathogen model.  In this standard ‘producer-product’ model the relational aspect; i.e. we may say that it is the discarded cigarette butt that ‘sources’ the forest fire but the condition of the forest plays the lead role although it is generally not mentioned because while we believe we can ‘control’ the tossing of butts, we cannot control those global conditions that impact the susceptibility of the forest to fires.  Our approach is thus like searching for the watch we lost on a dark portion of the street under the streetlight where the search conditions are better.

More generally still, TRANSFORMATION as in the Wave-field dynamic is ineffable because it is EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME, and our approach to ‘effable-izing’ it by employing language and grammar to REDUCE TRANSFORMATION to the abstract terms of LOCAL MATERIAL OBJECTS and their DISPLACEMENT within a CONTAINING SPACE within a mechanistic SEQUENTIAL PROGRESSION we call TIME. This language and grammar based ‘effable-izing’ of TRANSFORMATION is the intellectual TOOL that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS are allowing to ‘run away with the workman.  

WE WESTERN CULTURE EGOTISTS, by constructing pseudo-realities in which WE ignore the innate NONLOCAL relational nature of reality and exalt ourselves in HEROIC roles as LOCAL ‘independent beings’ with our own powers of sourcing actions and developments (aka ‘sorcery’), … eventually have to deal with the DARK-side of this Mephistophelian deal which is where WESTERN CULTURE PARANOIA descends upon us like a plague.   We who claim we have harnessed FIRE and employ it as if it were our own obedient work-horse, are loathe to acknowledge our inclusion within a transforming relational continuum wherein moist green forests are transformed into tinder-boxes that will explode into transformative action given the slightest of nudges like a tiny wind-blown spark.

Our WESTERN CULTURE way is to use language and grammar to BYPASS (i.e. to ‘intellectually wall paper over and conceal’) the reality of relational TRANSFORMATION, reducing it within language and grammar based intellectual representation, to the abstract terms of LOCAL producer-product SORCERY.   Thus the very same alleged human act of match-tossing enacted in the ‘rainy season’, is claimed, in the ‘dry season’, to be the heinous producer-product crime of CAUSING massively ‘destructive’ conflagration.  Is it not thus clear that the TRANSFORMATION that we are included in is the ‘greater reality’ and ‘our own dynamics’ (language-based abstraction) are the ‘lesser reality’, or, more accurately, ARE INTELLECT-FABRICATED ABSTRACT REPRESENTATIONS AND NOT REALITY AT ALL.  Such REDUCTIVE abstract representations allow us to reduce the ineffable NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION to crude, effable LOCAL ‘double error’ based representations.  In the EAST, as in modern physics, it is not forgotten that inclusion in NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION is the reality of our actual sensory experience and that the effable, LOCAL ‘double error’ based representations of language and grammar are an expedient ‘Wittgenstein Ladder’ that DOES NOT AND CANNOT CAPTURE AND GIVE REPRESENTATION TO TRANSFORMATION (IT IS INEFFABLE) but which serves up INFERENCE BASED CUES that allow our intuition, which is not constrained to language based reductions, to make an intuitive leap to the purely relational understanding of NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION, which is beyond explicit capture by language and grammar.

Thus, the ‘forest fire’ is NOT man-made and in fact the very concept of LOCAL SOURCING of actions and developments is ‘double error’ based abstraction that, while it is useful for INFERRING (by way of intuition) TRANSFORMATION, does not support literal and explicit (rational or ‘reason’-based) interpretation.

“Reason” in language!—oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.  

Meanwhile, ‘truth’ in ‘reason’ is a popular and even ‘foundational’ belief in WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS which abstractly ‘lifts man out’ of the TRANSFORMATION and abstractly sets him down as a LOCAL thing-in-itself with its own powers of SOURCING actions and developments

“Man is rational and therefore like God; he is created with free will and is master over his acts.  — Christian teaching.

As Nietzsche points out, such language and grammar based liberation of man from the overall transforming relational continuum is a crazy-maker.

TO SUM UP, in the particular case of COVID 19

We are included in TRANSFORMATION which is the ineffable reality of our actual sensory experiece.  We use language and grammar to REDUCE so as to ‘efffable-ize’ the ineffable, as with the ‘double error’ of language and grammar which reduces and recasts NONLOCAL relational dynamics in terms of notional (abstract) LOCAL PRODUCER-PRODUCT EVENTS.  Thus the producer-product event of the man who discards his cigarette butt in a dry forest (as is a familiar pattern of events that transpire without adverse fallout in a wet forest) is credited with LOCALLY SOURCING A FIERY ACTION AND DEVELOPMENT, obscuring, with this abstract language and grammar construction, his inclusion within ongoing NONLOCAL RELATIONAL TRANSFORMATION.

As is evident, this abstract reduction gives rise to EGO as we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS assume authorship (sorcery powers) over such nature-based NONLOCAL TRANSFORMATION.   Because we establish EGO through belief in powers of LOCAL SOURCING where we give ourselves (abstract/artificial) credit for such SORCERY, we open up, at the same time, the Pandora’s box wherein we oblige ourselves, for logical consistency, to impute LOCAL SOURCING to ‘negative events’.  This is where the PATHOGEN is born to provide logical consistency with the EGO, the belief in the individual’s own powers of SOURCING positive producer-product actions and developments.  WESTERN CULTURE thus rewards and recognizes positive producers of product (HEROS or ‘BENOGENS’) and punishes and denigrates negative producers of product (‘VILLAINS’ or PATHOGENS) consistent with belief in the REALITY of LOCAL PRODUCER-PRODUCT SORCERY.  INSTEAD OF TRANSFORMATION this gives rise to EGOTISTICAL HERO-MAKING and PARANOID PATHOGEN-FEAR AND LOATHING.

COVID 19 is a case in point.  As with the concept of ‘criminals’ (pathogens) in a society where relations shift from harmonious to dissonant, the paranoid fear and attempted elimination of pathogens is a WESTERN CULTURE propensity that can be alternatively understood as relational dissonance which calls for the restoring of relational balance and harmony.  A first order attempt to do so may be the superficial effort to ‘eliminate pathogens’ however the deeper resolution is by the restoring of relational balance.  In a revolution, the relational imbalance captured in language and grammar in terms where the downtrodden poor may set out to eliminate the over-bearing rich as in the abstract binary interpretation, however, the natural outcome is a relations-transforming rebalancing (rather than the revolutionaries ‘winning’ and becoming the new ‘overbearing winners’ that subjugates the new ‘downtrodden losers’.  The EGO of the revolutionary may induce his casting of such dynamics in the binary terms of the rise of the LOCALLY ACTING GOOD/VIRTUOUS/WINNER so as to reclaim dominance over the LOCALLY ACTING BAD/EVIL/LOSER, however, the REALITY is the restoring of harmony and balance within the NONLOCAL RELATIONALLY TRANSFORMING CONTINUUM.


* * *