WHY “REASON” IS EFFING US UP (US WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS), and NOT indigenous aboriginals and others who stay away from hard-core reliance on “REASON”                            .


For the answer, first consider the following quote by Poincaré, and then the discussion that follows it.


And just as our Copernicus said to us : It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of astronomy are expressible in a much simpler language ; this one would say: It is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round, since thus the laws of mechanics are expressible in a much simpler language. . This does not preclude maintaining that absolute space, that is to say the mark to which it would be necessary to refer the earth to know whether it really moves, has no objective existence. Hence, this affirmation; ‘the earth turns round’ has no meaning, since it can be verified by no experiment; since such an experiment, not only could not be either realized or dreamed by the boldest Jules Verne, but can not be conceived of without contradiction; or rather these two propositions; ‘the earth turns round,’ and, ‘it is more convenient to suppose the earth turns round’ have the same meaning; there is nothing more in the one than in the other. “ — Henri Poincaré, ‘Science and Hypothesis’, Ch. VII Relative Motion and Absolute Motion


What this establishes, and it is a very general practice in WESTERN CULTURE language-based representations, … is a DOUBLE ERROR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY that avoids complex language based constructions.   IMAGINE, for example, how difficult it would be to capture the transformation associated with cross-pollination where honey bees move about from flower to flower in a flower-filled meadow.   IMAGINE, for example, how difficult it would be to capture the transformation associated with seeds and insect eggs being gathered and scattered on the mud-caked tread in one’s boots as one travels around the countryside or even around the earth.   TRANSFORMATION of relational diversity associates with actions that we normally capture in language in a kind of simplified icon-based representation where we speak about the movement and changing relational interactions of “A HUMAN” with no mention of the inevitable ‘microbial’ gathering and scattering that is an inextricable part of such movement.  (See, for example;  )


The point is that the view of humanings in modern physics wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-ARE-ONE is supported by the microbial level view.  We might have known we couldn’t get away with saying things like John flew Maine to Mexico when the microbial level reality makes I seem more like the movement of a GYRE or TWISTER from Maine to Mexico which is no longer MOTION of ONE THING within ANOTHER THING (figure-and-ground as two) but is instead ONE MOTION within ANOTHER MOTION, like a little WHORL within a BIGGER WHORL.  While it may APPEAR, so we say in our news reports, that, the TWISTER is “MOVING THROUGH” the ATMOSPHERE, the sense-experience reality is that there is TWISTERING in the ATMOSHEREING; i.e. FIGURE-and-GROUND-ARE ONE! … AND NOT TWO!


The point is that our WESTERN CULTURE SUBSTITUTE REALITY CONSTRUCTIONS are based on FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO, and if the reality is, as our sense-experience affirms, that FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE, as in the mictrobiome view wherein ‘humanings’ are microbial assemblages, then the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY needs revising so as to shift gears from the FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO topology back to FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE topology.


Nietzsche’s ‘Twilight of the Idols’ speaks to the point that complex forms such as the microbial assemblage as a local relational collection within a fluid continuum as a LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF is an IDOL that is on its way out, which is as Modern physics would have it, and Bohm’s UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS  is jus the FLIP-SIDE of TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS.  In the former, Bohm has the tough task of trying to describe UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS which we can sense experience through CHOICELESS AWARENESS, … while Nietzsche has taken on the conjugate task of DISCREDITING THE LOCAL THINGS-IN-THEMSELVES into which the DOUBLE ERROR has divided everything up to create the abstract FRAGMENTED world.


Bohm has taken the ‘high road’ and the NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE TASK of describing UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS, as through choiceless awareness, while Nietzsche has taken the ‘low road’ of discrediting the IDOLS, those separate things-in-themselves that we have invented with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  It is impossible to embrace UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS without ‘SMASHING THE IDOLS’ that are the basis of WESTERN CULTURE SUBSTITUTE REALITY.


My impression is that we are all of different personality biased preferences so ‘SMASHING IDOLS’ can be done as an initial preparatory step to ‘clear the way’ for embracing UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS.  When I mock the DOUBLE ERROR language structures suggesting the GROWTH of a TOWN, I am just clearing the way for the intuitive acknowledging of the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE which informs us of the UNDIVIDUAL WHOLENESS, in the belief that this might make it easier to see what is going on.  For me, the direct embrace of UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS …. WITHOUT…. SMASHING IDOLS, … is more difficult because the GROWTH of the TOWN ‘hangs around in the psyche’ as Wittgenstein points out;


 A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably. –-Wittgenstein – Philosophical Investigations.


Can YOU see “THAT TOWN GROWING”?   I can see it hear all kinds of talk about it and it makes it hard as hell for my perception to ‘cut through’ and see the UNDIVIDED WHOLE wherein there is TOWING in the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE.


Like Nietzsche, I want to knock out that TOWN because I can’t see the TRANSFORMING LANDSCAPE for the “GROWING TOWN”.








Goedel, Nietzsche and Mach


Taken together, the core propositions of these three thinkers explain how our WESTERN CULTURE social dynamic is literally DRIVING US CRAZY.


Goedel’s Theorem shows us the INCOMPLETENESS of all finite systems of logic.  This exposes the dysfunction that comes from REASON.   For example, we REASON that if we TRIPLE the land land we have under agricultural cultivation, we can triple our food supply and our profits.   This is RATIO-based thinking aka ‘reason’ aka ‘rationality’.   However, in reality the growth of cultivated land is accompanied by the conjugate shrinkage of Wilderness lands so that what is REALLY going on is TRANSFORMATION of the OVERALL LANDSCAPE. Nevertheless, our WESTERN CULTURE ‘rational thinking’ goes with REASON which tells us that if we produced X from our initial agricultural project, we will produce 3X when we TRIBPLE the area land under cultivation.  That is the ‘rational’ conclusion, but the rational conclusion is NOT CORROBORATED BY OUR SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY.  The REALITY is that we are confusing ourselves by the incompleteness of LOGIC (binary logic) exposed by Goedel’s Theorem.   The incompleteness in this case is that the GROWTH of cultivated land, expressed as simple RATIO, in this case the TRIPLING of the agriculturally cultivated area, says nothing about the conjugate SHRINKAGE of Wilderness area such that development is INSTEAD, TRANSFORMATION of the overall LANDSCAPE.   But how easy a trap it is for us to focus just on the GROWTH of the cultivated land and to speak about it is as such GROWTH were THE REALITY, rather than TRANSFORMATION.




Nietzsche shows us the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR that we WESTERN CLTURE ADHERENTS have built into our language-based representations and conceptualizing.  This DOUBLE ERROR links up with the exposure to aberrant thinking shown in Goedel’s Theorem.   The first error of NAMING establishes an abstract LOCAL THING-IN-ITSELF BEING, while the second error of GRAMMAR notionally equips the BEING fabricated as the FIRST ERROR with notional powers of AUTHORING actions and developments.   This DOUBLE ERROR language-based abstraction is what we use to imply LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and development as in the example “the TOWN is GROWING” which says NOTHING about the conjugate shrinkage of the Wilderness or in other words, it fails to bring forth the sense-experience affirmed understanding that what is TRANSFORMATION; i.e. the GROWTH of the cultivated land is bound together with a conjugate SHRINKAGE of Wildereness area, such that to speak in terms of GROWTH takes us into a SUBSTITUTE REALITY wherein the conjugate shrinking of Wilderness DOES NOT EXIST.  This SUBSTITUTE REALITY is given by Euclidian geometry wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.   In this abstract SUBSTITUTE REALITY, we can SPEAK IN TERMS OF (i.e. CONSTRUCT ABSTRACT NARRATIVES IN TERMS OF) FIGURES that are free to GROW, CHANGE, and RELOCATE as if in their own separate and individual ‘right’, which defines RATIO and REASON, a ONE-SIDED abstract means of casting change in terms of GROWTH instead of TRANSFORMATION.  This GROWTH-based-pseudo-reality fashioned with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR serves up a SUBSTITUTE REALITY which is FAR SIMPLIER than the REAL REALITY wherein we must not only address the GROWTH of the cultivated area, but also, in an integrated WHOLENESS termed TRANSFORMATION, the shrinkage of the Wilderness,



Ernst Mach, in ‘The Analysis of Sensations and the Relation of the Physical to the Psychical, shows us the incompleteness of the science of physics ‘on its own’, which points to the same issues addressed by Goedel and Nietzsche; i.e. “The science of psychology is auxiliary to physics.  The two mutually support one another, and it is only when they are united that a complete science is formed.  From our standpoint, the antithesis of subject and object, in the ordinary sense, does not exist.” — Ernst Mach.   Mach is pointing to a whole array of PSYCHOLOGICAL DISCONNECTS that we create with the binary logical abstract constructions of classical science as in the topology of FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO which sets the stage for the construction of an abstraction-based SUBSTITUTE REALITY.   Mach is pointing to the need to reconcile the REALITY that RATIO aka REASON, while a usefull tool, is based on binary logical abstraction which is too simple to capture the complexity of sense-experience reality.  For example, we can use REASON to construct a whole SUBSTITUTE REALITY featuring DOUBLE ERROR based ‘independent things-in-themselves’ with ‘their own’ notional powers of AUTHORING actions and developments, but while this SUBSTITUTE REALITY can be a USEFUL TOOL OF INFERENCE, it can be a CRAZY-MAKER if we employ it ‘literally’ as if it’s REPRESENTATIONS OF REALITY were good enough to serve as SUBSTITUTES for our SENSE-EXPERIENCE reality.  Mach’s point is that CLASSICAL PHYSICS based representations of reality can only serve up a LESSER, SUBSTITUTE REALITY that is innately INCOMPLETE and which requires a psychological ‘back-up’.  Our psyche, informed not only by rational thought but also, at the same time, by sense experience, informs us that the reason-based concept; i.e. the RATIO-based concept of GROWTH of the TOWN is abstraction that fails to incorporate the conjugate SHRINKAGE of the Wilderness.

* * *


THESE THREE RELEVANT SHORTFALLS exposed by Goedel, Nietzsche and Mach impact our WESTERN CULTURE conceptualizing of REALITY; i.e. they tend to CONFUSE our understanding of reality coming from our language-based intellectual interchanges.   The DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR serves to FRAGMENT the unbroken IMLICIT ORDER in WAVE-FIELD REALITY.  EASTERN cultures including indigenous aboriginals who have developed RELATIONAL LANGUAGE have DODGED THIS BULLET, a BULLET which DAVID BOHM describes as follows;


1 FRAGMENTATION AND WHOLENESS  (from Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm)

The title of this chapter is ‘Fragmentation and wholeness’. It is especially important to consider this question today, for fragmentation is now very widespread, not only throughout society, but also in each individual; and this is leading to a kind of general confusion of the mind, which creates an endless series of problems and interferes with our clarity of perception so seriously as to prevent us from being able to solve most of them.

Thus art, science, technology, and human work in general, are divided up into specialties, each considered to be separate in essence from the others. Becoming dissatisfied with this state of affairs, men have set up further interdisciplinary subjects, which were intended to unite these specialties, but these new subjects have ultimately served mainly to add further separate fragments. Then, society as a whole has developed in such a way that it is broken up into separate nations and different religious, political, economic, racial groups, etc. Man’s natural environment has correspondingly been seen as an aggregate of separately existent parts, to be exploited by different groups of people. Similarly, each individual human being has been fragmented into a large umber of separate and conflicting compartments, according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological characteristics, etc., to such an extent that it is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc


So, this brief note on the DOUBLE ERROR language induced FRAGMENTED thinking patterns of our WESTERN CULTURE explores how it is that, as Bohm concludes; neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc


The indigenous aboriginal culture, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta avoid falling into this fragmented way of thinking but cannot avoid the dysfunction that it produces since we are all ‘in this relational dynamic together’ as the aphorism ‘mitakuye oyasin’ reminds us.


This fragmentation problem is also the central issue in Nietzsche’s philosophizing and he points out how the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR sets up this fragmentation, so Nietzsche is working on the same issues, but in a different contextual paradigm.  One might say Nietzsche’s investigation is more psychological since the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR is supported by EGO and that is how we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS chop everything up into ‘separate fragments’ by using language in such a manner as to impute LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments.  Nietzsche was also ‘into’ Modern physics very early on through his reading of Roger Boscovich (‘The Theory of Natural Philosophy’ (1758)) who has been described by modern physicists as being “200 years ahead of his time”.  Boscovich’s theory built on nonduality (matter-field equivalence).


My feeling is that Nietzsche and Bohm are ‘taking us to the same place’ by differing routes, and this place (relational reality) differs radically from our persisting “DOUBLE ERROR” based WESTERN CULTURE “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” with its binary logic based FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO SCHISM.


So, here is a simple review’ of where “I sit” AT THE MOMENT with respect to Krishnamuri’s (and Bohm’s?)  CHOICELESS AWARENESS.


As I see it, my focus has been, like Nietzsche’s, to FIRST OF ALL BREAK ONESELF OUT OF THE MYTHICAL SUBSTITUTE REALITY THAT CONSTITUTES WESTERN CULTURE “OPERATIVE REALITY”.    While I have been ‘working on this’ Nietzschean approach of SMASHING IDOLS so as to expose (let ourselves be in aware touch with) sense-experience reality which has been blocked by intellectual SUBSTITUTE REALITY, others are working on ‘direct perception’ of sense experience of inclusion in the Wave-field aka the Tao.


The capability that I have been exploring is the SMASHING IDOLS capability which, ostensibly, should lead to the same place as others may be going with direct PERCEPTION


I think the ‘direct perception route’ is a lot tougher than the IDOL-SMASHING route.  For example, if we can SMASH THE IDOLS of honey-bees assertively gathering up nectar for honey we can see the spreading of pollen from plant to plant which APPEARS entirely secondary to the honeybee’s ‘purposeful actions and developments’.   While we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS see what is going on here in the DOUBLE ERROR terms of NAMING and GRAMMAR (we present the bees as the AUTHORS of their own actions), what is REALLY going on is a gathering and scattering operation involving a diverse collection of participants including flowers and bees and more, which implies relational transformation. Why impose the abstraction of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments on THE HONEYBEES?   WHY NOT SEE THE DYNAMIC AS A COMPLEX INTER-RELATIONAL DYNAMIC THAT INCLUDES THE BEES?


(The scattering (extrusion of magma) and gathering (subduction of crustal rocks), we normally speak of SOMETHING THE PLANET IS AUTHORING, but that is just the DOUBLE ERROR and what is really going on is PLANETING within the Wave-field.  In other words, we are not justified in imputing a LOCAL AUTHOR (the PLANET) of the scattering and gathering; i.e. the scattering and gathering is PLANETING.   THE PLANETING in the Wave-field (e.g. the EARTHING) is made into an IDOL with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR.  We do the same with HUMANINGS in the Wave-field.


SMASHING IDOLS serves to liberate us from being mesmerized and blinded by the DOUBLE ERROR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY.   The DOUBLE ERROR SETS UP a FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO SUBSTITUTE REALITY which imputes LOCAL AUTHORING POWER to BOTH FIGURE AND GROUND as in the examples ‘the HURRICANE IS AUTHORING A STIRRING UP OF THE ATMOSPHERE’, AND/OR ‘the ATMOSPHERE IS AUTHORING A STIRRING UP OF THE HURRICANE.   NOTE that the DOUBLE ERROR has a CONJUGATE makeup; i.e. the first ERROR is the MALE aspect and the second is the FEMALE aspect and these two conjugates substitute for TRANSFORMATION in a WAVE based PEAK-and-TROUGH sense as in EXTRUSION and INTRUSION, conjugate processes that describe PLANETING.


We formulate the DOUBLE ERROR structure with the two components of NAMING (to impute LOCAL BEING) and GRAMMAR (to impute AUTHORING of actions and development).  As in the case of PLANETING, there is no actual PLANET-THAT-IS-THE-AUTHOR-OF-EXTRUSIONS-and-SUBDUCTIONS as if it were a THING-IN-ITSELF in EMPTY SPACE, there is only EXTRUDING-and-SUBSDUCTING aka PLANETING in the WAVE-FIELD so that “FIGURE” (the PLANETING) and “GROUND” (the FIELD) are ONE (the PLANETING is a CONDENSING of the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-ONE (i.e. wherein FIELD and MATTER ARE ONE).


This FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE topology prevails in the universe as it is characteristic of the Wave-field dynamic.   While EASTERN cultures and Modern physics acknowledge this FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-ONE topology, we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS DEFINE OURSELVES by opting for the ABSTRACT DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR based representation of reality wherein FIGURE-and-GROUND-are-TWO.


EGO comes with the DOUBLE ERROR FIGURE-and-GROUND-as-TWO SUBSTITUTE REALITY and EGO sets up the nonlinear dynamic of LOCK-IN-BY-HIGH-SWITCHING-COSTS.  In other words, now that we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have constructed a whole social status structure based on BELIEF IN THE DOUBLE ERROR ABSTRACTION of LOCAL AUTHORING of actions and developments, all of the BIG SHOTS with BIG EGOS will have to give up their DOUBLE ERROR based status in order for us to SWITCH and break out of our fragmentation.   As Bohm said earlier;


Man’s natural environment has correspondingly been seen as an aggregate of separately existent parts, to be exploited by different groups of people. Similarly, each individual human being has been fragmented into a larger umber of separate and conflicting compartments, according to his different desires, aims, ambitions, loyalties, psychological characteristics, etc., to such an extent that it is generally accepted that some degree of neurosis is inevitable, while many individuals going beyond the ‘normal’ limits of fragmentation are classified as paranoid, schizoid, psychotic, etc


Whether we go by Bohm’s or Nietzsche’s conceptualization, we get to the realization of the same reality and thus to the same issue of our WESTERN CULTURE problematic SUBSTITUTE REALITY with its disseminating of FRAGMENTATION..


Goedel, Nietzsche and Mach are all, in slightly different ways, alerting us to our problem of fragmenting reality, a problem that has become invisible to us because we are our constantly using it as our means of UNDERSTANDING REALITY.  The challenge we face, therefore, is like that of trying to change the wheels of the car we are in while we are riding in.  That is, ‘reason’ is what we are using to solve our intellectual problems but REASON IS THE PROBLEM because it is TOO SIMPLE.  No matter how clever we are and can become in regard to the GROWTH and PRODUCTION side of things, whether in technical successes of sending rockets to Mars or whatever, ALL OF THIS ASSERTIVE/PRODUCTIVE ACHIEVEMENT IS CONSTRAINED TO THE DOUBLE ERROR “SUBSTITUTE REALITY” BASED ON “REASON”.


REASON informs us on the LOCAL and EXPLICIT such as GROWTH and PRODUCTION that we carefully measure and document and encourage with rewards and/or discourage with punishments, however, our sense experience REALITY is of inclusion in the TRANSFORMING relational continuum which includes the SHRINKAGE of the Wilderness.   We don’t do ‘book-keeping’ or ‘manage inventory’ of the Wilderness because we don’t understand it (it’s on our ‘to-do list’ but we’re not there).     So, WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS focus on GROWTH and PRODUCTION because it is something we KNOW and UNDERSTAND.  What is ONE-SIDED-KNOWING does is leave he conjugate SHRINKAGE of Wilderness flapping like a loose sheet in a gale.   We don’t have this essential CONJUGATE REALITY in our ‘management plan’ .   Like the drunk who has lost his watch on a dark stretch of road and is searching for it under the streetlight ‘because the search conditions are better there’, … WE WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS orient our understanding to REASON because it gives us LOCAL and EXPLICIT management traction.   We know exactly what we are doing when we are expanding our agricultural, industrial and residential developments.  Our knowledge in terms of LOCALLY ENGINEERED GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, … but what we are losing in the darkness of the conjugate aspect of reality lies beyond our documented MALE-ASSERTIVE ACTIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS and is part of the OVERALL REALITY of TRANSFORMATION that WE, TOO ARE INCLUDED IN.


REASON is something we concoct with the DOUBLE ERROR of NAMING and GRAMMAR which is ONE-SIDED, and for a good “REASON” because it delivers impressions that are LOCAL and EXPLICIT while the REAL REALITY of TRANSFORMATION is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT and thus NOT DIRECTLY AND EXPLICITLY EFFABLE.  That’s why we WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS have followed the practice of the drunk who lost his watch on a dark stretch of street and is looking for it under the streetlight; i.e. ‘because the search conditions are so much clearer there’ (i.e. the LOCAL and EXPLICIT renderings of the abstract intellectual DOUBLE ERROR based SUBSTITUTE REALITY are so much clearer than the NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT dynamics of the REAL SENSE-EXPERIENCE REALITY).


So, thank you very much, REASON, for serving up for us WESTERN CULTURE ADHERENTS a LOCAL and EXPLICIT SUBSTITUTE REALITY in place of the REAL REALITY that is NONLOCAL and IMPLICIT and requires relational languages that are constrained to relational webs of INFERENCE such as in the BOOTSTRAPPING approach (as opted for in the EAST (indigenous aboriginal cultures, Taoism/Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, and, of course, Modern physics.


To be fair, one would be remiss NOT to close this discussion with WARNINGS as how the inappropriate use of REASON IS SCREWING US UP.


In Reason’ in language!  ……..(Note how Nietzsche points to ‘being’ as the underpinning of ‘reason; i.e).  … “Being is thought into and insinuated into everything as ‘cause’; from the concept ‘ego,’ alone, can the concept ‘Being’ proceed.”……….– oh what a deceptive old witch it (reason) has been!  I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’


Watch out for those ‘flyers’ advertising ‘Local New Developments’ because while it may sound REASONABLE, there is NO SUCH THING as NEW DEVELOPMENT, there is only TRANSFORMATION and WE ARE IN IT!


* * *